Does black magic exist? If yes than how to be immune or cut it’s effect?


Strangely – the dark world of Black magic has been existing in this human world from the very beginning of time and is closely related to WOMEN than MEN!

And that is why you see the reference the the word – WITCH – more often than otherwise.

Who is a Witch?

A Witch is a woman who does the actual ritual of performing the BLACK MAGIC.

It is not that it is only woman who performs black magic – but it is also men who perform magic. It is just that the WOMEN are more in numbers than the MEN in doing the ACT of BLACK MAGIC.

The answer to why women are found to be in majority when it comes to ‘black magic’ is something that I will be sharing in this prolonged SERIES of – BLACK MAGIC.

Black Magic has been practiced from the very beginning of time in almost every part of this human world. Right from the AMERICAS to EUROPE to AFRICA to MIDDLE EAST to FAR EAST to RUSSIA and to INDIA – black magic has been in practice in all countries known and unknown to the mankind!

During the AGE of Prophet Muhammad, during the AGE of Jesus, during the AGE of Buddha, Mahavira and during the AGE of Sai Baba – and up till now – Black Magic has been in practice and one has to simply ACCEPT this fact – because it is only when you ACCEPT that along with the POSITIVE – the NEGATIVE too exists – you are in a better to position to DEAL WITH IT.

Ironically – Prophet Muhammad preached his whole life on how bad this line of black magic is – in fact in the Holy Quran – it is specifically mentioned that a person who performs black magic is a SATAN and goes to HELL. But you all will be surprised to learn that within the Muslim community – there are many black magicians – I have personally seen many Muslims deeply entangled in performing black magic. In fact – in the Middle East – especially in Dubai – this dark art of black magic is too much in demand than otherwise!

Majority of the black magicians make a point to have their presence in most of the major metro cities of the world. Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Bangalore, Pune, – and many such metro cities of Indian are mushroomed with many black magicians, Aghoris that you may still not be aware of!

Similarly in global cities like New York, Hong Kong, London, Paris – you will find many black magicians doing their ‘business of performing black magic’ and earning millions of dollars in return.

Recently in a well -known global magazine – the growing influence of black magic in France, London and the US was mentioned.

In nutshell – and in simple words – the message that I want to share with you all – especially with my genuine followers and readers is that the PRESENCE of BLACK MAGIC and BLACK MAGICIANS is REAL and is not just in INDIA but all over the world – it all depends on WHAT PLANETARY ASCPECTS (KARMIC DUES) you are born with – because BLACK MAGIC – CANNOT SURPASS YOUR KARMA – meaning YOUR PLANETARY PLACEMENTS!

What is a planetary placement? It is simply the overall measure of the QUALITY of your KARMA.

That is the reason why the ancient seers and the divine masters have always STRESSED on FOCUSING ON RAISING THE QUALITY OF YOUR KARMA!

How can you RAISE the quality of your KARMA?



Once your AWARENESS is blocked – it is very EASY for the BLACK MAGICIAN to pull you in his or her TRAP – then they can easily make you a PUPPET – they will simply ‘pass the order’ – and you will start ACTING like a PUPPET!

And that is the whole essence -the whole purpose of BLACK MAGIC – to MAKE YOU A PUPPET!

But how do they do it?


You are RULED by your MIND. Only someone who is on the path of the beyond – taking efforts to overcome the MIND – or has already gone beyond the MIND – a BUDDHA is a difficult ‘subject’ for the black magician – because such a person is NOT ruled by HIS or HER MIND!

But in reality – the majority of the world population is VERY MUCH RULED by the MIND – and so the ‘job’ of the black magician becomes easy – he or she simply TARGETS your MIND and once your MIND comes in ‘their’ control – the ‘drama’ begins……

Once your mind is captured – once the TANTRIK or the BLACK MAGICIAN takes control of your MIND – you become a ‘puppet’ in his hand!

But now two questions arise – how does the black magician takes control of your mind? AND – How can you save yourself?

The answer to the first question is simple – the black magician through his channels of ‘ghosts’ and ‘souls’ – takes control of your mind. He sends certain ‘souls’ (negative energies) to you – and starts working through those ‘negative energies’.

How does the negative spells (energies) that the Tantrik or black magician casts upon you – reach you?

Through your belongings!

This is how it happens:

A woman likes a man. She wants him. But she also want to ensure that the man never goes away from her – that he always remains ‘under her command’. Then to make this happen – she visits a black magician – then she tells the black magician – her expectation. The black magician starts working to ‘make this happen’ – to ensure that the man she seeks – or loves – comes in total control of her command.

This is called VANSHIKARAN. But to ‘make this happen’ – the black magician first have to get control of the man’s MIND. What are the ways through which the black magician can take control of the MAN’s MIND?

There are many ways – but before that the black magician has to GET CONNECTED with the TARGET MAN that the woman seeks!

To get connected – the magician may demand all of the following:

  1. The Man’s Photo
  2. The Man’s full name
  3. The Man’s MOTHER name (Certain Black Magicians demand MOTHER’s NAME because MOTHER is the DIRECT SOURCE through which the ‘connection’ can be made.) For example – there can be many men with the name ‘Akash’ but a specific Akash can be tracked down when his mother’s name is shared along with his father’s name. But mother’s name is very important – that makes the black magician’s job easy to get ‘connected’ with the TARGET VICTIM.)
  4. The Man’s shirt or any cloth that he has been using lately – (Clothes that you wear – even though you wash them daily – still they hold your body vibrations – those vibrations never go away – and the black magician uses these absorbed vibrations in your clothes to cast the MAGIC SPELL)
  5. The Man’s ‘hair’ or ‘nails’ – every part of your body has your vibrations to it – hair is a direct part of your body – for the magician – ‘getting any part of the body is a quick – very quick access to your MIND’ – he can easily target you -and get your mind in HIS control.
  6. The Man’s blood or sweat is also something that the magician can use to get connected
  7. The Man’s HOUSE! If the black magician can get the address of the HOUSE where the man resides – it becomes a very easy ride for the black magician to TARGET you and execute HIS plan to get control of your MIND.

The black magician has attained certain ‘powers’ through which he takes control of certain GHOSTS – certain SOULS whom he uses to HIS benefit. These GHOSTS are under HIS command – so of HE says – “GO to a certain man and ensure that they come under the COMMAND of the WOMAN” – this WOMAN is the woman who had paid to the black magician to practice the VANSIKARAN KRIYA – meaning to get the MAN she seeks – under HER control.

But when the Black Magician commands the ‘Ghosts to go and take the target man in control – the Ghosts asks for certain CLUE – certain ‘address’ to identify the target victim.

It is then that the Black Magician provides the ‘Ghost souls with the above 7 items through which he can then search for the victim and then get the ‘job’ done.’

A ‘doll’ made of certain items is used to represent the targeted victim – and then certain ‘pins’ or ‘nails’ are used to cause pain to the ‘doll’ (meaning the targeted victim) – certain items such a the targeted victim’s hairs, nails or clothes are also used in this ritual so that the ghost souls get the track of whom they need to track down to execute the ‘command’ of the black magician.

It generally takes a week or month for the Ghost soul who has been cast by the means of black magic rituals – to reach the ACTUAL VICTIM and then the ‘play’begins. Then slowly slowly the target man starts behaving exactly the way the woman had wanted to. Then the target man becomes a ‘puppet’ in the hand of that woman – he simply follows all her commands – this is how VANSHIKARAN takes place!

It is a very dangerous world – many lovers come to black magicians to seek their ex-lovers by means of Vanshikaran. Many married women come to the black magicians to make their husbands a puppet in their hands by means of Vanshikaran! Many people use this ‘Vanshikaran’ means to attain their goals.

Many times it happens – that a married man falls in love with the ‘other woman’. And the wife keeps wondering what happened suddenly – ‘My husband was never like this – he used to love me very much but how come suddenly he is now falling apart – how come he is now planning to move away from me – to divorce me?’

The answer is VANSHIKARAN! The ‘other woman’ may have played her card of ‘Vanshikaran’ -that now her husband has become a ‘puppet’ of the ‘other woman’!

There are many more types of BLACK MAGIC – VANSHIKARAN or VASHIKARAN is just one aspect – one ‘game’ of black magic – this aspect is used by the magician when you want a certain man or woman under your control – as if you just COMMAND and the person will follow your COMMAND – this happens when the person is totally taken under control by means of VANSHIKARAN – Black Magic Spells.

But what if you simply want the person to DIE?

Then a different type of black magic is spelled upon the target person – where he starts thinking of committing SUICIDE! In reality it is a MURDER – because the person is compelled to commit suicide through the heinous ACT of BLACK MAGIC.

Then there is a type of black magic – where the person is constantly compelled with LUSTFUL thoughts – SEXUAL thoughts – this is done so that his GROWTH is hampered and he gets trapped in SCANDALS and so on.

Once there was a young man and he was such a beautiful person – always studying and studios by nature – and suddenly after one dark night – AMAVASYA – he started getting many lustful thoughts – unwanted attraction towards sexual content – he approached me and shared his concerns – then I gave him certain remedies after which he started recovering – it happened so that a woman had done some black magic on him – to trap him – to entangle him – luckily he was SAVED – today he is living a good life – abroad in a foreign country.

There are many such incidents of black magic happening all around this human world – but the most important point that you all must understand is that – BLACK MAGIC affects you ONLY when you are a part and parcel of your OWN KARMIC DUES.

Black Magic cannot affect you unless and until you have a WEAK PLANETARY PLACEMENT. Weak planets means your past karma was of low quality.


And to raise the QUALITY of your KARMA – you all have to learn to live you life with more and more AWARENESS.

There are many small – cost-effective remedies that you can implement to overcome black magic.

But the most effective remedy is – MEDITATION.

Through meditation – you must strengthen your SELF – but the meditation has to happen with DEVOTION and LOVE towards the Guru – the benevolent compassionate master!

Also – always remember the FACT that it is NOT the BLACK MAGICIAN who is to be blamed – because he or she is just the EXECUTING person – the REAL CULPRIT is the PERSON WHO GIVES MONEY to the BLACK MAGICIAN – and it has been observed that many times – this PERSON – is someone very close to you!

History has been witness to that fact that – it is those who were CLOSE have BETRAYED than those who were FAR!

So always be cautious of those who claim to be your closed ones – chances are that the greatest betrayal could come those who are close to you – than otherwise!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru. 🙏

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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