Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra


Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada can be described in one word – a preacher. The word preacher is very significant – because you preach a certain thing only when you yourself believe in what you preach – when you yourself walk the talk.

WALK THE TALK – is therefore a trademark of Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada natives. They are faithful people, firm God believers and also take great interest in rituals and remedies that can help them live a better quality of life.

Quality of life is NOT based on how much money you have in your bank account or which car you drive – quality of life is simply based on the quality of your thoughts. Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada natives take great efforts in raising the quality of their thoughts.

Influenced by the sign lord – Jupiter and Nakshatra Lord – Saturn – Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada does bring a certain depth of understanding to the native – the native therefore does well as a preacher, teacher or if the native is an evolved soul then he also can become a great spiritual master!

That reminds me of Osho Rajneesh.

Osho had Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra and interestingly his RISE to FAME and FALL from FAME – both happened during his RAHU MAHADASHA!

Interestingly – Osho’s maximum discourses and books happened during his RAHU MAHADASHA. However imprisonment, downfall from fame, many allegations of corruption and tax fraud also happened during the last ten years of his Rahu Mahadasha. Some interesting events that happened during his RAHU MAHADASHA are as follows:

Osho’s Rahu Mahadasha tenure: 1967-1985 * age 35 to age 54

October 1970 – Osho’s Nani (grandmother dies). Most of his childhood days were spent at his Nani’s house.

March 1971 – Osho begins to use the self-title of Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh

Sep-1979 – Osho’s father died

March 1981 – Osho suffers from severe back pain

June 1981 to June 1985 – The most notorious time in the life of Bhagawan Osho – this is the time when the famous eastern Oregon ashrama-compound named Rajneeshpuram started. Many scandals, and crime took place during this time. Of course Osho was innocent and he had nothing to do with the politics of the Ashram – but the whole setup in the US was so bogus that it affected Osho’s health as well as his reputation in the US and India.

September 1985 – Osho’s Managers – the one who run the whole show in the Oregon Ashram in the US – abandoned him – since the US Court had filed case for immigration crimes conspiracy and felony tax fraud

30-Sep-1985 – Osho publicly proclaimed that he was no longer a spiritual teacher. 30 thousand copies of books of Osho’s teachings were mass-burned by his Oregon-commune devotees.

October 1985 – the Oregon Commune is destroyed

November 1985 – Osho was arrested by the US officials on charges of Immigration Law violations and Tax Fraud.

So you see – this is how RAHU MAHADASHA is. That someone as beautiful and as great preacher as OSHO also couldn’t escape from the clutches of Rahu – by the end of his Rahu Mahadasaha – Osho was arrested by the US Marshall on charges of Immigration Law violations and Tax Fraud which his managers did – while he was actually innocent but still he had to pay for the acts of his managers and followers.

In 1986 – as his Jupiter Mahadasha begin – he was released from the jail and finally he returned back to Pune, India from where he started his second innings though he didn’t lived for long – in 1990 at the age of 53 – Osho died. The words inscribed at his memorial says:

Never Born – Never Died Only visited this planet Earth between December 11, 1931 and January 19, 1990

A beautiful man who once walked on this planet – Osho Rajneesh – a man who had Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra!

Osho – without any doubt was indeed a great soul but whenever you start any Ashram – you often are caught in these kind of scenarios – if are not able to remain ALERT. Even a great soul like OSHO was not able to remain alert during his Rahu Mahadasha and so the downfall – the imprisonment – the corruption – fraud charges were levied upon him and finally the destruction of the whole Ashram in Oregon, US.

Interestingly my father had met Osho in Mumbai. It was before he travelled to the US, before he became Bhagavan Rajneesh. Since my father was a very famous journalist of his times – he gave much coverage to Osho in his magazine which was one of the best selling magazines of those times. Osho indeed was a blessed man but attraction towards FAME – and POPULARITY is a trademark of RAHU and so even he was not saved from falling for this temptation and that eventually became the reason for his sufferings during Rahu Mahadasha.

Teaching, Preaching, Educating – these are the most significant traits that these natives like and if the quality of their birth chart is good then they also excel in these professions.

Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada is more positive for natives born on:

  • Capricorn Ascendant
  • Libra Ascendant
  • Taurus Ascendant
  • Gemini Ascendant

Osho – was a famous University Professor before becoming a self-declared God man. He was born on Taurus Ascendant – and so RAHU and RAHU MAHADASHA became instrumental in bringing World Fame as well as downfall in his life.

The Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town and Noble Prize winner – Reverend Desmond Mpilo Tutu also had Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada. He was indeed a great preacher.

A preacher knows how to protect his followers, his men. Protecting, safeguarding is the very nature of Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra and Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada simply makes the native too protective of his people. The deity of Uttara Bhadrapada is Ahir Budhyana (Water Serpent of the Deep Seas) and Ahir Budhyana is also regarded as the guardian of treasures. So the very nature of guarding, protecting fellowmen comes naturally to Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra natives.

See how the development of Saturn’s Nakshatras take place – in Pushya Rahu is focused on bringing reforms, in Anuradha Rahu is focused on bringing transformations and now – in Uttara Bhadrapada Rahu is focused on Preaching. It is only when you go through transformation that you evolve, you mature, you become wise and then you naturally become a preacher who wants to share the many treasures of wisdom that he has attained through his whole journey of transformation!

A good preacher is always sharing freely & openly. Only that man can share who has and only that man has who goes on sharing selflessly! Rahu Uttara Bhadrapada natives are good preachers because they are open minded – the love to share – they are not those typical stingy men – they are understanding – they are social – and they believe in the fact that – SHARING is CARING.

Reminds me of a beautiful Sufi story. There was a man – a very poor man. He was a woodcutter and he lived with his wife in a small hut. The hut was so small that he and his wife could sleep …only that much space was in the hut. In the middle of one dark night, it was raining hard and somebody knocked on the door. The wife was sleeping close to the door. The husband said to the wife, “Open the door. The rain is too much and the man must have lost his way. It is a dark night and the forest is dangerous and full of wild animals. Open the door immediately!”
She said, “But there is no space.” The man laughed and said, “This is not a palace of a king, where you will always find a shortage of space. This is a poor man’s hut. Two can sleep well; three can sit. We will create space. Just open the door.”
And the door was opened. The man came in and he was very grateful and they all sat and started talking and gossiping and telling stories to each other. The night had to be passed somehow because they could not sleep; there was no space. And just then, another knock ….

The man, the new guest, was now sitting by the side of the door. The owner of the hut said, “Friend, open the door. Somebody else is lost.” And the man said, “You seem to be a very strange fellow. There is no space.”
He said, “This was my wife’s argument too. If I had listened to her argument, you would have been in the forest, eaten by the wild animals. And you seem to be a strange man that you cannot understand that we are sitting just because of you. We are tired after a long day. I am a woodcutter — the whole day I cut the wood and then sell it in the market and then we can hardly get food once a day. Open the door. This is not your hut. If three persons can sit comfortably, four persons can sit a little closer, with a little less comfort. But we will create the space.”
Naturally he had to open the door, although reluctantly. And a man entered and he was very grateful. Now they were sitting very close; there was not even a single inch of space left. And then suddenly, a strange knock, which did not seem to be a man’s! There was silence from all three; the wife and the two guests were afraid that he would say open the door.
And he said it. “Open the door. I know who is knocking. It is my donkey. In this wide world he is my only friend. I carry my wood on that donkey. He remains outside, but it is raining too much. Open the door.”
And now it was the fourth guest to be allowed in, and everybody resisted and they said, “This is too much. Where is the donkey going to stand?”
This man said, “You don’t understand. It is a poor man’s hut, it is always spacious. Right now we are sitting; when the donkey comes in we will all be standing and we will keep the donkey in the middle so he feels warm and cozy and loved.”
They said, “It was better to get lost in the jungle, rather than to be caught in your hut.”
But nothing could be done. When the owner said to open the door, the door was opened.
And the donkey came in. The water was dripping from all over his body and the owner took him into the middle and told all the others to stand around. He said, “You don’t understand. My donkey is of a very philosophical mind. You can say anything, he is never disturbed. He always listens silently.”

The poor man was truly a RICH MAN. He was poor, he had just a small hut, but his HEART was so full of LOVE, COMPASSION & he provides shelter to humans and animal – in his small hut – there is no discrimination, there is no reservation, there is no selfishness – he is simply happy to share – to give shelter to those who are in dire need.

There are many men and women who have a BIG FAT BANK BALANCE – they have lots of money – but they are NOT rich because they are TOO SELFISH, TOO CELF CENTERED, TOO STINGY. In Hindi there is a perfect word that describes such men and women – the word is PAISEWALA (meaning a man having lots of money – hard cash). But such a man only has money – money – money and just money. He is NOT rich in the true sense – because to become RICH — you need a HEART that beats with compassion – a HEART that feels more – a HEART that can understand the pain of OTHERS. Only such a man is truly RICH – he comes rushing towards those who need his help – who need his support.

In Pune – the powerful rulers – the PESHWAS were addressed as SHRIMANT PESHWA. SHRIMANT means RICH – one who is a GIVER – a PROVIDER – one who is compassionate and willing to SHARE the wealth for the benefit of the society – the people. In the same city of Pune – the famous DAGDUSHETH GANAPATI is also addressed as SHRIMANT DAGDUSHETH GANAPATI – because HE fulfils the desires of his devotees – HE has a VERY LARGE HEART. I prostrate before the most revered Lord Ganesha in Pune – SHRIMANT DAGDUSHETH GANAPATI.

Uttara Bhadrapad is such a SHRIMANT (RICH) Nakshatra. Because this Nakshatra is the PEAK POINT of SATURN’s maturity. It is here that a Preacher is born. It is here that a great spiritual master Osho is born. It is here that a great priest and reverend Bishop Desmond Tutu is born!

And when it comes to preaching – how can we miss the politicians? To become a great preacher – you need command over your language, your vocabulary – your speech. And giving great speech is indeed very instrumental when it comes to making a great political career!

And so we have great US Presidents – such as POTUS William Howard, POTUS Richard Nixon, POTUS Gerald R. Ford.

Some great Hollywood Actresses – Elizabeth Taylor and Jennifer Aniston – are also born with Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra. The very presence of RAHU in a spiritual Nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada – makes the native more spiritual and less religious.

Attaining Liberation, Moksha is what these natives ultimate goal is – and as they grow they realize that liberation is possible only through the spiritual path and NOT the religious path. They realize that GOD has NO religion – they realize that RELIGION and SPIRITUALITY are two ends that can never meet – you either are RELIGIOUS or you either are SPIRITUAL – you cannot be both.

Once it happened. A man came and asked Buddha ” Is there a God?

Buddha answered ” NO – there is no God.”

Another man came and asked Buddha “What do you think of God? Is there any God?

Buddha answered “YES – there is GOD.”

Late evening an old man came and said ” There are people who believe in God and people who don’t, I myself need to know if God exists, please help me.”

Buddha did not speak – instead he gave the answer through his actions. Buddha sat beneath the tree, closed his eyes and went into deep meditation. The old man thought that this must be the answer – so he too sat down, closed his eyes and started meditating. After a while the old man opened his eyes, touched the feet of Buddha and said ” Your compassion is great. You have given me the answer. I will always remain obliged to you.” Happily he left.

Ananda asked Buddha ” To the first man you answered – God doesn’t exist. To the second man you answered “God exists.” And to the last man – you said nothing but just went into meditation. I don’t understand your answers – please help me understand.”

Buddha smiled and said ” The first and the second man just wanted an answer – they were not seekers. The last man was a seeker – he wanted to ‘experience’ God and not just ‘know’. He was able to ‘relate’ – he was a seeker.

Buddha therefore says to his disciples “Never give your precious time to GOD BELIEVERS – because they just believe – they are not willing to jump and experience themselves – they just want some messiah on which they can rely – without taking any efforts on their part. And so never entertain GOD BELIEVERS – instead give your time to those who are SEEKERS – who are willing to TAKE EFFORTS – who are willing to ASK “Show me how to experience GOD.” “

Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada brings great potential to make you a SEEKER and NOT just a believer.

And that is message to all natives having Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra – that continue to SEEK – continue to show the courage in exploring the beyond – the unseen – continue to practice meditation.

To seek the blessings of Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra – plant a Mango tree or donate mangoes to the poor. Because MANGO TREE is the tree that comes under Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra! Mango is symbolic representation of SWEETNESS, ROYAL life. The more you worship the Mango tree the more you will continue to excel in your career and your life will become richer from all angles – spiritual, and material.

I humbly prostrate before the Nakshatra of wisdom, prosperity and maturity – Uttara Bhadrapada. May HIS blessings shower upon me and all my readers and followers.

Always remember – the more conscious you are of your KARMA – the more you are going to evolve as a person and the more you evolve as a person the more you are going to succeed in your life. It is all inter connected – it is all Linked-In.

The key therefore is in raising your awareness – as awareness grows – LOVE grows within YOU – you become more compassionate – more understanding – more forgiving.

So focus on LOVE – focus on raising your AWARENESS. The world is filled with people who HATE more and LOVE less – and therefore we have more miseries and less happiness in life. But you can change your life – you can raise the quality of your life – only if you are willing to drop all the hatred in your heart and focus on following the PATH of LOVE – the PATH of DEVOTION – Bhakti Marga.

I am a friend of all those beautiful souls who are walking on the path of BHAKTI – Path of Devotion. To such beautiful souls – I want to say: “Keep walking – you are on the RIGHT TRACK.”

Love is the way – the only way that can bring peace to your heart – the only way that can help you reach GOD with much ease.

Bhakti Marga – Devotional Path – that is the Path of Kabir, that is the Path of Jesus, that is the Path of Krishna, that is the Path of Rama, that is the Path of Buddha, that is the Path of Guru Nanak and that can become your path as well – only if you are willing to take the first step….


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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