How is RAHU in the sign of Cancer?


Oil. Rahu is oil. What does oil do? It sets you on ‘fire’ – whatever it comes in contact with is set to fire. It becomes easier to burn something when it has oil on it – Rahu is that oil – and oil is something that can never satisfy you!

Rahu aka oil remains unsatisfied. It wants more and more and more and more. Have you tried eating fried food – you want more and more and more. And no matter how much oily food you eat – you are never satisfied. That is how people eat a lot of oily food – the sense of satisfaction never comes – you simply want more and more. That is how Rahu is. Rahu rules food that is salty – oily – namkeen! When you are eating a Samosa, a Batata Wada, an oily fried Burger or fried potato chips – remember – you are feeding the RAHU-ish energy within you. A man who is going through RAHU MAHADASHA should avoid eating oily food – fried food – namkeen (salty) food – but who wants to listen? People simply visit Astrologers to listen to what they want to hear – nobody wants to know the real thing – because real things are rarely known and they are often difficult to digest! Everyone wants the truth but no one wants to be honest!

People want to know the gemstone that can help them to sail smoothly through the RAHU DASHA – but nobody is willing to tell them the basic rules that one should follow while going through RAHU Mahadasha because they themselves don’t know – so what will they tell you?

But I am telling you – I am sharing this with you and all my followers and readers – just so that they don’t spend their hard-earned money on buying gemstones but rather focus on the small things that matter the most when it comes to RAHU DASHA.

Remember – It is the small things that matter the most! And small things are not derived through ‘books of astrology’ – they are derived through the meditative heart – through the voice within – through deep observations and not judgments!

And the small things that help you to overcome the ill-effects of RAHU – begin from the very basic source of your existence – FOOD.

And so I encourage all my followers, readers who are running through RAHU MAHADASHA to become more and more aware of their EATING HABITS.

Stop eating oil- fried food. Stop eating street-food. Stop eating food offered by strangers or people/relatives that are too sweet with you.

But who wants to listen? It has become a habit. And Habit is dangerous. Remember this – NO HABIT is good for your existence. Good Habit, Bad Habit – all habits should be dropped – because all HABITS are mechanical in nature – there is absolutely no awareness – to your action – you are just ‘doing it’ because it has become a habit.

RAHU makes you habitual. You have had your first intimate sexual experience and now you want it again, and again and again. And now it has become a habit – and you have become a slave of your habit. HABIT enslaves you-you get trapped and then there is no way out – until you bring awareness to your ‘self’ – else you will be finished by your HABIT!

All habits – good or bad – have to be dropped and nobody is going to tell you this – because either they are unaware or either they would not want you to become aware! But I am telling you – DROP ALL YOUR HABITS. In the beginning, it is going to be difficult – but slowly as you would try to perform an action with absolute consciousness – a certain grace will come to your actions – now you are walking – but your walk is not mechanical – there is a certain grace to your walk – when you talk – don’t just talk like a parrot – let there be a certain awareness within and then whatever you will talk -will be heard !

But unfortunately – we have parrots more – they just go on talking all that they have read in the books – it is all mechanical and so how are you going to find your answers?

Many people approach me for consultation – but I choose very few from them – why? Because I am not a robot – I have my conscious choices – I would rather help just one man or woman – but that person will be someone who is faithful, who has a certain depth of understanding – who is not mechanical but is trying to become more and more aware! I live by my choices and not chance.

RAHU-ish man lives his whole life by chance and NOT by choice! Because to make a choice – you need to be patient, you need to be understanding, you need to be satisfied with whatever you have. And RAHU is the exact opposite – RAHU wants a ‘chance’ – and so you have many astrologers, pundits, monks who are just waiting for a ‘chance’ and they will jump on it – to achieve their goals. You see – and that is how today’s corporate world is – it is a world of RAHU – where the slogan is – DO MORE – and that is all. Everybody wants MORE AND MORE AND MORE – whether it is SEX, MONEY OR POWER – they just want more and more and more. Nobody is willing to slow down – they all are in the mad race to get more and more and more.

“TOO MUCH IS THE ONLY SIN.,” say the divine spiritual master LAO TZU

And RAHU is TOO MUCH. So when RAHU is in CANCER – you are TOO MUCH EMOTIONAL person. And the house rules by MOON in your chart also have TOO MUCH of issues. Whole life is driven by emotions and emotions and emotions – there is simply no practical perspective.

Last life – you had been too practical – this life you are too emotional. The AXIS of RAHU KETU keeps moving 360 degree – and in this constant movement of axis – every birth and re-birth – you continue to ‘evolve’ based on your other planetary aspects.

One Actor had such a placement – I remember he had come a few years ago – I generally don’t give reasons to avoid certain cases but this man was very desperate – and he had certain issues with his film career. And so when it comes to the issue of livelihood – I cannot turn my back – I accepted his request for consultation. He also had CANCER RAHU and damn it – he was also too emotional. Then I gave him a secret – I just gave him – just out of compassion – and his whole life changed for good. Today I am going to share that secret with you and all my followers – and the secret is to donate a certain quantity of white rice to a certain deity – that deities name – I cannot share on this public forum – but I have given you all a clue – a pointer.

And so I have given you all a pointer to the truth that you should find on your own!

When you have Cancer Rahu – you have Capricorn KETU – and this is a perfect case of someone who loves Lord Shiva! And I have seen it all over the world – US, UK, India – wherever I have traveled – if you are a Hindu – with this placement – you are a lover of Lord Shiva!

And you should continue worshipping Lord Shiva – you should visit Lord Shiva temple – every Monday or whenever you can. Recently – the Prime Minister of England – Theresa May – had visited the famous Shiva Temple in Bangalore.

Our honorable Prime Minister – Sri Narendra Modi also visited the 125 years old Shiva Temple in Muscat, OMAN.

All Politicians visit Lord Shiva temple – they worship Lord Shiva – if you want to succeed in Politics – you got to worship Lord Shiva – for it is only and only LORD SHIVA who can help you overcome the many difficulties caused by RAHU – and when you have RAHU in CANCER and Capricorn is Ascendant – definitely you should worship Lord Shiva.

RAHU in Cancer – affects your marital happiness – because RAHU is now placed in the 7th house of marriage – but this is not a thumb rule – let this be clear. RAHU in 7th house of marriage becomes the most destructive force ONLY when the MOON is placed in 8th house, 6th house and 12th house.

If Moon is placed in Taurus – then you get a fantastic wife – who wants more and more and more material pleasures – and mind you – she is also a very intellectual woman. And if Moon is placed in Scorpio – still you benefit from the marriage – you become more successful after marriage. Generall this placement has two sides – either you will succeed after marriage OR you will be totally devastated after marriage. And I have seen both the cases happening – of course, there are millions of other small things to be observed but the most immediate factors to consider is:

  1. Rahu Nakshatra
  2. Nakshatra Lord – placement, and it’s Nakshatra
  3. Moon Nakshatra
  4. Nakshatra Lord – placement, and it’s Nakshatra
  5. Drishti – aspects on Rahu – Moon – or their Nakshatra
  6. Sub-lords of Rahu and Moon
  7. D9 chart

and many more things before you come to a certain conclusion.

So RAHU in 7th is not always bad – sexual encounters are many – sexual pleasures are many – the person has a lot of interest in the opposite sex – generally, I have seen such a person (if a male) having the driving force to attract many women – and if a woman – the same – she has many men following her – they all are mesmerized by her personality – they all dream to have her as a partner, a companion or as a girl-friend!

This RAHU Cancer definitely provides you with overseas connections – mostly with women. So it is a good placement if you are planning for overseas experiences – intimate or business.

There was a man. And he too had a Cancer RAHU with Capricorn as Ascendant – and he married at the last stage of his SUN MAHADASHA.

And by the Begining of his MOON Mahadash – he got divorced. He kicked out his wife who had just given birth to a cute baby boy. He just told her to leave – and after a few years they got divorced. Now tell me – was RAHU 7 – the only reason?

It was HIS MOON – the LORD of CANCER SIGN – MOON. His MOON was placed in the 8th house. And 8th House Lord was placed in the 3rd house (3rd house is 8th from 8th house) with the MARAK planet MARS (Capricorn Ascendant). And so his marriage was totally devastated!

So you see – it is not just RAHU in 7 that decides the status of marriage or marriage partner – it is the LORD of 7th (in this case – MOON) that has much to say than RAHU.

Astrology is a very deep science. People want to know about their future – but are they truly ready to know their future? This man had visited many astrologers – but not a single astrologer ever told him – that ‘Man you are going to be in trouble – just don’t marry now – wait.’ – they never dared to tell him – they all told him – that you are going to get a beautiful bride – and the facts were something else! So you see – astrology has become an entertainment – truth is never shared – because the truth is never realized – so how are they going to share the truth with you?

And so this merry-go-round continues – and so I am very selective when it comes to consulting – because not everybody has the courage to digest – to know the truth – many are going to astrologers just to hear what they want to hear – and you will be disappointed with me – because I will tell you on your face – the truth – and so it is good that I take a very few cases – because astrology is very dangerously truthful – you need a mighty heart to absorb the truth and not many have it!

RAHU hates the TRUTH. A Rahu-ish man speaks very sweetly – and yet all that he speaks is a BIG LIE. A Ketu-ish man speaks bluntly – and yet all that he speaks is the TRUTH.

Life is divided into two islands – one that is ruled by RAHU and the other that is ruled by KETU. And you will come across with them – in every walk of your life – right from your home to your office. If you are RAHU-ish – you will mingle with someone who belongs to the RAHU Island – if you are KETU-ish – you will resonate, relate with someone who is from the meditative island of Shri Ketu!

The whole story of astrology is between these two polarities – RAHU & KETU!

And the journey of life is meant to move from RAHU (DESIRES) to KETU (DESIRELESS) stage! But who wants to listen? People are just happy to live a RAHU-ish life – running behind more and more SEX, more and more MONEY, more and more POWER – and then comes the HERO of the story – you know him, you know him very well – HIS name is SATURN – SHANI DEV!

And then when you have all your hands deeply in the mud of sex, power and money – SHANI comes and then your journey of hell begins – and then it is these ignorant (RAHU-ish) men who start blaming and naming SHANI – it is these people who have created a sense of fear towards SATURN – otherwise what is there to fear of SHANI? If your KARMA is NOt RAHU-ish – then let it be clear – there s absolutely no reason to fear of SATURN! It is only the thief who fears the Policemen – the man of consciousness never fears a Policeman – for him, the Police is a friend – Saturn is a friend!

So it is a long story – someday I will share more. Just 4 months on this forum – and I see over 600 followers and over thousands of views – never had thought that there are people who *still* love to know the truth! And so at the onset of the new year 2019 – I wish all my followers, readers – a very happy new year 2019 – I know many of you are going through many difficulties – in fact, you remember an astrologer only when you fall in trouble – just the way a patient remembers a doctor! But just wait till RAHU KETU Axis changes in 2019 March. And let me tell you not everybody is going to feel the positive change from MARCH 2019 – as God says “Those who have been LAST – will be FIRST and those who have been FIRST – will now have to be the LAST”

So if you are struggling now – post-March 2019 – you have some hope.

And if you are enjoying now – post-March 2019 – you have some challenges.

Remember – Life is never the same. Change is constant. Except for change – everything else changes. Nothing lasts forever – neither the good time nor the bad times! And so only that man sails smoothly – who remains OPEN to change.

Life is flowing, it is a river, a constant flux. Life is constantly changing, more life and more change!

RAHU is against change – IGNORANCE is against change.

RAHU is IGNORANCE. AND RAHU is always afraid of change. And so I appeal to all my followers and readers – to overcome RAHU – become more and more aware – let awareness be the anchor of your life!

Remember – you can live in ACCEPTANCE only when you bring consciousness to your living – then and only then is there a possibility to bring a change in your life – it is only when you learn to accept the change that the transformation is possible!

RAHU desires no change, but you have to overcome this ignorance caused by RAHU – all kind of evil energies – black magic, spells are simply to block your consciousness – that is the job of RAHU – to keep you in the darkness of ignorance. Because the day you will come out of the darkness of ignorance – all the games of RAHU will start falling apart – all the evil schemes of RAHU will start failing – and so RAHU wants you to remain as an ignorant fool.

But I am helping you to overcome – I am encouraging you to come out of the darkness of ignorance and ‘see’ the light of consciousness – for it is the gift of consciousness that only human beings are rewarded with. So come – come out of ignorance – no matter how difficult it seems – every long journey begins with a small step – I am holding your hand – take the first step towards the light of consciousness….meditate.

Let this new year of 2019 motivate you to transform inside-out! Let your journey be focused on self-realizing the truth – for it is only YOU who can let change happen with you. The one that you have been looking for is – YOU!

Only humans have got the WILL to change their future – practice your WILL – and GOD-WILL – there will be a bright tomorrow just waiting to take you under its wings!

Follow the path of love – for it is only love that can take us everywhere! Love deeply, love without jealousy and help each other to be more meditative.

Lust is Rahu. Lust is ignorance. When the same ignorance gives way to consciousness – Lust transforms into Love! Love is the most conscious thing and you will love only if you are conscious of your actions – what happens through consciousness is love – let love be the goal – let love be the answer to all your questions!

“God is Love. And Love is Real.”

For more spiritual insights and motivation you all can avail my published books – ‘How to overcome Rahu’ ,‘ Gift of Consciousness’ & ‘NO MIND’ on Amazon, Flipkart, Barnes&Nobles. Print book copies are shipped across all geographies.

Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Guru!

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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