Your book ‘How to overcome Rahu’ was good. It was full with wisdom about cultivating awareness but it did not give any practical remedy. Can you suggest a practical remedy?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

“How to Overcome Rahu” is a book that motivates you to turn inward. It is a book that simply encourages you to MEDITATE. There is no remedy as GREATER as the remedy to MEDITATE.

That is the essence and the primary message of this beautiful book that many insightful readers have loved and responded with heart-touching gratitude emails.

Always remember that the solution is NOT as important as the NEED to UNDERSTAND the PROBLEM – in this case – (RAHU).

Through the book – the various chapters simply help you to FIRST UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM THAT RAHU CREATES in specific situations/placements – once you understand the problem – you can find the solution. How? That must be your next question.

When you read the book and UNDERSTAND that RAHU in the 7th HOUSE makes you very sexual by nature – it simply makes you DEMANDING in the matters of PHYSICAL RELATION or SEX – than you know what is the solution! You simply have to start overcoming your exaggerated sexual nature by turning inwards – by bringing AWARENESS to your SELF. In the beginning it will be difficult but slowly you can overcome it by becoming more and more meditative!

But people want remedies that are SHALLOW in nature – ‘GO to this temple’ – “Perform this Pooja” – “Donate some stuff” – all these are SHALLOW by nature – it cannot help much because whatsoever you are doing is on the OUTSIDE – when the PROBLEM is INSIDE you!

When I say ‘You’ – it is not for the questioner but in general for all those who haven’t understood the true essence and purpose of this beautiful book.

I would have also listed 100 remedies – if I had to. But that is not my way – that is not my path – and that is exactly what this book conveys – that the PATH is not on the OUTSIDE but WITHIN.

I can understand your mindset – it is a creation of the Society! The society wants something that is QUICK and is DOABLE on the OUTWARD. The society thinks that whatever is DOABLE on the OUTWARD is PRACTICAL.


Why meditation? Because that is the only way to come out of the ATTACHMENTS that RAHU brings along!

On the last pages of the book – that is exactly what I have shared – that RAHU is the NATURE of CLINGING. So now if readers cannot understand the remedy – than how can I help? REMEDY is born the moment you come to KNOW about the PROBLEM!

When you come to know that RAHU MAHADASHA or your RAHUISH nature has made you too much ATTACHED – than do you need me to tell you or anybody the remedy? It is but obvious that you have to take EFFORTS to become DETACHED – to STOP CLINGING – to LET GO!






These are the PRACTICAL REMEDIES which the book indirectly and at times directly convey – what else would any insightful reader want to know?

But people are so much brainwashed by certain section of the society that they CANNOT think anything else than to have some SHALLOW REMEDIES – go to that temple, wear this and do that and do this.

That is not going to help – and I have been saying this again and again but shallow men and shallow women cannot understand – I can’t help!

But I appreciate your question – I can understand from where it is coming.

Through your question – I want to make it clear that this BOOK is NOT for shallow readers but only meant for readers with a certain level of understanding. Certain depth of understanding.

The book is specifically meant for readers who are indeed looking for PRACTICAL REMEDIES for RAHU – the only difference is that shallow people’s definition of PRACTICAL REMEDY is different than those insightful men and women who after reading this 350 pages book – that the only REAL PRACTICAL REMEDY is to TURN INWARD – and come back to the SOURCE (the SELF)!

The very essence of the book is SPIRITUAL and solution or the remedy is also spiritual – and that is MEDITATION – that is to FIND THE TRUTH WITHIN YOU – by turning inwards.

This is the whole message of the book – that TRUTH is WITHIN you – and to find it you have to TURN INWARD – you have to FIND IT YOURSELF!

The whole aura and essence of the book is of higher altitudes – but if the book falls in hands of a person who cannot understand than it is difficult to help.

But you have understood the book, though you missed to identify the remedies decoded within the chapters – through the chapters – as the book keep flowing further….

The remedy is simply – RAHU is DARKNESS. SUN is the LIGHT – the LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS. And so the remedy is simply to move away from the darkness caused by the unending desires and the WANT MORE attitude of RAHUISH ENERGY WITHIN YOU and move towards the SUN – the LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

And to come to the source of consciousness – the only way is by turning inwards – by meditating every day!

Reading your question – I felt sad – because I could see how much shallowness this society has brought – that when I have been again and again emphasizing on MEDITATION as the only REMEDY – the real remedy – still people are so much brain washed – that until I tell them that “Go to that temple” and “Wear this shade cloth” or “do this POOJA” – they will simply not be satisfied!

NOW I can understand why Jesus was crucified – he never told the TRUTH – though every ACTION – every cell and every breath of his was FULL OF TRUTH – just pure TRUTH!

It is said that when the ROMAN PREFECT asked JESUS “What is the TRUTH?”

Jesus remained silent. Because TRUTH cannot be COMMUNICATED IN WORDS – it has to be understood.

The remedies are not nakedly conveyed in my book – they have to be understood – and they have been understood – else I would not have received so many gratitude emails and the book would not have been a bestseller.

REMEDIES are in the PROBLEM – always remember this – and I say this to all my followers and readers. That is the reason why Einstein says that “I will spend more time in understanding the PROBLEM than in finding the solution to the problem.”

The 350 pages of the book revolving through various shades and matters of RAHU – are FOCUSED in helping the insightful reader to UNDERSTAND the problems that RAHU creates – but while doing so – in a very soft subtle way – indirectly the remedy is also mentioned – one just need the depth of understanding and that’s all!

The very subtitle of the book reveals the whole essence of the book – it says “ A unique spiritual perspective on Rahu – The Ignorance.”

It does NOT talk or signify anything about REMEDIES – because the whole purpose of the book is NOT to encourage the READER to FOCUS ON ‘POOJAS’ or ‘RITUALS’ or ‘WEARING THIS OR THAT’ – but to encourage the reader to turn inwards and take the necessary steps, corrections to CHANGE HIS or HER behavior – because UNLESS you change WITHIN – there is absolutely no chance of experiencing happiness that you long for!

The greatest REMEDY is to CHANGE YOURSELF. The greatest REMEDY is to bring TRANSFORMATION.

Real transformation is the transformation WITHIN.

That is the message of this wonderful book that has reached to the farthest shores of this planet and is helping men and women to understand the true essence of RAHU and when you UNDERSTAND the problem – solution flows in – the ‘key’ is to understand.

Next Month – My new book on KETU is coming “Why Ketu Can Heal – Understanding Ketu Spiritually.”

Yukteshwar Giri – (the divine master and the Guru of the much famed Paramhansa Yogananada) had written a wonderful book “The Holy Science” – it always happens the ‘real diamond’ is appreciated by few – because the ‘real diamond’ is NOT found in your Air Conditioned Show Case – the ‘real diamond’ is found in the mines where it is NOT yet polished and yet it glitters – that is it’s natural ‘glitter’ that only a certain ‘eye’ can recognize – can appreciate!

Sri Yukteshwar Giri was such a ‘Diamond’ – a raw diamond and yet so REAL – so BEAUTIFUL – so DIVINE! And when he wrote the most wonderful book “ The Holy Science” – he had said that “The book reaches only those who are destined for it.”

I also always pray that no matter if only 10 people read my book – the book much reach only to those who are truly destined for it!

Because to me- quantity is secondary – QUALITY is primary.

5 Tigers are enough than to have 5 million readers! Because those 5 Tigers will spread the message further and there message will also be understood by the next 5 Tigers who are in the waiting!

Many will come and many may also leave – but only the ‘evolved soul’ stays – he can WAIT – he can be PATIENT – because his FAITH is immense, his PATIENCE is deep.

The master is always in search of such a disciple – always remember that there is a difference between a STUDENT and a DISCIPLE.

A student has come – to gather knowledge and he is always in RUSH – because he want to move on and make money out of that ‘gathered knowledge’!

But a DISCIPLE – A DISCIPLE has already merged with the MASTER – he can WAIT for eternity – he has already DEVOTED his WHOLE BEING to the MASTER – he certainly can be patient, he has absolutely NO RUSH, in fact there are DISCIPLES like MAHAKASHYAP – who in spite of attaining ENLIGHTENMENT – was NOT willing to leave BUDDHA – the master! It is then when Buddha walks towards him and says “ Mahakashyap – I know you have attained enlightenment – but what are you going to do sitting alone under this tree – go from here and spread the LIGHT of your BEING to those who are in need – aflame those who are thirsty for GOD – remember “Enlightenment is a Great Responsibility.”

And Mahakashyap starts crying, it always happens, the more you are spiritual the more your eyes quickly become wet – because to cry out of love – out of devotion – you need a heart of a ‘child’ – innocence – only a child can understand the truth. Unless you become a ‘child’ you cannot understand the Truth! And Mahakashyap – the enlightened man was in tears – he bowed before Buddha – it was very difficult to leave the master – but the ‘AADESH’ – (Instruction) of the master is the FINAL WORD and so Mahakashyap embark on his journey – journey to spread the light – the WORD of the LORD!

Common beings like me are just a ‘medium’ of this ‘journey’ that the Master has initiated – this book of mine and the books coming in future are simply the source of HIS blessings – HIS love and I pray to HIM that may HIS light and grace be on all my readers and followers.

I thank you for your question – because through your question, this answer has evolved and through this answer – many men and women will find their ‘answer’ – the answer to the misery that Rahu brings along.

Love to all my readers who have shared so many wonderful experiences after reading my book “How to overcome Rahu”.

Today – I will share with you all a secret behind this book – “It was never planned”!

And whatsoever is never planned – comes out beautifully. Many beautiful moments are accidental. I am not a man who lives with a ‘plan’ – I am a river who goes flowing….and I would love and encourage all my followers and readers to be so – like a river – the river has absolutely NO IDEA of the FUTURE and yet it goes on flowing – it is more interested in the ‘JOURNEY’ and not the ‘destination’!

Let us continue to flow – if the river can find the ‘sea’ – why would we not find the ‘sea’ – we will definitely find it – only if we are NOT focused on FINDING but enjoying the ‘journey’ called life.

The more your meditation blossoms – the more the MIND will become STILL. And to a man whose MIND has become STILL – the whole universe is available, RAHU can do nothing! That is the whole message of the book – the real remedy – the practical remedy – in one word – Meditate.

My new book on Ketu – which releasing in September is yet another effort to clear all the misconceptions and fears raised around KETU – and again the message of this new book is also – in one word – Meditate.

“Meditation is a Science. And NOT a superstition.” – Osho

Remedies are meant for superstitious men and women. My book begins when all superstitions end – and the real science evolves – the science of MEDITATION.

There is nothing – and there cannot be anything as PRACTICAL REMEDY as embracing the Art of Meditation!

Embrace the ‘Art of Meditation’ – that is the only miracle, the only ‘remedy’ – and the ‘only science’ that can truly change you into a new man.

That is the whole message of the book “How to Overcome Rahu” – Get out of the four walls of astrology and experience the beyond – the unseen, the divine by turning inward – by coming back ‘home’ – to the source!

🙏 Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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