Who is the Guru of Rahu?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Beautiful question.

Ketu exalts in the sign of Sagittarius – the sign of Guru (Jupiter).

Rahu exalts in the sign of Gemini – the sign of Budh (Mercury).

On one side is RIGHTEOUSNESS – Jupiter! Jupiter is the master of Ketu.

On the other side is INTELLECTUALISM – Mercury! Mercury is the master of Rahu.

AND – Jupiter – Mercury are enemies of each other. Simply because their energies are in total contrast! Rahu Ketu are also in contrast to each other – Rahu is Intellect (knowledge). Ketu is Intelligence (wisdom).

Intellect is of the Mind (Moon, Mercury). Intelligence is of the Soul (Sun, Jupiter).

Once it happened – there were two disciples, Sohan and Mohan.

Mohan was a very simple man. The Master would fondly address him as “Bhola”. He was an illiterate man – never had been to school, never had been to any town – he was a farmer, one day he found the master walking through his farmland – and something moved WITHIN him – the Glow of the master, His Bliss, His Joy, His Peace – there was something about this man – he could feel the ‘presence’ and then he simply dropped everything – left everything behind and started following the master. The master said “What are you doing? Go back home.”

But Mohan said “You are my home – after so many years I have found my home – and you are saying to go back home – you are my home……and I cannot go back.”

The master smiled. He was accepted.

Mohan became an ardent lover of the master, along with Sohan, Mohan continued to follow the master.

After many years, one day Mohan and Sohan said to the master “We need to be initiated. When will you initiate us?

The master said – “I will initiate you both but before that happens – I want you do something…..”

Sohan said “ I am ready.”

Mohan said “ Master – You just tell me what I have to do and I am certain that I will be through it with your Grace.”

The Master gave one bird to each disciple – and said “Go to an absolutely lonely place – where there are no people and then kill the bird. And once you have killed, come back.”

Sohan took the bird – went out in search of a lonely place, found one place – looked around to ensure that nobody is around and then with a sharp knife killed the bird. He comes back to the master and says “ I am done. I have followed your instructions accurately.”

The master says “Wait – let Mohan come back too. He is still to come back.”

But Mohan did not return. Days passed, weeks passed – months – and yet Mohan did not return. And the master waited. The master can always wait….

And one day – on a very hot afternoon, Mohan returned – he comes, bows before the master – and the master is deeply engrossed in meditation. Looking at Mohan, the master smiled and said “ Where have you been? And why it took so long for you to come back?”

Mohan rushed towards the feet of the master – and holding the feet of the master in his hands – he started crying…..

Master said “ What happened?”

Mohan said “ I am sorry – I cannot follow your instruction – I could not kill the bird.”

“Why?” asked the master – His eyes twinkling with light.

Mohan said “ I took the bird everywhere – to the mountains, to the deep valleys – to the most lonely places – and yet I could not find any of these places to be lonely – whenever I would try to kill the bird – I could feel that there is GOD – who is WATCHING! I tried to close my eyes and yet I could not kill because I could feel the presence of GOD – I drugged the bird – made it unconscious and yet I could not kill because I could feel GOD present in that bird – I am sorry – I Cannot do this – if this is the CONDITION for initiation than I am willing to Let Go – but I cannot do this – because I could feel God present all around me – within me – outside me and so there was absolutely NO LONELY place that I could find – I also experienced the presence of GOD in that bird – its innocence, its chirping, I am sorry – but I cannot do this and I tried for months and weeks but I could not. It is okay if you don’t initiate me – but I cannot do this.”

The master got up – rushed towards Mohan and gave him a tight hug.

The master said to Mohan “ You are the chosen one – my son – you are the one. It was a test and you have passed….”

Then he called Sohan and said “ You get out – get lost – and never come back. You are stupid. You will never understand what I teach – you will never understand the essence that I share – you please get lost.”

Sohan is Rahu – he goes by the INTELLECT. He could not go to the depth of the matter – he could not relate to the essence of the master’s teachings – he simply followed the HEAD – went out and KILLED the BIRD.

Mohan is Ketu – he has a tremendous sensitivity – because there is absolutely no head – no intellect and because there is no head, no intellect – there is abundance of HEART energy – and it is HIS HEART that won’t let him kill the bird – he goes all around the world – but he could not kill the bird – the heart won’t let – the CONSCIOUSNESS won’t let him – he had truly matured to be initiated. His CONSCIOUSNESS made him realize that GOD is present everywhere – within and without – and that was what the Guru, the Master wanted to test – and Mohan had passed the test – the master had finally taken HIM under HIS Wings!

Jupiter loves Ketu. Mercury loves Rahu. And the whole story is divided in two parts – the whole world of human beings is divided in two parts – HEART & HEAD.

The DEVTAS (YOGI) dwell in the HEART.

The ASURAS (BHOGI) dwell in the HEAD.

And for millions and millions of years the friction has always been happening between these TWO SIDES – and it is going to happen forever – because they are TWO contrast energies – two polarities – that can never get along with each other!

Hitler will not understand Buddha’s love. In this material world – in every house, in every family, at every place – there is someone who is a Hitler, a Judas, and there is someone who is a Buddha, a Mahavira!

Every BIRTH CHART is either inclining towards RAHU or towards KETU!


And the whole gamut of your life results are based on which side – your birth chart is on. And that is the real secret – that is the reason why the ancient seers and sages have given immense importance to RAHU and KETU over all other planets – because FIRST it has to be decided if you CAN KILL THE BIRD or YOU CANNOT!

If you CANNOT – then the CONSCIOUSNESS is PRESENT. If you CANNOT – then the higher love is present. If you CANNOT – then the HEART is over the HEAD – and such a man – such a woman is welcomed in the KINGDOM OF GOD – in the KINGDOM of JUPITER.

If you CAN – then IGNORANCE is at peak. If you CAN – then the lower love is all that is present. If you CAN – then the HEAD is over the HEART – and such a man – such a woman is not welcome – because they simply CANNOT understand the language of the HEART – the language of LOVE – and GOD is LOVE and LOVE is real.

Mercury presides over RAHU – and that is why – LORD VISHNU should be worshiped if you are going through RAHU difficulties. After all it was Sri VISHNU who beheaded the Asura RAHU!

Jupiter presides over KETU – and that is why – LORD GANESHA should be worshiped if you are unable to relate to the message of Sri Ketu – the message of turning inwards! Lord Shiva should be worshiped to realize the immense significance of living your life selflessly and by being more and more DETACHED.

Marriages fail when the energies are in contrast – one is RAHU-ish. While the other is – KETU-ish.

But strange things happen – one day a young man and his name was Gopal, he came and said “ I have fallen in love with a woman and I cannot help – I want to marry her.”

The master said “ Come tomorrow – it is very late.”

He came the next day. The master went into deep meditation and then said to Gopal “ This marriage will not work – you are getting yourself in a deep mess.”

But ATTRACTION brings IGNORANCE – the man was attracted – he married the woman. And then began the many miseries of his life – then he could not sleep with peace – then he could find his joy no more, then he became a plastic rose – the fragrance was lost.

The master remembered the young Gopal – a very lively man, a honest man, a man of heart – his innocence, his compassion and what a beautiful person he was! But with one wrong move – the same Gopal had turned into a miserable man – a man who was no more willing to live – a man who once was full of life – was now thinking of giving up life!

Life can change 360 degree towards the deepest valleys – if you fall for your TEMPTATIONS – if you fall for ATTRACTIONS – if you fall by following your MIND!

And the same Life can change 360 degree towards the highest peak – if you rise above your TEMPTATIONS – if you remain indifferent towards ATTRACTIONS – if you RISE ABOVE your Mind!

RAHU traps you.

Suffocation happens when you yourself get into the tight clutches of RAHU (IGNORANCE).

KETU relieves you.

A man moving towards KETU – becomes more and more detached. He becomes a Buddha – you CANNOT distract him. you CANNOT attract him.

RAHU exalts not just in Gemini (Mercury) – but also is empowered when He is in the Nakshatra of Mercury.

RAHU is empowered in Ashlesha (Cancer), Jyestha (Scorpio), Revati (Pisces).

Whenever RAHU is in Ashlesha/ Jyestha/ Revati – He is empowered to give more intense results – if He is placed well – He may benefit, if He is not placed well – He may do what he likes the most – cause more harm!

Ketu exalts not just in Sagittarius (Jupiter) – but also is empowered when He is in the Nakshatra of Jupiter.

KETU is empowered in Punarvasu (Cancer), Vishaka (Scorpio), Purvabhadrapada (Pisces).

Depending on which side the birth chart is inclined – an empowered KETU will manifest the results. If the chart is on the KETU side – then whenever KETU is in Punarvasu (Cancer), Vishaka (Scorpio), Purvabhadrapada (Pisces) – you will benefit. But if the chart is RAHU-ish – than the same empowered KETU appears as a hurdle – because you are ‘pressing’ channel 1 for happiness when the real button on your remote is not channel 1 but channel 9!

So you see, astrology can be interesting simply because it is so relating – so ALIVE.

People are running behind MATCH MAKING – they MATCH everything – MON SIGN, SUN SIGN, LAGNA/ASCENDANT – GUNAS – everything is matched – but they miss – they simply miss to see if the Man and Woman who are planning to marry – fall in the same category of KETU or RAHU!

A RAHU-ish man and a RAHU-ish woman can stay together – the ‘marriage’ generally works – because both belong to the same world – the world of RAHU.

But if you are KETU-ish and you are marrying a RAHU-ish woman – then you in for trouble – a deep trouble!.

Young Gopal was suffering in his marriage because he was a KETU-ish man and he had fallen for a woman who was RAHU-ish. He was not willing to listen – the master said to him twice – alerted him – but he went ahead and got married – and now he is suffering – he is miserable – now he comes to the master – the master says “ It is not late – it is never late – even if you WAKE up at the very last moment of your life – it is ENOUGH to brings a positive change. But now if you want to come out of this marriage – you will need COURAGE. Courage to FACE all the consequences whatsoever.”

RAHU obstructs the COURAGE within you. I have seen many men who suffer in marriage but they cannot get out of it – because they lack the courage – they FEAR – they are so much trapped in the clutches of RAHU that they appear totally impotent in making any move towards FREEDOM – real FREEDOM.

Rahu is FEAR. Ketu is COURAGE.

What stops you from coming out of a MARRIAGE that is FULL OF MISERIES and HUMILIATION – is YOUR FEAR. (RAHU).

And what CAN help you to come out of a MARRIAGE that is FULL OF MISERIES and HUMILIATION – is YOUR COURAGE. (KETU).

KETU therefore EXALTS in the MOST COURAGEOUS SIGN – the SIGN of SAGITTARIUS. It is a SIGN OF A WARRIOR – you better watch – you better be careful when you are dealing with a SAGITTARIUS – for HE or SHE has the COURAGE to FIGHT BACK and FIND FREEDOM!

Courage is an affair with the unknown! You don’t know what is going to happen – what matter to you is the PURPOSE – and if your PURPOSE is to get out of a FAILING MARRIAGE or a FAILING JOB – then the KEY is KETU – COURAGE!

Life is simple. Astrology is also simple. Because GOD is simple! And TRUTH is simply found in simplicity. Beauty is simply found in simplicity.

A simple man, a simple woman – and they are beautiful – they can understand the language of the heart – and Astrology is indeed the language of the heart!

But who wants to listen? The man of Head (Intellectual) goes round and round and round and yet finds himself exactly at the point where he had started!

The HEAD cannot find the answer – the HEART can!

Your HEART is natural – it is a BORN GIFT! But your MIND is NOT NATURAL – it is given by the SOCIETY – you are NOT born with the MIND – but you are born with the HEART! And the HEART has it all – the HEART is the most beautiful GIFT – every HEART is beautiful – but what makes it impure and ugly is the MIND!

And that is the whole message of my sharing on this forum – that is the whole message of the master – that is the whole message of Sri KETU – get out of your HEAD and get inside your HEART. THINK LESS and FEEL MORE.

But the majority is caught up in thinking TOO MUCH and then they come and ask “Why my life is so miserable?”

The fault is not with the LIFE – the fault is with YOURSELF.

LIFE is like a beautiful flowing river – if you can flow with it – if you can SWIM through it – then you can ENJOY the Journey – the whole effort of the divine masters is simply to HELP YOU ALL to ENJOY the journey by TURNING INWARDS – MEDITATING and making yourself more and more aware by introducing higher realms of CONSCIOUSNESS to your awareness.

GROWTH comes NOT by a fat bank balance but by bringing a great transformation WITHIN you – by raising the level of CONSCIOUSNESS within you. Once you become AWARE – once the LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS becomes aflame – the it BURNS all the IGNORANCE within you!

And so come, come you all and spend some quality time with yourself – spend some time in meditation – if you have too many people at home – find a secluded place outside your home – but seclusion is required.

In seclusion – you will be able to quiet the chattering mind. Seclusion is necessary for meditation.

KETU loves seclusion. KETU is home in a secluded place – that is why KETU feels HOME in the 12th House – the house of seclusion – the natural house of Jupiter – the master!

KETU is beautiful – simply beautiful – only if you can RESONATE with its energy – only if your ‘Antenna’ is placed at the right direction! And the direction of the master – of the Guru is simple – Turn Inwards and master yourself. The ‘CONTROL’ that you are seeking on the OUTSIDE is not possible – many have tried and many have failed miserably – because the CONTROL that you seek is possible WITHIN and not on the outside.

A man of KETU is a man who is content with what he has. He is a man of awareness – he lives moment to moment – because he is perfectly aware that LIFE IS NOW – life is neither in the PAST and nor in the FUTURE – Life is NOW and his whole effort – his whole direction is simply to – BE HERE NOW.

Meditation happens only when you are HERE – when you are able to STILL your MIND in the PRESENT MOMENT – only then Meditation happens – only then the bud starts blossoming into a beautiful flower….

And so the whole focus should be to – BE HERE NOW.

The blessings of the benevolent compassionate Guru and the support of Sri Ketu enables you to BE HERE NOW.

A certain depth to your meditations and to your spiritual journey comes when you become compassionate towards others – when you help those who are in need.

Meditation is the KEY but the KEY works only when you are helpful to others, when you are compassionate toward others – it is all interlinked – it is all LinkedIn!

And once you find BALANCE – once your ACTIONS fall in place – then Meditation starts blossoming – then the ‘dance’ begins – then the ‘song’ is heard – then life starts changing – then everything around you will be the same – but you will be no more the same – then there will be a song to it – then life will start transforming into a garden of bliss…..

The ‘key’ (Meditation) is with you all – it has been with you all from the very beginning of time – many births have passed by – this birth is also ‘passing’ by – the sooner you all become ‘aware’ the better it is going to be. Always remember – your moment goes on shaping and the shape that it eventually takes becomes your future! So the MOMENT is of great significance – we remember life by remembering the moments of our life and not the days. Focus on the MOMENT – a man of awareness lives totally in the ‘moment’ – present moment.

Awareness means to be in the moment – a man of awareness is always found to be in the moment – be a man of awareness – let awareness become the torch of your life and then you all will find your answers.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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