What happens when Rahu transit 11th house?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

“On your path – you will come across people who would ‘appear’ to be positive, spiritual but in reality, they will be utterly jealous of you – and will try their level best to demotivate you – pull you down – BUT- remember you should not fall in their trap. Because they are in minority – while those who love you are in majority – but the MIND is such that it FIRST gets distracted towards the negative – I alert you – this is going to happen – but you have to remain conscious – you have to write in the larger interest of those beautiful souls who are looking forward – for motivation – so let the jealous mean people try to demotivate you – but you should always motivate others – always remember this – Sammasti.” – a young man received this divine message in his dreams. He must be like me. He must be like you too!

In life, on the path that you have chosen – you will find many people who will try their level best to demotivate you – out of jealousy, out of ego, out of pride – out of malicious intentions – they will try to do all sorts of things that are possible to FINISH YOU – to ‘KILL’ YOU VIRTUALLY!

When the MOON is weak – RAHU becomes more harmful than otherwise!

Then some people – commit suicide. Yesterday I read the news – a woman committed suicide – just because she was trolled on TWITTER!

So you see – when you ask me a question of RAHU transiting 11th house – I would want to alert you – that you may become a target of social (virtual) platform – people may troll you – some people may ‘appear’ (RAHU) to be sweet – but in reality they will be planning to target you someday or the other.

RAHU in 11th – money comes, but the same money makes you blind. You become blind – totally blind – when I say blind – it is the blindness of your consciousness and not your Eyes. You will see – but you will not feel. And there is a beautiful story that I can relate you to.

The Master has been observing both of his disciples – they have been following the Dharma – but a time came when only one had to be chosen as HIS successor. So one day the master gave one parrot to each and told the disciples to go to a lonely place – where nobody is watching – kill the parrot and come back.”

The first disciple came back within minutes. He went outside the house, went behind the house, looked — there was nobody — killed the parrot and came back. The Master said, “Wait. Let the other one come back too.”

Days passed, months passed, and then years passed. After three years the other man came back with the parrot still alive.

He said, “Take your parrot back. If this is a condition for initiation it is impossible to fulfil. I searched in every possible way: I went into the mountains, I went into dark caves, underground caves, but it is impossible.”

The Master said, “Why is it impossible?”

He said, “I was present, the parrot was not alone — one thing. I closed my eyes, I blindfolded myself, I put the parrot behind me, but the parrot was present! I drugged the parrot, I made the parrot unconscious, but then suddenly I became aware that God is present and he is present everywhere. I have tried hard for three years; I could not find a place where he is not. So please take your parrot back. I am sorry — I have failed.”

The master took the hand of the second disciple in his – raised him up – hugged him and said: “ Son – you have NOT failed – you are the one who has truly succeeded me.”

Your blindness is your ignorance – it has nothing to do with your eyes – there are millions of blind men who have no eyes to see – and yet they are much conscious, much humane, much understanding than those who have those perfect eyes!

The first disciple was ignorant. He simply followed the Master’s words like a robot – there was absolutely no consciousness – no awareness – no humanity – no FEELINGS.

You will ‘see’ – but you will not ‘feel’ – that’s what RAHU does – you fall for the ‘appearance’ – you just fall for the ‘looks’ – the ‘words’ that are spoken – you never try to ‘see’ what lies within.

Millions and millions of beautiful woman and handsome men are in this world – and they exist in almost every walk of life! And yet not every woman who ‘appears’ beautiful is truly beautiful within! But shallow people fall easily to the ‘appearance’ – RAHU is appearance- many times people with RAHU in ascendant looks high appealing – magnetic – if a woman has RAHU in ascendant she has that perfect figure – to which the man falls – and then a time comes in his life when he starts to ‘figure’ out on how to get out of her clutch! But he is already ‘caught’!

That is how RAHU entangles you – like a ruthless serpent – and then you try hard to ‘figure’ out on how to get a divorce or a breakup – but you are already in her trap – now there is no way out!

Never fall for the ‘appearance’ – a good looking woman can trap you easily – only if you are shallow and following only that what ‘appears’ – just the way the first disciple falls for the ‘words’ without going beneath those words and understanding the true essence of the ‘test’.

And so the Master then turns to the first disciple and says “Get out, get lost! You are simply stupid. It will take lives for you to understand what I have to teach.”

But to the other – the second disciple – the Master says “You are accepted, you are welcomed. This was a test — you have passed it.”

Test of consciousness! Life at every moment is testing your consciousness!


It has more to do with consciousness. It has more to do with the shallowness within you.

You are happily married – and yet you fall for a woman. Why? Ask yourself – WHY? and the most obvious answer is her ‘appearance’! You fall for those looks – those sweet talks – all is ‘appearance’ – it is just a ‘trailer’ – you haven’t yet found the real movie – the real package that lies beyond the ‘trailer’ that you have been falling for!


11th house – that’s your girlfriend or boyfriend or second wife!

And RAHU in 11th house – is a strong indication that you will come across ‘men’ or ‘women’ who will APPEAR to be good, to be nice – but in reality the story is something else!

The ancient seers have signified 11th house as MARAK. Strange. Because this house brings you a girlfriend, money, status and yet it is called MARAK. Were the sages mad? When a wise man is sitting with 10 mad men – it is the wise man who is called ‘fool’ – the majority always wins!

But in reality, the sages were so wise – that when they scripted the essence of astrology – the AGE -that period was very spiritual in nature. So anything that comes in between you and your spiritual progress was considered to be MARAK!

See – how beautiful is this – but now we have come so far – that beyond SEX – beyond MONEY – beyond POWER – there is absolutely nothing that can attract you!

And that is how RAHU finds it easy to catch you. It was difficult for RAHU to catch men and women in the ancient times – but now it is easy because people have become shallow – their priorities have changed – Love has taken backseat and SEX has taken the front seat. MONEY is on the mind and the feelings have no place. Controlling others has become more important than controlling oneself – Power – therefore has become a great attraction.

So now the 11th house – has now become the most IMPORTANT house in the affairs of human beings. You see – as time changes – so does the priorities, the importance changes! Today the most powerful nation is the US. Some 100 years ago – it was England. And a few more hundred years ago – it was INDIA!

With time – MARAK becomes TARAK – and TARAK becomes MARAK.

Sad story – but a real story of today’s AGE!

I love the ancient seers and I love them because of their deeper realization of what the 11th house finally leads to!

Yes – 11th house may shower lots of money, power, beautiful friends (girlfriends/boyfriends) – status – fame – power. BUT with all this package comes the baggage of EGO, ARROGANCE, LUST, GREED – which finally leads the soul to nowhere – but only to HELL.

You see – why the ancient Seers labelled the 11th house as MARAK. How deep is their vision – truly- that is why I have been saying again and again – Astrology is beyond Mathematics – Astrology is spiritual by nature – but people don’t get it – they are still stuck in the ‘calculations’ and in houses, cusps, and Yogas!

Now – the 11th house has all the pleasures you have been seeking for many past lives. Look at the 5th house – that is where the ‘key’ to unlock the pleasures of the 11th house is. If your 5th house is well aspected – the 5th house lord is positive – only – than the ‘assets’ of the 11th house can be utilized with consciousness!

This is of great significance – understand this because nobody is going to tell you this – but I am sharing it with all my readers – understand this.

5th house is the accumulation of your past Karmas – and the state of the 5th house lord determines how conscious you have been – how conscious you are – how constructive you are – you see – that is why this house also determines ‘entrepreneurship’ – because only a creative, conscious, constructive man or woman can become an entrepreneur! So 5th house determines – WHAT YOU ARE?

But the story does not end here. You may be a good man – a good woman – a good entrepreneur – but will you succeed – how much will you succeed?

And the answer is found in your 11th house and 11th house lord placement.

I am going to make a revelation. The 11th house is RAHU! It is a very strange revelation – but if you look deeply into the matters of the 11th house – as discussed above – then you will find that – O yes – RAHU indeed is comfortable in 11th house – because RAHU is all that MAYA – and 11th house is MAYA (material world) and so RAHU if is in a sign of Libra, Aquarius, Gemini – then definitely this RAHU showers upon you the MAYA and makes you so much BLIND that only if you have a strong 5th house and 5th lord than you can find balance – else the MAYA of RAHU drags you all the way to so much so that you become ‘money’ and just ‘money’.

11th house is Rahu’s house. 11th sign – Aquarius is also Rahu’s sign. Have you ever met an Aquarius woman? A woman who has her MOON in Aquarius sign – she is from head to feet – a perfect RAHU.

Aquarius moon women are outspoken, modern (or in some cases – highly modern) – generally not traditional – they like everything that goes against the social norms – basically, they are the rebels – you tell them – do this – and they will ask you one hundred questions.

Aquarius woman or men – are not very faithful – not very traditional. RAHU won’t let them. Their moon (MIND) dwells in the vicinity of RAHU – so they are NOT emotional. They are highly intellectual. They are totally in their MIND – there is absolutely no place for the heart.

Such women and men – do well in IT, Engineering, they also do well as surgeons – because all these fields need no emotional connection. Even in the military, they are exceptionally good.

A doctor can cut your stomach – only if he has or she has that emotional disconnect – and Aquarius is one of the most emotionally disconnect zodiac sign!

So RAHU in 11th – from transit or natal placement – is good from the material perspective – you will get what you had wished for – BUT – how you are going to use – is totally based on the position of your past karma – your consciousness – which is your 5th house!

Last week, I was seated in an old shrine – and the shrine is such that it is BIG with a beautiful garden and many young boys and girls come to study – because it is a nice place for studies – quiet and peaceful. And seated on the floor – looking at the master’s photo – a thought came – this is the 5th house.

You see – even locations are influenced by certain energy to which as per astrology you can address as 5th 6th 7th and so on.

So many boys and girls come – they are deeply engrossed in their studies – nearby is the Samadhi of the benevolent divine master – and who knows – as they study together – it is obvious that within a few of them – love may also spark up! – A perfect 5th house. That has love, studies, and also divinity!

But then a question came – how come ‘love’ relates to the 5th house.

And now as I write to you – that 5th house is the house of consciousness – suddenly I am enlightened with the fact that yes – consciousness is the door to real love – true love – the higher love – and that is how love gets connected to the 5th house!

Love succeeds. Love never fails you. Always remember this. You – fail love because of your Ego, because of your ignorance, but love never fails you!

In life – many of you go across multiple relationships. In fact, it is a good thing. Look around you – how many have truly experienced love – relationships – but you have. You have and this is very important – understand this – YOU HAVE. It is okay that the relationship may have failed – it is okay that that at several stages love may have dried away in your life – but at least you had the ‘experiences’ – and it is those ‘experiences’ that have helped you to EVOLVE – to MATURE – to become a totally different person than you had been – when it all had begun!

And so – I never look down upon those men and those women who had been through many relationships – because it is these relationships – these experiences, these failures that help you to mature – to understand life.

In fact, that man, that woman is truly the most beautiful person – who has the courage to declare to the skies whatever they are – whatever they have been through. It really takes courage to ‘be’ what you are!

The master always likes the man, the woman – who has the courage to declare their reality – such a man, such a woman always is welcomed – because to experience the beyond – courage is needed – and a man, a woman who has the courage to reveal all that he or she is and had been through – can certainly ‘JUMP’ and only that man and woman can reach the beyond – who has the courage to JUMP!

You may have many encounters of love affairs – that’s your 5th. But you are failing or you have failed in those love affairs – whenever your 5th house, the 11th house comes under a transit that either – makes you ignorant or brings someone who is more attractive than you – and then your love-partner/boyfriend or girlfriend leaves you.

Then what to do? That is the main question? Isn’t it?

And the answer is simple – LET GO. Because if you try to bring him or her back – what is the guarantee that they will stay on?

But who wants to listen? Your heart knows the truth – but your MIND is not willing to ACCEPT. And that is how you make your life more miserable!

Just a few days ago – a young man called me and said “ From last few weeks I am taking sleeping pills because my girlfriend has left me.”

A woman is NOT the weaker sex. It is the man who is the weaker sex. Understand this-this is of great significance. The woman has more resistance power. The man is very weak against small bugs – and yet he becomes Muhammad Ali – the Great! He cannot fight small bugs, he is incapable of doing any boxing against them. But the woman does.

It is a very strange thing that the suicide rate of the man is double that of the woman – and woman is the weaker sex?? She suffers more, her whole life in the past has been of suffering. Woman have been treated like cattle.

When a woman is pregnant – she can tell whether the child in her womb is male or female. How can she guess it? Very simple guesswork, which is absolutely certain. The boy starts kicking in her womb, the girl is calm and quiet. And the mother can feel the difference. The boy is becoming tense, worried already, already trying to learn boxing. The girl is very silent in the mother’s womb – creates no movement is more stable, more centred, more grounded.

Women threaten that they will commit suicide, but they do not do it. The difference is again the same: men commit suicide twice as often as women do. And it has to be understood that their suicides are also different. The woman commits suicide because the man forces her to commit suicide. Man commits suicide because of his own anguish, worry, despair

This man also was about to commit suicide because he was angry – frustrated on his failure – he was deserted by his girlfriend – and life seems to be a dark tunnel – where there was no light, no love, no feelings.

Then I told him a small story – a story that I am going to share with you all.

It happened once, there was a great Sufi saint. And HE had remained happy his whole life — no one had ever seen him unhappy — who was always laughing, who was laughter, whose whole being was a perfume of celebration…. In his old age, when he was dying, on his deathbed and still enjoying death, laughing hilariously, a disciple asked, “You puzzle us. Now you are dying, why are you laughing? What is there funny about it? We are feeling so sad. We wanted to ask you many times in your life why you are never sad. But now, confronting death at least, one should be sad. You are still laughing — how are you managing it?”

The old man said, “It is simple. I had asked my master — I had gone to my master as a young man; I was only seventeen and already miserable, and my master was old seventy, and he was sitting under a tree, laughing for no reason at all. There was nobody else there, nothing had happened, nobody had cracked a joke or anything, and he was simply laughing, holding his belly. I asked him, ‘What is the matter with you? Are you mad or something?’

He said, ‘One day I was also as sad as you are. Then it dawned on me that it is my choice, it is my life.’

“Since that day, every morning when I get up, the first thing I decide is… before I open my eyes I say to myself, ‘Farid” — that was his name — “what do you want? Misery? Blissfulness? What you are going to choose today?’ And it happens that I always choose blissfulness.”

It is a choice. Try it. When you become aware the first moment in the morning that sleep has left, ask yourself, “Farid, another day! What is your idea? Do you choose misery or blissfulness?”

And who would choose misery? And WHY? It is so unnatural — unless one feels blissful in misery, but then too you are choosing bliss, not misery.

It is your life. The PAST is no more. The FUTURE is not yet. And the PRESENT moment is always asking you – What do you want? Misery or Bliss?

What you choose is what you become.

The young man liked the story. I said to him “You remember this story every morning you get up – every morning – try it out for a week and then call me.”

After seven days he calls me and says “ I am reborn – I am feeling so good – and you know what – I have also stopped taking those sleeping pills.”

Life can change, life can help you to rise – only if you are willing to take that one step – towards bliss. If you are willing to drop the past and embrace the present – then the miracle can happen – the question is are you ready – and the other question is how to get ready?

And the answer is – first, learn to LET GO. Always remember – after every full stop – a new sentence begins! The story never ends. There is always someone out there – for you – the only thing is still the time hasn’t come – the moon is yet to become full!

Wait. Learn to be PATIENT. PATIENCE is the KEY. And the driving force of this KEY is FAITH! FAITH & PATIENCE. SHRADDHA AUR SABURI.

Sai Baba has given the greatest keys for you to unlock the treasure of your life – SHRADDHA AUR SABURI.

Let those who have left you – find their own way. You just be patient and be faithful – morning comes – joy comes, life is never the same, change is constant. Always remember this – success is not final and failure is not fatal.

Rahu 11 transit will bring a lot of MAYA – meaning, relationship, social networking, followers – but BE AWARE – this MAYA is of RAHU and whatever RAHU gives, HE gives it at a certain cost.

I have seen people become busy with their friends, social obligations and in return, the cost they have to pay is of the ‘family life’! Money is coming, status is coming your way – but family life is slipping out of your hands – what to do? Only an evolved soul can find a balance. Balance – that is the word. And to bring a certain balance to your life – you have to first know yourself. How will you know yourself? Only through meditation, by focusing on the Lord’s name.

The whole chaos is of your MIND. And the MIND is judgemental. Be very careful, especially when you are on your spiritual journey – because every now and then – your MIND may hover over you-you may get into intellectual debates – you may fall for appreciations – you may become a victim of your EGO – there are many hurdles that you have to consciously overcome – it sounds difficult – but with the arrival of the Guru – the Master – everything becomes possible – remember one thing – the Guru is not the one who holds the torch – the Guru is the torch.

Coming June 2019 – you all will find the collection of my Quora answers on Rahu in a new book format. In the new book – you will come across a beautiful real story that reveals the greatness of the Guru. The book is titled “RAHU – Spell of Ignorance.” – It will be released worldwide via Amazon.

There is much to RAHU – much to be revealed – some people are having pain in their stomachs on why I am sharing so much openly – let them have the pain – while we all rejoice in sharing, in following the path of love, the path of the Truth.

Always remember – You have no right to expect anything from anyone. To expect means you are living in ignorance.

If you cannot understand a certain sharing – a certain answer – you are free to ignore or disconnect or block – but why to hurt someone? But people don’t get it – you may become 50 yrs old – you may talk a lot about spirituality and yet if you cannot use words wisely than everything goes down the drain. This is how people make distances – this how people create their own karmic cycle.

You may go on calling me a fool – but by doing so – you are becoming much foolish. Because one negative step – creates 1000 times negative affects in your life, on your body, in your mind. Mind – the mind is judgemental – and the moment you become a judge – the whole essence is lost – you may scream to the whole world – how great you are – but inside you remain a hollow man – totally disturbed man, a lost man. And that’s what RAHU does – Rahu makes you a miserable man – he may give you all the wealth and power and yet you always remain a lost man – a man with no direction, no purpose – no life. To be with RAHU is to be with Ignorance – and that is what my new book is about – the SPELL OF IGNORANCE. And to be with GURU – is to be with consciousness. The answer to all your problems is in one word – CONSCIOUSNESS

You can always read my first book which is on consciousness — titled “Gift of Consciousness” available on Amazon.

Consciousness! The beauty of consciousness is beyond the power of words. When you are living with consciousness – it doesn’t matter if the whole world calls you a fool. And if you are living with ignorance – it doesn’t matter even if the whole world calls you a genius!

Lao Tzu – what a lovely divine man. Without HIS words, how can this answer end! Yesterday – an old connection on LinkedIn commented – that there is no answer in my answer. I disconnected with him – also blocked him – because even though he had been a close follower – lately it seems that he has developed certain negativity within him – he has become the mind – he is reading my answer but by his MIND – he may go to many masters – but how can he find the truth – how can he — when he is reading my answer through HIS MIND! And Mind is judgemental – it goes on judging and judging and in the process, the real essence is lost – it is simply lost.

“And then there is a third type of people” – says Lao Tzu – “People who listen without listening – when somebody listens as if he is listening without listening, then he laughs at my foolishness.”

Lao Tzu further says – And the third type of mind is the MAJORITY.

I am happy when someone calls me a fool. Because when you know what you are – what difference it makes if someone calls you a fool, a stupid, an idiot? Tell me – and that is why I appeal to all you fellows, readers – that look – look within and discover yourself.

Gains (11th) is one thing – what you make out of those gains (5th) is other. And my purpose is simply to help you and the readers – to raise your awareness. Else there are millions and millions of books on astrology – but my answer is beyond astrology – Astrology has become the tool of the MIND – when in reality it has nothing to do with the MIND – it is purely meditative – and only a meditative man can understand the essence of astrology and the essence of my answer. Be more and more meditative – I tell you – and all my readers and fellow travellers – throw away the MIND – and come to the core of your heart – that is where the true answer is – that is where the essence of true life is.

Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Guru!

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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