What happens when Rahu transit over natal Ketu in the birth chart?


State of Desire has come to the State of Desirelessness. And State of Desirelessness has come to the State of Desires!

That is in nutshell what Rahu transit on Ketu and Ketu transit on Rahu is all about!

What you had desired – or – the subtle desire that is still ‘alive’ within you – now need to be ‘nullified’ (KETU – SHUNYA).

And the matters of the house in which your NATAL KETU is placed – those matters are to be aflamed!

How beautiful is this and how beautiful astrology can be! I thank you for the question that you have asked.

This is how life is – this is how the many birth cycles that you all have been through is!

A man who has KETU in his 7th house in this BIRTH – had the same KETU in his 1st house! Last Birth he had TOO MUCH OF SEXUAL PLEASURES – this BIRTH the ‘TRANSIT’ has happened – now KETU is at RAHU’s place and RAHU is at KETU’s place!

Some trouble is expected when you have to ‘change the bench’!

Remember the old school days – the class teacher would order – “Mohan – you have sat on the first bench for many days – now from tomorrow – you will sit on the last bench and those who were LAST will become FIRST.”

And this is how the whole UNIVERSE has been functioning – this is what exactly GOD has been saying – “THOSE WHO WERE LAST will become FIRST”!

You have asked about TRANSITING RAHU KETU – but your question has taken me back to the actual BIRTH CYCLE – because this is how it happens – where KETU is there – RAHU comes and where RAHU is there KETU comes and this cycle goes on repeating like a WHEEL – until we become MINDFUL – it just goes on and on and on….

This cycle continues – this birth you have KETU in the 7th house – you are deprived of having good sexual pleasures from your legal partner – next birth – you will have RAHU in the 7th house and you will have your hands all over the places – you will be a man – blessed with all kind of sexual pleasures and then again next birth you are back to KETU in 7th!

This cycle continues – remember this – this is so deep that it is impossible to convey on this public platform – may be only a man like me must be doing this – after all only the insane can do what the others fear to do! The society calls such a man ‘insane’ but the society forgets the fact that it is only the insane who can HEAR that – which other’s can’t!

Always remember – only a man who is INSANE can truly experience GOD! Because he is out of his mind – and the divine can be felt – can be experienced only when you are in the state of NO MIND!

NO MIND – KETU. That’s KETU! In the coming month of September – a whole 550 pages brand new book of mine is releasing on Amazon worldwide – you all can read my heart that I poured for the LOVE that I have for KETU!

KETU is NO MIND – it is the state of DESIRELESSNESS. And when transiting RAHU comes – it simply AFLAME the matters of the house that KETU had otherwise curbed!

You may never have had any interest in watching TV, or MOVIE. You simply had absolutely NO interest in ROMANCE or ROMANTIC Novels or movies. But now on your NATAL 5th house KETU – RAHU is ARRIVING! Suddenly you start thinking about reading an entertainment magazine or a novel, you try out watching a movie, you think about going out on a ‘trip’ with family – you think about ‘learning’ something new. So you see – all the matters of 5th house that were curbed by KETU – are now made aflame by RAHU!

And on the spot opposite to 5th house – 11th – hmm, here KETU maharaj has arrived and so now the focus on networking, and engaging with groups, or focusing on profits and spending time with friends is CURBED – because there in the 5th RAHU is making you busy with your own indulgence with all kind of matters that the 5th house signify!

So you see – always remember that RAHU and KETU are NOT FRIENDS. Because they are ENERGIES that are totally CONTRAST in NATURE. One is a THUG and the other is a SADHU.

Now when THUG comes at SADHU’s house – he is going to spoil the matters of that house. And when SADHU comes at the THUG’s house – he is going to disrupt the matters of that house!

Now let me put it in this way – if you have problems from RAHU – then KETU’s transit over your NATAL RAHU – will result in CURBING those problems! So KETU transit over RAHU is GOOD from the spiritual perspective! Moreover a KETUISH man will appreciate this development (transit of KETU over NATAL RAHU).

But to a RAHUISH man – it means TROUBLE!

So you see – one has to first ‘SEE’ – whether the HOROSCOPE (NATIVE) is RAHUISH or KETUISH!

If he is KETUISH – his troubles of RAHU are now nullified (SHUNYA – KETU).

If he is RAHUISH – his troubles increase because RAHU is HIS MASTER – and who would LIKE ‘CENSOR’ on the master!



Jupiter and Mercury are enemies meaning contrasting energies. Jupiter is Intelligent. Mercury is Intellectual.

Intellectualism is indeed a poor substitute for Intelligence!

Mercury is not a match for Jupiter.

Rahu is not a match for Ketu.

These are intense opposite energies – and so whenever they transit over each other – they make sure that the opposite party and the matters it signify is totally ‘damaged’ or ‘nullified’!

Mercury follows MOON (MIND) – and so the master of MERCURY is MOON!

Jupiter follows SUN (CONSCIOUSNESS) – and so the master of JUPITER is CONSCIOUSNESS!


This is what astrology is all about – everything is simple – until the human mind makes it complicated!

So you see – this is the while LINEAGE – divided in TWO GROUPS. Exactly the way this whole UNIVERSE has always been – filled with SUR (GOD) and ASUR (RAKSHASA)!

The LINEAGE of planets in ASTROLOGY is of TWO GROUPS. Intellectual (HEAD) & Intelligence (HEART).










KETU (DESIRELESSNESS – SHUNYA that is DIRECTED by the SUN, JUPITER by utilizing the MARS energy to help the INDIVIDUAL attain MOKSHA or ENLIGHTENMENT)

This is how it all is and this is how what this is all about – SUR & ASURA!

Now ASURA or INTELLECTUAL men and women are depicted in the mythology as someone ugly looking but in reality the ASUR or the INTELLECTUAL BHOGI MEN AND WOMEN were AS BEAUTIFUL as the SUR (devtas)!

The sister of Ravana – Shurpanakha who falls in love with Laxman was not ugly as it shown in the mythology serials – in fact she was extremely beautiful – in fact I would go a step ahead and say that the DAITYA or the ASUR were handsome men and beautiful woman!

But then why are they shown as UGLY looking in the scriptures?

This UGLINESS is the UGLINESS of their INNER BEING! To convey this the most easiest way for the seers was to make them APPEAR as UGLY when in reality they were beautiful by appearance but for the common man to understand – the seers painted these ASURAS as ugly looking men and women.

The whole universe is divided into two parts – and you cannot say that EVIL is BAD or the NEGATIVE is BAD because you need to remember the fact that ELECTRICITY is generated only when the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE come together!

ASURA (RAHUISH MEN AND WOMEN) have also contributed to the GROWTH of this world. With their intellectualism they have invented many devices and technologies.

So they have also done many good things for the society. Ravan also did many great things for his kingdom. So the intellectual men and women have been doing a lot for this society – but they have their own limitations!

They can travel from A to Z – but then the doors close. Then they don’t know what to do? They have GAINED everything in LIFE – and they have been thinking all their life that all this POWER, this WEALTH, this PLEASURES is the ANSWER – until a day comes when they realize that – this is NOT the answer!

And when they self-realize that this is NOT the answer – they either end up with frustrations and depressions OR they start moving towards *that* which only KETU has – the other LINEAGE of PLANETS has – PEACE, WISDOM, LOVE JOY and BLISS!

On this other side of the fence – is our second lineage – the SUN, the JUPITER, the MARS, and Sri KETU!

Here on this side of the ‘world’ – you will find all kind of crazy insane men and women who simply FOLLOW their HEART! The world (read RAHUISH) calls them CRAZY but it is this CRAZINESS – it is this WILD imagination that enable them to MOVE BEYOND Z. They CAN move beyond Z because they listen to their heart – they follow their IMAGINATION!

IMAGINATION IS EVERYTHING – says Albert Einstein – one of the greatest scientist who indeed was also a spiritual being in his own capacity! So far I haven’t found any scientist who could match the genius of Albert Einstein – he was not intellectual, he was an intelligent scientist who through his own experiences had acknowledged the existence if supernatural forces that guide this human world and the universe at large.

So now that you all have understood the two lineage of planet family – when one member of the family goes to the house of the other family – you know he is not going to be comfortable – you know he is going to do something that is going to cause a ‘spin-off’ – meaning MANTHAN!

You all must have heard about the story of CHURNING THE OCEANS – both the SUR and the ASUR had agreed to CHURN the ocean to gain all those beautiful valuable things that were beneath the ocean!

This is exactly what happens when RAHU TRANSIT NATAL KETU and KETU TRANSIT NATAL RAHU – a great CHURNING (MANTHAN) is all set to happen – out of which you will learn many new things – you will evolve – for these are the ‘treasures’ that you will gain from the CHURNING that is going to happen in the coming 18 months starting from September 19, 2020.

But one must also remember that through this CHURNING – along with the many beautiful precious ‘treasures’ – a big pot of POISON – also welled up! So when you are going to experience this CHURNING for the coming 18 months – you also should keep yourself mentally prepared to face certain ‘difficulties’ that will also emerge from this transit of RAHU and KETU!

Life is indeed the ‘process’ of CHURNING – the ‘positive’ (Devta/SUR) within us and the ‘negative’ (DAITYA/ASURA) within us is always in the process of CHURNING – and in this CHURNING – we continue to get certain ‘good’ results and certain ‘bad results’!

But what makes you different from the rest – is your WILLINGNESS to ACCEPT the BAD RESULTS along with the GOOD RESULTS!

And that is being a SHIVA!

It was only SHIVA – LORD SHIVA who stepped ahead and ACCEPTED the BIG POT OF POISON and DRANK IT to SAVE the UNIVERSE! No other GOD or GODDESS could dare to drink the poison because it was too intense so much so that it would have killed all the living beings on our planet! As long as good things were happening – were being found – the DEVTAS and the ASURAS were happily collecting – but when POISON came – only SHIVA – was the ONE who ACCEPTED IT – that is the whole essence of SHIVA and that is the whole purpose of our life to attain the state of SHIVA – SHIVA is NOT a name just the way BUDDHA is also not a name – it is a state of enlightenment – it is a state in which GOOD and BAD – both dwells – that is why SHIVA is GHOR and AGHOR – both!

Shiva means good, auspicious, but all that can be called bad is also present in Shiva’s personality. What you call “bad” is also there. The meaning of the word Shiva is auspicious – but we call Shiva the God of Destruction. It is through him that the world will come to an end. This world is your MIND – because the world is nothing but the extension of your MIND. SHIVA is addressed as GOD OF DESTRUCTION because HE destroys all the ILLUSIONS and MAYA that engulfs you – HE simply HELP you to go beyond MIND – that is why SHIV SADHANA is the higher stage SADHANA – that requires deep penance and devotion.

It is only in India – that we have this beautiful GOD – LORD SHIVA who represents BOTH – RAHU and KETU. AGHOR and GHOR. INTELLECTUALISM and INTELLIGENCE!

That is the reason HE is addressed as the MAHADEV – DEVON KE DEV – LORD of LORDS – MAHADEV!

And so in this CHURNING period of 18 months – you worship LORD SHIVA – may HIS blessings guide you during these 18 months of RAHU KETU transit.

|| Aum Namaha Shivaya ||

I humbly prostrate before His Holiness Mahavdev Shiv Shankar.

With devotion and with LOVE – worship SHIVA – Lord of Lords, Lord Shiva!

For LOVE is the way – Rumi says “There are many ways to reach God – I choose LOVE.”

Love should be the Goal, the only Goal.

Love to all my readers and followers. Follow me on – my Quora Space.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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