What are some astrological remedies that every person can do to get a good job?


There are certain dimensions to this question. First is – finding what exactly is JOB. And second – if there are anything called GOOD or BAD job. And lastly – the remedy.

JOB helps you earn your living – BUT at the same time – this same JOB takes away the most precious TIME that you would want to devote to your family or if you are on SPIRITUAL PATH – then the same JOB takes away most precious TIME that you would want to devote to your spiritual practice……

So JOB is NOT a BOON – if you may ask me. Because apart from feeding you and your family and paying your monthly bills – it does not help much. And this is a very deep subject. So before you jump on conclusions – wait and ponder over my words…..

I have met many people across the world – having not just good jobs BUT GREAT JOBS – but they all are in deep miseries. Because though they keep receiving applauds for their performances and huge salaries – they are NOT happy.

So your thought that a GOOD PAY and a GOOD COMPANY leads to a GOOD LIFE is an ASSUMPTION – an ILLUSION of your MIND – else this question would not have come to your MIND.

I am here to first remove all the illusions and notions and ideas that your MIND is creating within you – so that you first understand that the idea of GOOD JOB is also a myth – because even IF you get a GOOD JOB – how does it help you in becoming happy – a MAN who is dependent on the OUTSIDE factors to experience happiness – is simply set for more miseries than otherwise.

Good Job or Bad Job – if these factors are impacting the quality of your life – then you are still caught in the trap of the MIND! And the MIND will ensure that you become more miserable – because WHEN your WHOLE BEING – your WHOLE EXISTENCE – your WHOLE HAPPINESS becomes dependent on the external factors – than you really are lost – simply lost and my answer is to help you realize the true essence of happiness – because when you ask for GOOD JOB – you are seeking HAPPINESS. SO the question you have asked is a mask – the real question is about seeking happiness.

Have you ever heard of a JOB that brings a lot of beating and yet the one who is doing it – feel immense JOY within – abundance of happiness flowing through his whole being?”

I will tell you one such job – a story of a man who takes a lot of beating, a lot of abuse and yet you will find him in ultimate BLISS!

This man and his name was Hassan. And he must be really ‘mad’…..really means really. He loved birds. He loved animals. And he could not see anyone of them caged. So he took the mission of releasing any animal or any bird that would find in a cage. This mission itself became his JOB. And it was not a easy JOB – because people would beat him, abuse him, but he would always laugh – because when he would see the BIRDS FLY AWAY….all of his bleeding……all of his pain……would matter no more……the JOY within would HEAL all of his body….

One day Hassan was going through a town and he saw many birds….beautiful birds…..and they look so innocent……so lovable……but they all were caught by a man and caged. Hassan opened the cage – because BIRDS ARE MEANT TO FLY! And so opened the cage and all the birds flew away……they all chirped and were so happy that they seem to have found a great friend in Hassan!

But the man who had caged the birds – came out of his house and rushed towards the cage and he was shocked to see the birds flying away from the cage….he said to Hassan “ What have you done – you FOOL?”

Hassan said “ BIRDS are meant to FLY…look how beautiful they see on the wings….”

But the man thought otherwise. He gave Hassan a good beating.

His whole day’s work had been destroyed, and he had been hoping to go to the market and sell the birds, and there were many many things to be done — and now Hassan had destroyed the whole purpose. The man gave Hassan a good beating….but Hassan was laughing……in fact Hassan was enjoying…..he was bleeding….the man was beating him very harshly…..but Hassan….our Hassan was joyous within…….the HAPPINESS OF BIRDS was healing all his wounds……

The man could not beat anymore….he thought this man is really MAD. You see this is how this world is. It is a strange world. The INSANE is thought to be SANE and the SANE – is taken as the INSANE!

When the man was finished with beating – Hassan asked him “ ‘Have you done it, or would you like to do a little more? Are you finished? because now I have to go.’

The man could not answer. What to answer? This man was simply mad!

And Hassan started singing a song. He was very happy — happy that the birds were flying in the sky….that they have been FREED…..that they have found their FREEDOM and he was happy that he was beaten and yet it didn’t hurt, happy that he could receive it as a gift, happy that he could still thank God. There was no complaint. Absolutely no complaint!

So you tell me – what is a GOOD JOB? Not a job that pays wells – but a job that lets you MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF OTHERS! A JOB that lets you bring SMILE on the face of OTHERS.

The greatest JOB is when you get to LIVE FOR OTHERS.

And so through your question – I would like all my followers and readers to FIRST understand the real definition of what a GOOD JOB is.

Then we can come to the question of what to do – to get a GOOD JOB!

It is natural that my answer may not go well with those who are behind money, power, fame – because it is their own ASSUMPTION that all of these can lead them to HAPPINESS!

And so my answer is only for my followers – because a common man – cannot follow me – he will be shaken – only souls that are on the path of TRUTH – meditating can understand my answer. So even if my answer remains for a short time – it can help.

Once you self realize – the REAL DEFINITION of GOOD JOB – only then can you understand the next that is to come…..

Once it happened. There was a great Yogi who through his deep UNCONDITIONAL love, compassion changed millions of lives – HIS HOLINESS name was – AKKALKOT SWAMI SAMARATH.

And HE appeared one night in a village near Solapur. His first appearance also holds a beautiful story – he was seen sitting in a garbage……so a Muslim merchant thought to tease him. He said to the Swami “ Do you want to smoke a cigar?”

The Swami smiled. The master can understand what is going on in your Mind because he himself has gone beyond MIND – he is NO MORE the MIND – he is the SELF and the SELF can understand everything within a fraction of second!

And so the Swami smiled and said “ Sure.”

The Muslim Merchant gave Swami one cigar. And then said “ There is no lighter or matchstick – “

The Swami just looked into the eyes of the merchant and the Cigar was lightened and the smoking started!

The Muslim Merchant stood surprised – no lighter was provider – no matchstick and yet the Cigar was burning and the smoke was coming……and now he could see the Swami deeply engrossed in smoking……

The Muslim Merchant fell upon the feet of the Swami. He said “ Please forgive me…..please……….” And he started crying. Swami raised him up and said “ Abdul – I am hungry….now will you keep me starving or take me to your place…..”

The Muslim Merchant was further moved…..because he had never told his name to the Swami. Moved deeply – he said “ Swamiji – I am a Muslim and you seem to be a Hindu – how can I invite you to my home……”

Swami looked into his eyes and said “ Abdul – when did you start making these kind of discrimination?”

Abdul felt embarrassed. So not to make him feel more embarrassed , the Swami said “ Okay then let us go to Bhola’s house.”

Bhola was a known person in the village. Abdul took the Swami to Bhola’s house – Bhola was deeply touched to receive Swamiji. He was very kind man. But now a new question arose in his mind – how to serve the Swami and Abdul together – Hindu and Muslim eating in the same house!!! That was a taboo – going against the norms – against the society…..

But Swami said “ If Abdul will not be served along with me – then I am leaving your house…..”

Such was the heart of this great Yogi – Akkalkot Swami Samarth – I deeply salute and prostrate before His Holiness.

In this village there was a man called Chollapa. And he served Swami his whole life – selflessly. His love for Swamiji is beyond the power of words. Language is really poor. It cannot express the abundance of love that Chollapa had for Akkalkot Swami.

One night – Swami said to Chollapa “ Chollapa – would you like to work for me? Will the job under me will make you happy?”

Now tell me – and I ask not just to the questioner but to you all – What can be as beautiful and as great than to have such a JOB!


And so I would love to see you all – especially my readers and my followers to focus on raising the quality of your thoughts. Remember your thought is shaping your DESTINY. The SHAPE AND FORM of your destiny that you all are experiencing in this life – is the RESULT of the QUALITY of THOUGHTS that you have been producing in your last many births!

When Thoughts start PURIFYING – you GET a GOOD JOB. Then you self realize what is GOOD JOB in true sense and then all that is going to HELP you PROGRESS in LIFE – MATERIALLY & SPIRITUALLY – start flowing towards you – and you also start flowing towards the source of goodness and then the melting happens – the peak is attained!

So any remedy that helps you AND I say it to all my followers and readers – any remedy that helps you all to raise the QUALITY OF YOUR THOUGHTS – that help you to PURIFY your MIND – is always going to HELP you get all that is GOOD for YOU. Then why just JOB – house, wife/partner, friend, social circle – everything starts falling into the right place – the starting point is – the quality of your THOUGHTS!

And tell me – what can be the most beautiful remedy than to TURN INWARDS and discover yourself!

Many astrologers will tell you all kinds of remedies – and they all may be good – but what happens is that people do all sort of remedies just the way a ROBOT does. And then they start blaming the astrologers – I did this and I did that and nothing has happened!

How will it happen – when you EXECUTE an ACTION (remedy) just like a ROBOT – it will never. Your action has to happen from the deepest belief and faith in your HEART. HEART is missing – understand this and I say this to all my fellows – HEART is missing – it just goes on missing – what is left is just a ROBOT who goes on following the instructed remedies – but I would love to see you all doing every ACTION – every remedy – not like a ROBOT – but like a human being – by believing in yourself – by loving what you do – by putting all your faith and love in the remedy you do – and if you all ask me than there is absolutely NO REMEDY as BEAUTIFUL and as DIVINE and as LIFE CHANGING than the remedy of devoting your whole self to the art of MEDITATION.

Why meditation? Because it is the only DOOR that is open. It is the only DOOR that can help you turn inward. And unless you turn inward – NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE JOB IS – NO MATTER HOW MUCH OF MILLION DOLLARS you are PAID for the JOB – it will make no difference to your self – it cannot help you to raise the QUALITY OF YOUR THOUGHT!

JOB is lost when the QUALITY OF THOUGHT drops.

JOB is gained when the QUALITY OF THOUGHT is raised!

And to raise the quality of thoughts – the only door – the only way – the only path and the only remedy is practicing meditation.

How to practice meditation?

Meditation needs no training. Every human being is spiritual by nature. The only difference is – the spirituality within every individual is NOT ACTIVATED. The moment it is activated – your spiritual journey begins…..and the way to activate it is through meditation – by being more and more prayerful – more and more meditative.

What you need to meditate?

Remaining unoccupied. Remaining AVAILABLE. Remaining EMPTY by dropping all the learning and notions and ideas that you have been collecting all your life in the quest of becoming knowledgeable. The real question is of UNLEARNING much – because unless there is space within your being – how can the TRUTH come to you – how can GOD come to you – how can LOVE come to you!

Remedies are in millions – but those all are ACTIONS devoted to external factors. I am encouraging you and all my followers and readers and fellow travelers to DEVOTE your time and energy to all that is within you – your being.

A times comes in the most evolved soul’s life – when the only KARMA that remains is ‘meditation’! The only Karma that remains is of experiencing love within – experiencing joy within and then spreading this joy – this happiness to all those who connect – to all those who follow – who resonate! And to me – there is NOTHING AS GREAT AS THIS WONDERFUL ‘JOB” – the JOB that lets you make a difference in the life of others!

Let us all move towards such a beautiful JOB – a JOB – a mission – a purpose that helps us to make this world a much more beautiful place for those who are yet to arrive!

It all comes to the Thoughts. What you read. Whom you follow. What you believe. It all goes on influencing – shaping the quality of your thoughts.

NAAMSMARAN. (Taking the holy name of the Lord) is one of the best means to improve the quality of your thoughts.

When your thoughts are positive – of unconditional love – of serving others selflessly – then as your TIME changes – PLANETARY transits changes – the right JOB comes to you and it comes uninvited – it comes all of sudden – it comes when you would have not expected it to come!

Something wonderful always happens in our life. The conscious being realize it – value it and just feel grateful for it. And so the real question is how much of our life we are living with consciousness – when consciousness prevails in our life – then even a BAD JOB becomes a learning experience for us – and that learning helps us to evolve into a much matured human being.

Always remember there is no such thing as GOOD JOB and BAD JOB – it all depends on how your are – what you are from within – if you are conscious within – then no matter how and what the job is – you will survive and excel – and if there is absolutely no effort to live with consciousness then no matter how GOOD the job is – you will continue to suffer. Because SUFFERING is of the MIND and not of the SELF.

And so it is necessary that meditation penetrates deeply into our life – that we no more spend our time in Meditating – rather we become Meditation!

To all those who are JOBLESS – I appeal – focus on raising the QUALITY OF YOUR THOUGHTS. Follow the astrologer who suggests you a certain remedy – donating, feeding, worshiping – no matter what kind of remedy it is – all remedies are good for you to scale up the quality of your thoughts – BUT ONLY WHEN YOU DO IT FROM YOUR HEART and NOT like a robot.

And the Job will come – then you will also learn to appreciate life in totality – then you will also learn to show GRATITUDE and when all of this comes in your life – when you introduce all of these virtues into your being – then SUCCESS has to come – how long can it dodge you – it has to come – it is going to come – the question is – How much you are devoting yourself towards FIRST TRANSFORMING yourself – CHANGING yourself – because it is only when you change yourself that you can SEE THE CHANGE THAT YOU DESIRE!

And there is no science – no art – no miracle than the miracle of meditation followed with positive karma (feeding, donating, helping others selflessly) that can work wonders in your life. And this *is* the only remedy – the only way that bring PATIENCE to your being – FAITH to your being and when you have abundance of PATIENCE and FAITH – can anything go wrong in your life?

Whole life – Sai Baba spend in emphasizing on the immense importance of having FAITH and PATIENCE. These two qualities are the supreme attributes that can help any man or any woman to attain all that they seek.

All that Sai seeks from you all is SHRADDHA (FAITH) and SABURI (PATIENCE) – and these highest qualities can only come when you start turning inwards – when you start taming the monkey mind – because the MIND is always restless – impatient – when you start focusing on doing GOOD to others – and lastly when you self-realize that there are NO OTHERS!

When CONSCIOUSNESS expands within your being – GOODNESS starts flowering within you – and when you become GOOD – GOOD JOB and all those GOOD THINGS that you have been seeking – starts flowing towards you!

It is all interconnected – it is all LINKED-IN.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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