Mrigashira Nakshatra – Taurus Zodiac


Mrigashira is a very sexual Nakshatra. If a man or woman is born with Moon in Mrigashira Nakshatra and Mars is placed in the 7th, 11th or 12th – then definitely the person is too much inclined towards seeking many sexual pleasures. A woman having such a placement goes through many sexual affairs or rather many sexual adventures and so does a man having this type of placement.

Mars signify the sexual energy. And Rahu in Mar’s Mrigashira Nakshatra anyhow makes the sexual desires more fired up than otherwise!

Taurus zodiac sign individuals are anyhow more focused on seeking all kind of physical pleasures. And physical pleasures is possible when life is luxurious. Rahu in Mrigashira creates great urge for seeking a luxurious life. A girlfriend having Rahu in Mrigashira will generally NOT buy the story of lovers living in a hut – she just cannot imagine living in a hut – she is born to live in a Palace and not in a hut! She is born to enjoy all the pleasures of human life – especially sexual pleasures.

Mars is the sex energy – Venus is the pleasure that you attain through this sex energy. A highly talented and intelligent person is often found to be more sexual than otherwise. And so Rahu in Mrigashira Nakshatra often gives birth to talented, intelligent beings who by default happen to be more sexual than others.

Sex energy or Mars is therefore NOT bad – provided you don’t hurt others or exploit others for your sexual needs.

Highly materialistic by nature – Rahu in Mrigashira fires up passion in relationship but sucks out emotions and feelings out of a relationship. In simple words – passionate sexual pleasures comes there way but in the process the love, the feelings, the emotions are missed, simply missed.

Mrigashira is a cruel Nakshatra. Meaning a woman or man born with Moon in Mrigashira Nakshatra will not bother to cut your throat if you come in their way or if you cheat them. They simply CANNOT forgive. They simply CANNOT Let Go. Rahu in Mrigashira makes matters more worse – leading to a very tragic life that is filled with many relationship break-ups and romantic sagas. Because of too much sexual hunger – the native may also get trapped or dragged in sexual scandals. Reminds me of Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton has Rahu in Mrigashira Nakshatra. Although his extra marital sexual affair with Monika Lewinsky is well known – still there must have been many such sexual affairs in his life that never came before the general public!

An intelligent person does have more sexual energy – but RAHU is such an entity – such a dangerous shadow that when it falls in a sexual intelligent nakshatra of Mrigashira – it simply makes you fall for many sexual temptations – and that is how you see someone as intelligent as Bill Clinton falling from grace due to many sexual affairs and scandals. On one end this Rahu in Mrigashira helped him attain the seat of US President while on the other hand – it also made him more sexual with absolutely no control on his sexual desires which ultimately led to his downfall.

Interestingly – Both – Bill and Hillary Clinton has Rahu in Taurus sign BUT – her Rahu is in Krittika Nakshatra whereas Bill’s Rahu is in Mrigashira Nakshatra – and so you see – she never was caught in any sexual scandal but Bill’s sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky became a national or rather an international topic of discussion among the masses! Rahu in Mrigashira – is indeed a sign of too much sexuality which if the native is unable to control then such scandals can breakout!

Although Bill Clinton became the most infamous President after the Monica Lewinsky scandal – still there was a time when he was the most famous President of the US – and probably the most intelligent leader of those times! He was instrumental in bringing peace between Israel and Palestine.

So you see – this is how Rahu in Mrig can be – on one end a great leader – on the other end a man fallen from grace due to his sexual desires.

Rahu in Mrigashira is more beneficial for those who are born on:

  • Pisces Ascendant
  • Sagittarius Ascendant
  • Cancer Ascendant
  • Taurus Ascendant
  • Virgo Ascendant
  • Capricorn Ascendant

Bill Clinton was born on Virgo Ascendant – Virgo anyways are like to flirt with opposite sex – and Bill had Rahu in Mrigashira – to add more spice to his love life!

Two extremes – on one end you see a very good man – on the other end you see a man defeated by his temptations!

Each one of us have a GOOD and BAD person within us. We all have two sides to our persona. The problem with RAHU in MRIG is that that unlike others – these men fall quickly to there temptations than the others!

Reminds me of a beautiful story – There was a young famous painter. He decided to create a truly great portrait, a lively portrait full of the joy of God, a portrait of a man whose eyes radiated eternal peace. And so, he set out to find someone whose face reflected that eternal, ethereal light.
The artist roamed from village to village, from jungle to jungle, in search of his subject, and at long last he came across a shepherd with shining eyes, with a face and features that held the promise of some celestial home. One look was enough to convince him that God was present in this young man.
The artist painted a portrait of the young shepherd. Millions of copies of the portrait were made and it sold far and wide. People felt great gratitude, just being able to hang the picture on their walls.
After a spell of some twenty years, when the artist had grown old, he decided to paint another portrait. His experience had shown him that life is not all goodness, that Satan also exists in man. The idea of painting a picture of Satan persisted; were he to fulfill the project, then the two pictures would complement each other, would show the complete man. He had already done a painting of godliness; now he wanted to portray evil incarnate. He sought a man who was not a man but Satan. He went to gambling dens, to bars and to madhouses. This subject had to be full of hell’s fire; his face had to show all that is evil, ugly and sadistic. After a long search, the artist finally met a prisoner in a jail. The man had committed seven murders and had been sentenced to be hanged in a few days. Hell was evident in the man’s eyes; they spouted hate. His face was the ugliest one could possibly hope to find. The artist began to paint him. When he had completed the portrait he brought out his earlier picture and set it by the side of the new painting for contrast. It was difficult to assess which was better from an artistic point of view; both were marvelous. He stood, staring at both of them. And then he heard a sob. He turned and saw the chained prisoner, crying. The artist was bewildered. He asked, “My friend, why are you crying? Do these pictures disturb you?”

The prisoner said, “I have been trying to hide something from you all this time, but today I am lost. You obviously do not know that the first picture is also of me. Both portraits are of me. I am the same shepherd you met twenty years ago in the hills. I cry for my downfall in the last twenty years. I have fallen from heaven to hell, from God to Satan.”

This is how the life of human beings is – at one point you are the GOOD SHEPHERD – and – at the other end you also become the TERRIBLE SATAN. Every man swings between these two extremes. Man can attain to either of these extremes, but most people are inclined towards the infernal. Those fortunate few who aspire to the eternal, who let godliness grow in them, are rare, very rare.

Nelson Mandela therefore says that “I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.”

A SAINT is a SINNER who keeps TRYING. Very deep and beautiful words – which only an evolved soul can understand, can relate with.

Rahu in Mrig is a perfect example of a SINNER who keeps trying — trying to improve – trying to progress – trying to grow within – trying to mature as a person.

Once it happened. There was a young man – and he was such a beautiful person with a golden heart. But life was too harsh on him – he lost everything – he became homeless. He was in deep pain. He had fallen from his position, the whole world had condemned him, labelled him as a LOSER. While walking through the forest he came across a old man. And the old man seem to be someone special. His aura, His smile…there was something about this old man…the young man bowed before the old man and the old man smiled and said ” I know your situation….”
The young man was taken aback. He realized that the old man is not just an old man….he must be a master…a divine master…the young man started crying…and the master raised him up and said ” There is nothing wrong in falling….in life many times one falls but what makes him special is when he rise every time he falls. So don’t give up…I am with you…why you fear?”
The young man was touched. A great energy started flowing within his being…he said ” Master…I will go back and rise AGAIN.”
It is said that the young man went on to become the most successful man of his town. Everything is possible — only if you are NOT willing to give up.

Rahu in Mrigashira may and does push you to commit certain mistakes – certain misdoings to which the world calls SIN – however if JUPITER and SATURN is strong in your birth chart then you will be able to correct your mistakes.

So Rahu in Mrigashira can either help you to become wise – by rising again – by correcting your mistakes OR Rahu in Mrigashira simply makes you STUPID – because if you repeat the same mistake again and again then you simply become a stupid person!

During the tenure of President Donald Trump – many news of his sexual adventures were flashing in the news media – which seem to have some substance because Donald Trump also has RAHU in Mrig Nakshatra! Many sexual affairs – extra marital affairs, passionate sexual relationships – all of these comes naturally to a man having Rahu in Mrigashira. Look what Donald Trump says about his ‘adventures’!

“Beautiful, famous, successful, married – I have had them all, secretly – the world’s biggest names, but unlike Geraldo I don’t talk about it.” – Donald Trump

The more sexual energy – the more intelligence – or – let me put it this way – the more intelligence the more a person is sexual – the more sexual drive he or she has which is very natural and there is absolutely nothing wrong about it – it is a very natural process.

A highly talented person does have a good amount of intelligence as well as good amount of sexual drive.

Taurus is a sign that emphasizes much on the 5 human senses – eyesight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Since they are more physical – than spiritual – then rely a lot on these 5 human senses which are very well developed within their being. They can easily smell the danger – the can easily sense the ‘intention’ of the touch, they can easily hear that which you may not hear – and they have excelled taste buds and a very good eyesight.

However Rahu in Mrigashira also provides the native with sixth sense. A person having sixth sense seem to have a natural ability to know about things before other people, or to know things that other people do not know.

Although sex and intense desire for having sexual pleasure is a weak point of Mrigashira Nakshatra and this weak point becomes more weak with Rahu in Mrigashira – still you all should remember that the most beautiful point of this placement is that the native is very intelligent and because of this intelligence – he or she builds a successful career and eventually is recognized as a successful person in life.

To become successful – you need CONFIDENCE. And to gain CONFIDENCE – you need to have the taste of success in your life. CONFIDENCE and SUCCESS goes hand in hand – to attain success you need to have confidence and to attain confidence you need to become successful!

Many people lack confidence because the quality of their PAST KARMA and PRESENT KARMA is poor compared to the others. POOR means what? Poor means the native has NOT taken any efforts to turn inwards – to meditate – to recite the holy scriptures – to chant the Lord’s holy name – NOTHING he or she has done and so it is obvious that when you don’t pay attention to your SELF GROWTH – you are bound to live your life with low confidence. Always remember – only that man and only that woman is worthy of living who has taken the first step towards SELF GROWTH. Self Growth is possible only when you start turning inwards – when you start spending quality time with your self by chanting – by meditating every day.

You need to take efforts – but people are shallow – the majority is shallow – they don’t want to listen – they want some readymade solution – they forget the fact that real life solutions and remedies are NOT readymade – real life solutions are not FAST FOOD – they are the ‘REAL FOOD’ – food that brings self-growth – and progress in life comes with self-growth and not otherwise.

Taurus is a sign that always loves to take efforts. That is one great quality of Taurus natives which is truly applaudable. And Rahu in Mrigashira definitely fires up this good quality of taking efforts. They always are working on themselves – their slogan of life is “I am working on myself.”

There are many regional names for Mrigshira Nakshatra – however the most beautiful regional name for Mrigshira is – Atmaja (आत्मजा:).

Atmaja meaning – self-originated, originating from intellect. Intellect or intellectualism therefore comes in abundance to Mrigshira Nakshatra and Rahu simply fuels in the intellect thus making the native highly intellectual being.

Taurus is not necessarily a social person however they like to talk, they like to move in groups – and they generally like a lot of activities – they like to learn by practical demonstrations rather than theories and long lectures.

Tracking, Seeking, Searching, Investigating – you see – all of these are activities and Mrigashira loves all kind of such activities that include movement and action. If you have a girlfriend having Rahu in Mrigashira then she would definitely like to see you expressing your love through action – through kissing – smooching and not just by being poetic – that’s too boring for them – they want action – real action!

Rahu in Mrigashira likes it when the lover expressing his or her love through a kiss – or a tight hug!

Remember – Mrigashira, Chitra and Dhanistha – all the three Nakshatras of Mars dwell in earthy signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Mars is physical and therefore Rahu Mrigashira in a pleasure seeking sign of Taurus – simply fires up the carnal feelings and desires.

A woman or man born with Moon in Mrigashira or Rahu in Mrigashira will definitely do well in the society – they will earn, they will acquire the luxuries of life and they will usually rise in position – in status because they are practical – aggressive and very demanding (Rahu) by nature.

Mrigashira is sexual and on top of that the deity of Mrigashira Nakshatra is SOMA meaning the MOON GOD. And Moon is also highly sexual by nature. I have always been stating that the MIND is sexual by default. It is said that all the 27 Nakshatras are the wives of Moon – so you can imagine how much sexual – the Moon is – the Mind is!

The ancient sages mention that Mercury’s father is Moon. Moon had an affair with the wife of Jupiter and from that passionate sexual affair – Mercury was born. It is said that Moon received a curse from Lord Ganesh because of his immoral behavior. The curse manifested in form of eclipses – Moon eclipse – Chandra Grahan!

However Moon is also worshipped as God. Moon brings nourishment – that is why Moon is often related to a Mother because a Mother also brings nourishment to her child! Moon is caring by nature and a mother is also caring by nature. One who worships Moon – one who recites the mantra of Moon – definitely is blessed by Mrigashira Nakshatra and one who is blessed by Mrigashira Nakshatra – is blessed with all kind of pleasures. There are total 14 pleasures in this human world that Bentham – a great philosopher has came up with and they are as follows:

  1. The pleasures of sense
  2. The pleasures of wealth
  3. The pleasures of skill
  4. The pleasures of amity
  5. The pleasures of a good name
  6. The pleasures of power
  7. The pleasures of piety
  8. The pleasures of benevolence
  9. The pleasures of malevolence
  10. The pleasures of memory
  11. The pleasures of imagination
  12. The pleasures of expectation
  13. The pleasures dependent on association
  14. The pleasures of relief

A man or a woman who worships Lord Moon – is blessed with all of these 14 pleasures of human life.

And if you want to directly contact the BOSS of LORD MOON – then you must visit the great holy temple of SOMANATH! Somanath means the Master (Nath) of Moon (Soma). And who is the master of Moon?


Moon is always found on the head of Lord Shiva. It simply means that Lord Shiva has the MIND under HIS command! And so my fellows if you too want to bring your MIND under your command then start worshipping the LORD of LORDS – MAHADEVA – LORD SHIVA!

Doing a SOLA SOMAVAR VRAT is highly beneficial if you want to overcome the many difficulties of your life. SOLA (meaning sixteen) SOMAVAR (Monday) means fasting on 16 Mondays – and worshipping Lord Shiva by chanting HIS holy Mantra:

“AUM NAMAHA SHIVAYA” – 108 times 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening using a Sphatik Japamala with diamond cut.

On general terms – I encourage all my followers, readers and listeners to use Sphatik Japamala with diamond cut for chanting as that is the most beneficial japamala for a family person. Just by wearing this beautiful Japamala of Crystal Quartz – you will start feeling relaxed and it is only when you relax that your health starts improving and with good health comes good wealth – it is all inter connected – it is all LinkedIn. 🙂

The sacred tree that comes under Mrigashira Nakshtara is – the million dollar tree called Ebony tree. It is called million dollar tree because the wood of this tree is one of the most valuable and expensive woods in the world. Hence, the reason behind the million-dollar title. Ebony wood is valued for its rich black color, smooth texture and aesthetic appeal. Ebony tree is called आबनूस in Hindi language. Ebony wood is black and very rich in its texture. In Marathi language it is called काळे लाकुड, शिसव.

If you have Rahu in Mrigashira or if you are born with Moon in Mrigashira Nakshatra then you should plant the ebony tree in your garden or a bonsai ebony tree in your clay pot. The more you nurture this plant the more you will receive the blessings of Mrigashira.

I earnestly prostrate before the Nakshatra of Pleasures – it is necessary that in this human life – we all receive all kind of pleasures because a man hungry, starving for pleasures cannot progress to the NEXT level – the spiritual level! One has to go experience all kind of pleasures so as to proceed ahead to the higher levels of this human life – and so seeking pleasures is NOT bad however getting STUCK in pleasures of this material world is wrong as that stops you from growing spiritually and the whole essence of my sharing is simply to motivate all my readers and followers to grow spiritually – real growth – your real age is based on how many years you have spend in knowing yourself – in meditation – in chanting the name of the Lord!

With my birthday coming on 15th November – I am also going to meditate on how useful my life has been others and how much time I have spend in realizing myself? It is a question that each one of you must ask yourself – for it is only this question that will turn you inwards – it is only this question that will help you to find the many answers that you seek in your life!

Focus on your SELF – turn inwards and let the ‘journey’ begin.

|| Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha||

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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