Why growing ‘Beard’ can bring luck to certain Men? Which planet is connected to ‘beard’?


Beard is the ‘hair’ that grows on the face. ‘Hair’ is connected with Lord Saturn! Saturn represents Maturity. Whenever Saturn is NOT connected with RAHU or KETU and is placed positively – then MATURITY comes and MATURITY is significant irrespective whether you are living a material life or spiritual life.

One has to understand the true essence of maturity. Maturity has nothing to with AGE – Maturity has more to do with your own ‘self-growth’!

Once it happened – Gautama Buddha was having a conversation with the Emperor – and the Emperor was 45 years old and he was asking many question – and Buddha was smiling and responding when a very old monk came – touched the feet of Buddha and said “ I am very sorry to interrupted your conversation – but Master, it is getting dark and the sun may set soon – I need your permission so that I can leave for the next Monastery.”

The Buddhist monks don’t move after sunset.

Buddha said “ You can leave. You have my permission but could you please tell me – what is your AGE?”

The old monk smiled and said “ Master, I am only 4 years old.”

Buddha said “ You can leave now, my blessings are with you.”

The old monk left. But the Emperor was listening and he was taken aback – because the old monk looked around 75 years old and still how come he said ‘ I am just 4 years old’ – the Emperor could not resist his curiosity – he fell upon the feet of Buddha and said “ Master – that old monk looked over 70 years and yet how come he said ‘I am 4 years old…’ – I don’t get it….and again why would you ask him such a weird question that out of context?”

This time Buddha laughed and said “ That question was not for him – in the true sense, that question was for you so that you come back to your senses….”

The real saints are NOT cats – they are LIONS. And now the Emperor could feel the ‘roar’ of the Lion – the master – he bowed again and said “Please explain….I am still novice to understand your divine message.”

Gautama Buddha said “ Real Age is NOT based on HOW MANY YEARS you have EXISTED on this PLANET. Real Age is based on how much you have GROWN WITHIN – how much you have spend your time and energy in turning inwards. That old monk must be above 70 years – but when he answered ‘I am 4 years old’ – it meant that he is taking efforts – meditating – turning inwards and walking on the path of attaining ‘self-realization’ from last 4 years – and that is the REAL AGE. He knows his REAL AGE – now you tell me – what is your REAL AGE?”

The Emperor became speechless. He has NO ANSWER – he fell upon the master’s feet and started crying – he said “ I am still to be BORN – because I have been spend my whole life in running behind wealth, power, and sex and pleasures – and now I have realized what an IDIOT I had been – MASTER – you have been so compassionate towards me – how could I thank you – how could I express my gratitude towards you – through this small incident – through just one question you have opened the whole eternity – the whole essence of Buddha hood before me – I remain indebted towards your compassion, your grace….”

Real AGE is simply based on the ‘years’ you have spend in turning inwards – in meditating – in realizing yourself – that is the REAL AGE – the rest is simply ‘numbers’ and numbers don’t bring maturity – experience bring maturity.

SATURN represents MATURITY. This MATURITY comes when you start turning inwards – when you start focusing WITHIN – and when you are so much focused WITHIN – where is the time to SHAVE?

Understand this – this is significant – men who practice deep penance – meditations – are often found with long beards – such men are great YOGIS – great MYSTICS. Men who live for the larger INTEREST of the PEOPLE – are often found with beards – such men are RULERS – KINGS – MINISTERS.

SATURN represents all of these men – from YOGI to MONARCHY, HIGHEST AUTHORITY.

Understand the fact that these MEN never grow beard because they have to grow – it simply happens naturally – they are so much engrossed and fired up with the HIGHER PURPOSE of life that the beard simply keeps growing – naturally and SATURN LOVES THIS MEN – because SATURN loves NATURAL COURSE OF LIFE!

SHAVING the BEARD is NOT NATURAL – you are CUTTING – you are DISTURBING the natural course of life – and SATURN is watching.

Beard brings maturity to your face – and the same beard also has the potential to bring maturity in your life – in fact maturity comes through the beard – because it signify that you are BUSY with something that belongs to HIGHER altitudes of life!

Saturn is represented by maturity – that is the reason when beard starts growing on your face, you look maturity. And when SATURN is positive in your chart than this SATURN can bring maturity – growth in your material aspects of life!

Once it happened – Abraham Lincoln – a clean shaved man – was planning to fight the US Presidential elections…

Abraham Lincoln was indeed one of the greatest genius that the US had ever had! But he had a shortcoming – in the context of the American society – he was NOT a very handsome man. And so even though he was genius – he was struggling to make his way through the US Presidential elections – there were many candidates and they all were WHITE – Lincoln was NOT a WHITE in totality – he was BROWN – and the fight was tough – the way to the WHITE HOUSE was full of challenges – great difficulties!

As the US presidential elections were coming closer – Lincoln was aggressivel campaigning all over America – and so for one of his campaign speech, Lincoln arrived at Westfield, New York. And he gave one of the most engrossing speech of his life – and the whole ground was packed with audience – and they all cheered – among them was one little girl – her name was Grace.

After the speech – the little girl – Grace goes to Lincoln and shares a very insightful message – she suggests that Lincoln should grow beard on his face – as that will give a much better look to his face and also will cover the spots on his face that are not so appealing.

Lincoln was a man of awareness. A man of awareness never lets in his Ego. He thinks over the suggestions shared. Lincoln didn’t ruled out her suggestion, in fact he gave a serious thought to it and started growing beard….and the beard gave him a totally NEW PERSONALITY – now you don’t see his pictures anywhere without beard – now you don’t see the ugliness (spots) anywhere on his face – now you find his face more appealing – and it is said that after that makeover – LINCOLN goes on to WIN the Presidential ELECTIONS – He Becomes the President of America. And Lincoln was such a beautiful person – a man of heart – that after winning and becoming the President – he remembers the little girl and her suggestion – and as a mark of gratitude – he writes a letter to the little girl – in his letter to that little girl – he writes:

“Your Suggestion Worked.”

A great man – an insightful man of great understanding – Abraham Lincoln seen with a beard.

And the little girl whose suggestion helped Lincoln win the elections- her name was Grace Greenwood Bedell.

After few months of becoming the President – Abraham Lincoln visits the same place where the little girl had suggested him to grow beard – and in that crowd when he talks about this little girl – suddenly a very old man comes walking – finding his way through the crowd – and along with him is the little girl – he comes and says to President Abraham Lincoln “ Mr. President -that gir – my daughter, her name is Grace….Grace Greenwood Bedell”

Listening to these words and finding the little girl standing before him – President Lincoln steps down and kisses the little girl – tears of gratitude rolling from his eyes – he says “Gracie…look look at my beard. I have been growing them for you.”

A beard of many months that had grown longer – touched the cheeks of that little girl – she smiled – her suggestion worked.

Today at the same place – Westfield, New York – a monument of this unique meeting between President Lincoln and Grace – the little girl, is instilled and this monument reminds us of the fact that at times – even simple small genuine suggestions – no matter from whom or from where it comes – it CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Only if you have the heart of Lincoln and the awareness and readiness to LISTEN.

Although I have been to the US several times, I never got to visit this place – else it would have been a beautiful moment to experience – the ‘spot’ where the little girl had given a life-changing suggestion to Lincoln – the suggestion to grow beard!

Saturn loves MEN with BEARD. But you should grow beard only if your SATURN is NOT with RAHU or KETU. Only if your SATURN is well placed.

There are five dimensions to growing beard – understand this – this is very significant:

  • Men who grow beard out of DEPRESSIONS, out of SETBACKS – the reason BEARD grows on their face is that THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED to take the EFFORT to SHAVE because they are depressed with situation – with life – and so the beard keeps growing…..

CASE: SHANI is impacted or affected by malefic RAHU or weak KETU. Always remember whenever RAHU is powerful – SHANI is weak.

  • Men who do NOT grow beard – but beard GROWS on its own – because these MEN are not focused much on the OUTSIDE – but WITHIN! These men are the ones who are YOGIs

CASE: SHANI is well placed and moreover in some way or the other ‘touched’ positively by Jupiter -Sri Guru. Always remember whenever SHANI or SATURN is blessed with the blessed touch (Aspect) of Sri Guru – Jupiter then – RAHU is weak.

  • Men who do NOT grow beard – but beard GROWS on its own – because these MEN are so much focused on SERVING the people – SERVING the larger interest of the people – that they simply don’t have much interest in spending their time in shaving every day – these men are KINGS, and PRIME MINISTERS and CEOs – and those who are HIGHEST AUTHORITIES in their profession.

CASE: SHANI is well placed and moreover in some way or the other ‘touched’ positively by VENUS or JUPITER or MERCURY .

  • Men who grow beard – just as a part of FASHION – and giving a different look to their appearance – they generally are the common men or film – media personalities etc.

CASE: SHANI is strong – and generally is well placed with aspects from Venus, Mercury – generally such a horoscope is pure material (BHOGI) by nature – such men don beards to attract opposite sex (Women).

  • And then there are men who simply don’t have the ‘money’ to spend on shaving every day – poverty is the reason behind the beard.

CASE: SHANI is too weak and also afflicted – a sign of a very bad poor past karmic dues. And when SHANI is weak – RAHU comes in power and so such men are of the lowest strata of the society – beggars, thiefs, petty loafers etc.

So you see – SHANI – BEARD manifests is so many dimensions!

And so whenever you observe a man with beard – you first have to ‘see’ through which dimension the man has beard on his face!

Just from the ‘observation’ – a man of awareness can find out – whether SATURN is placed positively or negatively in a man’s chart.

I have seen many men who grow tendency to grow beard when transiting SATURN comes closer to their NATAL MOON – and this happens only during the so called SAADE SAATI period! And the period of SAADE SAATI is the period of TRANSFORMATION – the whole human body is going through transformation – the physical body, the mental plane, the soul plane – the whole person goes through a great CHANGE – and the CHANGE can be revolutionizing – and very surprising too!

Our current Prime Minister – Shri Narandra Modi – also went through a great transformation during his SAADE SAATI Period – he became the PRIME MINISTER of INDIA exactly when his SAADE SAATI was going on – and if you observe the many phases of his life – then ‘beard’ was not on his face during the early stages of his life – 20’s 30’s but as he grew older – the ‘beard’ became prominent – leading him to many prominent positions in politics.

Beard has a ‘connection’ to one’s success – one’s growth in Authority – in gaining Power – but one has to first observe IF beard can truly become a ‘lucky charm’ for you – the way it became for POTUS Abraham Lincoln and PM Narendra Modi.

Always remember – life is NOT one dimensional. Similarly – a BEARD – is also not based on just one dimension – there are many dimension – some of them I have shared with you all.

Generally – SATURN who has the power of providing you with AUTHORITY likes BEARD. But as mentioned earlier – one has to see through what dimension the BEARD has grown or is appearing on the face:

  1. Spiritual penance, meditations – total focus within
  2. Material world gains – running the country, industry, big companies, social work (socialists) – in nutshell – devoted to PEOPLE and PEOPLE’s well being – someone thriving to brings some good things in this human world.
  3. Fashion craze. Changing the overall look of the face – just to appear more matured or more stylish
  4. Out of depression – laziness and ignorant lifestyle
  5. Out of poverty – not able to afford the daily expenses of shaving the beard

In the society you will see men having beards – and most of them will fall in any of the above mentioned categories.

In all the above 5 cases – only the first two cases – where the person simply is engrossed in either in his spiritual journey or material journey – is what SHANI favors – the last three categories doesn’t make any sense to the ‘nature of SHANI’.

Coincidentally today is SHANIVAR – Saturday! And what a beautiful co-incidence that I am writing on the most favorite topic of Lord Shani – the BEARD!

One significant benefit of the beard (Shani) is that a man who is on his spiritual path – when dons a beard – generally women don’t get attracted towards him – and that makes his path more smoother – no disturbances – no distractions and life is a garden of bliss!

Majority of women like clean shave men – so they remain far away – while the spiritual man with his beard continues his journey towards the beyond – the unseen – the divine!

So ‘beard’ has many advantages to it – depends – what ‘reason’ the beard is appearing on the face! 🙂

In the true sense – the real beard is that beard which has grown out of maturity and not the other way round!

People grow beard to look mature – but Lord SHANI is saying that become so matured – become so engrossed in your work for the larger interest of the people – become so engrossed in your meditations that the beard grow on its own accord – and that beard is the real beard – the real sign of your maturity.

Matured person is NOT possessive. He understand LOVE more than anybody else!

SHANI is ORIGINAL. SHANI likes all that is original. To MATURE is to BE YOURSELF! Then NO MATTER what – you will NEVER COMPROMISE. A man who is sure about his stand – about his thoughts – about his perception towards a certain matter – towards life – will NEVER compromise – whatsoever. He may prefer to DIE than to Compromise.

SHANI is NOT afraid of anybody. A MATURED man is also NOT afraid of anybody. He would NEVER settle – he would never COMPROMISE wit his PRINCIPLES, his IDEOLOGY, his ETHICS – and that is what SHANI likes!

And so DON’T grow the beard – instead let the beard GROW naturally as you REMAIN ROOTED WITHIN – as you REMAIN devoted to your GOALS – to the HIGHER PURPOSE of life!

Those who grow beard – are style masters – SHANI is seeking not style masters – but REAL MASTERS!

Be the real master – look within and let the nature takes its own course as your spiritual journey continues……

Coincidentally today is also SHANIVAR – the day of Lord Saturn and maybe this answer or this post is HIS message to you all – that BE REAL – and then you don’t have to do anything special, you will be SPECIAL – you will be TOUCHED by HIS divine GRACE.

||Aum Sham Shaneshwaraya Namaha||

Shani is a friend, the most beautiful friend you could ever have in this human world! But he is not liked by many because he is a friend who speaks the TRUTH – he will tell you exactly that which is the HARD TRUTH – he is not a fake friend who will just continue to ‘butter’ you – he will always bring you to your senses – he is always the one who will bring AWARENESS to you – without SHANI – this world would have been dead – it is because of SHANI – that the LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS is still in existence – the universe is in existence – the LAW is in existence – today on this day – Saturday, I earnestly prostrate before the Lord of Lords – Lord Shani Dev.

Shani is indeed a friend – a great friend whose worth only a few could understand and it is only those few who rise in life – who become the ‘torch’ – the ‘light’ for many!

Be that ‘light’ – because even one candle can lighten millions of candles – it is possible, it is ALWAYS possible.

Love to you all.

Jai Shani Dev.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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