What is the effect of the Venus Rahu conjunction in the 9th house?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Venus is NOT blind. Love is NOT blind. The Heart is.

The Heart CANNOT see. The Heart CAN only FEEL.

Understand this first and I appeal to all my followers, readers and fellow travelers- the Heart has no eyes to SEE – the Heart CAN ONLY FEEL, the Heart can only RUN.

Heart is NOT your Venus. Venus is a dealer – Venus is a selfish planet – a selfish materialistic energy – whereas the Heart energy is absolutely NOT selfish – it is simply happy to give, to share.

The Heart energy is far above Venus energy – but the Heart alone cannot help you to make the right decisions in your life.

The heart cannot ‘see’ – it can only feel – it can only ‘run’ – the heart has ‘legs’ but it does not have the ‘eyes’. The head can ‘see’ – but the head does not have the ‘legs’ – it cannot make you move – it goes on creating many IFs and BUTs.

Neither the Heart, nor the Head has the potential to help you move on with grace. But there is something far beautiful far superior far divine than the Heart and the Head and that is your Consciousness.

It is your ultimate consciousness that can help the HEART to ‘see’ and the HEAD to ‘walk’ – enabling you to make the right decisions in your life!

People confuse themselves by considering Venus for the Heart – Venus has absolutely nothing to do with the Heart.

The whole universe is a PLAY OF ENERGIES. GOOD.BAD.POSITIVE.NEGATIVE. You name it – label it – define it in your own language – but it all comes down to the fact that – EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!

Astrology is simply the study the understanding the self-realization of the energy that this whole universe is made of!

By and by I have come to the realization that the only ENERGY and Vibrations that represent or impact the Heart Energy – is the energy of the Moon.

The natural natal chart’s 4th house is represented by the Zodia sign – Cancer whose lord is Moon!

Mohan said “ Please explain further.”

I said “ Mohan – what is it that you love the most?”

Mohan had been such a simple man. A man of heart. Always listening more and always being attentive. He was different than the rest. Looking into my eyes he said “ My mother. I love her the most…”

I said “ If I tell you right away that your mother have had a heart attack what will happen to you – tell me in detail.”

Mohan said “ My mind would be disturbed. And that would affect my heart beat….

“You see…” I looked into his eyes and said “ You got your answer.”

The Heart is directly impacted by the state of your MIND.

A young man once said “ I came across a beautiful girl in my office and I don’t know what happened but my heart beat started increasing as if my whole heart was going to blast out.”

Why this happened? Because when you SEE – you SEE through the MIND – the beauty that you SEE is the vision of your MIND. That is why many times you all may have come across a handsome man having a very average looking wife or girlfriend. It is his MIND that SEE her beauty – your MIND or my MIND may see her from a different perspective but his MIND just see her as a beautiful woman!

There was one Hollywood movie – Shallow Hal – you all must see it and then you can relate to my answer. The MIND sees and not YOU. YOU are not the MIND but as long as you remain in the tight clutch of the MIND – you will SEE only that what your MIND sees. And then this MIND goes on impacting your HEART beats – the feelings – the heart energy.

4th house – Heart – ruled by Cancer (Moon).

And so Heart is Not Venus. HEART is Moon.

And now this is deep – we are going more deep and it is beautiful!

A Heart that is still under the rule of the Moon (MIND) many times commits mistakes of falling in love with wrong person or a person who may be right – but isn’t really or wasn’t really the right one for you! That is how many heartbreaks happen – because the Heart alone cannot help you decide what is right for you – for your real growth!

Yesterday Mohan was telling “ I saw a very beautiful woman in my flight.”

I asked “ So did you fall in love? Were you attracted towards her?

Mohan folded his two hands – bowed and said “ Not Again….I had enough of ‘miseries’ due to my foolishness in the past…I just shared with you – that’s all.”

The Heart cannot see. The Mind SEES but what it SEES is not always the Truth. The Mind is shallow – it sends signals to your heart and your heart vibrates. You make decisions based on the signals of the Mind. You ‘think’ it is the heart – but it is always the MIND!

The Heart therefore is blind – it feels but it cannot ‘see’.

The Head is an altogether different game. The head is calculative – and so the Head can perfectly SEE and evaluate and analyze and do all those things that world defines in one word – INTELLECTUALISM.

But intellectualism cannot help you to MOVE on towards the right direction. Intellectualism cannot help you to make right decisions.

Many emails come to me. Few days ago I suggested one woman to follow a simple remedy – but in return she writes to me a long mail specifying what she is doing is good – if that is the case then why you mail me asking for a remedy or an advice? Such men and women – just want to have a stimulation to their MIND – they are not yet ready to FACE the truth – the implement the TRUTH shared with them – and SO I remain silent, unavailable – unresponsive.

And there are many such intellectuals who try to reach me but with more such experiences I have become more and more alert when it comes to choosing to respond.

You either will meet people ruled by their HEART.

You either will meet people ruled by their HEAD.

And let me tell you all – that none of them can help you or help themselves for the simple reason that they are NOT ABSOLUTE in their form.


Consciousness is your Sun. That is why we call the SUN as the EMPEROR of the whole UNIVERSE. The very source of CONSCIOUSNESS is SUN – the SELF – the SOUL.

Heart is your Moon.

Head is your Mercury.

And Love is your Venus.

Mohan said “ How would you define Love?”

And this is a significant question. Because the love of Buddha will be totally different than the love that Hitler would define for himself!

Buddha’s love will not change even if you do anything to him – even if you say anything to him. You may go on insulting Buddha – you may go on offending him and yet the love that flows through his eyes towards you will not change an inch or less!

You may find such love – boring. And this is deep. Because the love that you all have known is the love that also has some hate in it – some fight – some arguements! Your love is still not pure – it has many colors to it – that Buddha’s love does not have.

Buddha’s love is like that flowing river water – no matter how many stones come in between- no matter how much dust and dirt – the river water goes on carrying with it – goes on flowing without letting any of those disturbance and hurdles affect its continues flow..

Buddha’s love is like a river. His love is no more the Venusian love – his love has risen – has matured – has blossomed and flowered into a CONSCIOUS LOVE!

The YOGI always is found in his own bliss, his own joy – his love is CONSCIOUS LOVE – and CONSCIOUS LOVE is PURE LOVE!

CONSCIOUS LOVE has NO CONDITIONS. It is UNCONDITIONAL. It cannot understand your LOGIC – it cannot understand your MATHEMATICS – it cannot understand how expensive a thing is – MARY MAGDALENE also did not understand – did NOT bother when she poured the most EXPENSIVE PERFUME on Jesus’s holy feet….

It happened so – that Marry Magdalene was so much devoted – so much in love with Jesus that she comes, she bows and she touched His holy feet and Jesus smiled, he looked at her and Mary opens the most expensive perfume bottle and pours the whole perfume on Jesus’s holy feet.

She is simply not bothered – her devotion is far expensive than the perfume that she is pouring and Jesus understands such love – but Judas could not.

Judas must be like those intellectual beings – who keep emailing me and asking me many questions though in reality they never want to know the REAL ANSWER! Judas must be an intellectual – a logical man because he opposed Mary’s act of pouring the expensive perfume on Jesus’s feet.

Judas says to Jesus “ Why you didn’t stop her? You should have stopped her from pouring such an expensive perfume – the whole town would have been feed by selling such an expensive perfume – why you denied to stop her?

Jesus looked into Judas’s eyes and said “ I could not stop her. Unable to express herself – unable to express her love – she poured that expensive perfume onmy feet – that was her way of expressing her love – I could not stop her. The whole town will be there when I am gone – you can feed them later also – but I am here for this moment and she would not want to miss this moment – and I could not stop her.”

Judas may not have understood. He must be like those communists who cannot understand anything but logic. But I have understood Jesus and all those who are coming closer and closer to the state of consciousness can understand Jesus – Jesus says “ I could not stop her – I just could not.”

That is the beauty of pure love and devotion. Devotion is love overflowing.

JUDAS is your ‘HEAD’ – it just goes on and on and on – it cannot move – because it is too much into the calculations, and logical ifs and buts.

MARY is your LOVE – it simply feels – it does not have any logic – it simply is happy to give – happy to share – happy to BE.

JESUS is your CONSCIOUSNESS – it can SEE your love, it can FEEL your love and it can also MOVE you toward the right direction – because CONSCIOUSNESS can manage the HEAD and the HEART – both belong to it!


BUT VENUS with RAHU is exact opposite of Conscious Love. Rahu simply block the Conscious love. This conjunction can bestow all the luxuries and pleasure BUT as far as PURITY OF LOVE – HIGHER LOVE – CONSCIOUS LOVE is concerned – this is not what it is made for!

VENUS represents the attraction – the glamour – the shine.

For a woman – Venus represents the Breasts., Hair, Nails, and overall the shape the curves of the body, the skin texture, the glow of the teeth, the shape of the teeth. Some women teeth itself are very attractive that it adds to their overall beauty making them more appealing.

Rahu is like a BOOSTER – so when RAHU comes with VENUS – all that comes under VENUS in general for a woman – is BOOSTED – empowered! So generally a VENUS RAHU woman is very attractive, and has a very strong SEX APPEAL.

Interestingly a VENUS RAHU woman is extremely POSSESSIVE by nature – and if one gets into a relationship with such a woman than BEWARE – you cannot easily slip out of her clutches – once you are ’in’ relationship with her!

But that is not the case with VENUS KETU. Woman or men with such a placement easily become VICTIM of love relationships – either they are ditched or they simply take a backseat. VENUS when comes with KETU – it is like going from a wonderful beach to a barren desert – all that comes under VENUS is nullified by KETU – such a woman or man come across sexual issues, love – breakups – disappointments in relationships etc.

VENUS with Rahu – the CONSCIOUSNESS to follow ethical moral righteous path in relationships/marriage is Blocked. Extra marital affairs or multiple relationships is not ruled out.

Overall an individual having VENUS RAHU has basically arrived to fulfill his or her DESIRES of having SEXUAL PLEASURES, MATERIAL PLEASURES, DESIRE TO SHINE in this human world – DESIRE to LIVE HIS or HER LOVE LIFE WITHOUT having any restrictions laid by age old traditions – and customs.

So the more you would try to oppose them and their IDEAS OF LOVE FREE OF ALL REGULATIONS AND CUSTOMS – the more they would stress on living their life according to their whims and fancies.

SO – if you have a daughter or son with such a placement – DO NOT behave like a HEADMASTER or INSPECTOR – let them live their life the way they want to. Parents should simply WATCH – OBSERVE – and CONSULT. Following your consultation or not following is their CHOICE. Give them a CHOICE. But don’t give them heavy doses of ETHICS, and MORALS – they will not understand because the ‘language’ that they understand is not the language that you speak!



In both the cases – although the HEART and the HEAD belongs to CONSCIOUSNESS – still in the above two conjunctions – RAHU – the SHADOW of IGNORANCE – the SHADOW OF DESIRES comes in between – leading to a mess in the matters of LOVE (If it is VENUS RAHU) and mess in the matters of thinking pattern (If it is MERCURY RAHU).

But life is not that straight. And astrology is also not that straight.

VENUS RAHU may be the most difficult placement from the perspective of spiritual progress. BUT VENUS RAHU certainly is a boon from the perspective of material progress.

A woman with VENUS RAHU is attractive, appealing and one just cannot ignore her presence for long.

A man with VENUS RAHU also is attractive, is generally popular among women and women generally find him appealing.

RAHU says “DO MORE”. Sexual demand is also DO MORE. The more the sex the better. So overall this conjunction generally does NOT disappoint you when it comes to having sexual pleasures – RAHU ensures that you get as much sex as you want – until you drop down and realize that – enough is enough!

So it is an evolving process for VENUS RAHU – this life they will have more and more sex – multiple relationships, possessiveness towards the love interest – if a boyfriend – he will possess his girlfriend the way a snake tightly takes you in a grip. If a girlfriend – she will be always on her toes to ensure that you do not cheat her and you remain with her and that you are always ‘reachable’ – on your phone!

And what to say if he is a HUSBAND – the wife has to entertain his many demands – especially sexual. And then the probability of extra marital affair is also not ruled out.

And if it is WIFE with this placement – then it is a challenge for the HUSBAND. He need to be not just GOOD – but great in the Bed. She is too appealing and too demanding – so either the husband has to be on his toes to meet her unending demands – else she is prone to getting into an extra marital affair.

Nowadays – somebody told me that a new dating site has been introduced in India for those who are MARRIED and yet aren’t happy with their partners ! And they say that the site is in high demand!

Strange is this world and strange are its ways! You never know what will be a hit – in this ever changing world of likes and dislikes!

Ninth house is the prominent house of DHARMA – Righteousness. It is the SEAT OF THE GURU. And Venus sitting in this house is like a Sexy Damsel Bhogi Pleasure seeking person sitting in a HERMITAGE or a PIOUS HOLY PLACE – where the holy scriptures are being read – where religious rites take place – where the wise men meet – where the incense sticks are burned – YES – it is the place of CHURCH, the MOSQUE, the MANDIR, the GURUDWARA, the BUDDHIST MONASTERY – and it is the ABODE OF THE MASTER – the GURU!

And in such a pious holy place – you have an utterly materialist pleasure seeking person – VENUS – and NOT just VENUS – but you also have RAHU – the underworld DON – the crooked – the person with DARK INTENTIONS.

So now tell me – and I am asking all my genuine followers – especially those who are closely following my Quora SPACE Blogs – tell me – what can you expect of such a placement – what will happen – when a Dancer along with a Thief comes to a Temple or a Church or a Mosque? What will be there first reaction?

They will bow – they will enter the Temple – they will sit quietly – suddenly the most wanted thief of the town (RAHU) and the most hot sexy damsel of the town (VENUS) – NOW APPEAR to be PIOUS – transforming them into POSITIVE beings.

Many time people miss to understand or realize that in a TEMPLE- in a CHURCH – in a MOSQUE – all KIND OF PEOPLE COME – in fact SINNERS come more than the RIGHTEOUS. SICK come more than those who are healthy! GOD must be very busy – because he has so much to take care of – a smuggler comes, he has to consider them as well – a dancer, a prostitute, a murderer, a looter – GOD cannot discriminate – he has to SEE everyone through the same glasses – and that is why HE is GOD.

In God’s Abode – Temple, Church or Mosque – every human being irrespective of what he is – whether he is a murderer, looter, smuggler or whatever – they all become or have to become – have to ‘appear’ like a GOOD BOY.

Similarly – no matter how VENUS is – no matter how RAHU is – as soon as they enter the Holy ABODE of the 9th House – they have to TAME their pleasure seeking – DO MORE nature – and BEHAVE LIKE A GOOD BOY and a GOOD GIRL.

Always remember – it is the HOUSE that impacts the planets and NOT the planets that impact the HOUSE.

VENUS and RAHU then start looking GOOD. It is NOT that they don’t want to have sexual pleasures – it is NOT that they have dropped the DESIRE of having material pleasures – it is JUST that NOW they are going to do it in a well behaved manner. Now whatever they DO – they have to ensure that it APPEARS GOOD – so they ‘do it’- but they do it cleverly – marriage, multiple sexual relationships, foreign travels – everything now comes to them because they are now in the ABODE of the MASTER. The GRACE of the MASTER can transform a stone into an IDOL – then what to say about VENUS RAHU in 9th!

But people don’t get it – they think and they believe that the NEGATIVE will SPOIL THE POSITIVE – that the VENUS RAHU in 9th will spoil the 9th HOUSE – I want to ask – that why you cannot think positively – why you cannot believe the MASTER – have faith in the MASTER – that when VENUS RAHU are in HIS ABODE – why can’t the MASTER change them into positive??

But the world thinks the other way – and that is the greatest irony of this human world!

Buddha once invited a thief to his hermitage. Ananda strongly opposed. Ananda said “ Why you want a thief in this hermitage – his presence will affect the monks who live in this hermitage.”

Buddha smiled and said “ Ananda – how many years have you lived with me – how many years have you been following me?”

Ananda said “ It has been 10 years – that I have been following you Master.”

Buddha looked into Ananda’s eyes and said “ And you trust the thief and NOT me??”

Ananda agreed. The thief was allowed to live in the hermitage. And Buddha would treat the thief so lovingly – so respectfully – that the thief started feeling uncomfortable – he would cry when he was alone in his room. He would say to himself – the whole world have been condemning me – abusing me – treating me like a DIRT – but this man…..this man……this man treats me so lovingly – he gives me so much of respect – one night I was late to join the dinner and Buddha waited for me – when I came, he first fed me with his own hands…..and then had his dinner. And just by remembering the goodness of the compassionate master – the thief’s eyes would become wet – he could not control his tears…..one day he said to himself – I am going out of this pious place and looting the palaces, the homes of rich men and women – IT LOOKS SO BAD – I must do something about it!

You see – now the thief himself has started to transform…..he goes to Buddha and says “ Master – I have been staying with you for a month or so and you have been showering so much of love so much of respect that NOW I CAN NO MORE DO WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING ALL MY LIFE – I CAN NO MORE LOOT – I CAN NO MORE STEAL – and so I request you to give me some work – I want to EARN and I DON”T want to STEAL anymore!”

Ananda was also present – listening to the thief’s words – witnessing the transformation happening within the thief’s inner being – Ananda could now sense the greatness of Buddha – he could now remember Buddha’s words – Buddha had said “ And you TRUST the thief and NOT Me??”

And this is the whole tragedy of this human world – you cannot believe that the GOOD can transform the BAD. You cannot ACCEPT the fact that the POSITIVE has the strength to transform the NEGATIVE into POSITIVE!

And that is how the thief was transformed into the most pious man that the world had ever known! It is said that when Buddha took his last breath – if there was anyone who cried the most than that was this man – who was once a thief!

And so VENUS RAHU become positive in the 9th house – the ABODE OF THE MASTER.

The problem is not of the thief – understand this. It is far easier to transform a thief into an enlightened being – but it is far difficult to transform logical heads – intellectual heads into enlightened beings.

Thief, murderers, prostitutes, and all those men and women – whom the world labels as DIRTY or DIRT – can be transformed much easily because they are simply OUT OF MIND – but through the wrong door. The master just have to show them the ‘right door’ and they start transforming much faster than your so called sane people!

Sane person is too much into his HEAD – he comes to the master – but he comes with many conditions, many logic and intellectual ideas and so he remains where he is. ANANDA also remained where he was – FORTY years went by – and ANANDA could not progress in his spiritual journey. FORTY years he lived with BUDDHA – became HIS Shadow – but could not attain anything.

And ANANDA was totaly frustrated – he could see many other monks progressing but there was absolutely no progress to his meditation. And when Buddha was on deathbed – when just a few moments were remaining for the master to take his last breath – Ananda started crying……

Buddha said “ Why are you crying? I am just leaving this human body”

Ananda said “I am not crying for you – I am crying because once you leave me – who will help me to attain enlightenment? And I know for centuries to come there will be nobody who can be of your stature – and so I am crying….”

Buddha smiled. Ananda looked at Buddha and said “ Why are you smiling?”

Buddha said “ You remember the day when you had met me for the first time?”

Ananda said “Yes I do.”

“And what had you said then “ asked Buddha

Something sparked within Ananda and he remember what an idiot he had been.

When he had met Buddha – he had said “ I am your elder cousin brother – and so before I become your disciple you need to accept my three conditions.”

And Buddha had smiled and said “ Brother – tell me what are they?”

And Ananda had said “ First condition – I will always be with you – no matter where you travel, I will be your shadow.”

Buddha said “Accepted.”

Second condition – I will be sleeping in your room at your feet – you should not make me sleep anywhere else.”

Buddha said “Accepted.”

Last and the third condition “Whenever I bring anybody to you – you must NOT reject him or her – you must address his or her issues.”

Buddha said “Accepted.”

Ananda could remember all those three conditions and looking at Buddha he said “ Yes I remember I had put conditions before becoming your disciple.”

Buddha was dying – but even at that last moment – Buddha smiled and said “Now with so many conditions – the subtle EGO of you being my elder brother always remained in your subconscious mind – you could NOT transcend – Ananda – you could not – and I loved you so much and now to help you attain enlightenment – First I should die – because only then the thought of ‘I am being an elder brother’ will die – only then the conditions that I had agreed will appear to cease.”

And Buddha takes his last breath. And it is said that exactly after 24 hours after Buddha’s death – Ananda attained enlightenment!

CONDITIONS that you lay before the master – becomes your own hurdle. Always remember this – never lay conditions – never expect anything – if you have come to the master out of love – then let your love be UNCONDITIONAL and then the flowering takes place – then everything around you is the same but you are no more the same – then there is a dance, a song, a beautiful poem. Then life is no more a misery but a garden of bliss.

This bliss, this happiness, this joy can be yours – so come, come you all and meditate. Spend some quality time in meditation. RAHU will go on creating many doubts and queries and confusions in your MIND – but with your determination – with your commitment towards meditation – you CAN turn around the tables to your favor – to your SELF GROWTH.

The first step towards meditation is to start READING the holy scriptures of your faith. You NEED NOT be a RELIGIOUS person – but reading a holy scripture out of pure DEVOTION and LOVE always helps you to keep your MIND on the track of positivism. But ignorant people are more interested in arguing and claiming that I AM NOT RELIGIOUS – it is irrelevant whether you are religious or not religious – what is relevant is that you read any book or scripture that is pure and spiritual by nature. People confuse themselves – they think that you have to be religious to understand spirituality.

IN FACT I have been telling again and again that SPIRITUALITY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION. In fact the LESS THE RELIGIOUS YOU ARE the MORE SPIRITUALLY you can progress. RELIGION becomes a hurdle in spiritual growth – but READING SHLOKAS or SCRIPTURES out of devotion always helps.

NEEM KAROLI BABA – to whom STEVE JOBS (Founder of Apple /i-phone) had come to meet – all the way from the US – says:

“Every sentence of HANUMAN CHALISA is a MAHAMANTRA in itself. One must READ the HANUMAN CHALISA with devotion and love.” – Neem Karoli Baba

A beautiful picture of Neem Karoli Baba. Salute to His Holiness.

And so READING is very important – it is the first step that makes you ready for meditation. Because READING holy books help you to PURIFY your MIND and when the MIND is on a good positive track – Meditation becomes much easier than otherwise.

It is just like taming a WILD HORSE. FIRST the WILD HORSE need to be calmed – only then you can mount on it and embark on the journey ahead!

The MIND is the WILD HORSE – you first have to tame it by READING holy Shlokas, scriptures – once the MIND is tamed – then through meditation you can MOUNT on it – and make the MIND your slave – and once your Mind becomes your Slave than meditation in true sense starts flowering.

BUT the first step is READING.

But who wants to listen? People have their own fancy ideas – and they continue to live in their own miseries.

But some of my followers are changing for good – and I am happy to see the transformation happening within them. It always happens – you have to sing your song – those who can relate – those who can understand – those who can resonate will be touched – will be transformed – that is how it happens, that is the way of its happening!

And so come, come you all and meditate. Your MIND may continue to make you restless – and question like – WHEN WILL I GET MARRIED? WHEN WILL I GET A JOB? WHEN WILL I BECOME THIS or THAT? WHEN WILL I GET INTO A GOOD RELATIONSHIP? – all kind of such questions will keep making you restless – but you must understand that this is the PLAY OF THE MIND and the MIND IS MONKEY.

WHENEVER such questions start bugging you – you should realize that LIFE is saying – NOT NOW.


WHEN WILL I GET A JOB? – Life is saying NOT NOW


Understand the fact that LIFE IS ALWAYS SAYING SOMETHING TO YOU – but YOU turn a deaf ear – YOU are not willing to listen and then follows the DEPRESSION, the FRUSTRATION.

Just LISTEN. Understand the signal that LIFE is giving you – every moment,every minute – and you will be able to do so only if you are raising the level of your AWARENESS – CONSCIOUSNESS.

Finally it all comes down to CONSCIOUSNESS – the love that you seek, the intelligence that you seek, the GOD that you seek – it all comes through the CONSCIOUSNESS – GOD CONSCIOUSNESS!

Consciousness comes when you start turning inwards – when you turn yourself towards Meditation.

Your Meditation will flower ONLY when you MEDITATE putting the MIND aside. Some of you are lost because you meditate with the MIND – whereas I am encouraging you all to meditate WITHOUT the MIND.

When you focus on just ONE THOUGHT – be that an AFFIRMATION or the name of your Holy Lord – the MIND starts melting – and in that state of NO MIND – TRUTH descends like a LIGHT upon you. It is a long journey – maybe difficult for many – but always remember – no matter how long is the journey – every journey starts with a small step!

So instead of putting too much focus on ASTROLOGY and placements of planets in your Birth Chart – how beautiful and how helpful will it be if you start focusing on the ACTUAL PLANET ENERGIES that are WITHIN YOU – if you start TURNING INWARD – if you START MEDITATING WITHOUT BRINGING THE MIND IN BETWEEN – how beautiful it would be! But nobody wants to listen – everybody is running behind ‘BIG TALKS’ – that is how this world is – the REAL remains aloof – only a few , a very few can connect – and I am happy that among millions and millions of people out there – a few of you have connected to my sharing – it is a sign that there is something within you that wants to GROW – that wants to SING – wants to DANCE – wants to spread its WINGS and FLY!

Let the spirit within you take the JUMP beyond MIND – do not entertain the monkey mind – this is the only life – this is the only moment – and you CAN do it – all you need is the WILLINGNESS to overcome the MIND and realize your SELF.

Sit down, close your eyes, focus on your breathing and meditate on the Lord’s holy name.


It is getting dark and it is time to meditate. As long as this answer remains, I believe a few can benefit – even that is also a part of destiny – my words will reach and touch only those who are destined to.


Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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