Does Rahu give fame in the 6th house?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Fame is foolish. Even if you become famous – what difference does it makes to your SELF GROWTH? A few million dollars, plenty of physical pleasures, a number of bungalows and villas and a number of cars and private jets – but my question is HOW DOES ALL OF THIS HELPS YOU TO GROW FROM WITHIN?

And whenever I say YOU – it is not just for the questioner but to all my readers and followers.

And I have been asking this question again and again – to myself and to every human being who is running and running and running to become famous, rich and powerful. And the reason I keep asking this question is because I would want you all to self realize the FACT that being famous or being RICH is NOT the answer.

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.” – Jim Carrey

A common soul thinks or rather believes that FAME is the answer to all the miseries of life. My question is than why is it that millions and millions of Famous people had unending miseries and frustrations and tragic ends to their life?

Fame is foolish, it is pointless, meaningless. Even if the whole world knows you, how does it make you richer?” – Osho

And this is very deep – my answer may not remain for long – it may be collapsed but as long as it remains – you all must realize the depth of the fact and the fact is that MONEY, SEX, FAME, POWER can make you ‘look’ great BUT DOES NOT MAKE YOU GREAT IN THE TRUE SENSE. BECAUSE GREATNESS COMES WHEN PROGRESS HAPPENS FROM WITHIN. WHEN YOU TURN INWARDS. WHEN YOU START MOVING AWAY FROM RAHU (Fame hungry) and START MOVING TOWARDS SRI KETU (Detachment).

But who wants to listen. Yesterday Mohan was asking me “ Why you consult only a few?”

I said “ I would love to consult all but the larger question is – will all understand my words?”

A certain level of understanding has to be there only than the TRUTHS can be shared.

There was a young man. He must be like me. Once he asked the master “ Why is it that only a few can understand my sharing?”

The master smiled and said “ As long as only a few can understand your sharing – as long as only a few are following you- you are on the right track.”

Only a few, very few can follow the TRUTH. Because Truth always SHATTERS all the learnings and notions and illusions that you have been carrying all along your life – AND NOT EVERBODY LIKES TO COME OUT OF DREAMS and FACE the reality!

Rahu 6 is a sign that this birth you have come with all the qualities that would help you to fight and win over your enemies. But along with this quality- comes the unending passion and CLINGING nature towards JOB.SERVICE. Attraction towards gossips, politics

If other aspects are not supportive than this Rahu 6 can cause much health problem at some stage of life.

Extrovert people are behind Fame. The questioner is no doubt an extrovert person.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in seeking FAME. In fact I would love to see each one of you becoming famous – so that you all self realize that – its not the answer.

Questions are born out of your DESIRES. You want to attain fame and so you ask about fame.

Someone out there wants to have Sex. A question of when will I get sexual pleasure is born in his mind.

Someone out there is seeking love – question is born in accordance.

So you see – QUESTIONS are born out of DESIRES. OUT OF RUSH. OUT OF IMPATIENCE- and the most immediate question is – WHEN?

Majority of the population is behind the question of WHEN? When will I get this and when will I get that?

But from where does this question of WHEN arise from?

It comes from your MIND. A person ruled by his MIND is always restless because the nature of the MIND is in itself is of being restless.

The MIND is always in rush. “ I WANT IT NOW” says the MIND. And this is how you all become.

YOU BECOME THE MIND. And then begins the unending miseries of your life.

Bhagavan Ramana Maharashi – one of the greatest Yogis of Modern India and the man I love the most says – “ THE NATURE OF THE MIND IS TO WANDER. BUT YOU ARE NOT THE MIND.”

But who wants to listen.

Sai Baba says “ practice patience and faith.”

But who wants to listen.

Buddha says “ The root of SUFFERING is ATTACHMENTS.”

But who wants to listen.

Jesus says “ A man who is willing to lose everything will gain AND a man who is clinging and saving will lose.”

The whole essence of all this sharing is to help you all understand that CLINGING AND ATTACHMENTS will only lead you all to MORE SUFFERINGS AND MORE MISERIES.

But who wants to listen?

And so looking at Mohan – I said “ Now do you understand why I consult only a few? Why I am not interested to consult crowd? Astrology is NOT business for me. It is my PRAYER that has been in continuation from many past lives of mine. And so for me an insightful meditative individual is enough than to spend my valuable time and energy on a crowd that simply does not have the potential to understand my words.”

For crowd there are millions and millions of other guides – I am not required.

Ideally I would not have answered this question because just one placement cannot conclude whether you will attain Fame. But the reason I answered is because I wanted my followers and readers to understand the TRUTH that is far divine than the plastic world of FAME that common souls seek.

The evolved souls, meditative souls do the exact opposite – they try to stay away from the limelight and that’s KETU!

The media is Rahu. The Yogi who is aloof, secluded and in his own bliss and meditation is Ketu.

If fame follows you than it is a different case. But evolved souls are never hungry for fame.

Rahu 6 or Ketu 6 – whenever the shadow comes closer to 7th house of marriage – marriage issues always occur. Every planet or shadows like Rahu or Ketu certainly impact the house next to where it is placed. And if in Chalit Rahu goes to 7th than the matters of marriage or relationship or sexual relations becomes more pronounced.

For those who want to have a prolonged SEX – the MIND has to be controlled. Erection issues occur because of the MIND. Sometimes physically one is fit to perform- but when the MIND gets into too much of infatuation and then before the real orgasm happens – you are already done. This all happens because even while having SEX you get into too much of wild thoughts and thoughts and more thoughts – and amidst all of this traffic of thoughts – the real action is missed or shortened leading to disatisfaction to your bed partner.

The MIND is the culprit. And YOGA is basically to help you control this monkey MIND. The greater you practice Yoga – the greater is the possibility for you all to have a great prolonged sex.

You see – that is why the ancient seers have mentioned that a WEAK MOON leads to poor sex. A Strong Moon leads to an excellent sex.

A weak Moon meaning a weak mind will quickly finish up – it cannot help you to hold on for a prolonged sex. A strong mind though fascinates a lot – still it has a potential to hold on until the partner is completely satisfied sexually!

Rahu 6 brings problems in sexual life. And if the kundli is more inclined towards Rahu than it definitely brings a certain frustration out of a failed sexual life.

Practice Yoga. Instead of following the MIND – make sure that the MIND follows you.

Mind is a dangerous master. It can make you go crazy. But the same MIND when becomes your Slave – then the same MIND turns out to be beautiful.


My recently published book- NO MIND can help you all gain more spiritual insights on the subject of MIND and its futility.

Purnima is coming on 9th January. Also on the same day – we all will witness the first Lunar Eclipse of this new year 2020. A few days ago Mohan asked about Lunar eclipse.

But before we understand Lunar eclipse- let us first observe and understand the Sun, the Moon, the Earth.

Who is Sun – Consciousness.

Who is Earth – ‘I’ Your Body and its Karma.

Who is Moon – the MIND.

Now what happens on Lunar Eclipse –

The Earth ( You or your karma) comes in between the Consciousness (Sun) and the MIND (Moon).

The Mind is then blocked – shadowed. And the reason is your Karmic IGNORANCE that comes between the ever flowing Consciousness (Sun) and the Moon (Mind).

So then Mohan asked “ What should we do to overcome this play of the stars and planets?”

I said “ Mohan – the answer is simple. This YOU – meaning this human body therefore has to be trained to do good KARMAS during this eclipse period. So that the SHADOW that falls from you (Earth) is of positive karma and not negative. And so for those who indulge in positive karma – experience positive results during the eclipse while those who have been indulging in negative karma suffer during eclipse periods.”

Mohan said “ Oh yes now I get it why the ancient seers and sages have always emphasized on doing good karmas during the eclipse period. Fasting during the eclipse period. Donating. Meditating during the eclipse period…now I get it that why certain men and women get positive results while some negative results during the eclipse period.”

Every happening has a reason. If you understand the reason- you will act accordingly and accordingly you will continue to benefit.

People are running all over – to this temple and that temple – the real question is how much you are bringing God consciousness into your life. How much of Krishna consciousness you are introducing in your life. Going to temple can benefit you ONLY if at first place there is a certain GOD consciousness within you – a certain GODLINESS within you.

IT ALL BEGINS WITH YOU. The result that you seek is based on what is within you.


And so my answers are to help you all to first take the step towards bringing a change – a transformation within you. And let me tell you all that FAME cannot bring inner transformation. Cannot bring self awareness. Cannot help you to self realize. FAME cannot help you to unlock your REAL GROWTH. But the irony is that the majority is not aware of what REAL GROWTH IS. Reminds me of a story…..

Buddha was having a discussion with the Emperor. And Emperor was asking many silly questions. You see – money fame and power cannot make you wise – so the Emperor was asking questions and Buddha was just listening. Amidst this – a very old monk comes and he bows before Buddha and says “ Master I have to move to the other monastery. And it is getting dark. So I am asking for your permission.”

The Buddhist dont move after it becomes dark – after the sunset.

Buddha smiled and said “ you can leave. But BEFORE you leave please tell me – what is your AGE?”

The old monk again bowed before the master and said “ I am 4 yrs old.”

Buddha said “ You can leave now.”

The Emperor was listening. After the old monk left, the Emperor said “ I don’t understand why you asked his age? And further I am shocked because that old man looks beyond 80 yrs and still he says he is only 4 yrs old. Please explain..”

Buddha said “ For a long time you have been asking many stupid questions so I thought why not give you the real thing. I asked the old monk so that you realize how idiot you have been all your life. The monk is 80 yrs old – but that is the AGE of his physical body – and we count AGE based on the spiritual growth and NOT the physical growth. So now you tell me – What is your AGE?”

And the Emperor had no answer because he was yet to REBORN. He was yet to start. He was yet to choose the path. And therefore you all have to decide what path you want to walk on – on the path of seeking FAME or on the path of seeking and realizing your Self.

“ The sole higher purpose of human life is to SELF REALIZE – there is nothing else to do.” – Bhagvan Ramana Maharshi

And so I say to all those who are following me – that you all have to decide your path. And remember- once you decide – never turn back.

“ There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to TRUTH. Not going all the way and Not starting. “ – Buddha

And so I appeal to all who are following me – start and if you start – Don’t ever stop.

And so come you all. Let us meditate and let us keep going…all that you experience and all that you are going to experience in life is nothing but your own making of many past lives. But there is a way..a beautiful way to overcome the difficulties and that is LEARNING TO LIVE IN ACCEPTANCE. TOTAL ACCEPTANCE. Buddha calls it TATHATA! AND A MAN WHO LIVE IN ACCEPTANCE is called TATHAGATA.

When you ACCEPT, you can MOVE ON. And it is only when you MOVE ON that you can PROGRESS in life.


“ A man who ACCEPTS all that life provides with a sense of GRATITUDE becomes a Buddha.” – Osho

And let me tell you all there have been Buddhas in the past and there are going to be many Buddhas in the future because BUDDHA is NOT a name – it is a STAGE that reflects your whole meditative being that lives in TOTAL ACCEPTANCE- TATHATA!

And I would love to see you all moving towards this direction- towards becoming the Buddha. When the light of consciousness instills within your being – then it burns up all the miseries of your life.

Let that light of consciousness instill within your being and then the question of seeking FAME will never arise. Then you all will realize the fact that Fame is indeed foolish. Then you all will ask questions but those questions will have a certain quality to it – a certain depth to it.

Meditate. Turn inwards and realize the fact that way to happiness goes through your innermost being.

It is not wrong to seek happiness. Happiness is your nature. What is wrong is to seek happiness on the outside when it is inside. Once you find happiness within – the idea of becoming famous will never arise – in fact fame may not guarantee happiness but turning inwards and being more and more meditative will certainly bring abundance of joy and peace and happiness to your heart.

What glitters is not always Gold. But people are behind all that glitters and that is how you simply miss to realize the real thing.

And so I thought why not share the real thing.

But even to understand and value the real thing – one has to be real!

And so I appeal to you – Be real. Be courageous to FACE the Real. It may hurt. But unless it hurts – one will not WAKE UP. And so understand the fact that all the pain and all the suffering that life is showering upon you is not to cause you pain but AWAKE YOU because people become ALERT only when the arrow goes deep into their heart and wounds them.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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