How does a positive Rahu and Sun conjunction manifest?


The mind is cunning. The mind derives the meaning based on its convenience. There was a father who worked very hard – went through many hardships – and he had a son – the only son – and so he sends him to a good college -college based outside his country – foreign land. And then he waits for his son’s first letter – it is an old story – when mobiles had no existence.


And one day he receives his son’s letter – the son writes about his first experience with his new college and how much he is enjoying it.


The father replied – he wrote “ Son – I am happy to know that you are enjoying the new experiences – however, I would be happier if next time – you include me in your experiences – instead of mentioning ‘I did this – I enjoyed this’ – it would be great if you could mention in it including me “We did this, We enjoyed this.” That would make me feel as if I am also with you in your wonderful college experiences. I never had the privilege to go to college due to poverty – but now that you are there – why not add me in your experiences – that will just make me feel happier…”


The son agreed.


After a few weeks, the second letter arrived. It was his son’s. The letter read:


“ Father – We are now enjoying the beautiful campus of the college. Father – today we met a beautiful sexy girl. Oh – how beautiful she is…..” And then many more descriptions and experiences – the son shared in his letter – always putting ‘We’ as per his father’s request – instead of ‘I’.


The Father was happy – through his son – he would rejoice in the experiences that his son would share with him. “How sweet and obedient my son is” – he thought.


And one day – after many weeks – a third letter arrived. The father was excited – eagerly he opened the letter – and started reading……


“Father – We were enjoying the many experiences of the college – we went to the huge library, we went to the dance classes, we went to some great places around this college – and we also met a beautiful girl in our college campus. But I have a news – We have made her pregnant. Now tell me what should we do?”


You see – this is how the MIND plays. The Father simply tells the son to include him in his experiences – to consider him as his companion in his college experiences – in his learning experiences – so that he can at least feel happy – content that he was not able to go to college, but now with his son – though virtually – he is getting a feeling of being in a college! But see how the son has manipulated the innocent request of a Father who never had the money to experience college – into his own shady agenda! The mind is cunning – your mind distorts the ‘message’ – gives it a ‘shade’ that makes you comfortable – that is how the mind functions – you have to be careful – you have to become aware.



This ‘question’ of finding something positive out of SUN+RAHU conjunction – that the questioner has posted – also has come from the ‘mind’. And the mind is cunning – the mind wants to play with words and derives only that – which can make it feel comfortable! The mind is afraid of the Truth. The Truth makes the MIND feel very uncomfortable.


I insist to all my followers and conscious readers to read this posted question – again. Read it several times and if you are aware – if you are not trapped in the ‘mind’ – if you are a meditative person – you will realize how conveniently – the mind is trying to find a ‘comfort’ by somehow trying to make a RAHU+SUN conjunction look good – look nice, look positive.


You see – this is how the mind is – the questioner is following the mind and the mind is putting a very ‘clever’ question – remember the word is ‘clever’ – and NOT wise! The mind is clever – your heart is wise!


“The heart is always right— if there’s a question of choosing between the mind and the heart— because the mind is a creation of the society. It has been educated. You have been given it by society, not by existence. The heart is unpolluted, it is pure existence.” – Osho


But most of the people are following their mind and the mind then comes up with such questions – questions that can justify the wrong – the negative into positive!



RAHU is a shadow. A smoky shadow of your desires. The SUN is your ‘light of consciousness.” Now the smoky shadow of desires is causing an eclipse on your consciousness – what will be the outcome?


Total ignorance.


But that doesn’t mean the man or woman with this conjunction is NOT going to do well. There are millions and millions of men and women – who have a big fat bank balance – and along with it, they do have a big fat ignorance! So being ignorant has nothing to do with your earning power – in fact, the more ignorant you are – the more corrupt you become – leading you to many ways of earning ‘black money’! It is a different story of what happens when you run out of fuel (Karmic balance) – but till then you enjoy the ride.


RAHU+SUN is – total ignorance towards others – towards the ‘self-growth’ – such a man simply wants more and more and more of status, power, and self-importance!


Some of you would say, “ Please explain further…”


With RAHU – comes the nature of ‘politicizing’.


Remember – RAHU is a great politician. And when you are a great politician – will you ever experience any shortage of resources? Resources will come to you-you will be a resourceful man. So the first point is – RAHU+SUN is a resourceful man.


Remember – RAHU is an illusion. And we all are living in the AGE OF ILLUSION (RAHU). A contact with the SUN (nativity) creates a ‘halo around the person. Society ‘sees’ such a person with a certain aura of power, importance, status. So the second point is RAHU+SUN is a man of status – sooner or later – if other aspects are supportive – such a political mind (read-person) reaches a higher status in life. Promotion is guaranteed. If you are in service – and your subordinate is having this conjunction – be aware – someday he is going to grab your seat of authority! Politicians are not to be trusted – SUN+RAHU is not to be trusted – be aware.


Now such a person – when has all the comforts, pleasures – you would think – he will slow down – you are wrong. RAHU never lets him slow down – RAHU is more and more and more. In Infosys – when I was working – there was one ‘slogan’ that they had come up with – and the slogan was “DO MORE” – I was pretty sure the man who coined this slogan must be a definite RAHU-ish person! “DO MORE” – you see – and in this is applied to all phases of life – whether it is – having sex, having power, having money – the person whose SUN is with RAHU – cannot find satisfaction – he would never want to slow down – he wants more and more and more. That is how his DNA is – “Do More.”


‘DO MORE’ – is a sign of obsession – and obsession leads you to more miseries than happiness!



SUN+RAHU is a special DNA. You cannot change the DNA. And it is not some alien, or God who has made him like this. It is his own KARMA of many past lives – that have made him like this – he is born – with the unending desire to become ‘larger than life’.


And it is the greatest tragedy – that till the last moment of his or her life – they never realize that – NOTHING can be larger than life!


And that’s precisely what IGNORANCE is.


The greater the ignorance, the greater is the misery of life! And so men with such placement – rise high – but never are found to be in bliss – the poison of ambition – never lets them rest in peace!



Alexander, the Great is a perfect symbolic representation of Over-Ambitious nature which is seen when RAHU sits with the SUN!


Diogenes, the divine saint – once said to Alexander, the Great “ Come, join me, relax for a while….”


But Alexander was fired up with ambition (RAHU) – he bowed before the master – looked up in his eyes and said “ O Master – I will join you soon – but first I have to conquer the whole world. Then I will come back and join you – then I will relax with you…..”


And Alexander, the Great was never able to come back. He died half-way – neither the whole world was conquered, nor the world ‘within’ was realized! If you ask me – then I would say there is no greater loser than Alexander, the Great. But how many would agree to this? Very few. And you know why? Because the majority is ‘Alexander, the Great’ – they all are running and running and running to conquer their world – the world of their desires!


And very few are ‘Diogenes’ – and so not many of you are you going to be with me on this – the truth is hard – very hard! And still, I am sharing it – because there are few out there – who are not Alexander but on the way to Diogenes.


To the material world – Alexander is GREAT. To the spiritual world – ALEXANDER is a loser – he simply has missed being with the greatest saint that the world had ever known – Diogenes!


If you are following Alexander – you would find the results of SUN+RAHU to be ‘positive’.


If you are following Diogenes – you would find the same results to be’negative’!


And I would encourage all my followers to follow Diogenes – else you too would indulge in ‘DO MORE’ and in this ‘doing more’ – you will be lost – lost in this vast – unlimited space of illusions. And I pray for all my followers – to come out of illusions and face the TRUTH – as it *is* – that is my only prayer – A prayer for you all to come out of the shadow of darkness and help you all to move towards the ‘light of consciousness’ – for this is the only shrine that can help you progress in life, the only shrine that can help you experience ‘real growth’ – the shrine of consciousness, the shrine of love.



To overcome the ill-effects of RAHU, you have to become more meditative. You have to focus within – the extrovert nature RAHU – won’t let you – but you have got the ‘will-power’ through which you can change the course of your life!


Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Guru!

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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