Which zodiac sign is the favorite of Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter?


Favorites matter! Always remember that everybody has a FAVORITE! My favorite is someone – your favorite is someone – we all have our favorites – Buddha’s favorite disciple was Ananda! For 40 long years, Ananda followed Buddha like a shadow – although he was never enlightened until Buddha left his body – it was only after Buddha died – Ananda became enlightened! Jesus’s favorite was John. Krishna’s favorite was Arjuna – so you see, everybody has a favorite – similarly, EVERY PLANET too has a favorite RASHI – or SIGN – the scriptures address these favorite RASHIS (SIGNS) of PLANETS as ‘Multrikon Rashi’!

Now let us see which RASHI (SIGN) is the favorite of the Planets:


And there is a reason for it – SAGGI is STRAIGHT – no double meanings, no two ways like PISCES – it is STRAIGHT LIKE THE ARROW! And hey – the sign itself has an arrow shooting man with a body of a horse! So you see JUPITER likes someone who is STRAIGHT. I too like people who are STRAIGHT – just a few days ago late night a woman had called – and she goes round and round and round and I tell her – PLEASE COME TO THE POINT – but some people don’t get it and then they themselves become depressed – so anyway – JUPITER LOVES SAGGI.


And you know why? Because VENUS IS A DEALER! And a DEALER (BUSINESSMAN) need to ‘BALANCE’ everything – a good dealer need to have a BALANCED Perspective – and guess what the symbol of LIBRA is symbolized by the scales!

A man can succeed in a BUSINESS only when he has STRONG VENUS – always remember this – always!


MARS is also STRAIGHT like JUPITER – but the difference is – here the straightness is more visible THROUGH DIRECT ACTION! You see – and so MARS LOVE ARIES. Because ARIES is a sign that will simply say it on your face! If he loves you he will say “I LOVE YOU” – period.

And if he hates you – he will simply say “I HATE YOU” -period.

So you see -even to PROPOSE the GIRL or WOMAN you LOVE – you need some daring – some courage – and ARIES is the SIGN that provides a perfect ‘ground’ for MARS to do – what he wants to do!

It is always the MAN who proposes – a woman proposing is not so exciting – it is always the MAN! The interesting point is that the woman will WAIT – the woman will WAIT and WAIT and WAIT – and she is perfectly aware that someday the MAN is going to come and propose! The woman never speaks a single word about marriage – but she is 100% sure that the man will come and propose her!

If a woman comes and proposes, you will simply be put off. She waits; she may be thinking and dreaming, but she will wait. The proposal must come from the Man. He should take the initiative – he should be aggressive – that’s what the woman wants – that’s what the woman likes – that’s what the woman expects from the man – she loves! On the circumference – she will behave in such a way that she seems absolutely innocent, does not know what you are talking about – but she has been planning and panning and waiting and waiting for when you will come and propose!

And only a true MARTIAN or a sign that is the perfect ground for MARS to operate dashingly and romantically is ARIES and NOT Scorpio!

The word ‘Romance’ itself means ‘Adventure’ – and in the 12 signs that we have in this ‘human galaxy’ – the only sign that is romantic in the true sense is the very first sign of the Zodiac – ARIES. And MARS LOVE ARIES – ARIES is a male GOAT – which simply reflects the DASHING, the STRAIGHTFORWARD quality that a male goat has!



VIRGO is a sign of ‘detailing’! Details and details and very very minute details is what this sign loves – just loves to analyze! Whenever a man or woman has more planets in VIRGO SIGN – they are the ones who simply love analyzing and detailing – WHICH is the perfect ground where MERCURY feels home!

You see – every planet has two signs – but there is always a favorite! Mercury’s favorite is the VIRGO sign. Gemini is too shallow – chit chat and gossips and so on – but intellectualism is seen in VIRGO and Mercury just loves intellectualism – he just loves LOGIC – and VIRGO is where the LOGIC is far deeper than in GEMINI! MERCURY LOVES VIRGO. Although GEMINI and VIRGO both are ruled by Mercury – the feminine – the youthfulness – the analysis – the logic – all of these comes to its full circle in VIRGO – and so see the sign symbol of Virgo – she is a female – a virgin – thinking, analyzing and basically busy in her own world!



SATURN LOVES ALL OF THIS – SATURN is the only planet that the COMMUNIST may like – because SATURN wants EQUAL PAY, EQUAL RIGHTS! Judas may love Saturn – because to JUDAS – PRACTICALITY Matters – SATURN loves PRACTICALITY! It happened once, Marry Magdalene comes to seek blessings of Jesus and she comes and pours a very expensive bottle of perfume on Jesus’s feet. And Judas is watching, Judas has been a close disciple (Apostle) of Jesus -Judas objects – he says to Jesus “ How come you let her pour such an expensive bottle of perfume – we could have feed the whole town by selling this expensive perfume.”

Jesus looked at Judas and said “ She has poured the perfume out of love, unable to express her love, she has expressed it by pouring this perfume on my feet, how can I stop her? I cannot, I can feel her love, and the whole town can be fed anytime, but I am not going to be here always.”

SATURN may NOT agree with Jesus. JUDAS may not agree with JESUS. Because both – SATURN and JUDAS are communists – they want everything to be EQUAL AND JUSTIFIED – but in life, there are matters that cannot be justified – LOVE cannot justified – the HEAD cannot understand LOVE, the HEART can.

And Jesus was a man of heart – the divine masters are men of heart – you can say – they are JUPITERIAN -and JUPITER CAN UNDERSTAND. JUPITER CAN FORGIVE. BUT SATURN CAN NEVER FORGIVE – the sign of AQUARIUS is the sign of JUDAS – here you will hear all those socialism, communist thoughts – that the capitalist cannot digest – the men of the heart cannot relate!

Aquarius women are very different – they simply are difficult to manage – I generally feel compassion for those ‘husbands’ who marry Aquarius woman – they are Judas – they are rebels – Judas did rebel against Judas and Judas wents a step ahead – he sold Jesus to the Romans for a few silver coins! And when he came to know that because of his betrayal Jesus was crucified – he couldn’t face the devotees of Jesus – he hanged himself on a tree – he committed suicide!

It always happens – one who is close – goes far. Judas was close to Jesus but he went far by betraying Jesus. And those who far came close – because they truly loved Jesus, they could relate to Jesus in totality!

Of all the 12 Apostles – only Judas was the one who was well-educated and still it was Judas who betrayed Jesus! Education has absolutely nothing to do with your character.

Judas was close to Jesus – but it was Judas who betrayed Jesus!

Always be careful of who is close to you – because whosoever is close – is already thinking of being the successor!

It happened with Mahavira – the son-in-law of Mahavira betrayed Mahavira, it happened with Buddha – the cousin of Buddha betrayed Buddha – it always happens from those who are very close to you – because they want to be the successor – and when they come to know they are not going to be the successor – they betray you – the ‘sell you for few coins’ – just the way Judas sold Jesus to the Romans for a few silver coins!

And so AQUARIUS is the SIGN that is TOTALLY RATIONALBY NATURE. They will be very practical and they will not understand the language of the heart – the language of Jesus – the language of the Buddha! And so SATURN loves such a pure RATIONAL PRAGMATIC SIGN.

The positive quality of this RATIONALISM of AQUARIUS is that they bring EQUALITY and that is what is happening in today’s AGE – since the AGE is of AQUARIUS!

And so – now that you all have found – WHICH SIGN of the TWO SIGNS is the FAVORITE of the PLANETS – let us take a quick tour of signs that are NOT LIKED by the PLANETS:

PISCES – Not a favorite of Jupiter

GEMINI – Not a favorite of Mercury

TAURUS – Not a favorite of Venus

SCORPIO – Not a favorite of Mars

CAPRICORN – Not a favorite of Saturn

So during the MAHADASHA – the house ruled by the FAVORITE signs will give positive results irrespective of whether the house is negative – 6,8.12.

And the house ruled by NON_FAVORITE signs will give negative results irrespective whether the house they rule is positive – 1,5,9,10 or 11

So results come from both signs of the same planet – but you have to first see who is the favorite!

The whole point comes down to favoritism!

Favoritism is simply connected with NATURE! My nature is to share, to give, to laugh, to live, to love, and to LET GO. Now if I meet someone with a similar kind of NATURE – it is obvious that he or she will be my favorite! You see – nature attracts nature! In the Indian context it is called SWABHAV – (Self-Expression)!

You see – Buddha loved Ananda because there was something in BUDDHA that was also in ANANDA!

Many people have a very wrong assumption that all saints are like BUDDHA!

No – Buddha is Buddha – his way to deal with people was very soft and gentle!

BUT – you don’t know BODHIDHARMA.

The distance between Gautama Buddha and Bodhidharma is of thousand years. Bodhidharma is the disciple of the disciple of Buddha! But to Bodhidharma and such men there is no time, no space. For Bodhidharma: these are contemporaries. Between them and you also there is no gap – IF you can ‘relate’ to their message – their sharing! Buddha radiates power, but his power is silent, like a whisper, a cool breeze. Bodhidharma is a storm, thundering, and lightening. Buddha speaks. But Bodhidharma roars. Buddha comes to your door without making any noise. Buddha will not shake you even if you are asleep. And Bodhidharma? He will wake you from your grave! He hits hard, he is a hammer! Buddha is the soft version, Bodhidharma is the harder version of Buddha! And it was Bodhidharma who traveled from India to China to spread the message of Buddha! And he revolutionized the Far East – Bodhidharma was simply a diamond – a unique beautiful raw diamond!

Bodhidharma is the bold version of Buddha! And so let it be very clear that there are great divine masters who are not gentle and soft like Buddha – but are like the LION – like BODHIDHARMA – that if you try to annoy them they will ROAR like a LION.

Bodhidharma – the great divine master who initiated the ZEN teachings in China was indeed a Lion – a great Lion!

But one has to understand that it is NOT the favorite that always comes FIRST!

Ananda was a favorite of Buddha – but Ananda was also the last when it came to attaining enlightenment!

You all will be surprised to know that the very FIRST DISCIPLE of BUDDHA to attain enlightenment was NOT Ananda – but Mahakashyap!

Mahakashyap was a great philosopher and scholar. He comes to become a disciple of Buddha. Buddha accepts him. Mahakashyap starts living with Buddha but he won’t speak much. The other disciples asked “Why you don’t speak? Why you don’t ask any question to the master?”
Mahakashyap said ” The truth is that I don’t want to say anything because I don’t want to go beyond disciple-hood. Saying anything, coming into the light, becoming important in Buddha’s eyes, is dangerous. I simply want to sit in a corner and just enjoy the presence of the master. I had come to seek the truth, but now I do not have any desire for it. I had come here for enlightenment – I have dropped the idea. Just to be in the presence of this man – just to feel HIS love showering, HIS silence penetrating to the very core of my being – is so much, that to ask for more is simply ungratefulness.”
Mahakashyap would simply sit in a corner – never asked any question to Buddha AND yet it was Mahakashyap who became the FIRST disciple of Buddha – who attained enlightenment.
When hearts connect with the master – than words are not required, communication starts happening in Silence.
And Real Communication happens only in – Silence.

It happens. It always happens – that the one who is FAVORITE remains behind and the one who is never given any privileges – goes beyond – attains the ‘peak’!

And so even though some of you may fall in the SIGNS that the PLANETS don’t consider as their FAVORITE – still it is these signs through which someone as great as ‘MAHAKASHYAP’ emerges! And so it is always good to remain not a favorite – because NOT ALL FAVORITES succeed but those who are NOT favorites can succeed because they are NOT living with any assumptions – they have absolutely NO expectations – and because they do not have any expectations – they succeed fast than those who remain favorites!

Life indeed is strange mathematics, in school, they teach 2+2 is 4 – but that is not what happens in real life – in the real-life 2+2 is never four – 2+2 is simply two 2s who have come together!

So the favorite signs may give you good results – but it is always wise to remember that a crop becomes pregnant with good quality grains only when it goes through the HARD WEATHER – the RAINS – the STORMS – only then the crop is enriched with superior quality of grains!

And so instead of the favorite signs – my whole focus is on those who are NOT favorite – because it is through them that one day – a ‘MAHAKASHYAP’ can emerge – and so never run away from challenges and difficulties because it is these difficulties that shape you, transform you into a beautiful person!

Always remember – we can appreciate the ‘light of the day’ – only when we go through the dark tunnels of our life!

And so to you and through your question – to all my fellow travelers, followers and readers – I insist that DO NOT FEAR any MAHADASHA – because LIFE is a JOURNEY and MAHADASHA or PERIODS of certain PLANETS is simply a FLOW – a PROCESS that GOD wants us to go through – and it may happen that you may wonder why it is happening only with me? But God has an answer – God says:

A beautiful verse from the Bible!

And so always TRUST HIS PROCESS – because HE KNOWS THE BEST.

Always remember – everything is needed – even the thorns are good when you realize that those ‘thorns’ are also a part of the ‘flower’ that you seek!

And the moment this realization comes you can ACCEPT the thorns too – and the moment ACCEPTANCE comes in your life – you are on the right path – you are on the greatest journey of life – the journey of transformation – the journey of self-realization!

Last week – my new book “BEAUTY OF ACCEPTANCE – Tathata” has been released worldwide on Amazon – you all can avail a copy – whenever you get time! It is said that it is the BOOK that finds you….

Love and Light to all my followers, readers and fellow travelers – do follow me on my Quora Space – that way we all will stay ‘connected’!

Though the reality of this Universe is that – EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED! 😊

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru. 🙏

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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