What is ‘Atmakaraka Planet’ and its impact on human life?


Atmakarak is your soul-planet! And soul has no wish, no desire but only a prayer – a very small prayer and yet very significant one! How to express this prayer – how to? May be a few lines of this beautiful Hindi Song can:

“Sab rishte naate haske tod du bas tujhse dil ka rishta jod du….सब रिश्ते नाते हँसके तोड़ दूँ बस तुझसे दिल का रिश्ता जोड़ दूँ जोड़ दूँ ….”

That is how the soul-planet is – it wants NOTHING – it is willing to drop everything and leave everything just to be with GOD!

And tell me – who is this soul-planet?

The soul-planet (ATMAKARAKA) signify YOU.

No matter who is your soul-planet – every SOUL’s prayer is the SAME – every SOUL wants to go back HOME – wants to merge with the SUPREME ALL INCLUSIVE SOUL – GOD – GOD CONSCIOUSNESS!

And so every soul – and from the depth of my heart – I again REPEAT – every soul – whether it is My soul, your soul, and anybody who is reading this – his or her soul – EVERY SOUL SIMPLY WANTS TO GO BACK HOME- MERGE with the ULTIMATE CONSCIOUSNESS – GOD CONSCIOUSNESS! The WEST calls is Christ Consciousness – the EAST calls is KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS – words differ – the essence remains the same – CONSCIOUSNESS!

And so every soul – especially soul of evolved beings such as human beings is singing the same song:

“You (GOD) and I Will be together till the end of time I promise I’ll never let you go Now that I know you love me U and I Will be together till the end of time I promise I’ll never let you go….”

this is song – soul-song of every soul – though not everybody can listen to this song because the majority is driven by the MONKEY MIND and the MIND makes sure that the SOUL never merges with the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS because that would mean – the END of MIND!

How beautiful is all this – but who can understand – very few – and who can listen – very very few!


Because the SOUL is so beautiful that it is NOT a BEGGAR – it is RICH and all it wants is to BE WITH GOD!

ATMAKARAKA PLANET is the KING of all planets that are present in your chart. And a KING is NOT a beggar – a KING is a KING!

That is how KETU is – the REAL KING! He may not have anything and yet he is the real KING – the SHEHENSHAH! A FAKIR by appearance but a KING in reality!

And that is why MAGHA – the NAKSHATRA of KETU – is addressed by the ancient SEER as the PLACE OF MAGNIFICENCE – the SEAT OF THE KING – that is what MAGHA means – the ROYAL SEAT on which the REAL KING sits – KETU!

Someday some of you must read my new book “Why Ketu Can Heal” to realize the true essence of KETU from spiritual perspective!

ATMAKARAK PLANET is the only planet that has the ‘potential’ to bring a certain DEPTH of understanding to your life – a certain depth to your life!

There was a beggar – and he was not an ordinary beggar, he lived in rags but he was the wisest of all! And he would roam around the narrow lanes of the town – singing his song, dancing to his tunes! And he would enjoy so much – so much was the flow of joy WITHIN his whole being – that wealthy men and rich women would wonder what brings so much of JOY and HAPPINESS to this beggar when WE ARE ROAMING AROUND IN LUXURY CARS AND LIVING IN PLUSH BUNGLOWS!

But they could not find the answer – how could they? Because the answer was never to be found on the OUTSIDE but only INSIDE!

The Beggar knew what he wanted – he wanted JOY – pure JOY and he was perfectly aware that JOY can be found – can be experienced only when he drops his ambition – only when he goes with the flow of life – only when he realizes the fact that the JOURNEY of to LIFE is NOT towards GOD – but WITH GOD!

The rich were still trapped in their business targets and their dreams of buying a few more BMWs and a few more private jets and a few more bungalows – they must be like ALEXANDER, the GREAT – because that is exactly what Alexander thought that after WINNING OVER THE WHOLE WORLD – he can find happiness – but that never happens – because HAPPINESS has NOTHING to do with WHAT YOU HAVE ON THE OUTSIDE – happiness has to do with WHAT YOU HAVE WITHIN!

But who wants to listen? We have more ALEXANDERS and few DIOGENES – maybe that is why we have more miseries and more noise and more sufferings in this world!

AMBITIOUS MEN AND AMBITIOUS WOMEN are the ALEXANDERS of this human world and all ALEXANDERS are foolish – utterly foolish.

And so the ALEXANDERs (ambitious rich men and women) of the town could not understand the BEGGAR – they thought he is mad – insane!

And this is how the world is – the real sane is called insane and those who are insane are called sane! The real sane is CONDEMNED – BANNED – BLOCKED – in fact nobody cares for the real sane — and this is the irony of this human world! That is why Jesus was crucified by the same society – that is how Prophet Muhammed was forced to go in exile to Medina – that is how Buddha was ridiculed by the upper caste community – because FAKE sells more than that which is REAL – it is a strange mathematics and yet so real – so real!

The Beggar remained in his bliss – many would throw stones at him and he would laugh – and move on……then one day something strange happened…..

There was a very wealthy merchant in the town – and he had an antique musical organ – Banjo – 18th century BANJO!

The musical organ remained in his family for several generations – one day he thought “What is the use of this Banjo?”

He had completely forgotten how to play the musical organ. Many generations came and went – and his family became so ignorant that they forgot the very existence of such a beautiful musical organ. It started gathering dust. It was a very big organ and it was taking up much space. One day the family decided to throw this nonsense. They said “This is just a nuisance. Why should we keep it?” They took the musical organ and threw it on the road.

The beggar was walking on the road, the musical organ that was thrown away – came rolling down to his feet. He looked at it, picked up the organ and started playing upon the organ. Birds started singing, the dogs started dancing, the wind started blowing, the trees started shaking, the flowers started smiling and people started gathering around the beggar – the music was a marvel, a melody, the whole town fell in love with his music….the whole environment was transformed, the whole world had come to standstill – the wealthy landlords, the rich merchants, the mayor – they all came rushing towards the beggar, they wanted to listen to his music, the whole town was mesmerized by his music – for one hour the beggar was playing on it…it was beautiful…it was enchanting, so melodious, so touching – the whole town was hypnotized. And when the music ended, the family that had thrown away the musical organ came rushing towards the beggar and said: “Give back the musical organ, it is not yours – we are the owners, the ownership of the musical organ is with us.”

The beggar looked at the family person, it was such a sharp glare, that the family man couldn’t confront, he looked down, he couldn’t resist the divine power of his glare. And then the beggar voiced his thoughts – it was the very first time, that he said something, that was the only time when the people of the town had heard his voice, and his voice was so deep, so soft and so touching – that even today the people of that town remember his words – he had said: “You are not saying the truth. And the truth is – the organ is no more yours. Because a musical instrument belongs to one who can play with it. There is no other ownership. It may have remained in your house for many years but it doesn’t belong to you. You are not worthy of it. I am the owner.”

A musical instrument belongs to one who can play with it.

And that’s how it is: life belongs to those who can go deeper and deeper and deeper into it.

ATMAKARAK PLANET is the planet that can help you to go deeper and deeper and deeper into the many layers of your life – but for that the ATMAKARAKA PLANET need to have the strength, the quality and more over the suitable ‘SOIL’ (environment) to blossom to grow to fructify.

ATMAKARAK PLANET is directly CONNECTED to the DEPTH OF YOUR UNDERSTANDING – that is why only that planet which is close to 29 degree is addressed by the seers as the ATMAKARAKA PLANET!

Planets in higher degrees (close to 29 degree) always play a vital role since they have matured enough to have a certain level of understanding.

Understanding indeed has to evolve from WITHIN and not from outside! That is how many OXFORD and HARVARD universities students also end up in DIVORCE because understanding cannot be taught – no matter what university you come from – your education status has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your depth of understanding!

ATMAKARAKA PLANET is the PLANET that is in the HIGHEST DEGREE in your birth chart! The HIGHEST DEGREE is 29 degree. So any planet which is either in 29 degree or close to 29 degree is the ATMAKARAKA PLANET.

29 degree is in itself is a very significant degree because it is here where the ‘moon’ becomes FULL! Ascendant in 29 degree or Moon in 29 degree or Sun in 29 degree is a very significant position and such individuals certainly come with some special gifts – blessings!

As mentioned earlier – the significance of ATMAKARAKA planet is ZERO as far as material benefits are concerned – however the significance of ATMAKARAKA planet is in ABUNDANCE as far as SPIRITUAL PROGRESS is concerned!

Because SOUL has absolutely NO INTEREST in MATERIAL WORLD or MATERIAL GAINS – it is only the MIND that is running like a MONKEY behind money, power and sex. The SOUL is pure – its nature in itself is very pure and it is NIRGUN NIRAAKAR – so where is the question of finding any material significance in ATMAKARAK (SOUL-PLANET)?

But people want to make some stories out of ATMAKARAK because stories sell – facts don’t!

When observing a chart – you simply have to see in what STATE the ATMAKARAKA planet is. And this observation is simply to SEE THE SPIRITUAL PROGRESS or the potential of progressing spiritually in life.

Otherwise what else is there to this life?

Yesterday a millionaire was saying “I expect a lot from my life. I want to fly in private jets.”

I said “You already have one private jet.”

He said “You are not understanding me – I have only 1 – I want more than 1.”

This is how people continue to run and run and run – expecting a lot – that they forget to enjoy and to appreciate that what they already HAVE!

The rich man said to me “You don’t understand – I want more private jets….”

And that is how every rich man and rich women keeps arguing with God – they all speak in the same language – they all must be saying to GOD as well – “God – you don’t understand – you need to give me more money, more cars, more pleasures…..”

And GOD laughs – that is how I laugh – that is how every wise man laughs when he meets such ALEXANDERS.

Once Diogenes – the divine master had said to ALEXANDER “ Come and relax with me. You have captured enough – now leave everything and join me…”

But Alexander was fired up with AMBITION – he said “ Master – You don’t understand – I still have to capture the WHOLE WORLD – only then will I join you. Only then will I come back…”

Diogenes had laughed and said “Nobody comes back – nobody until he STOPS – until he REALIZES his STUPIDITY – until then nobody comes back….”

Alexander never came back – he died halfway – somewhere in faraway land – neither was he able to conquer the whole world nor was he able to live with joy!

AMBITION IS THE BARRIER. CURB your AMBITION – so that the ATMAKARAKA PLANET will get a way to express itself – will be able to provide you with that – which is beyond this material world!

But who wants to listen?

And so then shallow people just keep talking about ATMAKARAKA planet – giving it many meanings which are NOT the real meanings but ILLUSIONS of the MIND – and the MIND is a MONKEY and every man and every woman who is FOLLOWING the MIND is bound to find NOTHING in life – NOTHING that can be ‘CARRIED’ after death – because after death you can CARRY only the INSIDE GROWTH with you – the WISDOM with you and not your ROLLS ROYCE CARS and your BUNGLOWS and your Sexual toys!

But who wants to listen?

ATMA (SOUL) – KARAKA (SIGNIFIER) has only to do with the GROWTH OF YOUR SOUL – now the question would arise to insightful readers that what does GROWTH to SOUL means?

Growth to Soul or SOUL’s GROWTH means MATURITY OF THE SOUL. How matured is the SOUL – how many BIRTHS and REBIRTHS (Human births) does the SOUL has been through? If the SOUL has been through 3 or 4 HUMAN BIRTHS then how much GROWTH has happened to the SOUL from those births? Did the soul get a birth in which the native was able to MEDITATE? Was able to SEEK SPIRITUAL PATH? Was able to move a step ahead in his or her SPIRITUAL JOURNEY?

All of this and many such aspects of SPIRITUAL GROWTH is seen from ATMAKARAK Planet.

ATMAKARAKA has NOTHING to do with your MATERIAL GAINS – it has MORE TO DO WITH YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH – because through your SPIRITUAL GROWTH – a DAY MAY COME when your SOUL will finally attain LIBERATION (MOKSHA) and to all my readers and followers – let me tell you all once again that MOKSHA or LIBERATION is attained NOT AFTER DEATH but very much when you are ALIVE – because MOKSHA or LIBERATION happens ONLY when you reach the state of ENLIGHTENMENT – when you attain SELF-REALIZATION. And so please remove the MYTH that LIBERATION or MOKSHA happens after DEATH – or you become some kind of ANGEL after DEATH – nothing happens after DEATH – everything and all that you seek happens only when you are ALIVE – in this HUMAN BODY and so remember if you want to attain LIBERATION – then this PLANET – this PLACE and only through this HUMAN BODY you can attain the state of MOKSHA – LIBERATION.

THIS WORLD IS THE PLACE TO DO IT – that is to attain your SELF GROWTH!

That is how important and significant is this HUMAN BIRTH – but people are busy in making money – and doing sex and hurting each other! And on top of that they come and ask “ How much more money can I make – because I am 55 and I have certain targets to achieve.”

What a sad state of human life is in! And – at times I feel sorry for such ‘ordinary’ people who own millions of rupees and yet are found in utter misery and trapped in the valley of utter dissatisfaction.

Always remember – you can listen to the voice of the SOUL – MUCH HAS TO BE CUT – only the ESSENTIALS need to be KEPT!

It is interesting to know that whether you are in love with a woman or whether you are in love with God – your Love will blossom, will fructify – only when you DROP EVERYTHING – when you LEAVE all those who come between YOU and your LOVER. Much has to be CUT – much has to be dropped…..only then can you attain – then it doesn’t matter whether you want to attain the woman you love or GOD you love!

That is why – I always say that a man who can fall in love with a woman – can someday also fall in love with GOD! Because NOBODY else can understand what it takes to LOVE than someone who has been through the dangerous path of LOVE!

Always remember – Love is dangerous; sex is not dangerous – sex can be manipulated but Love cannot. You can have sex with a woman – but that doesn’t imply that she loves you! People are not afraid of sex – but people are afraid of falling in love – because SEX DOES NOT CREATE ANY BONDING – but LOVE has the power to CREATE A BONDING which many don’t want – they are happy with a ONE NIGHT STAND – but WHOLE LIFE STAND – that is too much – people are afraid of commitments – and LOVE brings the sense of COMMITMENT!

ATMAKARAKA PLANET is a planet that has the potential to BRING FORTH YOUR INDIVIDUALITY – a person who has a strong ATMAKARAKA PLANET is an INDIVIDUAL – he will NEVER COMPROMISE – he would rather prefer to DIE than to compromise on his VALUES, ETHICS and IDEOLOGY.

From the very beginning the society compels you to BRING FORTH YOUR PERSONALITY – but PERSONALITY is NOT THE REAL YOU – PERSONALITY is just a MASK – you will find many men and women – even in restaurants and hotels and all over the places having a GREAT PERSONALITY – but remember it is a MASK – the word PERSONALITY has come from the word PERSONA which means MASK.

Human world is shallow – it is driven to PERSONALITIES. And that is how people are fooled and cheated because PERSONALITY is a MASK – it is an illusion and not a reality.

REALITY is your INDIVIDUALITY. Individuals live their life by being themselves. They don’t care what others think about them or talk about them – they are engrossed in their mission – their ‘journey’ – their ‘joy’! They are INDIVIDUALS and NOT persona (masks- personalities) and so they simply ACCEPT themselves as they are and that makes them BEAUTIFUL!

I have always found a MAN or a WOMAN who lives naturally look more beautiful and more appealing than those who FAKE.

People are so much trapped in their MIND – that they hardly are able to differentiate between PERSONALITY and INDIVIDUALITY.

Only a man who has a strong ATMAKARAKA PLANET lives his life by being an INDIVIDUAL – he is a man of awareness – he may stand against the whole society – but he would NEVER SUCCUMB to the pressure of the society and its hypocrisy.

ATMAKARAKA PLANET as mentioned earlier has more to do with YOU and YOUR INNER GROWTH – because TRANSFORMATION is always INSIDE-OUT.


How can you strengthen your ATMAKARAK GRAH or Planet?

By donating the food that comes under its influence and by FASTING on the day that relates with your ATMAKARAKA PLANET!

But who wants to listen? People are just running all over – finding short cuts – 99% people are always asking one QUESTION – “KITNA DETI HAI?” HOW MUCH MONEY CAN A PLANET IN MY CHART GIVE?”

Who is bothered about REAL GROWTH? Majority is only bothered about which BRAND I can buy and how much pleasures I can seek and how much POWER I can attain! And then when they come they start relating ATMAKARAKA PLANET also with their GREED OF MONEY AND POWER AND SEX! Poor Atmakaraka planet – he must be feeling so sorry!

Anyways that is how this human world is – you cannot change it. The wise never tries to change the world but himself!

ATMAKARAKA PLANET is deeply related with WISDOM. The greater the placement of ATMAKARAKA PLANET the higher is the degree of WISDOM!

We all have to focus on our ATMAKARAKA PLANET – but ironically people are focused on RAJ YOGA and this YOGA and that YOGA – yesterday early morning one woman called and said “ I think I have MAHAPURUSH YOGA” – I said “ That must be right because who can call so early morning to discuss as TRIVIAL a subject as that of RAJ YOGA or MAHA PURUSH YOGA.”

In fact nowadays every body has become a MAHPURUSH – and so MAHAPURUSH has become common and common PURUSH – ordinary MAN has become RARE – become SPECIAL!

And that is exactly what ATMAKARAK planet would love to see – that you live your life being ORDINARY and while you do so – you continue with your journey WITH God – because let me tell you all – and to my close followers that NOTHING in this world – is as JOYFUL and as BEAUTIFUL and as LASTING as the JOURNEY WITH GOD!

The message of ATMAKARAKA PLANET is very simple and yet very significant –

“Introduce God into your ordinary life.”

The ‘Eagle’ becomes special because it is the VEHICLE of Lord Vishnu.

The ‘CROW’ becomes special because it is the VEHICLE of Lord Saturn.

The ‘BULL’ becomes special because it is the VEHICLE of Lord SHIVA!

You see – that is the beauty of being a VEHICLE of GOD – and that is the whole message of ATMA (SOUL) KARAKA (SIGNIFIER) – that just BECOME the VEHICLE of GOD and then life will be no more a problem but a garden of bliss – then there will be a song to your life – a dance – only if you are willing to become the VEHICLE (medium) of GOD and you can become the VEHICLE of GOD only when you SURRENDER – only when you are willing to live your life by surrendering yourself at the FEET OF THE MASTER – the LORD!

Always remember – in Hindi we say “only NAR can become NARAYAN’ – meaning only an ORDINARY MAN has the potential to Become GODLY.

Only if he is able to transform the ordinary mundane things into spiritual things and that is possible when he starts living his life by giving all the ‘driving controls’ to GOD.

SOUL’s message is simple – live in surrender to Lord because unless your surrender – unless you LET GOD DRIVE YOUR LIFE – you cannot find lasting happiness – you cannot mature – you cannot LET GO and unless you evolve – the way towards LIBERATION – MOKSHA is not possible – so your SELF GROWTH is necessary and the ATMAKARAKA is the planet that can help you to GROW only if you start focusing on enhancing the strength and quality of your ATMAKARAKA planet!

Donating to the poor, the needy, HELPING those who deserve your help, Fasting on the day of your ATMAKARAKA planet – and MEDITATING every day helps to strengthen the ATMA (SOUL) KARAKA (SIGNIFIER) Planet.

After all – all these planets and stars are NOT on the OUTSIDE but WITHIN you. The Upanishad specifically mentions – AHAM BRAMHASMI – meaning ‘I AM THE UNIVERSE’. The ancient seers simply MAPPED the ‘PLANETS’ and ‘STARS’ within the human beings with the PLANETS AND STARS in the GALAXY!

What are planets and stars and signs? They are our NATURE (Planet) – QUALITIES (SIGNS) and KARMIC SYMBOLS (STARS). Since KARMA matters that is why STARS – NAKSHATRAS matters a lot when it comes to the actual RESULTS!

Nothing is on the outside – everything is within – the more you come closer to your ATMA (Soul) – the more you would self-realize this ancient eternal TRUTH that Jesus, Muhammed, Mahavira, Buddha, Krishna and all the divine masters have been sharing all along – that all that you SEEK is WITHIN YOU – that you are not a drop in an ocean but an entire ocean in a drop.

In a world of billions of people – you will find the state of ATMAKARAKA in many stages from totally ‘asleep’ to totally ‘awakened’! Many of them are totally ASLEEP – and have become PLASTIC ROSES – while there are a few – very few – who go through many upheavals and sufferings – they don’t look PERFECT – they don’t appear appealing and yet they are the ONES – they are the REAL ROSES WITH THORNS – they are the CHOSEN ONES!

Only a man – only a woman whose ATMAKARAKA planet is strong and well-placed – is chosen – is initiated – becomes a part of the GURU-SHISHYA (Master-Disciple) Parampara (tradition)!

And that is very understandable because it shows your ‘journey’ of births and rebirths till date – it shows that you have taken the ‘EFFORTS’ to look within – to turn inwards – to meditate and to break your heart until you FIND the FIRST GLIMPSE of GOD within!

By constant meditation – by constant chanting the name of the Holy Lord – a day comes when the HEART breaks and OPEN to the LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS – and then there is no looking back – then the sky is clear and you are ready to fly…..

And that is the whole purpose of ATMAKARAKA PLANET – to help you spread the wings – so that you can take off – and experience the kingdom of GOD through your own ‘eyes’ – your own ‘experiences’!

Lastly – always remember your spiritual progress is based on how deeply you connect with your SOUL (ATMA) and NOT your religion!

Focus on your SELF GROWTH – focus on quieting the chattering mind – because it is only when the mind become quiet – your SOUL (ATMA- Self) starts speaking and when the SOUL starts speaking – the whole universe becomes available to you – then though you may ‘appear’ as alone to others – still the whole universe is with you – then there is a song to it, a poem – then you are no more the dancer (doer) – you become the dance!

Become the dance – and drop the dancer (your EGO) – and then you will connect with your Atmakaraka planet – then you will connect with your SELF.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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