Is there any truth in astrology?


Astrology is within you. Truth is within you. God is within you.

God is Love and Love is REAL.

If you can realize your SELF – you can realize Astrology.

All the planets, all the stars, all of the universe is WITHIN you.

The Ancient Vedic Scriptures specifically mentions – AHAM BRAMHASMI – meaning I AM THE UNIVERSE – in simple words – the WHOLE UNIVERSE IS WITHIN ME. Brahma is the UNIVERSE and the enlightened sages state “I am the UNIVERSE (BRAHMA)”

Einstein addresses the UNIVERSE as WHOLE.

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” ― Albert Einstein

This WHOLE is within you, within me, within every human being.

The ONLY DIFFERENCE between a common man and the Yogi – is that the Yogi has REALIZED THE SELF – HE is a self realized man – while the common man is still to realize HIS self – still to turn inwards – still to become ALIVE in the true sense.

The moment you self-realize the WHOLE within you – all the stars, all the planets, all the energies of this Universe (whole) start revealing the many deep mysteries of this human life. The SOURCE of ASTROLOGY is WITHIN and not Without.

Many times people come and someone is a divorced woman, someone is a divorced man – someone is an abandoned old mother or old father – and then out of frustration, depression they all ask one question “Is there any purpose for our existence??”

Today through this answer I want to tell them all – there is ALWAYS a PURPOSE for every HUMAN BEING who is yet living and ALIVE.

NOBODY IS USELESS – NOBODY – and let this penetrate into your being as much as possible. NOBODY IS USELESS IN THIS HUMAN WORLD – everybody in HIS or HER own small way is CONTRIBUTING to somebody’s life – be it human life, animal life – but some contribution is happening through each one of us – NOBODY IS USELESS – NOBODY.

Yesterday I was going through the emails and one email touched my heart – because it was written with heart – and how could I express myself, my eyes became wet – the young man seemed to have written the email literally through the depth of his heart – the last line of his email was the peak – he writes “It is okay even if you deny me – reject me – but I would love to receive your response…..”

The Master always says – that even though this world is filled with more of SAND – within this SAND – there are also few particles of SUGAR – you cannot deny everybody – you have to be selective and select these beautiful souls — the SUGAR particles – the REAL ONES – the God Lover Souls !

There was one such God Lover – a poor man – and he was a cobbler. He lived on the streets.. And every day he would pray – – – his prayer would sound like this :- “GOD – give me a chance and I will be so happy to serve you. I will cook food for you, my wife is not a great cook – but I am. I will also give you a good bath – I know you have been so Ancient – I can understand how it feels when there is water to take bath – I can understand how it feels when there is a lot of dust on the body because I have been spending my whole life on the streets….I know how it all feels….but you don’t worry – I will serve you every way I can – I love you God….I love you….”

And this was his daily prayer – every day this poor cobbler would pray with so much of love that GOD secretly would come in the form of a bird and listen to his prayer. And God would rejoice in that poor man’s love – and the cobbler was also always found to be happy. He had no cars, no properties, no power, no status – but HAPPINESS stayed in his heart – in his life and life was sailing smoothly. A man who LOVES GOD is always found to be happy!

But GOD always loves to TEST his loved ones.

Jesus was tested. Prophet was. Buddha,Mahavira, Arjuna – the messengers were tested very deeply! This poor man wasn’t aware that one test was coming his way….

A very precious diamond was stolen from the King’s treasure and the search was on. The officials were scanning every street and the residents of the streets! Our poor cobbler was also scanned – screened – and they found one beautiful diamond in his bag. The cobbler was not shocked, nor was he surprised – he just looked up and said “ God – so are you up to something. No problem, I am ready for whatever is to come. I trust you – I have always trusted you.”

The officials arrested the cobbler and took him to the court. The King asked “How you dared to steal the diamond from my treasure?”

The cobbler said “ His highness, I am an old man – I can barely walk, how can I come all the way and trespass all your security and steal a diamond. And even if I would have had, why would I stay in your kingdom?”

The King was a wise man. But the diamond was found in the old man’s bag. There was absolutely no chance to let him go. He had to be punished.

With a heavy heart, the King decided to declare the punishment. But something strange happened – the young princess came and she whispered something in the King’s ear. The King could not believe his ears. He declared “ The cobbler is no more to be punished – he can go back to his home.”

The old man, our cobbler smiled. He bowed before the King and left his palace. On his way – a very old man met him and said “ You scoundrel – how can you LOVE me so much.” – and then HE smiled and disappeared.

The TEST was passed. The cobbler fell down, tears flowing through his eyes, he had no words – GOD had finally appeared – GOD had to finally come in his search – GOD finally had tested him and GOD finally had also passed him. WHAT ELSE WAS MORE TO BE EXPECTED – the cobbler went back to his home. But he was no more the same – everything around him was the same – but he was no more the same. Miracles started happening through his hands – he became one of the greatest healer the world had ever known! Wherever he would go – the sick would heal – the miseries would evaporate – one day the KING fell sick and the cobbler was invited to the Palace – the cobbler went, with his touch – the King healed – but the King won’t let him go – the King thanked him and asked “You never asked – why you were not imprisoned?”

The cobbler said “ The day I left your Palace – that day itself I truly became FREE – God appeared before me and then LIFE was no more a CAGE – a prison – the MIND was no more – and so where was the question of asking anything? The road was clear and I kept walking…..”

The King said “ But I will tell you the reason.”

The King looked into the cobbler’s eyes and said “ The Diamond miraculously came back into my treasure – while your bag still had the same diamond.”

The cobbler smiled and said “ And today I am giving you the diamond that is still in my bag – as a gift. Keep it with yourself – this meeting and you falling sick was just an excuse – the real purpose was this – and now let me go.”

The King’s eyes became wet – he wondered who is REAL KING – this man or me!

The old cobbler started walking towards the Gate of the Palace – the King with a heavy heart returned to his Palace. But till his last breath he kept the diamond with him – whenever anybody would ask about his fondness towards the diamond – he would say “The ‘real diamond’ went away – leaving this ‘false’ diamond with me.”

People would not understand – because the diamond was real – and they never understand their whole life. Because they had never seen the real diamond – the cobbler.

“In my whole life I have had all the real diamonds that this world had to offer – but NO diamond could be as precious as the old cobbler of my kingdom – he was the only precious diamond I had in my life.” – The king had these words inscribed on his Grave – nobody knew where the cobbler went, but he certainly lived in the heart of the KING – and the people of his kingdom.

An illiterate cobbler can become a Saint – that is the power of FAITH – that is the strength of LOVE – that is beauty of PATIENCE. The transformation inspired the KING – the people – the whole kingdom – this is how it happens – one candle can lighten the other – the need is to lighten one candle – and then the joy spreads – the love spreads – than those who have been walking away from GOD – turn back to HIM – to the SOURCE.

The SOURCE is WITHIN you – always remember this. And I say this specifically to all my followers and readers – The SOURCE IS WITHIN YOU – what stands BETWEEN YOU and the SOURCE is your MIND.

Somebody INSULTS you and the MIND quickly TARGETS the insult-er who is on the outside. The ARROW OF YOUR MIND starts targeting the man who has insulted you – and YOU MISS – you simply MISS – you get carried away – you move away from the SOURCE that is WITHIN you – and the more the DISTANCE grows between you and the SOURCE WITHIN YOU – you become a lost man – a lost woman – then you don’t know what to do!

Understand the fact – that the ARROW of the MIND has to turn inwards – whenever anybody INSULTS you – and this is very significant for you all to understand. The MIND should be turned inwards and the first QUESTION that you all should ask yourself – “Why I feel INSULTED?”

If somebody calls you a FOOL – you feel insulted – because you have been considering yourself as a very WISE MAN! Had you not been considering yourself a WISE MAN – and somebody would have called you a FOOL – you would have stepped in and HUGGED that man or woman! Then you would have said “ Right – very right that is how I feel “ – then where is the question of being insulted??

If somebody calls you a THIEF – you will feel insulted only if you have been considering yourself as a great MORALIST – when in reality you have been a thief! And so now the man or woman has put the finger exactly on the point where it PAINS – because there IS indeed something that is NOT RIGHT within you! Had you been a truly SAINTLY man or woman – no matter even if the whole world calls you a THIEF – you would have never felt insulted or offended.

I always say – and it is very significant – that if you have a million dollars in you bank account and if somebody looks at you and says “ You beggar” – then you will simply laugh – you would have good laugh!

But YOU will FEEL INSULTED only if you REALLY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PENNY IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT – then you will feel insulted! So then who is the CULPRIT?


So in such a situations – only TWO things can happen – EITHER YOU JUMP ON THE PERSON WHO IS INSULTING YOU – OR – YOU TURN INWARD and go back to the SOURCE and SELF REALIZE where exactly you are missing – what exactly is wrong within you.

Jesus addresses this process in one word – REPENT – which means go back, go inside yourself – to the SOURCE.

Buddha addresses this process in one word – PRATYAHAR (self evaluation by turning inwards)

Mahavira addresses this process in one word – PRATIKRAMAN (going back to the SOURCE – within)

Words differ from religion to religion – although the essence in simple words is – TURNING INWARDS.

But people are shallow. They are looking outside for ANSWERS – when the ANSWER is within!

But who wants to listen? Common man or common woman has just one question – When will I get this and when will I get that! Beyond this – they cannot go – they have made a terrible prisoner of themselves – a prisoner of the MIND!

During the ancient times – a sage would spend 8 hours in meditation, then he would share the many beautiful aspects of this human life and spiritual experiences with those who would come with love and devotion – and then some time that was left – he would guide a few by looking within and reading the planetary placements – such was the life of a real Sage, a Yogi – a life that was blessed with more spiritualism – because one need to understand and I specifically tell this to all my followers and readers – that LIFE should be filled with HIS love – that LIFE should be devoted to HIS feet – then astrology comes on its own – but people go the other way round – they keep reading books and books and books and in the process they become ‘parrots’ – but I am encouraging you all to become ‘Eagles’ – EAGLES who dare to LOOK WITHIN – who dare to question themselves.

Meditation is not for a coward. Meditation is for one who is COURAGEOUS.

Because when you sit down and close your eyes to MEDITATE and it is the very beginning stage of your spiritual journey – you come across a HELL OF A THOUGHTS ALL SWARMING OVER YOU LIKE THOSE NOISY BEES! NOW only if you are COURAGEOUS – you can SUSTAIN – you can CONTINUE – you can IGNORE all that noise and all those thoughts and FOCUS on your BREATHING by reciting the name of the HOLY LORD.

And so to meditate – tremendous COURAGE is required and along with COURAGE – lasting PATIENCE and FAITH.

It is good that you have come up with the question that doubts whether there is TRUTH in astrology. But this is the question of the MIND – the MIND is targeting the ARROW towards that which you think is OUTSIDE you! When in reality it is inside you – and so IF YOU CAN FIND TRUTH WITHIN YOUR SELF _ only _ than can you find TRUTH in astrology!

And this is very significant – and I say to you all – WHATEVER IS WITHIN YOU – YOU WILL ‘SEE’ or ‘PERCEIVE’ on the OUTSIDE. IF you can EXPERIENCE TRUTH WITHIN – you will experience TRUTH in astrology – it is all RELATIVE – what comes through you is what decides the future course of your life.

But in general PEOPLE are not willing to turn inwards – they want READY MADE information – READY MADE INFORMATION is ‘Knowledge’.
Information that evolves through your SELF – your MEDITATION is ‘WISDOM”

People are busy gathering INFORMATION – which is readily available.

By reading books and watching videos of astrology – you are becoming educated. But one should remember that an educated person is not always an intelligent person. You become knowledgeable – Gyani – not a Yogi.

Many times it has happened. CEOs and MDs, and Directors – they all have tried to approach me – but I have given my time to only a few, very few. In fact the other day – somehow a man reached me – and he said “ My name is Chandan. And I don’t know anything about God or astrology – I am a very poor man and I have called you to find a solution for my only daughter – please help.”

I helped him. I also would always respond to his calls – until his problem was solved. Not a single penny was charged – but he was happy and so was I.

Mohan always wonders on why I am so open to those who comparatively are poor – while I take a hell of a time to respond to others.

I said to him “ It is simple. Very simple. The so called educated and intellectual men and women will go round and round and round – they will NOT understand my language and I cannot stand their stupidity. But the poor man, the uneducated man – he has a lot of LOVE in his heart – he can JUMP – he can FOLLOW – simply because he LIVES more by his HEART and less by his HEAD. But these intellectual educated people – they will go on raising DOUBTS, and DOUBTS and the smell of their INTELLECTUALISM simply makes me go away from them then otherwise.”

The poor can JUMP. When I say poor – it has nothing to do with your bank balance – you may have 1 million dollars in your bank account and yet if you may have REALIZED your ‘poverty’ – within, then you are POOR. You may have realized that whole life was spend running behind money, power, sex and yet at the end – there is nothing that can be forever – that can open the doors to eternal happiness. A man who has SELF REALIZED this – is POOR and Jesus therefore says that only the ‘POOR can find his way towards GOD.’

Understand the deeper meaning of the word ‘POOR’ – this poverty is the poverty WITHIN you – where you have been spending your whole life in TALKING and TALKING and TALKING and while you may have gained many material gains – you have gone too far from your SELF. This distance has made you RICH from the outside – but utterly POOR from the inside.

And once you self-realize this – you start realizing how POOR you have become from the inside. From the outside – there are many cars, and many bungalows and all the pleasures that one wishes for – but within – you have LOST THE CONTACT WITH YOUR ‘SELF’. And the moment you realize this POVERTY – Jesus says such a self-realized man will be blessed and can find a place in the KINGDOM OF GOD.


How beautiful are these words of Jesus. When Jesus is saying – BLESSED ARE THE POOR – HE is NOT referring to your possessions – HE is simply stating POOR IN SPIRIT – how deep are these words, how deeply moving are these words!

EDUCATED man, EDUCATED woman – they are very HIGH in spirit – if you let them in – they will never ask you the relevant question and they will never understand your answer. Because they are so much TRAPPED in their INTELLECTUALISM – their EGO – their IGNORANCE – their STATUS that they will be a pure waste of time. When you ask about TRUTH in ASTROLOGY – let me tell you and to all who have been following me – NOT A SINGLE FRAGMENT OF TRUTH WILL BE REALIZED BY THOSE WHO ARE JUST GETTING THEMSELVES EDUCATED WITH THE SCIENCE OF ASTROLOGY.

TRUTH is hard, it always is.

Once it happened, a young woman was trying to open a lid of a tin box. She could not open and so she went to find a ‘book’ that would help her to open the lid of the box. When she returned she was surprised to see that the lid of the box was opened – she asked the cook “ Did you open it.”

The cook said “ Yes I opened it.”

The woman was surprised – for half an hour she was trying to open but failed – and how come this man opened it. She asked “ HOW?”

The cook smiled and said “ When you don’t know how to read – you have no other choice than to use your Intelligence.”

Something that happens WITHOUT any BOOK – WITHOUT any help – but happens spontaneously – comes from WITHIN you – and that *is* INTELLIGENCE.

And I am therefore for the INTELLIGENCE and NOT INTELLECTUALISM.

Mohan once asked “ How to identify an intelligent man or woman?”

An intelligent man or woman is one who has the CAPACITY TO REBORN!

Mohan said “ Please explain further….”

I said “Look at this woman…..”

There was a woman who had a relationship breakup – Mohan knew about her.

I said “ If this woman can DIE to her PAST – only then can she REBORN – then she can find joy again, then she can blossom like a flower – then she will be a dance, a poem, a beautiful painting….”

Your intelligence is purely based on whether you can live your life by BEING HERE NOW.

PAST IS PAST – it is GONE. FUTURE IS NOT YET. NOW is the moment – if you can BE HERE NOW – you are living with intelligence. The whole purpose of meditation is to bring you all to this stage – the stage – TO BE HERE NOW.

THE PRESENT IS THE ONLY TIME YOU HAVE. Always remember this – always.

Educated people are too much into their HEAD. This HEAD then makes them miserable. This HEAD brings TOO MUCH OF INTELLECTUALISM leading them to nowhere.

In contrast – the illiterate is intelligent – but if you ask me about the EDUCATED CLASS – then as long as they continue to FOLLOW THEIR MIND – they remain blocks of INTELLECTUALISM – and this intellectualism goes on BLOCKING their REAL GROWTH – the GROWTH WITHIN.

A man, a woman – simple, follower of HEART, prayerful – such a man, such a woman can understand my language – can understand my sharing – can understand my answer – then I can let them have some of my time, it is worth it.

But an intellectual man, an intellectual woman – they are a PAIN IN THE NECK. They will go on ANALYZING – they forgot the fact that ANALYZING can make you a good scientist – you may collect INFORMATION – but you will NEVER be able to realize or RELATE to the TRUTH.

Jesus is joyous when someone LOVES HIM. Buddha is in bliss when someone LOVES HIM. KRISHNA can only be realized when you LOVE HIM – Arjuna LOVED HIM IN TOTALITY – HE was able to relate to KRISHNA.

INTELLECTUAL MAN CANNOT LOVE. HE will says “ I think I love’ – he is still thinking – even when it is the question of love – he is *still* thinking.

Once it happened – Immanuel Kant, one of the greatest systematizers- a great intellectual – was proposed by a girl. The girl feel in love with him – but this man would not propose – so finally she had to.

She said “ I love you. I want to marry you.”

Immanuel said “ I will think over.”

Now the question is How can you THINK – when the matter is ABOUT LOVE! Either you are ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ – what is to THINK about it?

But intellectuals like Immanuel cannot understand this – they are TOO MUCH into their HEAD.

You THINK when it is a BUSINESS PROPOSAL – but this was a LOVE PROPOSAL. And the girl loved him deeply.

But Immanuel must be like MERCURY – he noted what she had said. Then the following days and weeks and months – he would go to the libraries and try to learn more about love, about marriage, about relationships…….and time flew by…and finally his ‘calculations’ and his ‘analysis’ made him realize that ‘MARRIAGE’ is beneficial in many ways! And so then he rushed to that girl’s home.

He knocked at her door – her father opened the door – looking at Immanuel he said “ She is already married and a mother of two – you came a little late.”

And this is what happens with every intellectual man – the answer he gets is “You came a little late!”

The HEAD would never let you JUMP – the HEART can. Intellectualism is of your HEAD – Intelligence is of your HEART – one who follows his or her heart – experiences LOVE – experiences GOD – experiences the TRUTH.

The question that you all should ask yourself is – What are you? A follower of your HEAD or your HEART?

The intellectuals will answer cleverly – the mind is very clever and cunning – they will answer “ we balance both” – and then they remain at the mediocre level.

The intelligent has the answer ready – “HEART”! Such an intelligent man or woman can attain the beyond – the unseen – the peak – the state of Buddha.

Only a man who follows is heart can become a Buddha. Such a man is intelligent.

INTELLIGENT MAN CAN LOVE. HE simply says “ I LOVE YOU.” – There is absolutely NO THINKING and IT IS ONLY WHEN THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO THINKING – that LOVE can happen – LOVE can be experienced – LOVE can be felt – that you HEART MOVES – and when the HEART moves – the whole world of yours starts moving and then you are no more the same – everything around you is the same BUT you are NO MORE THE SAME – then there is a song to it – a dance, a beautiful poem!

Life is lived when you DON’T just BREATH – but when you LOVE!

LOVE is the SOUL’s LIGHT. If there is NO LOVE within you – if you cannot feel LOVE – then you will never feel GOD’s presence – because GOD IS LOVE and LOVE IS REAL.

And if you CANNOT FEEL GOD, if you CANNOT realize GOD – than how will you realize ASTROLOGY – then HOW CAN TRUTH BE FOUND IN ASTROLOGY?

Intellectual people are always TRYING TO FIND THE TRUTH on the outside – their SEARCH will never end.

Intelligent people never seek TRUTH outside – they simply start turning inwards – they simply start losing their MIND – because it is only when the MIND is LOST that you can FIND THE TRUTH – you can FIND YOURSELF.

It has always happened – the pundits, the intellectuals, the so called educated men and women have always surrounded the divine masters – and have created many scriptures on them – but the truth is they have never ever realized their true essence – they kept on asking many questions – raising many intellectual questions – thoughts – ideas – and that’s all they could reach to – they made a lot of noise – but that was all that could do – noise and just noise. Knowledge is noisy – they tried to gather knowledge – but KNOWLEDGE is information that can be used – it is NOT the ultimate TRUTH – the intellectuals remained away from the TRUTH – they remained trapped in the WEB of KNOWLEDGE.

Knowledge can help you to establish great organizations – logic can help you to run these organizations very efficiently – but that is all. Beyond this – knowledge becomes impotent to help you any further – you remain a beautiful looking PLASTIC rose – everything looks perfect in your life – but that perfection is the DEATH OF ALL THAT IS CREATIVE – ALL THAT IS REAL.

Always remember – NEVER RUN BEHIND PERFECTION – if the world would have been PERFECT it would have been DEAD by now. The world is growing because it is IMPERFECT. The NATURE rejoices in its imperfection – I am imperfect, the whole universe is imperfect and because it is imperfect it is GROWING, had it been PERFECT it would have been DEAD by now!

Perfection is a myth.

Only a mad man is behind perfection and in the process makes other’s miserable. Only an intellectual man is behind perfection -the INTELLIGENT is always focused on BEING TOTAL.

TOTALITY is possible – PERFECTION is not.

The very question of finding TRUTH – comes from men who are behind perfection. Such were those pundits, scholars who were always surrounding the Buddha – the Mahavira, the Prophet, the Christ – they TRIED to KNOW THE TRUTH – they forgot that TRUTH CANNOT BE KNOWN – TRUTH has to be REALIZED.

These pundits and these scholars and these intellectual beings – they can STIMULATE your MIND – they can GIVE GOOD ENTERTAINMENT to your MIND – they can say EXACTLY that your MIND wants to hear – you will like them. WHATEVER YOUR MIND WANTS TO LISTEN – THEY ARE SAYING – then the question arise – HOW ARE YOU GOING TO CHANGE – if the OLD is being repeated – making you COMFORTABLE – making you feel the warm in your COMFORT ZONE – then what change you are talking of – what transformation you are expecting?

As long as you keep nodding your HEADS with AGREEMENTS and DISAGREEMENTS – TRUTH CAN NEVER PENETRATE INTO YOUR BEING – because the very action of AGREEING AND DISAGREEING is of the MIND – it simply means that you are listening with your MIND – the penetration cannot happen – the MIND won’t let the words of the master sink into your being – you remain trapped in the MIND’s AGREEING and DISAGREEING – and then you start wondering – “ WHY AM I NOT CHANGING?”

How will you – to CHANGE, to TRANSFORM – first you have STOP AGREEING AND DISAGREEING – only then some possibility of those beautiful divine words sinking – penetrating into your being is possible – and then a moment comes when those words ‘spark’ a realization within your being – but all this is possible only when you learn to LISTEN without the MIND – without the AGREEING and DISAGREEING.

You don’t have to agree. And you don’t have to disagree. Just LISTEN. Just let the words sink into your Heart. Then the heart will respond, then the heart will start vibrating – then those divine words of the master will start bringing the change that you have been longing for – then the miracle starts happening – this is the way of its happening – this is how it all happens – only IF you learn to LISTEN without AGREEING or DISAGREEING.

I become very alert when somebody says ‘ I AGREE’ – it is a signal that this man or woman is still caught up in the MIND. That this MAN or WOMAN is still listening by bringing the MIND in between – logic is still in play – intellectualism is still active – it is signal for me to stay away from such a man – such a woman – they are still a mess – a total mess.


The TRUTH IS INDEFINITE. And it can SHAKE YOUR WHOLE BEING – it is like a sleeping man suddenly waking up and coming FACE to FACE with the TRUTH.

FIRST the fire has to be from WITHIN – only then can it BURN UP ALL THAT IS MATERIAL and BRING FORTH THE TRUTH that has NO END – NO LIMITS.

The worldly love represents the material love – the material world. Guru Nanak is saying that first come out of this worldly love – this material attachments – and then you can experience that – which is BEYOND – which has NO END – which has NO LIMIT. Then whatever comes out of you is INTELLIGENCE – then whoever speaks out of you is your – HEART and once you get connected to your HEART than TRUTH is revealed – it is only when you go beyond the WORLD – the MIND is your WORLD – the WORLD is nothing but an extension of your MIND – once you BURN this WORLD once you go beyond the MIND and merge within your HEART – than the TRUTH can be realized.

People have many fancy ideas about Astrology, about TRUTH, about ENLIGHTENMENT, about GOD – as if sitting in a cozy room – thinking a lot about TRUTH, about ASTROLOGY – about GOD – GOD can come to you, Astrology can come to you – as if by reading millions and millions of books on astrology you can become an astrologer – you can, but that is for those who want ENTERTAINMENT – for those who want to stimulate their MIND – but if by chance you ever come face to face with a man who has gone beyond ASTROLOGY – you will be in trouble – because this man is saying exactly that your MIND is NOT comfortable with – this man is simply NOT making you feel comfortable –you will condemn such a man- the human world has been doing it for AGES – they condemned the BUDDHA – they crucified JESUS – they ridiculed the MAHAVIRA – they forced the Prophet to go in exile – the common man cannot stand a MAN who HAS THE TRUTH – who has the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

Society likes KNOWLEDGEABLE MEN AND WOMEN. They LIKE the PUNDITS, the SCHOLARS – they are NOT a threat to the society because they say exactly THAT – which the SOCIETY wants to hear, so they are NOT a THREAT.

THREAT is the INDIVIDUAL – the man who has gone beyond the MIND – who has attained – who CANNOT speak anything BUT THE TRUTH – such a MAN is a THREAT to the society – the society fears such a man – the society goes all its way to ridicule – to insult – to condemn such a man. It had happened with JESUS, it had happened with the BUDDHA, it had happened with the PROPHET – it had happened with SAI BABA – every enlightened being – have been severely condemned by this so called SOCIETY.

People want to know the TRUTH – but they are simply unwilling, incapable of LISTENING to the TRUTH and yet they always keep asking:

“Is there TRUTH in Astrology?”

“ Is there TRUTH in BUDDHA’s words?”

“Was Jesus really a great messiah?”

You see – such question they will ask – they will go on asking because this asking is of the MIND and the MIND IS CUNNING – the MIND IS ABSOLUTELY CUNNING.

One very significant point that you all should understand is that – WHAT IS WITHIN YOU – IS WHAT THE ULTIMATE RESULT YOU ARE GOING TO GET.

If TRUTH is what you are following, if LOVE is what you are following, if GOD is what you are following than let me tell you and to all my followers, readers and fellow travelers – NO MATTER HOW DIFFICULT IS THE PHASE OF YOUR LIFE – in the END – you will have the LAST LAUGH – you will have the LAST DANCE.

If you CANNOT cleanse the DIRT, the DUST, the IGNORANCE that has accumulated within you – and I Say it to all – then no matter how great a scholar you are – you will always remain short of peace, the absence of bliss is always going to be there – because you can PARROT the WHOLE SCRIPTURES of ASTROLOGY, you may repeat the WORDS OF BUDDHA – but that is all – you have NOT realized BUDDHA – because to REALIZE BUDDHA – first you have to TURN INWARD – first you have to WALK the TALK – first you have to let HIS words penetrate your being.

Buddha’s words can help you to attain ONLY when you vibrate – when you FOLLOW HIS words – when you don’t just become a PARROT – when you don’t just imitate – when you WALK THE TALK – then you no more remain a parrot – then you transform into EAGLE – then you can experience the essence of Buddha-hood – then you can feel the HIGHER REALMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Then TRUTH comes through you – AND SO ASTROLOGY IS REAL – IS TRUTHFUL – what MATTERS is HOW MUCH TRUTH YOU ARE FROM WITHIN – the more the depth of TRUTH is within you – the more the depth of TRUTH is in every KARMA – you do – then be it ASTROLOGY, or anything under the sky.


The question that each one of you should ask yourself is – WHETHER YOU CAN BE TRUTHFUL. WHETHER YOU CAN BE GODLY.

TRUTH is in every aspect of human life – and astrology is just one small aspect of life – it is like a drop in the ocean. This ocean is the ocean of spiritualism – of which astrology is just a tiny part. And so I always say and have been saying my whole life – that ASTROLOGY SHOULD NOT BLOCK YOU – you MUST NOT GET TRAPPED IN THE 4 WALLS OF ASTROLOGY – my whole effort – and my whole presence and these over 500 answers on this forum is SIMPLY to help you all understand that ASTROLOGY is just a TINY – a very very TINY PART of the WHOLE. Einstein has very beautifully coined this word – WHOLE – for the UNIVERSE – BRAHMA!

But common souls – cannot understand my language – they CANNOT relate – and then they do one thing that are good at – and that is to CONDEMN – to COLLAPSE – to BAN me – that is all they can do – because TRUTH is very HARD and even though they say they want to know the TRUTH – they really CANNOT face the TRUTH. They really CANNOT digest the TRUTH.

A young woman asked about her husband. And her husband was such a JACK – I could see that this man is having a secret affair with the OTHER WOMAN! Now would you want me tell her this – she would have collapsed there itself.

This OTHER WOMAN is always DANGEROUS – and those married women who have been through this situations – know exactly what I mean.

A PROSTITUTE is better than the OTHER WOMAN. TRUTH is hard.

A PROSTITUTE at-least is NOT BREAKING the MARRIAGE – the HOUSE – she is at-least not FORCING DIVORCE on that innocent married woman – but……the OTHER WOMAN – she is dangerous – she is bound to break the house of a married woman and therefore I have absolutely NO HESITATION to state that a PROSTITUTE is far better than the OTHER WOMAN!

But TRUTH is hard – it is possible that I may be condemned – it is possible that I may be banned – but nevertheless a copy of this answer will always be found on my website.

And so always remember that TRUTH is something that almost NOBODY wants to HEAR but everybody wants to KNOW! And that is the greatest irony of this human world.

To FACE the TRUTH – to FIND the TRUTH – to DIGEST the TRUTH – first you all have to PREPARE yourself. First you all have to get READY. People ask – “WHEN CAN I SEE KRISHNA”

My answer is – “Only when you be like ARJUNA. Only when you are absolutely READY – that the Master will appear – the Divine will manifest before you.”

The sun is about to set. I said “Sun sets are so beautiful.”

Mohan said “ But after the Sun sets – darkness spreads all over….”

I said “ That is why Sun set is so beautiful – because it is only when DARKNESS spreads all over your life that you REALIZE the significance of SUN RISE!”

Sunrise comes – you just have to be Patient, you just have to be Faithful.

Come, come you all and meditate. In the depth of your meditation, you will start finding the truth – you will start evolving to the next level – the level of consciousness.

Only a man of awareness can REALIZE the TRUTH, can FACE the TRUTH and can learn to LIVE with the TRUTH.

So before you dive into the TRUTH – first prepare yourself and the most effective way to prepare yourself is through deep meditation.

Meditate. In the beginning many thoughts will attack you as soon as you close your eyes – let them attack – this attack is also an illusion – you should NOT entertain any of these thoughts.

It is *time* to transform yourself into an OCEAN! Be like an ocean – no matter how many thought waves come – the OCEAN never complains – never gets disturbed – be like an ocean.

Disturbance is always there – outside it exists. Inside also it exists. But it is your job to ensure that FIRST you BRING PEACE WITHIN YOU – because it only when PEACE dwells WITHIN YOU that you will FIND PEACE EVERYWHERE. It is only when TRUTH is WITHIN YOU that you will be able to IDENTIFY TRUTHFUL MEN and WOMEN in your life. The whole FOCUS need to be WITHIN.

Once PEACE comes to your whole being – once you FIND YOUR PEACE WITHIN – only then can you walk your way towards ENLIGHTENMENT – the ultimate TRUTH – CONSCIOUSNESS!

Somebody asked – how to identify an enlightened state?

The answer is simple – and it is found in the divine words of Papaji:

One need to overcome the illusions (Rahu) – and to do so – one need to Meditate.

Always remember and I say it specifically for my close followers and readers – that there is absolutely NO process, NO technique to become SILENT. PROCESSES and TECHNIQUES – is the way of the MIND and meditation happens only when there is NO MIND. NO THOUGHTS.

And so to stay SILENT – you simply have to be in the company of conscious beings – meditative beings – devoted beings – loving beings – in one word – SATSANG.

Always remember that there should be NO ATTEMPT to silence any thoughts – you just have to keep flowing like a RIVER – focusing on your breathing while you concentrate on the name of the Holy Lord.

If you feel ANGRY – if you keep getting any NEGATIVE thoughts – if you keep getting any TEMPTATIONS – then just find out – where it came from by turning inwards – by going back to the SOURCE – by coming back ‘Home’.

If you meditate with some agenda – nothing will ever fructify – nothing will ever manifest. But if you meditate with LOVE – with DEVOTION – with FAITH – then one day the ‘bud’ within you will start blossoming into a beautiful flower…..

And once you blossom into a beautiful flower – then there is a dance, then there is a song to it – then life is no more a misery but a beautiful garden of bliss!

Everything is possible – the greatest failure can transform into the greatest success – the darkness can be evaded by the light of consciousness – the setbacks can get you back to the top – today’s low can become the stepping stone towards tomorrow’s High – everything is possible – the real question is – Are you Ready to Turn inwards and meditate?


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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