Raman Ayanamsha or Lahiri Ayanamsha – which one is preferable?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Raman Ayanamsha is far better than Lahiri. Lahiri Aynamsa is a make-believe – a compromised solution – born out of compulsion – it was the Nehru Government that asked NC Lahiri – a scientist by profession to come up with an AYANAMSHA that would help the Government to align Government holidays across India – on a specific day. Earlier to LAHIRI AYANAMSHA – the majority of astrologers were following REVATI PAKSHA Ayanamsha.

The great divine master – Sri Yukteshwar Giri ( The Guru of the much famed Yogi Paramhansa Yogananada) also emphasized on REVATI PAKSHA!

A beautiful quote of the great divine master – Sri Yukteshwar Giri – the man who provided a rare glimpse of the TRUTH by pointing to the most accurate Aynamsha – which later came to be known as Yukteshwar Ayanamsha!

In his beautiful enlightening book “The Holy Science” – Sri Yukteshwar Giri gives a perfect pointer towards the TRUTH – by refering to the REVATI STAR and encouraging to follow the REVATI PAKSHA AYANAMSHA!


And BV Ramana indeed was a great genius. Those who criticize him – are still to know themselves!

Although the majority is following the Lahiri Ayanamsha – one has to understand that TRUTH never happens to CROWD – TRUTH happens only to an individual!

BV Raman was indeed an ‘individual’ – and let me tell you all – it takes GREAT COURAGE to introduce a NEW AYANAMSHA – and Raman did it – he was not a part of the CROWD – he indeed was an ‘individual’ who seek TRUTH!

Once a man asked Buddha ” Is there a God?

Buddha answered ” NO – there is no God.”

Another man came and asked Buddha “What do you think of God? Is there any God?

Buddha answered “YES – there is GOD.”

Late evening an old man came and said “There are people who believe in God and people who don’t, I myself need to know if God exists, please help me.”

Buddha did not speak – instead he gave the answer through his actions. He sat beneath the tree, closed his eyes and went into deep meditation. The old man thought that this must be the answer – so he too sat down, closed his eyes and started meditating. After a while the old man opened his eyes, touched the feet of Buddha and said “Your compassion is great. You have given me the answer. I will always remain obliged to you.” Happily he left.

Ananda asked Buddha ” To the first man you answered – God doesn’t exist. To the second man you answered “God exists.” And to the last man – you said nothing but just went into meditation. I don’t understand your answers – please help me understand.”

Buddha smiled and said ” The first and the second man just wanted an answer – they were not seekers. The last man was a seeker – he wanted to ‘experience’ God and not just ‘know’. He was able to ‘relate’ – he was a seeker.

BV Raman was a SEEKER – and TRUTH is realized only by a SEEKER and not a believer.

Only a seeker can find the truth – because he fired up – the desire to attain the TRUTH is INTENSE and only a man who has the INTENSITY within – can experience the beyond – the miracle – the unknown!

But this human world is filled with more shallow people, with RAHUISH men and women and so they cannot understand RAMAN, they cannot understand YUKTESHWAR – they cannot understand the TRUTH – and they will never understand because – TRUTH happens only when you you stop understanding – because TRUTH can never be understood – it can only be realized!

Only a man who can JUMP into the unknown – only a man who can move away from the CROWD and explore – experience – experiment with his own ‘self’ – can realize the TRUTH!

I have not known much about this man – BV RAMAN – but I can say – that this man was a very different man!

RAMAN AYANAMSHA is something that only an evolved soul can understand, can relate and can study in depth!

Yukteshwar Aynamsha and Ramana Aynamsha – both are like TWINS! Since most astrology software companies have sidelined Yukteshwar Ayanamsha (one of the saddest part of this human world) – the insightful students of Astrology are left with only one option – the RAMANA AYANAMSHA (The Twin brother of Yukteshwar Ayanamsha)!

It happens – it always happens that those – who are in demand are considered to be the best! HOWEVER – one need to know – and I would like to remind my genuine followers and readers that the real BEST had only a few followers!

The BEST – never had millions and thousands of followers – JESUS had only 12 Apostles (disciples)!

Just 12 Apostles! The TRUTH always has very few followers – and so if you are thinking that RAMANA or YUKTESHWAR AYANAMSHA has very few followers than you must think again!

Buddha had only one close disciple – Ananda! And Ananda followed Buddha for forty years!

Krishna had only one close disciple – Arjuna! Nobody could match the love that Arjuna had for Krishna – ‘killing your own brothers and grandfathers’ – just at the instructution of the master – is not something that anybody could do! But Arjuna did it – Krishna said “This is war – and this war is not between you and your family – this war is between the RIGHT and the WRONG – and so SHOOT ARJUNA – just SHOOT your arrow and defeat and kill all those who are STANDING AGAINST THE TRUTH – the DHARMA!” and Arjuna – what a great man he must be – ARJUNA shoots – and follows the word of his MASTER – Lord Krishna!

NEVER judge a MAN – on how many followers HE or SHE has – chances are that you may miss to understand the real thing – you may simply miss!

The closer you get to the TRUTH – the smaller will be the following!

There are many ways to study astrology and every way brings something new – something enlightening something insightful to your life!

Ramana Ayanamsha or Yukteshwar Aynamsha also brings something special to your study – only if you can relate, only if you have a certain level of understanding!

Although my father was a very famous journalist during the early 90s – he was also a great astrologer! And he always remained OPEN to ideas – to new ways of exploring this beautiful science of astrology – and in his quest – he also experienced many miracles of his life – one of the miraculous moment was when when he met Osho and stayed with him for a while!

My father lived a very short life, before 50, he was gone, but in his short span of life, he practiced astrology – with true passion and intensity! Just a few months ago – I received a call – the call was specific to my ‘answer’ on Quora – an old man had called, he was thankful, he was also an editor of an astrology magazine and he was calling me for the first time – and just as I was talking with him – I mentioned my father’s name – and the old man was taken aback – he said “ I knew your father, when I was young I had met him and he was a very good astrologer.”

My eyes became wet – 22 years of distance – 22 years ago when I was 15 – my father had left this world and still this man remembered my father!

It happens it always happens because my father was indeed a very fine person – a great journalist and a very good astrologer.

The point is that – instead of focusing too much on which Ayanamsha is good – we all should EXPLORE the TRUTH -FIND the TRUTH through our own efforts and experiments!


And because ASTROLOGY IS NOT PERFECT – there have been many sages who from the very beginning of time – have been contributing to this vast cosmic subject of ASTROLOGY! You all know only the famed names – BHRIGU, PARASHARA, JAMINI – BUT in reality there have been millions and millions of sages and seers and scholars who have been contributing to this cosmic subject of astrology from the very beginning of time – though their ‘names’ always remained unknown to the masses – the ‘polished diamond’ is always visible because it is ‘showcased’ – the raw diamonds remain in the closet – unknown, unseen!

KP AYANAMSA, LAHIRI AYANAMSHA, RAMAN AYANAMSHA, YUKTESHWAR AYANAMSHA, SAYAN AYANAMSHA (tropical) – there are many ayanamsha – you have to see which suits your horoscope – look at the MAHADASHA – look at the RASHI CHART (Ascendant chart) – look at the NAVAMSHA CHART (D9 Chart) – and study – observe and observe what goes well with your chart!

The way towards the TRUTH – is never a ONE WAY!

It is only when you try all ways – that someday, sometime – the door will open – and you – yourself will come face to face with the TRUTH.

RAMAN comes closer to the TRUTH – that is my own experience. Yukteshwar comes closer to the TRUTH – that is my own experience.

Instead of relying on OTHERS to find the answers to our questions – we should EXPERIENCE LIFE IN ALL WAYS POSSIBLE – because it is only your OWN EXPERIENCE that can HELP you in the true sense.

Real TRUTH only comes from your own experience. Twenty five centuries ago a man who was seeking TRUTH – fell at the feet of Buddha, beseeching his guidance, “How do you see truth?” he asked.

Buddha replied “What I have seen – will not help you much. Your sight is not developed enough to see the truth. Whatsoever I say you will misunderstand, because you cannot realize the reality of what you have NOT YET experienced.”

Every person based on his level of understanding, his level of depth – his depth of intensity – DIVES WITHIN and finds the TRUTH – through his or her own experience!

And so see – finally we have come to the same source from where we all started with – CONSCIOUSNESS!

And to come back to the source – you have to turn inwards – you have to meditate – you have to be a prayerful man.

There are women who come and say “You don’t tell us about meditation – you just tell us about the planets – the stars – the aspects!”

Now what to say? Here I am giving the REAL THING – the nectar and people want to remain trapped in the four walls of astrology!

This world is a strange place – this human world is a mixture of SALT and SUGAR. The master says “That is how this human world has been from the very beginning of time! – You have to be selective – you have to find who is ‘sugar’ and who is ‘salt’ and you will be able to do so when you – yourself turn inwards and realize yourself!”

This human world has many beautiful men and women – many many men and women of heart – goodness prevails over the evil – and because of such men of heart this world is still a better place to LIVE!

We all should find such good men and women of heart – and help each other to be more and more meditative!

There are men and women who spend their whole life in causing harm to others and there are men and women who spend their whole life in helping, healing others!

It is your level of consciousness that helps you to choose the path – work on raising the level of your consciousness – and you will find the answer – through your own experiences.

Astrology CANNOT be revealed through a RATIONAL MIND – it is NOT a MATHEMATICS. Astrology begins when all your calculations end – it is a cosmic spiritual study – where your rationalism – your logic cannot help you. Logic can take you from A to Z – beyond Z – the doors closed – you are locked, you are packed – there is no further going – you suffocate!

It is only when you go beyond LOGIC – it is only when you go beyond the RATIONAL MIND that – the first ray of truth – of light is seen….

A strange society – where the ‘servant’ (rational mind) is regarded highly whereas the intuitive mind is ignored! But there are a few – very few ‘individuals’ – who can understand – who can relate – who can receive the ‘message’ – my answer is for these ‘individuals’ – because the rest has always been condemning me – TRUTH is always condemned – can’t help!

Once Buddha said “I was invited in a village – and they brought a blind man before me – and then the villagers insisted “Show him the light.”

Buddha said “ This man is BLIND – he will never understand – never ‘see’ the light because he is BLIND. He needs a doctor – take him first to a doctor – and when he has got his ‘sight’ back – I will show him the TRUTH – I will show him the LIGHT.”

How beautiful are the words of Buddha – FIRST – you have to get your ‘SIGHT’ back – FIRST you have to be able to ‘SEE’ – only then you can relate to the words of the master – only then you can resonate – only then you can feel!

The whole purpose of this human life is to get back our ‘SIGHT’ – get back our ‘EYES’ so that we can ‘SEE’ – and the way to get back your ‘VISION’ is through MEDITATION!

So come – come you all and meditate. Spend every day – few minutes in meditation – morning and evening – you may spend thousands of rupees on remedies – but I am simply encouraging you all to spend a few minutes on meditation – what your ‘millions of rupees’ cannot do – a few minutes of deep meditation can do!

But who wants to listen? The rush is for FAST REMEDIES – Life is not a FAST FOOD CENTER – if you all want remedies – then the very first REMEDY is to ‘CHANGE YOURSELF’.

And you can change yourself – only when you introspect – only when you turn inwards – only when you come back ‘home’!

Always remember – there is NO HOME outside you – if there is a HOME – where you can truly RELAX – which is your OWN TERRITORY – than that HOME is only to be found within.

Turn within – come back ‘home’ – for that is where the real TRUTH is to be found – and nowhere else.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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