What is the significance of Opal?


Opal is a magical stone. The best opals are found in Australia. The colorful shades that it displays – brings a certain magical elements to it.

Opal has NOTHING to do with VENUS but people like to make JODIs – so they say that when you cannot afford Diamond ( Venusian stone) – you should buy an OPAL! It is like if you do not find a good Japanese to marry then you can settle down for a Chinese! And if you ask why? Then the answer they give is ‘ they look alike’!

Now that is not the reality. A Chinese has his own dignity and a Japanese has it’s own. They have their individual qualities that one should not mess up with.

But that is what is happening nowadays! The cunning mind goes on finding SUBSTITUTES- when in reality there CANNOT be any SUBSTITUTES.

Nobody can be a substitute for you and nobody can be a substitute for me. Each person is unique – he is neither superior to anybody and neither he is Inferior to anybody and neither he is equal to anybody – he is simply UNIQUE!

BUT shallow people have found SUBSTITUTES. When in reality OPAL is OPAL. It has its distinctive UNIQUE identity- but shallow people have labelled such a charm such a beauty as a substitute stone for Diamond ( Venus).

In reality Opal has nothing to do with Venus. It is just a charming stone – if you want to appear charming in life, if you want to bring charm to life then this *is* the stone for you!

What is a CHARM? Charm means the power to attract or fascinate others!

Venus is LOVE. You cannot wear Opal to experience love in your life. It is like boarding a train that is going to Delhi and you want to go to Mumbai!

Opal has nothing to do with Love – but Opal has a lot to do with CHARM!

AND so Opal stones are worn to ATTRACT others.

It is a powerful stone when used in certain magic rituals. Also works well in certain black magic rituals. By and by it is a magical stone.

If you want to attract money, place an Opal stone on your shop counter or office desk. If you want to attract somebody you find very interesting to mingle with – then wear an Opal stone.

Understand the fact that Venus is higher love and therefore Venus exalts in Pisces- the 12th sign of compassion and forgiveness!

You cannot ask somebody to wear an Opal stone to experience higher love. It is like trying to experience Mercedes by driving a Maruti!

And so through this answer, I want to make my followers and readers realize that there are absolutely NO SUBSTITUTES for Diamond.

A diamond is a diamond. An Opal is an Opal. To connect them in anyway is to simply devalue their individuality. Never do it and never consider anybody in life as equal or SUBSTITUTES- nobody is equal, nobody is SUBSTITUTE and nobody is inferior or superior – everybody and everything is Unique. Simply unique.

And because people cannot realize the uniqueness- they go on creating many SUBSTITUTES and many notions which in reality is NOT the Truth.

And Truth is dangerous. Truth can shatter all your illusions. But if you are open to let the Truth penetrate into your being than the same TRUTH can bring a great transformation within you.

And real transformation happens only when you are moved within.

Love is a miracle. One of the greatest miracle of life. You can ATTRACT everything but not love. Opal is a limited version – magic is a limited version, it is man made whereas Miracle is God made!

And what is God made – lasts forever! Miracle lasts forever and not Magic!

Magic is man-made. Miracle is GOD-MADE!

And meditation is one of the greatest miracle of GOD – that God has so lovingly shared with HIS children – WE ALL!

Wearing an Opal is settling for MAGIC. And I would love to see all my followers to settle NOT for Magic – but for the MIRACLE! Magic is a very poor choice for Miracle!

And so come, and focus on meditating. Always remember – magical powers are easy to gain – but the miraculous powers are the most rarest of rare that one can attain! And it is attained only through SELFLESS SERVICE, through LOVE, through DEVOTION – Jesus never did any magic – but performed many MIRACLES!

Buddha never did any MAGIC – but he performed many miracles – many sick were healed and many miserable people were shown the path….

GREAT things always TAKES TIME – and I would love to see you becoming GREAT and not just good.

Let us move towards the Greatness – always remember the greatest mountain PEAK exists – where there is also the most deepest valley! To attain that which is GREAT – one has to go through many difficulties – he has to go through many TESTS – but always remember GOD tests only those whom HE LOVES the most!

And so in life if you are tested – if you are going through hardships – then remember – GOD LOVES YOU.

And so let the journey towards GREATNESS – continue, God is Great and when you are walking WITH HIM – WITH HIS name in your heart – than sooner or later you will be experiencing the taste of being Great!

Then no gemstones are required – no magic is required – then you are deeply engrossed within and the dance has begin, the music has begin – and the whole universe is made available to you – then you realize that the universe was never locked – it was always open!

Magic is the path of a man or a woman who are weak. Miracle is the path of a man or a woman who have the courage and the strength to turn inwards and instead of depending on others – self-realize the many TRUTHS of this human life!

Magic is a sign of weakness.

Miracle is a sign of tremendous strength that goes multiplying with time!

It is always a matter of choice – what you choose is what you become.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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