What causes Rahu to become inauspicious?


There is no such thing as auspicious Rahu. And inauspicious Rahu. Rahu is Rahu. Desire is Desire. Ignorance is Ignorance.


But MIND has it’s own propaganda. And if I speak the truth, either you will collapse my answer or some other fellow on this forum who cannot understand or is not willing to face the Truth!


But my followers don’t have to worry. If this answer is collapsed, you all can always turn to my website and read.


The MIND is cunning. The MIND likes to apply shades of auspicious and inauspiciousness.


Existence has absolutely no idea of what is auspicious and what is not! It just goes with the flow….like a beautiful flowing river….. it just goes on flowing….embracing and accepting all that comes on its way…there is absolutely no discrimination, no categorization…


A Yogi is also like a flowing river. In a million- one Yogi is born!


Reminds me of a real incident that Baba Ramdev had shared. It happened that one morning, Baba Ramdev visited the then Prime Minister Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It was morning time, so Atalji asked Baba “ Will you have a cup of milk?”


Baba said “ Yes but only cow’s milk”


Atalji smiled and said, “ Being a Sanyasi – you discriminate between cow and buffalo milk?”


Baba was embarrassed and also enlightened.


Not everyone can be a Yogi. In a million- one is born. And that too, he remains aloof from the world, almost unreachable, behind the curtains!


This incident reminds us of the fact that how much the MIND takes control of the SELF. That even a great Yoga teacher like Baba Ramdev also cannot escape from the discrimination that the MIND brings along!


So I sympathize with the questioner. And so the question is being answered.


Only my genuine followers and readers can understand my sharing. And my answer. The rest are always going to condemn me. Truth is always condemned, it always has been from the very beginning of time. I am not an exception. Whenever you all will indulge on the path of TRUTH, on the path of GOODNESS, on the path of living your life with CONSCIOUSNESS- you all would also have to face severe condemnation and difficulties. It is strange that society wants you to be honest BUT nobody wants to listen to the TRUTH! That is why I always say that the society is fake – we have a majority of hypocrites around us who will ACT and APPEAR to be righteous but when the night falls – the beast within them comes out. And this is exactly how Rahu is – APPEARS to be good, but in reality, is something else!


That is why the support of RAHU is necessary for Film Actors, Politicians. Because the appearance has to be perfect – the whole success story of their life is based on how best they can APPEAR to the public!


For someone who is NOT RAHUISH but Has more support of Ketu- remains aloof, detached, away from the public eyes, only to be found in person when he wishes to. Someone like me, I have never met anyone in person and yet have been able to help a few blessed hearts!


So FAME comes via Rahu. KETU is least bothered about FAME. You know why? Because with Fame comes a lot of NOISE. A lot of distraction. A lot of jealousy. Who wants all of these? The Ketu-ish man is just happy to be in his own bliss. He is happy to help a few.


RAHU thinks or makes you believe that FAME and Wealth is the answer to all your questions.


The reality is something else.



But the base level soul cannot relate to this fact. The base-level soul wants to GRAB it all. And it is not the wrong too…because that is how you learn…unless you go through all of it – evolution to the next level is not possible.


Two possibilities are seen. Either like Jim Carrey you all will evolve after going through all of it – pleasures, sex, woman, power, money.


OR the second possibility is that you will become so much ignorant that you will just continue to revolve around all of these material attractions leading you to nowhere!


So either you all will become Hitler. Or you all will become Buddha!


It all depends on how soon you WAKE UP. I am not here to teach you all – I am simply here to awake you all. I am simply here to share something beautiful that has happened to me, something beautiful that can happen to you. I am singing my song, the song of the truth, the song of the Lord and whoever is going to relate is also going to find his or her song and then there is a dance, a joy, a flow of bliss within you all!


And this *is* possible otherwise I would not have received emails from a many of you- who are turning inwards, who are flowering into something beautiful……


This question has no answer. And yet this answer can lead you all to many deeper questions. The most primary of all – *Who am I?*


The greatest question is the question of self-inquiry says the Bhagavan. Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi.



And the day this question is born within you – all satellites and all the channels will start streaming….within itself and there is no ‘bill’ attached!


Gagangiri Maharaj of Khopoli used to say that once the TV within you is activated – no other TV on the outside is needed anymore!


My salute to His Holiness Gagangiri Maharaj.


Was blessed to have his Darshan when I was in my early days.


The common man is after wealth, money, sex, pleasures and because he remains at the base level of consciousness- Rahu appears to him as good and bad. Good Rahu means he will be showered with lots of money, fame, woman, pleasures, and all of those glamorous things.


And Bad Rahu means he will suffer mentally. Will go through many difficulties, challenges, ups, and downs.


In reality, there is no such thing as bad Rahu and good Rahu. Rahu is Rahu. Credit Card is a Credit Card. If it is ‘giving’ you then let me remind you all that it is also charging a hefty interest upon you!


But a common man or a base level ignorant man like to fantasize Rahu as good and bad. In reality, Rahu is Rahu. A politician is a politician. He never gives anything without a calculated self-interest!


If he is showering upon you all the pleasures you had wished for than he is simply keeping you away from reality and the higher purpose of this human life! Keeping you away from the Consciousness within you.


The Yogi is therefore happy to go through the difficulties that Rahu brings than the showering that Rahu brings!


Rahu cannot fool Jesus. Rahu cannot fool Krishna. Rahu cannot fool the Buddha. Rahu cannot fool Rama.


These all are great Yogis, who have attained the ultimate stage of Consciousness. The packages of Rahu cannot distract them. And that is why they all attained God. Became Godly!


There is one beautiful story. Story of the Sufi Saint Karim. Karim was one of the tallest saints of the Sufis. Such a simple man…whole life he spent in giving …..just giving…..nothing was asked for….nothing was expected. And he continued his journey from village to village…whoever came was blessed. Was cured. Was helped. But old Karim never asked or expected anything. He was just happy to be. Happy in his own bliss…..


When people would ask him – how his life changed – he would say:


“In love, People become drunkards, but in Lord’s devotion, I have become a prayerful man!”


One day God came to him. And God said “ Karim…my Karim….I have been watching you…your whole life I have been watching you…and you have been such a sweet fellow, such a giver that I have seen rarely such givers…who give without expecting anything in return. But Karim, today I want to give you something…..”


Karim smiled. Bowed before God and said “ You know I don’t take anything. Your coming itself is the greatest blessing to me. But I refuse to take anything. I am happy to be with all I am blessed with.”


God knew that this is what the answer was going to be! But God was also not willing to give up. He knew that this strange fellow is not going to let in so easily…


So God said “ Karim – I am God. And how can you deny God? How can you reject God’s offer?”


See God also talks cleverly like Krishna. Krishna is God. And God is Krishna!


Now Karim was in dilemma. He knew that God has caught him nicely. But he could also understand how much God loves him! So much so that God is just not willing to go unless he expresses some wish to be fulfilled.


Tears started flowing through his eyes…whole life he had not wished for anything in return for his love and now God had come to his doorstep – insisting that he must express some wish…..


Reciting the holy name of His Guru, and the Lord….Karim waited for a while.


“ I am waiting, “ said God.


Karim opened his eyes and said, “ God, if you really want to give me something in return then let this one wish of mine be graced by your blessing…”


God became very happy. Finally, Karim had agreed. Finally, Karim had expressed his wish!


“ Just say it and it will be granted, Karim my child…” said God.


And the words, the wish that Karim expressed should be written in Gold…Karim said


“ Wherever I go….wherever my shadow falls upon…let that place is blessed. If I am walking through a barren land….than let that barren land transform into rich farmland. If I am walking through an ill-health, sick man’s house, let that man heal and become as fit as he can. If I am walking through a jobless man’s house let him be blessed with a good job and let his family prosper…..if I am walking through a shopkeeper’s house, let his shop gain more business….if I am walking through any place where there are people suffering than let all those sufferings be Healed and let all those men and women gain strength to stand against all odds and walk through the difficulties of their life……O Lord…O God wherever my shadow falls – let that place be blessed is all I wish for….”


And God rushed towards Karim and hugged him tightly…..it was the only moment when God’s eyes became wet. Unable to control- God said, “ Karim even now you have not asked anything for yourself….what are you made of son…..”


And Karim said “ LOVE. From your ever-flowing love and grace and the compassion and love of my Guru, my Master….”



And it is said that from that day onwards wherever Karim went – wherever the Sufi Saint Karim’s shadow fell upon – was healed.


Sick was cured. Diseases were healed. Questions were solved. And yet old Karim never was impacted by it. Because along with the said wish – Karim also had put one condition….


God was also surprised. Because who could dare to put a condition before God! But Karim was a strange fellow, a very dear fellow, a true follower of God…and so God has agreed.


“What is it?” God had asked


And the most revered Sufi Saint, the saint of saints – Karim had said “Only one condition Father…that I should NOT come to know of my wish being fulfilled. That my shadow is healing all those who are touched by it. That I should never be distracted by the miracles that happen with my shadow….that I be always in my own bliss…”


And God had accepted this condition. God had no words to express his love towards Karim…..all God had said was “ You scoundrel…my good fellow…now come here and give me a Hug….”



And that was the golden moment of Karim’s life….he was so touched…that he started crying…but God said “ I have to go now….but you always REMAIN the way you are…. my son. I am truly touched to have such a beautiful child like you…”


And God turned and started walking…..here….the teardrops falling from Karim’s eyes were just not willing to stop!


Whenever you cry out of devotion and pure love….the teardrops feel cold to your hands. And wherever you cry out of pain…the teardrops feel warm.


Here the teardrops were cold because they were flowing out of devotion….pure love!


Karim gives all of us a significant message. That MIRACLE happening through our hands should never ever go to our heads. Because then it gives birth to that ugliest thing called EGO!


Karim, therefore, remains a unique Kohinoor of the Sufis. Such diamonds are rare…one in a million!


My salute to Sufi Saint Karimshah.


Shadow….Rahu is also a shadow. Shadow of our desires and wishes. But if I have to answer this question than I would say that – YES if ever the shadow has to be – than it has to be a shadow of someone as beautiful as Karimshah. Shadow of the divine master. The shadow that brings healing and peace to – others. I repeat – to Others. Then there is an altogether different dimension to life. Then there is a song to it. Then there is a dance to it!



But who wants to listen? A common man is behind his own desires and fulfillment. Only to realize at the end of his life that the whole life was wasted by focusing on the outward when the way is through inwards!


But my fellows and I say it all who have been following me…you all must be something. Because otherwise following a man like me is impossible. A man who is going beyond Mind. And I am always touched whenever I receive emails from those of you – who are turning inwards..who are meditating…who are flowering into something beautiful……


Always remember – and I say it specifically to all my followers and readers. Along with your meditation – also focus as much as you can in the ACT OF GIVING.


No one has ever become poor by GIVING.


Common men cannot give. And when I say common – let it be very clear that it has nothing to do with the status. You may be a millionaire and yet if you cannot give….the heart is not large enough to give then you remain a common soul, a common man.


It is irrelevant of how much you earn. If are earning 1 rupee or 1 dollar a month – give away minimum 10 cents or 10 paise every month.


But men and women who are too much caught in the trap of the monkey MIND cannot understand this. They go on clinging to money as if they are going to take it with them when this temporary physical body is going to perish.


And Buddha says – You only lose what you Cling to!



So all these men and women who remain stingy and are always clinging to money – always end up in utter misery. They may die in the most expensive luxurious hospital but there is no peace to their hearts….the nature of clinging never lets them the peace and the bliss that their soul longs for!


This nature of clinging is of Rahu. Rahu is the North Node of the Moon ( Mind). The Mind is ALWAYS in favor of Rahu. The Mind is always against Ketu! Because Ketu has the strength to overcome the monkey mind. And Mind, therefore, dislikes Ketu. Ketu is a direct danger to the existence of the monkey mind. And Shri Ganesha represents Shri Ketu.


Today as we all are celebrating Ganesha Festival, in His omnipresence let us all fold our hands and pray to Him for love, for detachment, for real growth.



All the Gurus have always first prostrated before Lord Ganesha! Because unless you have the support of Ketu – the ‘jump’ cannot be initiated. The ‘courage’ to detach cannot manifest!



There was one little girl. Very sweet. And she lived in a small village. And when she comes to know that Gautama Buddha is coming to her village….her heart is filled with joy…..she eagerly waits for his arrival…..



And Buddha comes. And the whole village gathers to listen to His golden words..to His discourse. The girl is also present. Buddha speaks….and the whole village hears….but the little girl listens. Every word is listened and not just heard. When you hear- the word is not reaching within. When you listen – the word goes all the way to your heart….and then the heart starts vibrating. Her heart too was vibrating with every single word of the Lord…her heart moved. When the discourse was over, all the villagers went back to their home. But only this little girl remained and she said….


“Master initiate me….I have been waiting for you…..”


To this, the Buddha says “ And I have been waiting for you….I have come all the way just for you….your prayers and your love have brought me here…”


And Buddha initiated the little girl. She said


“ I want to be with you. Take me along with you.”


Buddha said “ The road is long and I am getting old…you need not come with me, I am with you, so why unnecessarily take the physical pain to walk along with me? You stay here in this village. And wherever you are – you will progress and a day will come when the light of Consciousness within you will guide the people of this village. Always remember– I am with you.


The girl hugged the master. Through her flowing tears, she washed the feet of the master. And the master blessed her – His eyes became wet, with a heavy heart he said:


“I must leave now…..”


The master left. But only after sowing a divine seed…that is to grow into a beautiful tree..someday…sometime….someplace!



People are many. One cannot imagine how vast this human world is! We all limit our world to our mind. Our mind is our world. I am helping you all to come out of this Mind. It is a long journey and the majority has not even started!


But you all have met me through this forum and for a few….a very few…the journey has begun!


No matter how long is the journey, every long journey begins with a small step!


So come, come you all. Let us bath in the glory of the Lord. Let us sing in the glory of the lord. To God, to the ultimate Consciousness- there is nothing called inauspicious or auspicious. Everything is Godly and Everything is perfect. Then a crow is also as good as an eagle. Because the conscious master sees through His heart. We see through our Mind. And so we discriminate between the Black and the White. To the master – black is as beautiful as white. An ant is as equal as a human being!


Saint Tukaram once met the might ruler Chaptrapatti Shivaji Maharaj and looking at the king- Saint Tukaram said: “ To me, an ant is as equal as a human being.”



A beautiful picture of Saint Tukaram and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj


Saint Eknath had carried the holy water of the Ganges. As he was about to reach his home, he came across a thirsty crow. The crow was dying the crow was thirsty….and Saint Eknath without thinking for a second – offered the holy water of Ganges to that dying crow! The crow was saved. The crow happily flew away. The water that he had carried along all the way from Kashi for his family- was offered to a dying crow! Only someone as beautiful as SAINT Eknath can do such a gracious thing. The pundits may call him a fool, but to God, there is absolutely nobody as wise as Saint Eknath! My salute to His Holiness.



A lovely picture of Saint Eknath writing the holy scripture ‘Eknath Bhagwat’


Our land is blessed with such great Saints. Blessed are the men and the women who is born on this land – the land of the Saints – our beautiful India!


Let us all come out of this caste barriers, let us all come out of this monkey mind that goes on driving us to many miseries…let us all come out of all discriminations…..let us all come out of the nature of condemning….because every Saint has a Past and every Sinner has a future!


The journey never stops. Some fail, some succeed….but failing and succeeding is a part of the PROCESS that we all must trust.


Trust HIS process and just go with the flow of your life. Let life flow, don’t interrupt. Flow with compassion in your heart. Compassion can cure more sins than Condemnation.


On this auspicious occasion of Ganesha festival- I wish and pray that all my followers and readers be blessed with the light of Consciousness.


When you focus within when you balance your Meditation with good karma, the karma of giving, helping…..slowly you all will start flowering…..and then there will be a song to your life…a dance…then life starts transforming into a beautiful painting….then you are no more a Caterpillar but transforming into a beautiful butterfly.


Every day God brings life to millions of buds that start flowering…..into a beautiful flower…You all too will start flowering…all you have to do is live your life in total surrender…surrender to your master. To your lord. Let HIM drive your life. HE can do more with your life than – you can.



Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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