Hasta Nakshatra


Hasta is a highly creative Nakshatra. However this creativity is more specific to “intellectual creativity”. Examples of Intellectual creativity are as follows:

  1. Problem solving
  2.  Writing
  3. Visualization
  4. Communication
  5. Open-mindedness

Hasta therefore is a star constellation that has been instrumental in the creation of many intellectual creations that has changed the very perception of looking at life and when perception changes for good – life too changes for good.

Many mind-blowing architecture designs, legendary films, novels, discoveries and inventions are done by the grace of this beautiful highly creative Nakshatra – HASTA!

Hasta itself means “HANDS” – HANDS that CREATE. HANDS that HEAL. HANDS that do MAGIC. And so many a times this NAKSHATRA is also connected with all sorts of magics that exist on our planet MOTHER EARTH.

Always remember – the ENERGY is the same – whether you make use of this ENERGY for GOOD CAUSE or BAD CAUSE is based on what you are from within. A POSITIVE BEING will use the creative energy of HASTA to create something beautiful while a NEGATIVE CHEAP FELLOW will use the creative energy of HASTA to create many problems in others life. A white magician works to HEAL YOU. A black magician works to DESTROY YOU. Both are using the same energy – however their intentions and their goals are different. It is just the way the sword is – you can use it to protect yourself and your people or you can use it to kill others and cause much bloodshed. Moon in HASTA simply exaggerates the desire to CREATE something unique. The other aspect of Moon in HASTA is that these men and women want to bring social upliftment – want to bring awareness in the society.

Observing others, analyzing each and every aspect of life and work, serving mankind – are some of the traits of Moon in Hasta Nakshatra. These people like servitude. They have a heart of a servant.

They believe in a new concept of management which is called – Servant-Leadership.

“The servant-leader is servant first, it begins with a natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first, as opposed to, wanting power, influence, fame, or wealth.” ― Robert K. Greenleaf on Servant Leadership

Hasta being in the sign of servitude – VIRGO – is inclined towards servitude. Moon in Hasta simply exaggerates this sense of being in service to others.

A true leader is born only when he or she goes through the experience of servitude.

HASTA  therefore brings the potential to become a great leader – because such a native was once a good servant!

Moon is very much connected to RAHU and KETU. Rahu is the North Node of the Moon – Rahu simply signify the outwardly mind and Ketu is the South Node of the Moon – Ketu simply signify the inwardly mind – meaning mind turned inwards. Since the material world operates with a mind that is constantly focused on the outward – RAHU becomes a very important entity in the affairs of human life. And so I am now going to share a few examples of RAHU in HASTA Nakshatra.

William Harrison the President of United States had Rahu in Hasta Nakshatra. Hasta is all about servitude – serving the nation – serving the society – serving others – and Rahu in Hasta exaggerates this servitude nature. Harrison is one fine example. He had the shortest presidency in U.S. history. He was also the first U.S president to die in office. Harrison died just 31 days after his inauguration and his last words were directed to US Vice President John Tyler (who became the next US President after his death) – William said to Tyler:

“Sir, I wish you to understand the true principles of the government. I wish them carried out. I ask nothing more.”

Such is the depth of Rahu in Hasta – that they want to serve the society by governing on the basis of certain principals and values.

US President William Harrison died nearly penniless. His most enduring legacies is the series of treaties that he negotiated and signed with the native American Indian leaders during his tenure as the Indiana territorial governor. Negotiation is one great skill that comes to VIRGO HASTA RAHU native. These natives are good at arriving at a deal – they indeed are good deal makers – they can sense the right timing.


Virgo is a sign of intellectualism – and Hasta falls in Virgo. Hasta is ruled by Moon and so Rahu in Hasta also brings great intellectual creativity. One of the best example of Rahu Hasta’s Creative intellectuality is Sir Isaac Newton. Sir Isaac Newton has Rahu in Hasta Nakshatra.

Three hundred years ago a scientist, Isaac Newton discovered gravity. You have heard that an apple fell down while Newton was sitting in a garden. He wondered why things fell downward and never upward. Why? Why downward? If you throw a stone, it will come down again. Everything does. Why? What is the secret behind it? He thought and searched and eventually discovered the theory of gravitation: that the earth pulls everything to itself. It has special power which pulls everything down. Today’s science virtually is based on the foundation of his discover. The theory of gravity became the basis of modern science. But it is necessary to remember that NOTHING exists in life without its opposite.

There was a great poet, a wise man and he asked Newton ” Mr. Newton, its true that the apple fell from the tree and down on to the earth. But I want to ask you one thing. Tell me, how did it get up there in the first place?”

Certain trees of apple grow hundred and twenty feet high. Water reaches up to the topmost leaves even when the trees are 120 feet tall! Something raises the water that high. What is it? It is called LEVITATION. Scientists have already started working on researching LEVITATION. GRAVITATION is what pulls you down towards the EARTH. LEVITATION is something that pulls you upwards from the EARTH. There is nothing in this world that doesn’t exists without its opposite! Life and Death, Day and Night, Sadness and Happiness, childhood and old age – the opposite always exists – in fact electricity is also generated when the positive and negative come together. The tree that grows on the outside – also grows beneath the ground….that’s its balance, that’s how life is meant to be – balanced!

Since Virgo rules the sixth house of the Kaal Purush Kundali – all the factors of the sixth house – such as resolving or creating disputes, fights in courts, problems from secret enemies, getting entangled in daily chores of life, becoming a victim or exploiting others – all of these come into picture when Rahu falls in Hasta Nakshatra.

Too much of thinking, analyzing and too much of applying logic sometimes drags the native into depression or frustration. So the first lesson is to avoid too much of thinking.

The deity of Hasta Nakshatra is Savitra. Savitra is one of the 12 SUN GODS. When you do SURYA NAMASAKAR – you recite all the 12 Surya Mantras – in these 12 Mantras – the 10th Mantra: Om Savitre Namaha – is salutation to this deity of Hasta – Savitra!

  1. Mantra: Om Mitraya Namaha
  2. Mantra: Om Ravaye Namaha
  3. Mantra: Om Suryaya Namaha
  4. Mantra: Om Bhanave Namaha
  5. Mantra: Om Khagaya Namaha
  6. Mantra: Om Pushn Namaha
  7. Mantra: Om Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha
  8. Mantra: Om Marichaye Namaha
  9. Mantra: Om Adityaya Namaha
  10. Mantra: Om Savitre Namaha
  11. Mantra: Om Arkaya Namaha
  12. Mantra: Om Bhaskaraya Namaha

Savitre means “impeller, rouser, vivifier.” he Sun before sunrise is called Savitr, and after sunrise until sunset it is called Sūrya. By reciting the holy Surya Mantra “Om Savitre Namaha” – you can appease the Nakshatra of Hasta since Savitre rules Hasta.

The sacred tree of Hasta Nakshatra is the tree of RITHA. RITHA is also known by the name – Indian soapberry. Virgo represents YOUTHFULNESS – that is why men and women born on VIRGO ascendant and VIRGO moon sign appear young throughout their life. The most basic sign of YOUTHFULNESS is the quality and color of your HAIR. RITHA helps you to maintain the color of your hair as well as it also strengthens your hair.

Hasta cannot sit idle. And Moon or Rahu in Hasta makes the matters more intense – the native is fully active and often becomes restless if there is no job or work or task at hand. For such natives the situation of being jobless or downfall of business is highly impacting – not just because it affects their income but also makes them inactive which they don’t like to be – they always want o remain active – rarely do these fellows retire in life – their motto is simple – keep working – keep doing something creative, constructive until the last breath of life.

Overall – Hasta  signify the intense desire of the person to produce something unique through their creative intellectuality – to create a masterpiece that would keep the world wondering….

I humbly prostrate before the highly creative Nakshatra of Hasta may Her blessings shower on me and all my followers.

The essence of Hasta is helping the world realize that through determination and persistence one can create many wonders.

It is necessary to remember that if you want to be taken seriously – be consistent. Consistency of efforts over the long run is everything. It is not that what we do once in our lifetime – it is what we do consistently that brings the transformation – the success and the joy that you seek.

Hasta is all about being consistent, at that is what matters at the end of the day – for success is not always about greatness, its about consistency.

More strength to all men and women born with Moon or Rahu in Hasta Nakshatra. Continue with your efforts, be consistent and you will attain success.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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