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Black magic. AGHORI. VOODOO SPELL. WITCHCRAFT. In life, negative people use all sorts of ‘tools’ to attain their goal of causing harm to others.

When you know who is doing and what is being done – you always are 100% conscious! Consciousness is the key. Ignorant people are spending their whole energy by focusing on causing harm to others when they should have focused on their self growth. BUT IGNORANCE and ANGER won’t let them. Whole life they will continue to try their level best to harm others by using black magic dirty spells. AND that is what is happening with each one of you who is innocent and walking on the path of TRUTH. Many such people will try to cause harm to you and BLACK MAGIC works dangerously only when you remain unaware, ignorant and utterly selfish. When you move away from being selfish being ignorant being extrovert and START turning inwards…start meditation then you realize the whole GAME that your enemy is playing on you by using cheap means such as black magic.

Even saints are not left out from these games of black magic. Osho during his last days had mentioned in one of his discourse that there are certain people who are using black magic to cause a certain evil sound that harms his naval part BUT the master says “ even I know what certain people are doing behind my back and how they are casting black magic spells on me – I WILL NOT RETALIATE because I don’t want to create a cycle of action and reaction. I better use defences than offence.”

The master always used to say “How many hands can we hold?” and so the desire to cause harm to me, to you — to all those who are being targeted by using negative energies such as black magic — is born out of IGNORANCE. And RAHU is ignorance!

Desires to harm others — desires to take revenge — desires to loot others are born out of IGNORANCE.

In my life too, many women and so many men have tried all sorts of dirtiest black magic spells on me that now I have no fear of any of these monkey MINDS. And that is how you should be, that is, how every truthful, conscious man and woman should be — FEARLESS.

Look at you — and I say this to all my readers — especially those truthful ones — look at you — in spite of the enemy trying so hard to eliminate you — to finish you — still you are perfectly alive. The positive always wins over the negative.

Many people come to me — and they all are either fed up of black magic or want to do black magic on someone. And my answer to them is in one line

“ Don’t indulge in negativity. For a while, you may feel top of the world but then you will start falling so deeply that nobody would be in the position to give you a hand — to raise you — to lift you. Even if Krishna comes, Rama comes, Jesus comes – nobody can help you because you have destroyed every possibility of self-growth by your own ignorance – your own dirty karma”

But who wants to listen? You are fired up with anger — you want to take revenge— you want to show who you are and in this madness, you literally destroy all possibility of living a good positive progressive life!

Today Black magic has become the greatest looting business worldwide. Recently an article in an international magazine stated that in France, Italy, London, in the US also this trend is on the rise. Some four hundred years ago – the King of England was so much fed up of growing witchcraft in his country that he banned it and if anybody was found – he or she was directly beheaded.

India remains the Mecca of black magicians — especially the root is found in Bengal — where there is a LEGAL association of tantriks and MANTRIKS!


Your planets position is your karmic representation. The man or woman who is suffering due to black magic (Rahu) is because of their past Karma. Unless The past balance is cleared — they cannot get over. The transit the Dasha the Antardasha — they all determine on when your karmic balance would be cleared. Many times the balance never ends — the person lives his or her whole life under the spell of black magic — sometimes the person gets over after a certain dasha or transit. It all depends from person to person.

BLACK MAGIC works only if your KARMA (Planet position) is weak. If it is not then no matter – how much of black magic is done upon you – God will always safeguard you – the innocent is always saved. The savior is always greater than the one who is trying to kill you!

Astrology is a highly individual based science. It is not generic. It cannot be generic. Unfortunately ignorant people have made astrology a joke — a fast food outlet! A parrot business – quick money churning business.

The first thing that I do – is to straightway REJECT the man or woman who is in a rush to get their horoscope reading. Then I don’t care – if that man or woman is the CEO or COO – for me – the answer to these kinds of people is in one word – NO. Only that man or that woman can get a consultation from me – who are ready to wait – wait and wait and wait – and then when I see that you can be patient – only then will I respond to your query – to your mail. And then the miracle happens – then the answers I can share – then there can be a way to overcome your problems – but only if there is a beautiful quality within you – called PATIENCE. And you will be patient only when you have faith. That is how Sai Baba says – the only quality that can help a man or a woman to rise in life is – PATIENCE AND FAITH. SHRADDHA AUR SABURI.

And the reality is that out of 100% – only 5 % can be patient – and that is how I find my peace – because I am perfectly aware that if 50 people are reaching me every day – only 1 or 2 – will remain – will be patient – the rest will automatically go away! And there is a science behind this – but certain things are beyond explanations – only the heart can understand – the monkey mind cannot.

The question is about Rahu and Venus. And both fall in the same group – RAHU is material. VENUS is also material in nature! They both compliment each other – in fact when Venus comes in contact with Rahu – definitely the SEXUAL DESIRE grows – a person becomes very sexual and if MARS is also supportive – then there is no looking back – the person encounters many sexual experiences – almost till his ‘organs’ finally give up – they cannot perform – the body has become very old – until that point – these people continue satisfying their sexual desires.

What is going on in your birth chart is what comes to your mind. And what comes to your mind is what you discuss, you share, you ask.

Shukracharya — the Guru of the Asuras!

Who were this Asuras? They were intellectual, highly active, very rich, they established many great towns and kingdoms that today are still named after them!

Because I live in Maharashtra— I can give you an example of Kolhapur, Nashik — they were named after the Asuras. The Asura King Kolhasur was the ruler of the region which is now called Kolhapur. Mahalakshmi defeated Kolhasur but his last wish before getting killed at her hands was that the region should retain his name! And so Kolhapur!

Asuras are BHOGI by nature — meaning they are totally engrossed in pleasures of all kind. They are purely material by nature. Even though they master the dark arts of black magic — they do it to achieve their material desires and not spiritual.

In today’s world the best example of Asuras is the western world — they are pure material by nature and also highly intellectual. The advanced development that they have done is pure because of their passion for material progress. And that’s Asura. That’s Rahu. Rahu is totaly material by nature. A total Bhogi — seeker of pleasures.

There are hundreds of such examples — the point is that the Asuras were scholars, creative and had all the worldly knowledge EXCEPT their own self!

They were highly skilled in all arts especially the arts of Tantra black magic etc. Ravana is a great example – Ravana was a master in the arts of all kinds of magic – the ASURAS were also good looking, handsome men. People have illustrated the Asuras demonic by appearance — showing horns, fearful mustaches, etc — but in reality, they were as normal and good looking as the Suras or Devtas. Then what went wrong?

IGNORANCE. EGO. PRIDE. LUST. ALL of these caused death — failures And defeat. The Greatest Asura – Emperor Ravana was also defeated because of his EGO. And EGO is the by-product of IGNORANCE.

The Asuras are a perfect representation of Rahu. Rahu brings power, wealth, beauty but the same RAHU takes away consciousness— which is the ultimate key to your real growth! That is how – YOU suffer more in your RAHU Dasha – because your consciousness gets blocked – the only solution to overcome RAHU PERIOD is by trying hard to remain as conscious as you can – devotion, love, reading holy scriptures – these all acts are simply to help you live with consciousness. That is why you should indulge your self in these positive acts that help you overcome the effects of RAHU.

Simple things – but your MIND is a monkey – you want some solid hi-fi solutions – but the beauty of life – the very truth is that all problems can be solved – only through the simplest solutions! But RAHU wants something else – today — in our day to day life, we continue to come across many such RAHU people or ASURAS! So what are you going to do? They may plot against you, they may go to a black magician/tantrik/mantrik and give them ‘supari’ to kill you, to finish you, to cause harm to you, to stop your promotions, to create hurdle in your marriage prospects, your job prospects, to BREAK your marriage – to BREAK your relationships – all sorts of these things are happening all around the world! So what are you going to do? How many hands are you going to hold? You cannot. Let them do it. Because with every negative Karma they are causing great harm to themselves and to their family members. They may not realize it — but the existence gives back in multiplied form— if you do one good Karma— you will be rewarded with 100 good developments in your life. And if you perform one negative Karma — life will boomerang 1000 negative developments in your life.

And this is pure science. Universal law. What you give is what you get back — multiplied.

That is why the highly evolved souls – the divine masters never retaliate. Osho – during his last day – in one of his discourse had said that there are few men who are creating certain sounds through black magic – to harm him, to cause disturbance to him. And those sounds were directly causing harm to his navel. Osho says “ I can easily retaliate – but I won’t.”

The masters never retaliate. They do not want to get trapped in the unending cycle of karma. They simply tolerate – because after a certain point – the one who is doing start suffering – so much of suffering that his whole family is destroyed – his whole life is finished.

Once – it happened – and it is a true story. I was visiting one great Yogi – and he lived a normal city life – but he was the master of all! I must say. And he loved me – so during one of our meeting – he shared one such incident. He said “ I must be 42 years old, and I was sitting on the footsteps of a temple. Just before me – few kids were playing. 3 boys and one girl. They all must be 6 or 7 years old. And I was engrossed within – in my trance – when I saw something unusual in the sky. A lemon – a lemon was coming from the sky and immediately – I realized what is going to happen next. The lemon was about to drop on the little girl – when I quickly rushed and caught the falling lemon in my hand. My hand started bleeding. The villagers quickly gathered, soon the whole village had gathered around me – they all were smart enough to understand what has happened. And they all knew me – so they said “ Dada – now take us to the man who has done this, we are calling the police.”

I said “ Follow me”

And through my instinct – I started tracking the path from where this lemon had been directed towards the little girl. After a while, I reached a small hut – located on deserted farmland. The villagers were with me – soon the police also joined in – the lemon was still in my hand and my hand was bleeding. The policeman opened the door of the hut and there it was! An old man – he must be the Tantrik and his wife were seen in that hut – the old man started shivering with fear. I looked into his eyes and said: “ NOW TAKE THIS LEMON BACK – else these people will not let you stay alive.”

The old man – a very filthy – very dirty man literally fell on my feet – he said

“ I cannot take it back. Because if I take the lemon back – I will get paralyzed.”

I smiled and said, “ You should have thought before indulging into this – now there is no choice left for you-you had targeted that little girl – now take it back – quick.”

The old man said “ Throw it back on me” I threw it back on him. And that very moment – the old man became paralyzed – his wife also was affected badly.

And the moment the lemon was reverted – my bleeding hand suddenly was healed – with absolutely no mark of bleeding! That moment – I prayed to my Guru – it was HIS grace. HIS love. HIS blessing – that enabled me to save the little girl from the magic spell and also I was happy that the old man who did it was punished by his own karma!”

Certain stories – certain realities touch your heart. That day – I was touched – also I could realize how beautiful this man was!

Always remember – whatever you do – on the face or behind the curtains – you will have to PAYBACK. Therefore do not let your anger drive you.

There is no such thing as pure or impure desire. DESIRE IS DESIRE. The question should be what is the quality of that Desire? WHAT IS THE LEVEL OF THAT DESIRE? IF THE DESIRE IS OF LOW LEVEL — LIFE SUFFERS. When you meet a girl on your first date and though you are smiling and behaving like a gentleman but inside your mind — if you are thinking of how soon you can get her in the bed — then the desire is of having sex — only hard sex — now where is the question of pure or impure— and so the question you should ask yourself is what level of desires you fall for.

Layman or very basic level soul is focused on satisfying his or her physical desires such as sex, too much of eating, too much of selfishness — basically, everything that has no soul or in my words no RAM in it.

The intermediate level soul is finding balance between his desire for pleasures and his desire to ‘ know- the beyond. Note — the word is ‘know- not realize.

Upper-level soul have had all the pleasures — he had a good sex life, good luxury life — many women, and much power and good money has been experienced. Now he is looking for something else. You can say that he has reached the peak of the MASLOW CHART. But still he is -looking. He hasn’t yet jumped. He is still on the seashore.

Higher-level soul has arrived and since most, of it has been experienced in the past lives — such men and women usually are ready to Jump! Lao Tzu says — when the student is ready the teacher appears. So these souls meet their Guru — at some stage of their life. When I say meet — it doesn’t have to be a meeting in person — the Guru may not be in the physical form and yet the meeting is experienced— the oneness is felt.

Then comes the level where there is no level! The disciple has merged with the master — the master has become one with the disciple— there is simply no dualism — now the soul purely lives breathes and rejoices in non -dualism. This is the most beautiful stage of the journey — This is, in fact, the most blessed state!

So you see — as the level of desires scale up — so does the journey of the soul.

Now the most beautiful point — how to raise the level of desires?

And the answer is in three simple words.



And the answer is to first start with the basics. And the basics are in your Bible. Your Bhagavadgita. Your Quran. Your GuruGranth Sahib. Your Boddhisatva. No matter what faith you follow — spend minimum of 1 hour reading loudly any Shlokas or any holy scripture. Be attentive. Tame the monkey mind. When you are reading – let there be no one around you – focus on every word you read – do not read like a robot – read with faith and devotion. Read with love!

Minimum 5 months if you read with total dedication and love and devotion then you are progressing to the level of purifying the mind.

On LinkedIn – there was one man – and I don’t know how he found my contact number – but he reached me – he called me and he said: “ I read Vishnu Sahastra Naam – Vishnu Shloka every morning before I leave for my office.”

I remember him now – as I write – because he was truly an innocent soul – and I liked his dedication towards reading the holy scriptures. And on the other end – I meet people – utterly foolish – driven by the mind – expecting some magic – expecting some sudden changes – transformation WITHOUT taking any efforts by themselves!

So reading the holy scriptures of your faith – is the first step to start purifying the mind.

Then slowly start with meditation. And the continue to do more and more…..without proper dedication and persistence nothing is possible in this world. Don’t expect happiness. Happiness is not readymade. It comes from your own actions.

Meditate on the Lord’s name. “Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.” Meditate. Focus on the name of the Lord – and a day will come when you will be liberated – you will experience the taste of REAL freedom.

The freedom of the MIND is the beginning of all other freedoms. The whole purpose of meditation is to overcome the MIND. And meditation succeeds the day when there is NO MIND!

The mind is constantly talking. If the inner talk can drop even for a single moment you will be able to have a glimpse of no-mind. That’s what meditation is all about.

Beautiful. And so true. To all my readers, fellow travelers, and followers – I encourage you all to look within. Desires will be there – but you always have the CHOICE to raise the level of your desires!

In the town of ALANDI – I once met a great saint – he must be 78 yrs old at that time. And we became friends. He loved me, I loved him – what else more is required? And in one of my visit – he shared an incident of his life – when he was young – 18 yrs old. He said “ My father was the head of the Panchayat – he was also a very wealthy man. So I had all the pleasures at my feet. And I loved women. I always was on the lookout for a beautiful girl – and soon as I find one – my chase would begin! And life was great – I was young and one day – it happened. I was passing through the village – and had stopped at a tea stall – when a very old man with a long white beard came to me and said “Can you take me to the Head of the Village? I want to meet him”

I said, “ No worries – I am his son – come, I will take you to my home.”

And I took this old man – and I must say – he was something – his aura, the lingering fragrance around him – his eyes…

We reached. And I knocked at the door of my house – and when the door was opened – I was shocked. That was the first shock of my life. I could see exactly the same old man sitting inside my house. I was taken aback.

The old man smiled at me – than he said: “ Will you massage my feet, I have walked a long way.”

I started massaging his feet – but in my mind – I was also thinking of the girl that I had fallen in love. The old man smiled – I thought he must have read my mind – but the words that he said changed my whole life – he looked into my eyes and said “ Beta – the passion that you have for that girl – if the same passion – the same love – can be diverted at the feet of the Lord – then imagine – how beautiful life can be!”

And I was stuck. Those words changed my life forever – and till date – I am blessed to remain stuck at the old man’s feet – a great divine saint – my master – how compassionate – how benevolent he has been – that he changed my life forever!

Just a touch – just a conscious move – and the whole meaning of life can change! The passion and the desire to chase a beautiful girl – when transformed – when diverted towards the feet of the Lord – towards the higher love – the name of the Lord – life can change. The great saint seating before me – and the real-life story that he shared with me – is a great example of this!

SO desires have to be diverted towards the higher altitudes. DESIRE IS DESIRE. There is no question of pure or impure. Instead of focusing on which planet brings a certain desire – start focusing on the level of your desires. Start focusing on raising the quality of your desires. But in a way, I should appreciate this question – because at least the conscious approach of trying to understand something about the DESIRE – has evolved in you! People do not have that much consciousness – they are just happy in living a shallow life. In general, People are always thinking about ‘I’ – that is what common men are generally focused on. “I” – “ME” – always self-centered.

But the Bible has a beautiful verse – in fact, every religion has it – the message is the same – the words may be different.

And this is the peak of all! The peak of life – the peak of meditation. When you are no more – you have merged in HIM – your Lord – your Master – your Guru! Let me tell you – that is the height of all spiritual experiences – that is the ultimate peak – where there is no ‘I’ – so where is the question of ‘desires’ – the moon has become full – the man is no more a man – he has become the ‘Buddha’ – the Enlightened one!

Some people don’t get it. One man said – why you share so much for such a simple question. The question doesn’t matter much – the sharing matters. The question is just a medium – the sharing is for all – for all those souls who are trying to find a way – who are ‘thirsty’ for something that is beyond – and so I thought why not give them the real thing? And so my answers have nothing to do with the question – the question is forgotten – only the answer is remembered – and if this is happening – only then you are flowering – only then you are coming closer to your ‘self’ – only then there is a possibility to overcome the ignorance called RAHU – only then can you live a blissful life – a life that is not driven by MAGIC – but a life that is driven by MIRACLES!

Magic is manmade. The miracle is God made! And the greatest miracle is to know your ‘self’. God has given you a human birth – this is the time – this is the only time to experience HIS miracle by turning inwards. Millions and millions of kings and queens have come and gone – but only those have remained in our hearts – who have gone beyond – who have enlightened us through their divine messages, their grace, their love! So come, come you all – come to the light of consciousness – everything is possible in this life – all you need is the persistence to live your life with consciousness.

Once your consciousness becomes a flame it burns up the whole slavery that the mind has created. Meditate and let consciousness become the guiding force of your life and then life will never be the same – everything around you will be the same – but you will be no more the same – then there is a music to life, bliss, and eternal peace – only when you remain rooted deeply – within.

A time should come in your life – when you are no more meditating. You are meditation! When your hands are doing the work – but meditation continues within – that is the time – when you are truly flowering. Mediation should become a way of life – it should become a part of life and then you do not have to meditate – you are meditation! That’s the stage of Buddha – that’s the stage of a true Yogi!

And my purpose is to encourage you all to move from the stage of BHOGI (RAHU) to the stage of YOGI (KETU) – it is a long journey – may be of hundred more births – so what – every journey begins with a small step. And Buddha says – the only mistake one would do – is not starting and not going all the way. So when you start – don’t give up. The journey may be long – but always remember – the Journey is NOT TOWARDS GOD – the journey is WITH GOD.

Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Shri Guru!

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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