Nakshatras in Astrology


Stars are the source. The whole zodiac is alive because of the Stars.

What are the stars? And who is the greatest star of our galaxy?

Sun – Sun is the greatest star of our galaxy. Sun is not a planet but a star! No planet glows as the Sun glows. No planet provides energy – the very source of our existence as the Sun provides! That is how in our ancient Vedic period – SUN was the ultimate God – that is how the Mayan empire worshipped the SUN – that is how we have Suryavanshi dynasty – the greatest Suryavanshi that the world has known is Lord Rama! Salute to Lord Rama. Salute to Lord of Stars – Lord SUN.

Planets are rocky – they are dead – they are as good as a stone. Planets do not have a life – planets are lifeless. It is the STARS that bring ‘LIFE’ to the planets – the life energy comes from the STARS – it is the STARS that are the ‘movers and shakers’ – the planet is simply a ‘specific designed robot’ – whose ‘power’ or ‘nature’ is activated by the STAR it relates to!

Shallowness is of the planet. Depth is of the STAR. Understand this-this is of significance.

Yesterday I visited my doctor – and he is a celebrity doctor – he has visited almost every country that you see on your world map. He has written almost a dozen books on medical therapies. And when we met – he said: “How can you be so ignorant towards your health – I am sorry – this may hurt you – but I just wonder – why you paid no attention to your health?”

A Doctor cannot ‘see’ through you – understand this. A doctor cannot realize what you may have been through. And so the question he asked was a natural question – there was nothing wrong in it – nothing to feel offended – I had been utterly ignorant towards my health. But the reason – he cannot find and I cannot share – certain aspects of life are not to be revealed!

But what a Doctor cannot ‘see’ – a Master can ‘see’ through – a Master will never ‘wonder’ – the spiritual Master will never make such statements – will never ask you a single question – the Master can ‘see’ through your ‘self’ – the Master can RELATE with you – the Master will not question you – the Master will simply look into your eyes and say “I have been waiting for you.”

That is how — you would feel more relaxed when you are with the Master!

The Master has the Depth – that a commoner cannot have. The commoner will ask you many questions – the master will simply make you feel comfortable – make you feel ‘home’!

The master heals – there is a depth to his omnipresence. Depth is the word – the Stars have depth.

A master can understand what you have been through – just a glimpse and he can ‘see’ through all the moments you have been through which a doctor cannot. No matter how many countries and how many celebrities the doctor may have treated – it is only the master who can ‘understand’ the reason behind your suffering – your health problems. And to the Master – the suffering is not a big deal – HE is perfectly aware that unless you go through the FIRE OF SUFFERING – you cannot come to the Light of Consciousness!

Planets are robots – they are mechanical by nature. What drives them – what activates them is the STAR (Nakshatra) in which they come in contact with. And what activates you is also the MASTER – the benevolent divine master! Once it happened, a young man – must be like me – faithful and deeply devoted – but he still had to ‘figure’ – who his master is! And so one hot afternoon – he set out on his search to find a perfect master.

He was ready to go around the world, but he was determined to find the Master, the true Master, the Perfect Master. Outside his village he met an old man, a nice fellow, sitting under a tree. He asked the old man, “Have you ever heard in your long life — you look like a wanderer…”

He said, “Yes, I am a wanderer. I wandered all over the earth.”

The man said, “That is the right kind of person. Can you suggest to me where I should go? I want to be a disciple of a Perfect Master.”

The old man suggested a few addresses to him, and the young man thanked him and went on.

After thirty years of wandering around the earth and finding nobody who was exactly fulfilling his expectations, he came back dejected, depressed. the moment he was entering his village he saw the old man who had become very old now, sitting under the tree. And suddenly he recognized that he is the Master! He fell at his feet and he said, “Why didn’t you say it to me, that you are the Master?”

The old man said, “But that was not the time for you. You could not recognize me. You needed some experience. Wandering around the earth has given you a certain maturity, a certain understanding. Now you can see. Last time you had met me, but you had not seen me. You had missed. You were asking me about some Master. That was enough proof that you could not see me, you could not feel my presence, you could not smell the fragrance. You were utterly blind; hence I gave you some bogus addresses so you could go. But even to be with the wrong people is good, because that is how one learns. For thirty years I have been waiting for you here, I have not left this tree.”

In fact, the young man, who was not young anymore, looked at the tree and was even more surprised. Because in his dreams, in his visions he was always seeing that tree and there was always a feeling that he would find The Master sitting under this tree.

Last time he had not seen the tree at all. The tree was there, the Master was there, EVERYthing was ready but HE was not ready.

When the Student is ready – the Master Appears – says the divine master Lao Tzu!

The Master is not questioning the man – the master is not making any statements – the Master is simply sharing the truth – all he says at the end is:

“I have been waiting for you here, I have not left this tree.”

30 years – can you imagine – 30 long years – and the Master waits for the young man – how to express such a love – such a deep understanding – such a divine heart – language is really poor – words cannot suffice -certain ‘truths’ can only be felt in deep silence!

When you function from the state of knowledge – you will find many teachers but never a master!

Knowledge is noise – truth can only be found in silence.

Truth is in the STARS – the spiritual energy is in the STARS – if the energy of a specific STAR relates positively with a particular planet – then there is rhythm, a song, a dance, music and life become a garden of bliss!

There are 27 STARS (nakshatras). The ancient seers were highly meditative beings – so much so – that they would leave their physical body and would transcend to the higher realms of the universe – visit the actual STARS – understand the vibrancy of the stars and then they would come back to their physical body – and write the characteristics of each star that they themselves have visited! That is how deep the ancient seers were! You only know a few ‘famed names’ – Parashara, Bhrigu – but there are many more – whose names remained unknown – though they have contributed so much to the science of astrology that even if you take a hundred births you cannot write the deeper elements of stars that these fascinating highly divine seers have scripted!

They documented the actual experiences that they had when they traveled through their astral bodies to the galaxy stars!

To your mind – this may seem impossible – but then what Jesus did?

When Jesus was crucified – the Romans believed that Jesus had died.

In fact, Jesus never died on the cross. It takes at least forty-eight hours for a person to die on the Jewish cross, and there have been known cases where people have existed almost six days on the cross without dying. Because Jesus was taken down from the cross after only six hours, there is no possibility of HIS death on the cross. It was a conspiracy between a rich sympathizer of Jesus and Pontius Pilate to crucify Jesus as late as possible on Friday — because, on Saturday, Jews stop everything; their Sabbath does not allow any act. By the evening of Friday, everything stops.

The arrangement was that Jesus would be crucified late in the afternoon, so before sunset, he would be brought down. He might have been unconscious because so much blood had flowed out of the body, but he was not dead. Then he would be kept in a cave, and before the Sabbath ended and the Jews hung him again, his body would be stolen by his followers. The tomb was found empty, and Jesus was removed from Judea as quickly as possible. As he again became healthy and healed, he moved to India and Jesus lived a long life — one hundred and twelve years — in Kashmir.

Like our ancient seers – Jesus had the spiritual powers or strength to travel outside the physical body – while being alive! Else how can a man who is NAILED on the CROSS – can remain – so peaceful – so silent! TRUTH is silent. Jesus also remained silent while the Romans nailed HIM on the cross.

When the Romans were about to crucify Jesus – Pilate, the Roman prefect – was more understanding toward Jesus. He continuously felt that an innocent man was being unnecessarily crucified and he tried his best not to crucify him. But then, there were political considerations. Even when they were about to crucify Jesus, at the last moment, Pilate asked him a question: “What is the truth?”

Jesus remained silent. It was a Buddhist answer. Only Buddha has remained silent about truth, no one else. Something has always been said – even if it is only that nothing can be said. Only Buddha has remained silent, totally silent. And Jesus remained silent.

The Doctor – I visited cannot understand the TRUTH.

Pilate, the Roman Prefect cannot understand the TRUTH. Only Jesus knows the TRUTH. Only Buddha. Only Mahavira. Only Muhammed. Only Krishna – Only the divine spiritual masters know the TRUTH – and they all remain Silent. Knowledge is noisy and TRUTH can be found only in SILENCE.

STARS are silent. They glitter like gold. They glow. They shine. They are filled with divine energy – they don’t move – they are STILL – just the way a great YOGI is – STILL! Stars are living entities – yes there is life in the stars. And if the whole world calls me stupid, an idiot than also I would repeat again and again – It is the STARS that are living entities – Scientists are looking for ‘life’ on other planets – they would never find. Because it is not the planets that give birth to life – it is the STARS that give birth to life!

Indian Mythology never says that a certain saint – a certain evolved being has become a PLANET – no – it never. But Indian Mythology always mentions that DHRUV – the godly man became a STAR – to which the world calls – the DHRUV TARA (STAR)!

Ancient meditative evolved beings have always been related to STARS – they are bestowed with the divine blessings of the Gods – and it these meditative Yogis who have become the STARS! Look how beautiful is this!

DHRUV becomes a STAR – you know just one DHRUV – but who knows – the whole 27 STARS must be at some time – great YOGIS – great divine supernatural beings who once walked on this planet!

And So STARS are beautiful – because they are ALIVE – there is immense power – energy – divinity in ever STAR that you know – all 27 STARS are the divine SEERS who have the capability to turn ash into gold and gold into ash!

SIGNS is just an understanding. The ancient Seers grouped the STARS into certain blocks. These blocks are signs – zodiac signs. That brings me to an enlightened state of how the beautiful journey of the soul begins –

The first STAR is of ASHWINI – KETU!

KETU – the emptiness – the nothingness – someday you should read my book “Gift of Consciousness” – it has the mention of ‘Nothingness’! Out of ‘nothingness’ – we are born. The seed of fruit has come from nothingness. This nothingness is KETU!

VENUS – the Second Star – Bharani!

Life comes, eyes, nose, breasts, all limbs – tastes, pleasures – VENUS!

SUN – the Third Star – Krittika

Status comes, dignity, also if ignorance prevails than EGO comes – SUN!

MOON – the Fourth Star – Rohini

MIND comes, comparisons come – attraction towards SEX comes – MOON is very sexy – in fact, it is only MOON that is too SEXY! Any man or woman with Moon in 1st, 7th, 12th or 2nd – is very sexy, sexual by nature – and to be sexy is not a bad thing as long as you follow the right track! Woman or Men with Moon in 1st 2nd or 12th – generally look very attractive – they have that ‘sex appeal’ or the ‘magnetic personality’ that drives the opposite sex – crazy!

MARS – The Fifth Star – Mrig

SEX is in demand. The search for the right MATE to have a passionate SEX – to enjoy the pleasures of the bed- to EAT, SLEEP, And CELEBRATE – the energy of MARS is in full swing – hot and sexy – this is a base level of MARTIAN energy – where physicality is preferred more over spirituality!

So you see – the beginning is on the base level. The middle is on the intermediate level. And it is the last stage of the NAKSHATRA cycle that precisely is on the higher plane – the spiritual plane – you can call them the birds – the Eagles – who live with some higher purpose.

27 Nakshatras –
Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, RAHU, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury – the FIRST CYCLE of 9 Nakshatras – the Base level

Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, RAHU, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury – the SECOND CYCLE of 9 Nakshatras – the Intermediate level

Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, RAHU, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury – the THIRD CYCLE of 9 Nakshatras – the Higher level

This is how the journey of the soul goes through – from the first cycle to the third cycle – and if HE or SHE ‘fall’ due to ignorance and selfish KARMAS – then again the cycle starts from the beginning – until a day comes when the soul ‘SELF REALIZES’ and starts moving towards the beyond – the divine TRUTH.

No book of astrology will reveal to you what I am sharing – for the simple reason – that TRUTH cannot be taught – TRUTH can only be shared!

And TRUTH can be found only when you turn inwards – when you meditate – when you accept the fact that how foolish, how utterly ignorant you have been – when you would laugh at yourself – when you would no more agree or disagree – when you would simply surrender to the existence – to your master – only then the TRUTH can be realized – only then there is every possibility to realize the TRUTH – only then will you remain silent – you will realize the beauty of silence!

The real master is not a teacher. The real disciple is not a student! Understand this-this is of great significance.

The real master will never teach you – HE will only share. If you are ‘ready’ – if your ‘antenna’ is fine-tuned – you will be able to receive the signals of that divine sharing! You simply become a receiver – there is no learning – there is no agreeing and disagreeing – agree/disagree is of the MIND – there is absolutely NO MIND – and in that stage of NO MIND-ness – that you truly become ONE with the MASTER – there is no need to teach and there is no need to learn – in that ONENESS – the whole message is delivered and received – it all happens spontaneously – that is how the real master is – that is how the real disciple is – there is no teaching and there is no learning – it is pure ONENESS – the master becomes the disciple – the disciple becomes the master – ONENESS!

An old man was sitting beneath a tree. A young boy was trying hard to get some water from a nearby well. The old man was watching – he could see the young boy’s efforts – his persistence – HE decides to show him the way. He moves towards the well – throws the bucket in the well – shows him how to pull up the bucket of water. The boy understands. He says ‘Thank you’ – The old man leaves. There is no trace of teaching – simple sharing – there is no trace of learning – simple understanding – there is no teacher, there is no student!

And to you my readers – this is what I would love you to be – no – don’t come to me as a student – I am not a teacher – and remember you also should not become a student. Just be. Be here – Be with your master- don’t agree and don’t disagree – just be in HIS omnipresence – let his words penetrate in your being and a time would come when you would need no teacher – you will be on your journey – the greatest journey you had ever been on – the journey of your self-transformation – transformation inside – out!

The resonance between the master and the disciple – Resonance between the STAR and the planet is possible only when the ‘wavelength’ connects! Jupiter in the Nakshatra of Punarvasu is home – because the ‘wavelength’ connects – matches well! Similarly, every planet in its own nakshatra is home – can produce more effective results. The whole story of astrology is based on the STARS and not the planets! The whole story of your life is based on how you TUNE IN to your Master – your Guru – to how you merge with HIM – the greater the merging the greater is the depth of understanding – and when you are completely merged in HIM – then where is the question of teacher and student – there is no student and there is no teacher – it is Oneness – how to express this oneness – how to express the oneness of John and Jesus, Sariputra and Buddha, Arjuna and Krishna – how to? Words cannot suffice!

When the STAR (Nakshatra) – the Master – relates well with the PLANET (Graha) – the disciple – a great miracle is born! Then you see a great leader in the making – a successful man – a successful woman in the making!

Now let’s take a small example:-

Leo Ascendant. Seventh Lord Saturn placed in Virgo. Now, what will you predict? You cannot predict until you look into what NAKSHATRA (STAR) the Saturn is placed. You cannot understand the whole story unless you understand the placement of that NAKSHATRA LORD. And you cannot conclude until you look into the house that this NAKSHATRA LORD rules!

So, see – how it is all inter-connected. It is all LinkedIn!

Now lets us the details: Here Saturn is placed in Hasta Nakshatra. Hasta is ruled by Moon. Moon is placed in the SIXTH house. And for LEO – the only house that Moon rules is – the 12th house the house of loss!

Now this woman had a tragic marriage that transformed into a divorce. Why? While validation up to 99% is done based on the 6th and 12th connection with the lord of the seventh – still the 1% would have changed the whole story if and only if the Moon would NOT have been in its own nakshatra – because then it again points to 12th house – house of loss!

The culprit – or the final decision maker, in this case, is the NAKSHATRA of the MOON – for the Lord of the 7th house of marriage is placed in MOON’s nakshatra HASTA!

And the Nakshatra or the STAR of the MOON, in this case, was SHRAVAN – which again relates back to the moon – and moon in moon’s nakshatra when the moon is in the sixth and lordship of the 12th goes to the Moon – Moon becomes the strongest enemy or backbiter for this person.

Had the MOON in Jupiter’s Nakshatra – the whole plot of her married life would have changed – because Jupiter is well-placed in the second house – in a positive Star. So you see – it all depends on the Nakshatra – the seed is the Nakshatra – the life is the Nakshatra – the planet is just a body – it becomes alive only through the Nakshatra – the Nakshatra is the KING – the decisionmaker – the real mover and shaker!

In Hindu religion – when a baby is born – the first letter of the baby’s name is also derived from the baby’s birth Nakshatra. The ancient seers were so insightful that they had gone to the depth of the nakshatras – and had realized the peculiar verbal sounds and vibrations that resonate with a specific Nakshatra! And so names for the newborn babies were decided based on the specific birth Nakshatra and not birth Rashi!

But nowadays – the woman of the house – the mother wants a fancy name – the father wants a fancy name for their newborn baby – and so everything is set aside – and then a time comes when the ‘energies’ play you out – and then you start visiting temples and astrologers and pundits! What a joke you make out of your life – true – life indeed has so many jokes. Only a wise can accept the fact that life is full of jokes!

Once I visited a great Yogi – he used to stay in Mumbai – a great Yogi – he had been in the Himalayas for more than 5 years – had many spiritual great experiences – and he loved me – His grace – His glow – His peace – how to express – it is beyond the power of words. Just a few moments ago – a family had come with their only baby son – he must have been not more than 6 months old – the Great Yogi looked at me and said – “I had suggested them the name ‘Ganesh’ – but they kept a fancy name ‘Ritwik’! And now look – the son is falling sick now and then. Who wants to listen?”

And so that is the moral of the story – who wants to listen? People just come to listen to what they want to listen to! And that is the greatest tragedy of this human life – everybody wants to know the truth – but who really wants to follow the truth?

Life is not perfect. This universe is not perfect. The nature is not perfect. I am not perfect. And yet it is this imperfection in which nature rejoices – the birds sing, the flowers dance, the river flows with joy – the world is alive because it is imperfect – had it been perfect – it would have been dead!

My doctor says “How can you be so careless towards your health?” – He is right – but the truth is that it is this carelessness that has made me visit his clinic – it is the acceptance of how foolish I had been when it comes to my health – it is the beginning of a new story in which I am going to become more health conscious – so even though the foolishness has caused some harm – the same foolishness when ACCEPTED with totality can bring a great consciousness within you!

Certain foolishness – when realized – when accepted in totality – can transform into consciousness – so a little foolishness is not bad as long as you are willing to ACCEPT the fact – that how utterly foolish you had been!

This understanding – this energy – this consciousness and this life comes from the source of the STARS – the Nakshatra! When the Nakshatra is relating to many positive planets – the result is always positive!

The planets are the mediums – the actors. The STARS are the directors. If the Director is good – and if the Actors are relating to the vision of the Director the ‘film’ of your life becomes a hit! So it is all LinkedIn! It is not a one-way road – it is a two-way road – and if the flow from both the sides is good then we can say – that there is no chance of any – traffic jam!

Zodiac signs are for your understanding – it is a clubbing phenomenon. Nakshatra is the real thing. All the rituals under the sky – whether it is Religious – Spiritual – Esoteric – Tantrik – Mantrik – all sorts of rituals – right from the day you were born to the day you die – all rituals from this world to the world beyond are precisely performed based on the Nakshatra and not the signs!

Who cares for the signs. Signs is a generic way to point a specific thing. Someone asks “Where have you come from?” – and you answer – “America”.

Now that cannot give you the real picture – because America is so BIG – almost ten times bigger than India! But when the answer is “ San Jose” – you are quick to make a note that this man has come from the IT Hub of America – the city that dons the great IT companies of the world – a city that is known as the Silicon Valley of the US.

So signs give you a general understanding – it is the Nakshatra that gets you to the bottom of the matter.

Rashi or Signs is a shallow way of looking at things. Nakshatra or the Stars can help you to understand the depth of the subject.

You will comfortable in your society or in your apartment? Of course in your apartment. Similarly – a planet is comfortable in its nakshatra rather than in its sign.

Yesterday – somebody asked about CASTE – Brahmin. Kshatriya. Vaishya. Shudra.

What do you think – what factor decides your caste? Your family name? Your appearance? Your height – your looks?

The answer is neither of these – decides your CASTE! Surprised? Shocked? Don’t be.

It is your ignorance that shocks you. The reality is simple – very simple.

And the reality of deciding your caste is not your family name – not your colour, not your face appearance – not your body language. Your true caste is decided by the MASTER – in the Ancient times – it was the Seers – the Rishis that would decide the caste you belong to – when you are admitted in their schools!

The Ancient Seers had the divine understanding – the power to decide who fits where – who is a true Brahmin – who is a true Kshatriya – who is a true Vaishya – who is a true Shudra! And there was no discrimination – no hate between the castes – ever caste respected and loved each other simply because they realized that no one can survive without each other’s support!

But after the greatest world war – the Mahabharata – the whole system came crashing down. And the world was never the same!

Your caste is based on your nature – your understanding – your way of looking at life!

In spirituality – there is no discrimination – in the Kingdom of God – everybody is welcome – whosoever has a heart of gold is welcome – whosoever has humanity within is welcome whosoever has unwavering faith is welcome!

Castism casts a blind spell on you. You become ‘blind’ – a blind is looking for another blind – that is how the whole world becomes blind when caste becomes the deciding factor!

I appeal to all my readers – especially those who have been following me closely – to look beyond castes and religions. Sai Baba – HIS whole life, Sai Baba tried his best to bring the Hindus and the Muslims together – whole life. Whenever he used to meet a Hindu – the benevolent compassionate master would say “ Khuda Tera Bhala Kare” – and whenever Sai Baba would meet a Muslim devotee – HE would say “Bhagavan Tera Bhala Kare.”

Whole life – the great divine master sought brotherhood between the Hindus and Muslims – if you cannot learn from this – then you would never understand Sai Baba – no matter how many times you visit Shirdi. Shirdi Ke Sai Baba lives in those hearts – who makes no discrimination between a Hindu and a Muslim – between a Brahmin and a Shudra.

If you have a heart that makes no discrimination between castes and religions – then there is no need to go anywhere – Sai will come to you – God will come to you-you will be blessed – you will be nurtured!

The reason I shared so many aspects of human life with you all – is to make you realize that the true essence of life – is in the ‘seeds’ – is in the ‘nakshatras – the stars’ and not in the planets or the zodiac signs.

Your beauty also – is in your heart – not in how good your ‘make-up’ is – but how good, how deep and pure — your heart is! To a man whose heart is pure – the whole universe is available – he need not go in search of the master – the master comes searching for him.

That is the beauty of heart – and to reach to the depth of your heart – the way is to meditate.

Come you all – let the work continue, let the daily chores of your life continue – you can do all the work by your hands – but who is stopping you from meditating?

Meditate while you do your job. Meditation is not limited to those 20 minutes that you spend closing your eyes – meditation has to continue 24*7 – only then can you STILL the mind. People have wrong ideas about meditation – that you just sit with closed eyes in a nice air-conditioning room and that is meditation – not it is not – meditation happens only when there are no thoughts – you remain engrossed in just one thought – one name – Lord’s name! That is what the founder of ISKON encouraged – to engross yourself in the name of the Lord – Hare Krishna! The work of ISKON founder Srila Prabhupada is so great that it has done much good to this world – and though I am in no way associated with ISKON – I have great respect for just this one man who changed the world by spreading Krishna Consciousness – Srila Prabhupada!

I humbly salute this great saint – Srila Prabhupada. God bless his divine mission.

Much has to be revealed – much has to be shared – for even though there are many ignorant fellows – there are also many insightful fellows in this world! Sharing is Caring. When I share – I sing my song – song of the lord – song of the truth – if you can relate – you will experience bliss – if you cannot then you miss – you simply miss.

For I am going to be the way I am – you call me foolish, you call me stupid – to a man who has arrived – it makes no difference – my journey continues – those who wish to join are welcome – those who wish to drop out are also welcome – the river simply flows…it is all for love. Life is a Journey. Love is the Goal. Come you all – do not fall in love – rise in love – be love, live love, breathe love.

Meditate. Still the Mind. To a mind that is still -, the whole universe is available.

Don’t try to force anything. Let life be a deep LET GO. God opens millions of flowers every day without forcing their buds. Love cannot be forced. Love cannot be managed. It is not politics. Love happens – but you have to wait, you have to be patient, you have to learn – to live in a Let Go. Meditation is a Let Go.

The root is the Nakshatra.

Get back to your roots. Get back to meditation. Get back to your source. Get back to the basic question ‘ Who am I?’.

Be STILL like a STAR. The first stage of meditation is to STILL the wavering MIND.

Still — the Mind. The nature of the Mind is to wander — You are NOT the Mind — says the divine spiritual master Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi.

Turn inwards. Meditate.

Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Guru!

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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