How to find if a person is stingy from astrology point of view?


A stingy person is a burden to our planet – Mother Earth.

But the larger question is why a certain man or woman is so stingy?

Low income is NOT the answer – because I have met people who have had large hearts and who would NOT think even twice when it comes to spending money for a GOOD CAUSE – then if they have 10 Rupees or 10 Dollars in their pocket – they will give away half of it just to help a man survive – just to feed a man dying of starvation. BUT – a STINGY PERSON – he or she will give THOUSAND reasons – their MIND just goes on CLINGING to MONEY and this CLINGING NATURE eventually brings many miseries in the form of DISEASE or LOSS in their life.

However – still the question remains – why a certain man or woman is so stingy?

The answer is found in one word – “CLINGING” – the nature of clinging – the more you are clinging the more you will be stingy. Clinging nature simply won’t let you spend – you want to cling to your money – your wealth as much as possible. If possible you would have tied the whole bunch of money to your chest so that you always remain attached to your money! The more you are CLINGING – the more you become STINGY.

So now we have to see which entity in Astrology leads one to the nature of CLINGING – and those who have read my bestselling book “How to Overcome Rahu” – know the answer!

The answer is RAHU.

RAHU’s basic nature is of clinging. And Buddha says you only lose what you cling to! RAHU is the SOURCE of all your miseries because RAHU’s nature is of CLINGING and so the more you follow RAHU – the more RAHU is powerful in your chart – the more you will be clinging, the more you will remain ATTACHED to your possessions – be it wealth, be it power, be it status or be it your family – this nature of clinging – of being too attached creates the many miseries in your life – which you never realize because you remain in the right clutches of RAHU – you continue to cling…

Buddha says the ROOT OF SUFFERING is ATTACHMENT. Attachments or clinging nature eventually leads you to many emotional turmoil in life. You spend your whole life by being attached to your children or wife or husband – but you never really are happy – because the more you remain attached the more you continue to expect and the moment expectations come – you are ‘’in’’ for the greatest miseries of your life! Always remember – EVERY EXPECTATION IS A BONDAGE. It leads to frustration sooner or later.

Throw it out – the seed of RAHU – the seed of ATTACHMENT – the seed of CLINGING.

But people are many – millions and millions of men and women around this planet – not everybody can understand the significance of this – not everybody can self realize the foolishness of clinging – and so we have more miseries in this human world than otherwise!

Let us now observe – certain placements that provide a glimpse of a perfect STINGY man or STINGY woman:

  1. MOON RAHU conjunction in the SECOND HOUSE
  2. MOON SATURN conjunction in the SECOND HOUSE
  3. Only SATURN alone in the SECOND HOUSE
  6. SECOND HOUSE LORD conjunction RAHU
  7. SECOND HOUSE afflicted by Saturn’s third aspect or Rahu’s aspect
  9. SECOND HOUSE LORD conjunction MOON
  10. SECOND HOUSE LORD conjunction SATURN

You see – if you observe closely – then all the above mentioned placements signifying a STINGY person are primarily related with SATURN, RAHU, MERCURY, MOON, VENUS – because all these 4 entities has the nature of CLINGING by nature default.

Second house for many ascendants is also considered as MARAK – MARAK means deadly. Second house in the KAAL PURUSH Kundali is ruled by TAURUS – TAURUS the VENUSIAN SIGN is one of the most clinging zodiac sign – TAURUS is more attracted to the physical aspects of life – appearance, body size, muscularity, sexuality, family life, wealth – so you see the whole TAURUS sign and the SECOND HOUSE is all about the attachments to money, wealth, luxuries, family etc. And it is this attachment that eventually brings deadly (MARAK) experiences in your life – the root of suffering therefore is ATTACHMENT – says the Buddha!

Relationships break because you get too ATTACHED. And the moment you are too ATTACHED – EXPECTATIONS arise within you – and with the arrival of EXPECTATIONS – you start moving towards the many miseries of your life. LOVE between you and your partner exists as long as there are NO EXPECTATIONS.

Such kind of LOVE that has NO EXPECTATION does exist in this human world. There are women and there are men who simply LOVE – they are perfectly aware of the fact that – WHEN YOU LOVE – YOU SIMPLY LOVE – then there are no expectations – then there is no effort to change the person you love – then you simply ACCEPT the person completely as he or she is!

Setbacks, frustrations and suicide cases are on the rise – because when you are trying to fulfil the expectations of others and not able to meet their expectations – you eventually end your life. A suicide is nothing but being a victim of other’s expectations or your own expectations! Your girlfriend expects something from you – you cannot fulfil her expectation and then the pressure starts building day in and day out and then you finally commit suicide. Your daughter is not willing to marry the person you like – she runs away and marries someone else whom you dislike – what happens then? Millions of fathers and mothers commit suicide – this is how they become victim of their own expectations!

Always remember – when you spell those three wonderful words – ‘’I LOVE YOU’’ – you should realize the fact that true LOVE never expects anything in return. Love is happy when it is able to GIVE something – EGO is happy when it is able to TAKE something. Understand the difference – let your LOVE be of the higher altitudes – LOVE exists in many levels – let your love reach the highest level – the highest altitudes!

Love exists in two extremes – your definition of love will be solely based on your level of understanding – your level of consciousness.

For Meera Bai and her love towards Krishna is beyond the words of expression.

For Saint Namdev – his love towards Vitthal is beyond the words of expression.

For Rumi – his love towards the beyond – the divine is simply impossible to express.

The love that happened between John and Jesus. Mahakasyapa and Buddha, Arjuna and Krishna is simply impossible to express in words – it is so great – so pure – so divine. The love that happens between the master and the disciple is simply beyond the world of words – only the heart can feel its divinity – its purity.

Mahakasyapa was the first enlightened disciple of Buddha. And it is important to note that Mahakasyapa never asked a single question to Buddha – there were five hundred other disciples of Buddha – and they all would ask him ‘’Why you never ask any question to the master?’’

And the answer Mahakasyapa gave is so beautiful so touching so enlightening in itself!

Mahakasyapa says ‘’Yes it is true that I came thousand miles walking to become a disciple of Buddha – but when I came – when I sensed HIS omnipresence, HIS aura, HIS peace, HIS bliss – I simply forgot all my questions – as if in SILENCE with the MASTER – the whole communication is happening and there is absolutely no need to ask any question! Just to be in HIS omnipresence – just to let HIS divine words penetrate into my being is more than enough.

And it is said that MAHAKASYAPA became the very FIRST DISCIPLE OF BUDDHA to attain enlightenment. But Buddha also had his own rules. And the first rule after attaining enlightenment was to leave him and travel to the faraway lands to spread the message – message of love – of the divine!

And Mahakasyapa loved Buddha so much that even after attaining enlightenment he would not let the master know. But can anybody hide anything from the master?? Never!

And so Buddha walked to the tree where Mahakasyapa was seated – and said “Mahakasyapa I know you have attained the highest peak – the peak of enlightenment – and now you cannot stay here – you have to go – you have to leave me – remember that is the rule.’’

Mahakasyapa fell at the master’s feet – and he started crying – tears started flowing from his eyes – through those flowing tears he could see the ever enlightened face of the Buddha – he could not control his love for the master – he cried like a child – but then Buddha raised him up and said ‘’Why you cry? I am with you. No matter where you are – but now you must leave – the light that you have experienced within you should be experienced by those who are thirsty – who are seekers – you should show them the way – Mahakasyapa – you have great responsibility.’’

Mahakasyapa bowed before the master and left – never to be seen again – Buddha never met Mahakasyapa again – but there was NOT a single moment that was spend without remembering the master – the Buddha!

The love between the master and the disciple is the indeed the greatest love story of all love stories and it is beyond the power of expression – it is so pure, so divine and so beautiful.

A stingy person is way too back – at the lowest rung of evolution.

Whenever you have more planets in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – the stinginess is prominently seen in the native. The only exception is when Jupiter also falls in one of these three signs – then the stinginess to a large extent is diminished.

After a long time – Mohan came to meet. And Mohan asked “ But why such a placement is seen – why certain men and certain women are by birth – STINGY by nature?’’

Mohan’s questions was valid. And the answer is simple.

Nobody is STINGY from the moment of birth – rather they have been STINGY all their past births and rebirths – it is just a carryover – it is not something new – it is in fact a continuation of what they were in the their last birth!

Paramhansa Yogananda beautifully puts the whole secret of birth cycle – the master says – whatsoever you are NOW is simply a continuation of what you were in your last birth – and so if you want to IMPROVE – if you want to enhance the good qualities within you – then this is the place to be.

This world – this birth you have got the opportunity to work on yourself – to expand your awareness – your consciousness by turning inwards – by moving into meditations, chanting.

Working consciously and with awareness on enhancing the good qualities within you is the true essence of Religion. QUALITIES is what the placement of your planets signify – so if you want to excel the quality of your planets then you should start enhancing self-awareness within you.

Swami Vivekananda was against religion that brings hurdles in the path of a seeker. He was against all organized religions.

Swami Vivekananda beautifully defines the true essence of RELIGION…..

“Religion is not in books, nor in theories, nor in dogmas, nor in talking, not even in reasoning. It is being and becoming. Religions do not come from without, but from within. You are the highest temple of God; I would rather worship you than any temple, image, or Bible.’’ – Swami Vivekananda

Swadharma is the true essence of RELIGION. Swadharma is derived from the words Swa meaning for oneself and Dharma (religion). Swadharma is the lawful conscious conduct of oneself based on one’s ability. The Bhagavad Gita states that if one accepts Swadharma, the actions that one performs becomes effortless. Executing your daily KARMA with consciousness is what SWADHARMA means in simple words. To live with AWARENESS – to live consciously – to act consciously is what comprises the true essence of SWADHARMA. Swami Vivekananda simplifies the meaning of religion further in his own unique way –

The more you come close to awareness – the more you will be willing to LET GO. Then the nature of CLINGING (RAHUISH) slowly starts fading away – and once it starts fading away then you start becoming generous – then you are NO MORE STINGY – then you are evolving to the next stage!

Below the level of STINGINESS – there is one more level – probably the LOWEST LEVEL OF MANKIND and that is ASKING FOR FREE. If you are really poor – if cannot afford to pay then it is understandable – but there are men and women – who have but still they ask for FREE – such souls are the cheapest souls and GOD is really turned off by such FREE MONGERS. In fact these FREE MONGERS continue to TORCHER GOD day and night – they will say all kind of prayers and what not – but they never are willing to change – they are never willing to LET GO – they are always CLINGING to money as if after death everything – every penny they have accumulated is going to come with them. The worst type of FREE MONGERS are those who have but still they make faces and say ‘’ I cannot afford’’ – whether to laugh or cry to such ignorance is indeed a question in itself!

But that is how this vast human world is – there are all kind of men and women – STINGY, FREE MONGERS, BLAME EXPERTS – they just like to blame others so that they feel good! But do you know – blaming never helps – it becomes the greatest obstacle to your growth!

It is only when ACCEPT your MISTAKE that you LEARN from your MISTAKE and that is the surest way to grow – to evolve – to mature as a much better person than you currently are!

Always remember – when we come in this human world – we come with all possibilities to GROW WITHIN – in fact human birth in itself is a gift from God – so that you can use to for your SELF GROWTH!

But who is listening? Who is interested in SELF GROWTH? People are more interested in SEX, SEXUALITY, NUDITY – and that is how millions of souls waste this golden opportunity that comes rarely – the HUMAN BIRTH! Men and so called celibates and nuns and monks are interested more in SEX than in GOD – TRUTH is HARD – and because it is HARD – it is fiercely opposed and condemned – it is crucified.

Out of 300 beautiful books – just the book on SEX was discussed by millions – look how shallow this human world is!

But that is not how this whole human world is – my fellows. There are still hundreds of men and women across this world who are thirsty for the love of the Lord – who are NOT believers but SEEKERS. Buddha wants seekers and not believers – the master is always in search of seekers because only a seeker can DARE TO JUMP into the unknown – he is fired up – his intensity becomes the sole key to his spiritual success! Kabir is always searching those who have INTENSE DESIRE of experiencing GOD – LOVE – the DIVINE!

Once Sri Yukteshwar Giri – the Guru of Paramhansa Yogananda said to his master ‘’ I will not to go the Kumbh Mela – there are many fake babas and sadhus there.’’

The master smiled and said ‘’ You are right – but along with those FAKE sadhus and babas – there are also REAL GEMS – REAL SAINTS – always remember this human world is a mixture of SALT and SUGAR – it is for you to consciously select the sugar from the salt – you should therefore go to the Kumbh Mela – else those who have come to seek the TRUTH – those who are TRUTHFUL will have to go back home disappointed.’’

It is said that Yukteshwar Giri’s eyes were filled with tears – he bowed before the master and said ‘’I am sorry – I will never miss the Kumbh Mela.’’ And he never missed it – as long as it was possible – he attended the Kumbh Mela.

Always remember – you have to raise your level of consciousness – only then you can separate the sugar (good men of heart) from the salt (Fake hypocrite men/women).

Stinginess comes from ignorance – and the more your are ignorant the more you will go on CLINGING. That is the nature of RAHU. That is the whole essence of RAHU. RAHU leads you to CLINGING – to ATTACHMENT. And KETU moves you into the wonderful state of DETACHMENT. Someday when you get some time – you should read my book ‘Why Ketu Can Heal’’.

Always remember the whole story of human life is caught up between the two axis – RAHU and KETU. ATTACHMENT and DETACHMENT -and so your destiny – your birth and next birth is totally based on what level of evolution you currently are and where you are heading towards and to what end you are inclined to – RAHU or KETU?

Your answer will decide the course of your destiny. Choose wisely – because what you choose is what you become.

Meditate every day. What mantra to chant – remedies and much more is coming your way in the form of my new book publishing worldwide – this July 2021. Stay tuned.

And stay safe. God bless.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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