How to see astrologically whether a person is large-hearted or not?


Nobody has become poor by GIVING! But to GIVE – you need to HAVE. And you always have a heart that beats with love and compassion! A compassionate heart touches millions of lives. Everybody has a heart – but not everybody has a LARGE HEART. And because not everybody has a Large or Big heart – not everybody is able to live a large life! Only if you have a BIG HEART – you will live a LARGE LIFE.

Nature (SVABHAV) is directly connected with your HEART. And it is your ASCENDANT sign that signify your Nature! Mind is directly connected with your Brain. It is the MIND that commands and the brain or the head follows! If you have to say “Thank You” – then first the mind should feel grateful only then will the brain agree and you will say “Thank You”. The mind is NEVER spontaneous – the HEART is always spontaneous. A man who speaks from the depth of his heart can never be ignored because the HEART is always right – always. The way of the heart is the way of courage. It is to live in insecurity; it is to live in love, and trust; it is to move in the unknown.

To live in the head is to live on the circumference without ever becoming aware of the beauties and the treasures of the center. To live on the periphery is stupidity. To live in the head is stupidity. To live in the heart and use the head whenever it is needed is intelligence. But the center, the master, is at the very core of your being. The master is the heart, and the head is just a servant– this is intelligence. When the head becomes the master and forgets all about the heart, that is stupidity.

Intelligence is when your Head (intellect) is in tune with your Heart. Your heart can become a portable paradise – only when you start meditating everyday.

Calculative heads and people caught up in their mind cannot meditate – in the beginning they find it very difficult. However a man of heart – a woman of heart can easily start meditating – that is the whole importance of HEART – HEART meditations!

Mind is represented by Moon in Astrology. What is the point if the Moon is in the sign of Leo and Ascendant is Capricorn? Because the mind (Leo Moon) may have the traits of LEO but the NATURE is that of CAPRICORN (Ascendant)! And Capricorn is a very pragmatic stingy sign – so here the NATURE of the person itself is very stingy, pragmatic, and not as LARGE as his Leo Moon sign is. And so by nature such a person (having Leo Moon sign and Capricorn Ascendant) remains narrow minded, stingy, shrewd and not a large hearted person.

However now let us flip the same case – now you have a LEO ASCENDANT person having CAPRICORN MOON! Now the whole scenario changes – now you will have a man who has a BIG HEART because it is the ASCENDANT (NATURE) that matters more than the MIND (moon sign). It is necessary to remember that NATURE (SVABHAV) is a part of YOU – but the MIND is not natural – you are NOT born with the mind – mind is not natural – but your NATURE (Ascendant) is very natural.

A man enslaved by his mind is always found in deep miseries. Whereas a follower of HEART is always found in his bliss!

That’s intelligence – when intellect is in tune with your heart – intelligence is born.

The ASCENDANT is the direct NATURE of the person – a LEO ASCENDANT person by nature is a large hearted person. He will never ask anything for FREE and he will always be the first one to provide others for free! In the case of LEO ASCEDNANT and Capricorn moon sign – the person indeed is a GIVER but still not as BIG GIVER as a person having LEO ASCENDANT as well as LEO MOON SIGN.

The divine master Paramhansa Yogananda had Moon in Leo and Leo Ascendant and those who have known him – are aware of his large heartedness – indeed he was the Master of Givers!

Reminds me of a story – Once it happened – there was an old man – he was a great master and lived alone in his small house. One night – a thief broke into his house. He started collecting all that he could, it was becoming difficult for him to collect in that darkness. The old master switched on the lights – the thief was shocked – he started trembling – he thought now he will be send to the Police – he started crying – the old master said “Why you cry? I have switched on the lights so that you can take whatever you need from this house.”
The thief couldn’t understand – because never had he met someone like this old man. The old master stepped ahead and gave him some food to eat – the thief’s eyes became wet – he said “I will take some for my family – they are also starving from last two days.” The master said “I know….take this – take all of this.”
The thief said “But what about you? What will you eat?”
The master said “If God has taken care of you – then will he not provide for me – you don’t think much – it is getting cold outside – take my blanket – it will keep you warm.”
The thief left the house with a heavy heart. It is said that he gave up his profession of stealing and became a disciple of the master – when people asked “”What triggered your transformation? – the man said “Compassion.”

One who knows the power of Giving will never live a single day without giving to those who are in need!

But only that man – that woman can actually GIVE – who has a LARGE HEART! Now let us see who is large hearted and compassionate by heart based on certain planetary placements – the following are some of the signs that signify a large hearted person – person having:




4. Three planets – Venus, Mercury, Mars together in the sign of LEO

5. Maximum or more planets placed in the Nakshatra of Magha, or Purva-phalguni

6. Jupiter in the second house with Leo as Ascendant

7. Venus in the second house with Leo as Ascendant

8. Ascendant Lord in the sign of Leo

The whole essence of the horoscope is based on what is more powerful – the ASCENDANT or the MOON!

If the MOON is more powerful – then the person though has a large heart – cannot express it to the fullest.

However if the ASCENDANT is powerful – then such a person is like a cool breeze – a song – a poem – a beautiful painting! Such a person can progress much on spiritual path especially if his or her chart is inclined towards spirituality.

How do you find – whether MOON is powerful or the ASCENDANT?

That is very simple – whenever MOON is in:

  1. 1, 4, 7, 10th house – the MOON is strong.
  2. Whenever RAHU is with MOON – the MOON is strong.
  3. Whenever MOON is with MARS – the MOON is strong.
  4. Whenever MOON is with VENUS – the MOON is strong.
  5. Whenever MOON is with MERCURY (worst conjunction) – the MOON is strong.

So such a person is totally caught in the clutch of his or her MIND – the material world may find this as a good sign – but in the world of spirituality – in the KINGDOM of GOD – such a person is not a suitable match – since this kind of person is simply enslaved by the MIND – and the MIND is a dangerous master. Buddha says enslave your mind before the mind enslaves you! In most cases when the MOON is strong – the person becomes a slave of his/her mind and then the noise – the quarrels – the jealousy – the SEXUAL LUST – everything follows. Remember – MOON (MIND) is very SEXUAL by nature. Remove the MIND – and SEX simply doesn’t exist! Have you seen a MAD PERSON – if a mad person is standing before a NAKED WOMAN – he will not feel anything – no erection and nothing – he will simply laugh like a child. He is a mad person – he has NO MIND. Now the same situation is with the SAINTS – the YOGIS – BUT – the difference is that they have overcome their MIND consciously – while the mad person has lost his mind by accident. Meher Baba – one of the greatest divine master transformed many mad men into enlightened being – and when sane people said “Why you spend so much time with mad insane men when sane people are available and they want your time?”

Meher Baba said “You don’t understand. To bring a sane person out of his sanity is very difficult. But to bring out a madman is very easy because in a way he is already out, but from the back door. He has tasted something of the outside; we have only to show him the right door and say, “Please don’t go out from the wrong door, go from the right door. Being out is perfectly right, but choose the right door.” And Meher Baba turned many mad people into enlightened people.

Men of heart and Women of heart are very special to GOD. In this vast human world – the majority is following the head while it is only few – maybe just a few million men and women are following their heart and it is these men and women who have made this planet a much better place to live!

Strong ASCENDANT along with WEAK MOON is a perfect sign of heartful man! When MOON is with KETU – with a positive setup and aspects – then it is a wonderful sign that the person someday can attain the state of BUDDHA – the state of NO MIND. In such a horoscope – the ASCENDANT is powerful and if the ASCENDANT is LEO then the person indeed is a large hearted man – he goes on sharing – to him sharing is caring. He understands the fact that the more he shares the more God provides! Such a man is indeed a gem of a person – a faithful person – a follower of heart.

When studying a specific horoscope – always ask yourself two important questions:

  1. The horoscope is inclined towards the MOON or ASCENDANT?
  2. The horoscope is inclined towards RAHU or KETU?

If you can find the answers then you can get to know the person whose horoscope you are studying – as if the person is completely scanned inside out – as if you have come to know what he/she is in the true sense!

The fragrance around you stays – not when you use expensive perfumes but when you start realizing the power of GIVING.

Salute to all LARGE HEARTED men and woman – continue to share – give – for you are the light – and the delight to this human world.

When you give – you simply give. Remember what Jesus said “I have in abundance – so it doesn’t matter who came early and who came late – I am going to give all the same reward simply because I have in abundance!”

And that is the whole essence of life – my fellows. It doesn’t matter whether you have 5 dollars or 5 rupees in your pocket – what matter is HOW RICH YOU ARE FROM WITHIN – HOW LARGE HEARTED YOU ARE FROM WITHIN!

RICHNESS is not based on how much bank balance you have – RICHNESS is based on how LARGE HEART you have – and those who have self-realized this beautiful truth – have never looked back – they have become a beautiful song – a dance!

Wealth comes, money comes, progress comes – all of these comes only when you have a large heart – when you are compassionate – when you have a certain depth of understanding. Real richness therefore FIRST have to be there WITHIN you – only then the heavens will shower all that you had wished for!

So work on YOURSELF – OPEN YOUR HEART. STINGY MEN and STINGY WOMEN are ugly – they are a burden on this planet – but I would like to see my readers – my followers become a blessing to this planet – expand your consciousness – don’t focus much on savings. Jesus says one who goes on saving – loses someday and one who is willing to lose – gains someday! Quite a strange mathematics – isn’t it? And yet it is true my fellows – but only a man of heart can understand the words of Jesus – the words of the master – he thinks of others first and because he thinks of others first – others think of him – first! Happiness is NOT readymade – it comes from your own actions.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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