The Two Planets that Can Help You Overcome Rahu Mahadasha

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Karma is of three types. Prarabhada Karma which is directly connected to your past birth karma, Sanchit Karma which is reservoir of all your past births karma and kriya mana karma which is directly connected with what you DO NOW – at this very moment. So all your routine daily actions are recorded as Kriya mana Karma. Astrology remedies are primarily focused on improving your Kriya mana Karma – so that the more good you do NOW – the better you will be able to overcome and face the effects of your sins done in the past life. What is sin? Sin is something that happens in the absence of awareness. Lao Tzu says TOO MUCH is the only SIN – he is right because it is only in the absence of awareness that you start doing too much – you become too much greedy for power, for sex, for money, and this too muchness leads to your fall and misery! The reason I was explaining you all about the significance of Karma because – in your past births – you too have been doing too much due to which – now in this birth you have been facing so many problems in life. Too much of selfishness leads you to a life of many miseries. Karma or action never leaves you. So first of all get rid of all the myths that one day you will be totally free from karma. That is not possible. Karma always remains as long as you are alive in this human body. However the nature of Karma will vary based on your level of consciousness. For example – a person of base level of consciousness is doing all kinds of labor work – that is his level of karma. A person with a little more level of consciousness may be a businessmen – he works to earn more money so that he can enjoy the pleasures of life – that is his level of karma. A person with a little more level of consciousness may be a big businessmen – he works to create jobs for others, he want to earn more money so that he help the poor and give back to the society. A person with a little more level of consciousness maybe a social leader – he dedicates his whole life towards the betterment of the society. And so many such levels of karma exist depending on the level of consciousness the individual operates in this human birth. And then even when an individual attains great progress on the spiritual path – still he is not free of karma because sitting on the top of the mountain – he meditates day and night – he chants day and night – but that is also Karma! So you see KARMA always remains. However the level of karma changes based on the level of consciousness of the individual. So if anybody is telling you – that now you don’t have any karma left – that you are now totally free of karma then he is simply fooling you and himself as well. So the ultimate truth is that KARMA always remains. Though the quality of Karma continues to differ from person to person – because each person operate at different level of consciousness. In Astrology – Saturn signify Karma. But as I have mentioned earlier – in astrology multiple planets come together to signify the nature of the Karma. Saturn is the Judge who decides whether your Karma is good or bad. But which planets signify the nature of your karma? Jupiter and Mars. Jupiter is Vivek. Vivek means being positive, being constructive. Jupiter is the energy that guide you to do the right thing. And Mars is all about doing! All the actions come under the domain of Mars because without energy you cannot do any act and this energy is Mars. So when Jupiter and Mars are positive and strong in your birth chart then it is obvious that the nature of your Karma will also be positive leading to a positive Saturn placement in your chart. And so when Jupiter, Mars are positive – Saturn is also positive. And when all these three planets are positive then Rahu also naturally is beneficial for you. Therefore natives having a strong positive placement of Jupiter and Mars – always experience a positive Rahu Mahadasha or Rahu transits. Jupiter Mars conjunction there is one of my favorite conjunction – if this conjunction falls in a positive chart – then you don’t have to worry much about Rahu or Rahu Mahadasha – because this conjunction signify that your Rahu must be alright and so will be your life – alright! And so if you are about to embark on the 18 years of Rahu Mahadasha – then don’t worry. Check the placement of Mars and Jupiter in your chart as well as the transit of Saturn in your birth chart. And for those who are still wondering on what to do if Mars and Jupiter are placed badly in your birth chart – then don’t worry, every problem has a solution. And the solution is simple because God is simple, Love is simple, Truth is simple! Start fasting on Thursdays and Tuesdays. From sunrise to sunset – eat only fruits and drink only water and nothing else. Additionally – on Tuesdays – visit Lord Hanuman temple and recite Hanuman Chalisa or listen to Hanuman Chalisa. Worship Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays, offer sweets in his temple. And on Thursdays – visit Lord Dattareya Temple and offer sweets and garland. And recite the powerful Dutta Bavani written by the great spiritual master Rangavdhoot Maharaj. His Ashram is located near the Narmada river in Gujarat. Dutta Bavani is a miraculous ten pages small booklet having 52 verses and if you recite these 52 verses daily in the morning – I tell you – you will be alright and do well during Rahu Mahadasha period. Jupiter is all about be righteousness – and Mars is the energy that you have to use for the well being of your family and society. If you focus on strengthening the frequency of these two planets – Jupiter and Mars – the you will be smiling all your life. Rahu is a smoke. Now depending on what you burn – you will get the smoke accordingly. If you burn an incense stick – then you will get the smoke of fragrance. If you burn a dead body – then you will get a bad smell of the burning flesh. So it all depends on what you burn! So when you say that you are suffering due to Rahu – it means that you have been burning the flesh of a dead body – meaning your actions are not good. And so you have to focus on doing good actions. I remember – a young man had approached me for consultation – and I just ignored him because many times just by listening to the voice – I get the message that this is not the right time to consult this person and so I told him to come after six months. After six months this man came – I thought he must have gone somewhere else – but he came to me after six months – so then I could not reject his request for consultation – ideally I should have rejected because that’s what the message was from the higher calling. But I gave him a consideration and then after reading his chart – told him to visit a certain temple. This man visited the temple and then after two days messaged me that – I visited the temple and now I have got big loss in my stock investment. He was blaming the temple visit for his own stupidity of investing in wrong stocks! And he didn’t stop there – he started abusing that temple Goddess and God in his message. I blocked him because he was totally out of his senses. But this is how it happens – I told him to visit the temple, meditate, pray so that his karma will improve but he did exactly the other way round – he made his own karma more bad by abusing the God and Goddess who absolutely had no interest in his so called stock investments! So this is how weird kind of people exist in this vast human world that they want help but when help is provided then are not able to receive it with grace! And from that day – I have been listening to the Higher Calling and giving consultation to only those who become eligible for my consultation. Always remember – many times you feel to help those suffering in life – but you cannot help them because they don’t have the depth of understanding or the sense of gratitude which is necessary if you truly want to overcome the miseries of life. Buddha says “Life is Suffering” because if you truly come to the state of awareness then you will self realize that in this human world there is more pain than happiness! Therefore the great Guru Samarth Ramdas Swami writes in Marathi  language a beautiful verse –जगी सर्व सुखी असा कोण आहे, विचारी मना तूची शोधूनी पाहे !! – meaning – he says to the mind – “O mind – in this world who is happy, search and find yourself.”  Nobody is happy in this human world – if they have a luxurious car then they are aspiring to have an airplane soon. And if they have an airplane then they are aspiring to visit the space soon! So you see nobody is content with what they have and happiness is possible only when you live with contentment! “‘ठेविले अनंते तैसेचि रहावे चित्ती असू द्यावे समाधान'” quotes Saint Tukaram in Marathi language – meaning the great Saint Tukaram writes “Just be the way existence what you to be and imbibe a sense of contentment in your mind.” Samadhan means contentment – and Rahu is exactly opposite to the sense of being content! And so when going through Rahu Mahadasha – if your Jupiter (Vivek) and Mars (Action) is not in the right state then you will remain unsatisfied and this sense of dissatisfaction will make you wander all over the planet until you realize that enough is enough and you come and surrender at the feet of your master. Diogenes was telling the same thing to Alexander-the great. Diogenes was a great spiritual master and he said to Alexander – “Come and relax with me.” But Alexander said ” I cannot come now – because I have to still conquer the world. Once I conquer the whole world – I will come back” Diogenes said – “Nobody comes back.” The desires never end. They make you run like an idiot – and thats what happened with Alexander, the Great. His ambitious nature proved dangerous and one day he died and he was not able to conquer the whole world. And in today’s world also we have many such Alexanders – they are not willing to stop. This is how the world is ruined by such Alexanders. All Alexanders are foolish because ambition is a bottle of poison on which the label says “its pure nectar”! Unless and until you realize that ambition is a bottle of poison – you will continue to damage yourself and then when you fail – when you suffer – you will label it with a word that every ignorant fools labels with – Destiny. Ignorant fools label their own foolishness as Destiny. The wise never put the blame on destiny – they take the responsibility for their actions and work towards correcting themselves by living their life with a deep sense of surrender and gratitude. And that is how a sinner becomes a saint – and history has been witness to may such real life examples – Saul became Saint Paul, Ratnakar became Saint Valmiki. So transformation is possible – but only when you are willing to take that first step of faith… Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.
Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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