Moola Nakshatra and it’s 4 padas


“First you have to die – only then can you experience the TRUTH, only then can you experience GOD – only then can you experience true LOVE.”

That is the message of KETU’s Nakshatra MOOLA. And that was the message of Jesus – when Nicodemus came on a dark night to meet Jesus.

And Jesus was sitting beneath a tree. When Nicodemus came – Jesus asked “Why have you come to me? What is it that you want from me?”

Nicodemus is one of the greatest SCHOLAR of Jerusalem. Not only he is the most wealthiest person but also highly knowledgeable and yet he had come all the way to meet Jesus on a dark night.

It happened with Nicodemus also – he chose a dark night to meet Jesus and yet he wasn’t aware of the ‘dark night’ (ignorance) that was within him.

Nicodemus is a very old man – must be in his late eighties – he had been hearing a lot about Jesus – but it was a risk to meet Jesus during the daylight! Because what will people say? That a great scholar is going to meet a carpenter’s son! That was not possible – going in the day light it was impossible to meet Jesus – and so Nicodemus had come to meet Jesus during the night – a dark night – a no-moon night!

And Jesus asked “ What is that you want from me?”

Nicodemus said “ I want to experience God.”

Jesus says “ Even to meet me you have chosen a dark night – how will be able to face GOD?

Nicodemus says “ Then how can I experience GOD?”

And to this – Jesus looks into his eyes and says “ You have to REBORN.”

Nicodemus says “ What do you mean? I should go back to my mother’s womb?”

Jesus says “ To Reborn – you have to first die. This DEATH is not of your physical body – it is the DEATH of all your EGO, your NOTIONS, your IDEAS – unless this DEATH happens – you cannot REBORN!”

Nicodemus gets down on his knees – he starts crying – whole life was spend in gathering knowledge – whole life was spend running behind respectability – and now this man – JESUS – had brought a certain light of awareness to his whole being – he started shaking – he touched Jesus’s feet – and Jesus blessed Him. With every drop of tear – the old Nicodemus was getting dissolved – and new Nicodemus was taking birth – KETU’s MOOLA NAKSHATRA is the state of this DISSOLVING – DISSOLUTION – unless you DISSOLVE – you cannot EVOLVE!

DISSOLVING is the nature of MOOLA – and you will DISSOLVE only when your ROOTS (MOOLA) are SHAKEN! MOOLA means ROOTS – from the ROOT the ‘DISEASE’ of ILLUSION (MAYA) should be DISSOLVED – that is the whole message of KETU – and that is the whole essence of KETU’s Nakshatra – MOOLA!

PADA is secondary – primary is the NAKSHATRA in itself. The building is important – the apartments within the building make less impact than the building (NAKSHATRA)! And so the focus should be on MOOLA.

Whenever any PLANET falls in MOOLA – the message is simple – DISSOLVE.

7th house planet in MOOLA – Marriage DISSOLVED.

4th house planet in MOOLA – Happiness from mother – DISSOLVED

5th house planet in MOOLA – Happiness from children – DISSOLVED

6th house planet in MOOLA – Disputes DISSOLVED (It becomes a blessing disguise)

8th house planet in MOOLA – Happiness from In-Laws – DISSOLVED

9th house planet in MOOLA – Happiness from father – DISSOLVED


11th house planet in MOOLA – DESIRES – DISSOLVED (This can become a blessing in disguise if the PATH CHOOSEN IS SPIRITUAL)

12th house planet in MOOLA – LOSS – DISSOLVED (Again a blessing in disguise)

The larger question is how this DISSOLUTION – helps?

It helps when you raise your CONSCIOUSNESS – when you EXPAND your awareness.

Yesterday Mohan came – he is a man who lost his mother when he was 4.


But GOD wanted something more from Him – and so one afternoon – GOD took away His FATHER! And Mohan was just 15 yrs old!

Mohan’s NINTH house LORD MARS is in MOOLA – Happiness from FATHER – DISSOLVED!

But Mohan had been such a beautiful person – always going with the flow – it is a different story that he had many successes in his life – but whenever anybody would ask him “ What is it that made you so successful?

He would answer back “ The early DEATH of my MOTHER and FATHER.”

MOOLA DISSOLVED HIS FATHER – HIS MOTHER – and through this DISSOLUTION – a new MOHAN was REBORN – a great TRANSFORMATION happened within HIS whole being – HE Was No More The Same Mohan!

TRANSFORMATION is closely related to MOOLA!

FIRST happens the DISSOLUTION – only then happens the TRANSFORMATION!

The old has to be dissolved – only then the NEW can evolve – MOOLA therefore is one of the greatest TRANSFORMING ENERGY – without the DIVINE TOUCH of MOOLA – TRANSFORMATION is not possible – without a SHAKE-UP – transformation is not possible – without a certain PAIN – Transformation is not possible!

SUN is in MOOLA – the EGO has to BURN – DISSOLVE

MOON is in MOOLA – the illusions (maya) has to BURN – DISSOLVE

MARS is in MOOLA – the nature of FIGHTING, ARGUEMENTS, BOSSING over others – ambitions has to BURN – DISSOLVE

Jupiter is in MOOLA – the thought of ‘I AM SOMEBODY’ has to burn – the verse of BIBLE – “ HE must become GREATER and ‘I” must become LESS” is what MOOLA means when Jupiter is in MOOLA

Venus is in MOOLA – You had enough of pleasures – now it is time to give you a nice shake-up – so that you come out of the pleasure seeking desires and evolve into a much matured person – that is the message of MOOLA

MERCURY in MOOLA – You had been a hell of a LOGICAL PERSON – now it is time to DISSOLVE the LOGIC and move towards the REAL – LOVE!

Shallow people CANNOT understand the message of MOOLA – they cry – they moan – they make a lot of noise – they even BLAME God – you see – the most IGNORANT person ALWAYS BLAMES others – because that way he finds an ESCAPE ROUTE!

The IGNORANT man’s AWARENESS is not yet EVOLVED – they CANNOT understand what GOD is up to. But GOD is perfectly AWARE of what HE is up to.

IGNORANT men and women are enslaved by the MIND – they cannot REALIZE – they cannot FIND happiness – even if Buddha, Jesus comes to them – it is difficult – because even if Jesus can take you to the well – but finally you will DRINK water only if you have the ‘THIRST’ – and Jesus says – those who thirst for ME – for My Love will be blessed.

In the Hindu religion – Lord Shiva is addressed as the LORD OF DESTRUCTION!


And therefore LORD SHIVA is the LORD OF MOOLA – because unless the DISSOLVING happens – unless the DESTRUCTION happens – you cannot REBORN and Jesus is saying to Nicodemus “ To experience GOD – to experience the ultimate TRUTH – you have to REBORN!”

I earnestly bow before the LORD of LORDS – MAHADEV SHIVA! And what a coincidence – today is Monday – the day of SHIVA!


And therefore – you all will see KETU’s NAKSHATRAS in DHARMA SIGNS –





Following your self nature is self religion. In the Gita – Lord Krishna asks Arjuna to follow Swadharma which is Self-Religion. Swa – is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Self’ and Dharma means ‘religion’. Swadharma has NOTHING to do with the religion you follow – it simply has to do with your ‘Self-nature’.

When Krishna says to Arjuna – GET UP and SHOOT YOUR ARROW on those who are standing AGAINST TRUTH – he is simply raising AWARENESS to FOLLOW YOUR SELF NATURE – and if your NATURE is now standing against those who are utterly shameless – utterly sinful – then you don’t have to bother if they are your BROTHERS or GRANDPARENTS – you simply have to SHOOT – “SHOOT” – says KRISHNA and ARJUNA shoots – follow SWADHARMA – there is no HEAD, no MIND – only the instinct and the determination to follow SWADHARMA.

KETU is that SWADHARMA – because to FOLLOW your NATURE – you have to keep aside your MIND – your HEAD!

Only then the arrow can SHOOT- only then the GOAL can be attained!

This ARROW – this quality of following the SWADHARMA (Self-Nature) is the quality of MOOLA – among all the 3 NAKSHATRAS of KETU – MOOLA is the most favorite of KETU – because it is here – that the DESTRUCTION happens – it is here that the DISSOLUTION happens and it is here – through which the NEW WORLD – the NEW LIFE – the NEW MAN is REBORN!

Pain is necessary. Suffering is also necessary. Certain failures are also necessary. Look at the world – today – it is all under LOCK-DOWN – this LOCK-DOWN – this utterly MISERABLE STATE OF THE WHOLE WORLD is a SIGN that a NEW WORLD – a NEW MAN is in the making – POST LOCK_DOWN you all will see a much HUMBLE, a much WISER population than otherwise!

PRESSURE – MOOLA brings PRESSURE. You all have seen how MOHAN went through PRESSURE – no mother, no father and age was 15. PRESSURE came and through these LIFE PRESSURES – HE CHANGED. HE TRANSFORMED.

PRESSURE – MOOLA – will either force you to DEATH or help you to CHANGE.

The crop is able to provide quality grains – only when it goes through the pressure of intense heat (sun) – wind and rainfall!

Similarly every Man and every Woman ‘evolves’ into a beautiful flower – a beautiful dance – a beautiful poem – when they go through certain pressure – certain pain – certain loss!

MOOLA represents this pain – this pressure – this loss – and it is beautiful!

It is beautiful because through this loss – this pressure – this difficulties – a certain AWARENESS is born WITHIN you and the moment awareness comes to your life – to your presence – a certain glow comes to your living – then even when you are walking – people notice you – even when you are talking – people notice you – even when you are doing nothing – absolutely nothing and still people notice you – because AWARENESS brings a certain GRACE to your being – then you are no more the same – everything around you is the same – but you are no more the same!

Once it happened – a young yogi was giving a discourse. And he was such a beautiful person – full of heart – a song, a dance and he was speaking – sharing – and people were listening – when suddenly a man threw a shoe on him – but the young man was a man of awareness – quickly he catches the shoe that was hurled on him – and with a smile he asks “ Where is the other shoe? How can I wear only one shoe?”

Now the man who had thrown the shoe was baffled – this was something unusual – he thought the young man will become angry – will start abusing him but nothing sort of it was happening – instead the young man was asking for another shoe! So that a pair is available for him to wear!

The man who threw the shoe – wanted the young man to get embarrassed – but now he himself had become embarrassed – after the discourse is over he goes and meets the young yogi and says ‘Sorry – please forgive me.’

The young yogi says “ Where is the question of forgiving you – I haven’t had any anger towards you – any resentment – any complain – so where is the question of forgiving you?”

But the man took to his heart. He went away but for the next four months he would continue to write a letter – asking for forgiveness and the young yogi would find amusing that when there is absolutely no reason for him to say sorry – then where is the question of forgiving him!

AWARENESS is the key. Once you become aware then anger cannot attack you – then whenever anger comes – you turn inwards and start looking from where the anger is coming? And the moment you start turning inward – the anger cannot haunt you – and you also don’t have to control your anger – slowly slowly – you overcome the anger – by turning inward – by becoming more and more meditative.

Moola has immense significance in the whole gamut of astrology and beyond. Through MOOLA – the BEYOND is experienced and so many YOGIs and SAINTS are also born on MOOLA.

People do some poojas and rituals to bring SHANTI to MOOLA – it is like interfering with the NATURE – with the play of GOD – with the existence and manipulating is not always an assured solution – many times it boomrangs and Neem Karoli Baba mentions this in the most beautiful way…

What has to happen let it happen. Yesterday Mohan said “My son is born on MOOLA nakshatra – now what to do?”

I said “ There is nothing to do – just go with the flow!”

But people want to MANIPULATE – and then to MANIPULATE they go on interfering – doing many poojas and rituals – unknowingly they are creating one more circle of misery – because the more you manipulate the more you try to find an ESCAPE route – the more you will have to come again and again in this HUMAN FORM to FACE that which you have been trying to manipulate and escape!

Just go with the flow – let what has to happen – happen – you remain engrossed within – you remain focused within.

Silent. Silence is the language – real communication happens through silence!

And so let there be more and more silence in your life – in that silence – in that nothingness – you will see the first glimpse of God and it is beautiful.

KETU has been the most unrealized energy and yet it is KETU that has brought realization to many!

This June – my new book on Ketu is coming, never had planned for – never had any thoughts but life takes its own course and the compassionate master – the benevolent master makes things happen – the DOER is HE – and the moment you come to this realization – a great awakening comes to your being – then there is a song to it – a dance – a beautiful poem!

Life becomes creative when you are in LOVE with LIFE!

Failures or Success. Pain or Gain – when you remain in love with life – when you are bubbling with energy – then you become a blessing to others – then wherever you go – you bring a glow – a you bring a certain fragrance with you – this is how life has to be – this is how you have to be – and this is possible – this can happen only when the DIRT within you is CLEANED – and this CLEANING is done by MOOLA!

So do not fear the spiritual cleansing that Moola brings along – for the ‘iron rod’ comes out shinning only WHEN IT GOES THROUGH THE FIRE OF SUFFERING!

Without the divine touch of MOOLA – consciousness is not possible – GOD is not possible – Love is not possible! MOOLA moves you to the HIGHEST PEAK OF CONSCIOUSNESS – it has the potential to TRANSFORM you into a NEW MAN.

The more you go through the pressures and sufferings the more you start turning inwards – the more you are blessed the more you would continue to meditate – and meditation is the only miracle that can and that does transform you into a NEW MAN!

So come – come you all and meditate. 20 minutes everyday, you have to find time – because time never finds you! When a person says “ I am just passing time’ – it is in reality the other way round – time is passing you – time is moving on – and it is moving very fast – minute after minute – death is coming closer and nobody knows when the last call is to come – it never comes with a fixed appointment – it just STRIKES anytime anywhere!

And so BEFORE it STRIKES – start turning inwards – start looking within – that is the whole essence and that is the whole purpose of MOOLA – (KETU) to help you come back ‘home’!

Nobody can push you – nobody can make you walk – I can show you the way, Buddha can show you the way – the master can show you the way – but finally it is YOU who have to WALK.

Buddha says ” I can show you the way, but you will have to walk. I cannot walk for you.”

Walk your way HOME. Come back ‘home’ (Center of your heart). Come back to your ROOT (MOOLA) – when you come home – you come home – and the whole ‘world’ (MIND) disappears and then you find your peace.

The key is to come back home.

Be in the world but don’t let the world to be in you – stay DETACHED – MOOLA is detaching you – if you can listen to MOOLA – you will find the greatest gift and if you cannot then you will find the deepest misery – the whole essence is in understanding MOOLA – understanding KETU – understanding SHIVA!


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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