Should I wear Garnet gemstone if my Moon is with Rahu?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

It is a virtual suicide. When I am encouraging my followers to overcome Rahu, there are people who are encouraging people to empower Rahu! Now what to say. My followers have become so wise that they could now answer such questions. But since you have requested for my answer—the answer is simple.

But simple is NOT what people want. And that is the greatest tragedy of human life! The larger question is why is it that People don’t want or like simple things, simple answers is because the MIND loves all that is complicated. MIND just loves to have more and more complications—something different- something stimulating. Simplicity is not what Mind wants—Mind wants all that is complicated, puzzles, mysteries, challenges and then the Mind is happy.

But I am NOT here to make you all happy. I am NOT here to feed your EGO. I am not here to give you the same old learning that you all have been following all your life. REMEMBER – You cannot change yourself by using the old learning- first all the learning has to be dropped – only then you will be able to receive the TRUTH. And SO the question is not much about LEARNING – the real question is much about UNLEARNING!

But who wants to listen?

The first lesson to UNLEARNING- is to start moving beyond the Mind. The Mind magnifies every aspect of our life – and this is very significant and I appeal to all my readers, followers and fellow travelers – this is extremely significant for you all to understand.

Small aspects – Ego, insults, anger – these aspects are not the real culprits – the real culprit is the MIND – it is the MIND that MAGNIFIES your EGO – insults, failures, rejections and angers!

Yesterday Mohan came. And he seemed to be nervous. I knew Mohan – he had been through many difficult times during his young age. When he was 14, he lost his father. Then a gentleman helped him to complete his studies. Then one fine day Mohan left in search of a job. And then they never met again. Today when Mohan came – he looked at me and said “ I met that gentleman after 10 years…but…”

I said “Keep talking, I am listening..”

“ But that gentleman made fun of me. He should have known that I ain’t that old boy anymore- I am a changed man, a grownup man, a much MATURED man….”

I laughed. It was a heartfelt laughter and I said “Mohan…that’s Okay.”

Mohan was angry. He said “ please explain…”

I said “ Mohan…ten years have gone by. Understand the fact that there is TEN years of distance between you and the gentleman who helped you when you were just a boy. I know that you are a highly spiritual individual….I know how much of depth you have within you…I know how faithful and intelligent you have become in these past Ten years….and I know how deeply meditative you have become through your own persistence and devotion. I know all of these…I have been a witness to your TRANSFORMATION. But that gentleman knows nothing about all these beautiful things that has happened to you…he still is caught up in those old MEMORIES- when you were a kid, and so he still considers you as a kid and so just let it be so! What difference does it makes to you – to your situation- to yourself! Always remember- the world may continue to think and believe that YOU are still a Pauper – but in reality YOU are well AWARE of the FACT – the TRUTH – the REALITY that you have millions and millions of treasures in your ‘ bank account’ (Karmic balance)! So now next time if that gentleman or anybody makes fun of you – or label you – or look down upon you – You should just laugh out because YOU know what the Reality is – You are perfectly AWARE of who you are – what you are because you are NO MORE the old silly Mohan – you have evolved into the most meditative Mohan that the world had ever known!”

Mohan started crying….he hugged me…he said “ I have no words to thank you….

I said “ Always remember Mohan, just like this gentleman, in life you will meet many such men and women who will not understand the CHANGE that has happen within you. They will not be able to see the great transformation that you have been through. And that is NOT their fault – because people SEE through the MIND and the MIND is the mecca of memories! Memories and memories- the MIND cannot go beyond memories and so whenever someone from your PAST life will meet you AGAIN by accident- he or she will always Judge you based on the memories that they have about you! So never mind what they say – you just remain focused within. And now come and have a cup of tea with me.”

Mohan felt relieved and relaxed. You see – this is how MIND goes on magnifying words, situations and creates a hell within you and then you all look depressed and angered.

But don’t be. Let this be very clear – NOBODY can understand you but only your GURU. And always remember that the GURU never Judge. The real GURU only understands! True love is born out of Understanding!

People will go on judging you when in reality they don’t know about themselves. And that is the biggest joke of humans. That those who are still to know themselves, goes on judging and evaluating others! Mother Teresa once had said that – ‘If you always go on judging then when will you have the time to LOVE!’

The real master never judge but only loves. And HIS love is unconditional. Then no matter who you are and what you are – HE will never discriminate- will always treat you with love and compassion!

Once it happened- Jesus was sitting on the bank of a river. And suddenly many men came – one of them had brought a young woman. And he said to Jesus “ This woman has committed Adultery. Now tell us what should we do to her. The old religious scriptures say that such an adulterous woman should be stoned to death. You say what to do?”

Jesus looked at those people. And Jesus smiled. He realized that it was a trap. And the trap was that if Jesus said “ stone her to death” than the people will say – where has your compassion gone? Your teaching of forgiveness and love. Was all of that just a bubble of words?

And if Jesus said “ do not stone her to death” than the people were to say “ how come you say that we should not follow the holy scriptures?”

So you see – this is how people are And this is how their Mind works. Mind is cunning. Very cunning.

But they all did not know what Jesus was going to say. They all were eager to hear what Jesus says. And Jesus just looked at them and said “The scriptures are right. You all can stone her to death…BUT only those men will pick up the stone who have NEVER committed Adultery OR NOT even thought of committing Adultery.”

Now those all men were caught up. All VIPs were present – the mayor, the corporater, wealthy men and they all were aware of each other’s mischief. If someone had not committed Adultery then at least at some point in his life he had thought of committing while many had actually committed Adultery. So then who wants trouble?

And so they all stepped back. And slowly slowly each one of them went back to their homes. Only the woman was left alone. It was getting dark..and the woman dropped at the feet of Jesus and started crying…she said “ I have never seen a man like you. I totally surrender to you. Yes I accept my sin of committing Adultery but now you tell me what to do. You be the JUDGE of my life.”

Jesus looked up in the sky and said “ Who am I to judge. It is between YOU and GOD. If you think what you are doing is good than continue with it else stop and restart afresh.”

Even Jesus is not judging then what to say about you or me. Real masters never judge.

I am also NOT judging the man who suggested you with RAHU gemstone GOMED – the matter is between YOU and Him. All I can say and that too in the larger interest of all my followers and readers that wearing GOMED is empowering RAHU. And when RAHU is with MOON (MIND) – empowering RAHU is like empowering a terrorist with more weapons – that eventually will make the MIND go crazy by making it more desirous, shallow, arrogant, and Egoist. It is sure path to hell or in simple words – self destruction!

When Rahu is with Moon – the alternative to gemstone therapy is nothing but a simple remedy.

But who wants to know simple things! As mentioned in the very beginning of this answer – the majority wants complex solutions and not simple. Something that is solid. And their self imposed intellectualism is that whatever is complex is solid!

But my answer is not just for the questioner but also for all my followers and readers.

And so in the larger interest of all my followers- the simple remedy is to start fasting on every Monday and visit Lord Shiva temple and meditate on His holy name – ||Aum Namaha Shivaya||

There is no miracle in this world than the miracle that is found in the Lord’s holy name!

And so come, come you all and let us all meditate on His Holy Name. Once a young man had asked – why repeat? Why the scriptures have so many repeatation- why repeat? Why?

And the divine master had said “ because in those repeatation- a moment will come when you will truly understand and self realize the beauty and the significance that is within those holy scriptures and the Lord’s holy name!”

In school we all learned the alphabets and we all were taught to repeat and repeat and repeat until a day came, a moment came WHEN we realized how to make beautiful and meaningful WORDS out of those alphabets!

This human life is also a school And WE all are students- but the way of this school of life – or let’s say ‘spiritual school of life’ is different than the school we all have been through.

In this spiritual school there is NO Learning.

Rather there is much of UNLEARNING.

In this spiritual school there is No Teacher.

Rather there is simple sharing.

Papaji – the great Yogi and disciple of Bhagvan Ramana Maharshi used to say that there is NO Teacher and there is NO Student- but pure sharing and just pure love!

“Look within, There is no difference between yourself, Self and Guru. You are always Free. There is no teacher, there is no studentthere is no teaching.” – Papaji ( The great Yogi and disciple of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi)

And so let us all be students of such a beautiful school – where there is No learning but much of unlearning- where there is no teacher and no student but the simple feeling – pure feeling of sharing and caring – where there is love and just love.

God is Love. AND love is Real.

The Guru is Love. If you come to HIM with doubts then HE will let you have as many doubts as you may want to. AND if you come to HIM with love than HE will give you so much LOVE that the whole universe may fall short before HIS love, His compassion and His Grace.

To all my followers and readers – as this wonderful year is getting over – I appeal to you all that no matter how difficult life has been…no matter how many times you all have been cheated in the name of love…no matter how many times you may have failed to experience love – but STILL…STILL I insist – Give one more chance to LOVE….always remember LOVERS may fail but LOVE never Fails. NEVER.

So come you all and let us make the new year 2020- a year of LOVE. DEVOTION. AND MEDITATION.

My best wishes to all my followers, readers and fellow travelers.

Let there be more light and more LOVE to your Journey Ahead…

Happy new year to you all.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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