How to reduce the bad effects of Rahu and Shani?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Beautiful Question! The very flow of such a question penetrating your being – is a sign that something beautiful is blossoming within you – that the Lord is helping you find the right way….that the Lord is trying to see – IF you can truly start turning inwards….if you truly can ‘Knock’ at HIS door!

Not everybody is willing to KNOCK at HIS door!

Mohan asked “Why you say so?”

Because not everybody is READY to receive what HE wants to offer! And Not everybody TRUSTS that IF they KNOCK -they will be Answered!

And so out of million – one steps ahead and KNOCKS – he is absolutely DETACHED to the thought of WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER HE KNOCKS – he simply goes on KNOCKING – and he NEVER stops, Never.

This KNOCKING is at your HEART – because the DOOR towards the beyond – towards GOD goes through your HEART. GOD DWELLS in our HEART.

Someday – the GATES of the HEART opens – just the way the GATES of the DAM open and then the water (nectar) starts flowing – overflowing – then the river of your life is never short of anything – no matter where you are – in what state you are – you are always found with abundance of joy, bliss, and peace!

Once it happened – Diogenes – was one such man – an enlightened man whose HEART was no more closed – it had opened up and so wherever he would go – JOY would follow, wherever he would walk – LOVE would follow – wherever he would stay – PEACE would come. Diogenes roamed across the villages and towns and the capital – and he would roam NAKED – with just a wooden bowl in his hand.

One day he was walking with his bowl – and he saw a dog drinking water from the river. A thought came – If the dog needs nothing to drink water – then why am I carrying this only thing with me? – The wooden bowl?

And so then – the only possession – the only last property – the wooden bowl – that was also thrown away. And Diogenes laughed – a loud belly laugh – it just made him more FREE – because now nothing was to be carried along – except the ‘Name of the Lord’!

And so Diogenes set out on his usual journey through the towns and the villages. In between he would rest beneath a tree. One such afternoon, Diogenes was resting beneath a tree. A Naked man – what he has to fear? Who will be interested in a naked man who has absolutely no money, no wealth, no treasures that the human world is behind all the time.

But that afternoon -there were two men – robbers – who were interested in Diogenes. They were looking for a slave who can be sold in the market – and when they saw Diogenes – they could not move a bit – because DIOGENES was one of the most BEAUTIFUL MAN that they had ever seen in their life. DIOGENES had a very beautiful masculine body – he looked very similar to the MAHAVIRA of the EAST – who also had a masculine body and who also roamed naked!

And so the robbers decided to catch Diogenes – they had absolutely no doubt that such a beautiful handsome man will be easily sold in the slave market!

But there was a problem – they were two and yet they feared this man because Diogenes was a very strong man, masculine – just one blow and they both would be finished in a minute! His long sturdy hands, his muscular shoulders…..they were afraid to even come closer to His seat. They stood thinking of what to do – how to catch Diogenes….

And Diogenes – the master of the masters started laughing – sitting beneath the tree – he laughed so loudly that the robbers were puzzled. Now they became more afraid – this man is something, and we should be careful….they thought.

But Diogenes looked at them and said ”Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid, I’m not going to fight you. You can come close to me, and you can put your chains on me.”

The robbers were surprised. They followed, they stepped ahead and chained him. Now Diogenes had become their captive. The master himself became a captive – one of the strangest moment was happening – and the robbers…. they took him away to the marketplace.

On the way…Diogenes said “Why have you chained me? You could have just asked me, and I would have followedWhy make such fuss about it?”

They said, ”We cannot believe that somebody is so willing to become a slave!”

Diogenes laughed and he said, ”Because I am a free man, I am not worried about this.”

They could not understand. People cannot understand – to understand one need to go beyond shallowness – but people are happy in living a shallow life.

The robbers reached the slave marketplace. But then something strange happened – something that not only the robbers but the whole market – the whole world would have never seen – never experienced – never heard…..

Diogenes – himself steps ahead and loudly says – and the words that he speaks should be written in GOLD – because they are significant, very significant.

Diogenes shouts – he says “A Master has come to be sold here. Is some slave desirous of purchasing him?”

Read AGAIN – and I insist to all my followers, readers and fellow travelers – READ AGAIN HIS WORDS –

”A Master has come to be sold here. Is some slave desirous of purchasing him?”

How deep are these words – you CANNOT trap – you CANNOT catch – you CANNOT lockup a person who has ATTAINED – who has REALIZED HIS SELF – he is FREE – he is truly FREE in every sense – and so even though you may bring him in a slave market to sell -the real SAVE is NOT HIM – but YOU – because YOU ARE STILL NOT FREE – you are STILL CAUGHT UP IN THE PRISON OF YOUR MIND.

You think you are FREE – but in reality you are NOT – until you move BEYOND THE MIND. The MASTER is a MASTER. HE has gone BEYOND MIND – whereas the common person remains a SLAVE of HIS or HER MIND – so now tell me – WHO IS the REAL SLAVE? Real freedom is not against bondage, real freedom – is beyond bondage. Beyond MIND.

And MANTRA is the most effective medium, tool -a beautiful bridge that can help you and everybody to walk beyond MIND and experience the bliss within!

Every Mantra is a powerful Mantra – only if you recite it with DEEP FAITH and LOVE.

The Bhagavan beautifully explains the immense importance and significance of MANTRA – which in simple words is a SPECIFIC POSITIVE DEVOTED THOUGHT.

The MIND is a TRAFFIC OF THOUGHTS. And to break this TRAFFIC JAM – and find a way beyond – only one VEHICLE can HELP – that is your MANTRA – ONE THOUGHT – the THOUGHT OF the Holy LORD can keep away all the other thoughts – the real question is – HOW DEEPLY YOU CAN CONCENTRATE ON THIS ONE THOUGHT – THE THOUGHT OF KRISHNA – the THOUGHT of the HOLY LORD.

MANTRA is basically the ‘MEDICINE’ to FINISH the MONKEY MIND and merge it with the HEART – and once the HEART starts vibrating -once the KNOCK on your HEART goes deeper and deeper – then one fine day – the DOORS open up and you are ‘in’ for the most wonderful experiences of your spiritual journey – but it all STARTS from the MEDICINE that is called the – MANTRA!

And with deep respect and love – I salute and prostrate before all the divine masters who have spend their whole life in sharing the immense SIGNIFICANCE of MANTRA – NAME OF THE HOLY LORD – one of them that I closely can relate to is His Holiness Bramha Chaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj – the divine holy master who not only did many miracles but also shared the fact that – RECITING MANTRA in itself is one of the greatest step towards living a life of miracles!

A beautiful picture of His Holiness Bramhachaitanya Gondawalekar Maharaj Today if you all visit HIS Samadhi at HIS birthplace – Gondawale, near Satara, you will be surprised to see that every devotee who comes – is engrossed in chanting the Mantra of “Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram.”

|| Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram||

The MIND can be controlled when you continue to focus on chanting the Holy name of the Lord with utmost devotion and unwavering faith and love.

Just because this relating has happened, I remember that when I had visited His Holiness Bramhachaitanya Gondawalekar Maharaj Samadhi Mandir – there were many devotees with their Japa Mala and chanting silently – and amongst them was a very poor man – he must be very poor – but in his hand also – was a very very long Japa Mala – and he was doing his bit – by focusing on chanting the Lord’s holy name! And I said to myself – what a great revolution the Master has brought – just through HIS AVATAR – HE has and HE still is motivating and inspiring so many of them – especially the most weaker section of the society to chant the holy mantra and experience the beautiful transformation within!

I Salute to HIS great work – may HIS grace be on all of us.

The second name that instantly comes to me is that of His Holiness Srila Prabhupada! The Modern Age Messiah who spend his whole life in making people realize the immense significance of CHANTING the holy MANTRA.

Today – the world is a better place to live only because a major portion of the majority has been guided and made to realize the immense significance of chanting the MANTRA – and His Holiness Srila Prabhupada contributed immense efforts to make this happen. I humbly prostrate before His Holiness Srila Prabhupada.

||Hare Krishna Hare Krishna – Krishna Krishna Hare Hare||

Now let us see how the chanting of Mantra helps one to OVERCOME the most difficult situations of life.

One has to understand the fact – that everything operates at the SOOKSHMA (Subtle) level. But the results are derived at the physical level.

Every human being’s SOOKSHMA (Subtle) body goes on taking birth in physical form. The root is in the SUBTLE state – the SOOKSHMA state.

The SUBTLE (SOOKSHMA) BODY is of great SIGNIFICANCE. MANTRA impacts and nurtures the SUBTLE BODY – the more you recite the more the SUBTLE BODY gets nurtured – and it is only when the SUBTLE BODY is empowered that you operate efficiently and consciously at the PHYSICAL BODY LEVEL!

Understand the fact – that even if death comes – still only the physical body is going to die – the subtle body remains – the soul is still NOT liberated – it dwells in the SUBTLE BODY (SOOKSMA BODY).

So when you focus on chanting the Krishna Mantra or any positive Mantra – the level of your consciousness EXPANDS – making the subtle body more active – it is through the subtle body that you can then do many wonders – many miracles – the SUBTLE BODY is at the very root of your existence – of human existence.

People fell SICK – when the SUBTLE BODY is disturbed – your THOUGHTS are CONSTANTLY impacting the SUBTLE BODY – understand this – every time you THINK NEGATIVE FOR OTHERS – for YOURSELF – you are lowering the quality of your subtle body -you are paving a path for more miseries.

Yesterday Mohan came and said “ My friend is losing badly on his VITAMINS – he is young and still doctor says – he has very low vitamins. Now he is suggested for regular injections of vitamins.”

Injections can supply vitamins and you will feel good. But the larger question is WHY such things happen – there are cases where the man is taking all nutritious diet and yet he loses vitamins – why such things happen?

BECAUSE OF YOUR NEGATIVE THINKING. BECAUSE OF YOUR TAMAS GUNA. BECAUSE OF YOUR AGGRESSIVE ATTITUDE. All that is negative – all that creates a LOT OF NOISE within your MIND – SUCKS THE VITAL VITAMINS OUT OF YOUR BODY – and then you wonder – what is wrong with me?

There is nothing wrong with you – what is wrong is your WAY OF LIVING that you are not willing to change – and that actually affects the subtle body – paving a guaranteed path of many miseries for your physical body.

This physical body will leave someday. Someday I will die – but my subtle body remains. Someday you will die but your subtle body remains. Then it waits for the NEXT BIRTH – that BIRTH – nobody knows whether it is of human or of a reptile or of a bird or of an animal. That is NOT in your hand but what is in your hand is RECITING THE MANTRA and EMPOWERING your SUBTLE BODY – which can thereby help you to overcome the miseries caused by your own past karma which is signified by SHANI and RAHU.

RAHU SHANI also represents the EVIL ENERGIES – that first ATTACK your SUBTLE BODY. These EVIL ENERGIES can be in form of BLACK MAGIC, SPIRITS, GHOSTS. And so when you focus on chanting ‘Hare Krishna’ – the Subtle Body gets strength to defend itself – chanting is the most powerful ‘tonic’ that can help you sustain the many UNSEEN attacks from the astral world.

SHANI – PAST KARMIC DUES and Responsibilities in this life

RAHU – DESIRES to be fulfiled in this life

Now this CONJUNCTION of SHANI RAHU is one of the UNHOLY conjunction – and I have been stating this all along.


SHANI – KARMA. KARMIC DUES. Responsibility – is impacted by DESIRES (RAHU). RAHU brings so much of TEMPTATIONS – yes that is the word – TEMPTATIONS that the otherwise sincere, obedient, honest woman starts CROSSING the boundaries of TRADITIONS, MORALITY, VALUES and then it becomes messy – very messy!

It is a placement where TOO MUCH DESIRE,OBSESSION – forces the otherwise very moral, very honest SATURN to SLIP – to FALL from the GRACE!

If there is absolutely no positive aspect or support to this aspect than life indeed becomes a circle of miseries that goes on and on and on…….

Until one fine day – the question that you have asked – comes and then there is some possibility of change – some sign of slipping out of this vicious circle of miseries!

Reciting the KRISHNA MANTRA somehow BLOCKS the dominating RAHU – and lets SHANI takeover. Then the person starts feeling better – then there is a song to it – then life can change for good – then transformation is possible.

RAHU may bring TEMPTATIONS to you – it may bring forth a beautiful sexy woman – and then if there is absolutely no chanting happening in your life – then the same sexy woman becomes RAHU and ensures that your life becomes miserable.

This RAHU may bring TEMPTATIONS to you – it may bring the GREEDINESS to have more and more and more money – and then you go on like a out of control horse – and then someday CRASH so badly that you start thinking if there is way to ‘stand up’ again!

But a man, a woman who CHANTS the KRISHNA MANTRA or any positive MANTRA – can CONTROL THE MONKEY MIND – he can STOP the MIND from falling for a woman who has absolutely NO values, NO ethics, NO principles – but only a sensual sexy body. Such a man can help himself by taming the MIND – and preventing it from being a victim of GREED, LUST.

You understand – that is the beauty – the whole beauty of MANTRA!

But who wants to listen? People are interested more in manipulating things – they will go to magicians and ask them to do this and to do that. Now the greatest joke is that neither the man who commands – knows what is good for him and neither the magician is bothered to understand what is good for the man. He is only concerned with money – for him that is GOOD enough!

You think that by manipulating – you can benefit. But you don’t know if this ‘benefit’ that you see is going to be a boon or a CURSE!

I have been telling my whole life – DO NOT TRY TO MANIPULATE the HAPPENINGS of your LIFE. DO NOT try to INTERFERE with the flow of your life. But PEOPLE -the majority is ruled by the MIND and the MIND cannot wait – the MIND has absolutely no patience – the MIND has absolutely NO FAITH – the MIND is mechanical – and SAI BABA therefore has been always emphasizing on practicing FAITH AND PATIENCE – SHRADDHA AUR SABURI – because the Master is perfectly aware that the MIND is never willing to be patient – the MIND is mechanical. And so man is mechanically efficient but with NO AWARENESS. And that is the greatest irony of humans.

But a YOGI has gone beyond MIND – HE can relate to the voice of the higher realms of consciousness – HE can communicate with GOD – because HE has self-realized that GOD is not on the outside – God is within.

Turn in. Just two words – and you all have to remember these two words. Sammasti. The last word of Buddha was Sammasti – which means ‘REMEMBER’.

Just Remember to turn inward – and go back to your source – again and again – whenever you feel lost – whenever you feel low – REMEMBER – to TURN IN.

The reciting of MANTRA helps you to TURN IN. It is NOT that only through the MANTRA that you can TURN IN – but through the MANTRA you all can TURN IN much easily and much quickly than otherwise! And so Srila Prabhupada emphasizes on the significance of reciting the MANTRA, Sai Baba, Meher Baba, Gondavalekar Maharaj, Sant Dyaneshwar Maharaj,Tukaram Maharaj, Neem Karoli Baba – the DIVINE MASTERS have always emphasized on the significance of CHANTING MANTRA. When you CHANT MANTRA – CHANT CONSCIOUSLY – do not make it a habit because all habits are robotic in nature – there is absolutely no consciousness to the actions that become a HABIT!

When you chant – chant with awareness – by FOCUSING on every word and by remembering the HOLY LORD whose name you chant. Let there be love, let there be devotion, let there be a dance – and whenever you chant – always let there be a sense that – the chanting is also happening THROUGH HIM – THROUGH HIS GRACE and you are just a medium – the DOER is the LORD – the compassionate benevolent master.

It is a long journey – and people have many fancy ideas about chanting -as if they start chanting today -and miracles start happening the next day! Even a child takes NINE MONTHS to take birth – PATIENCE is the key, FAITH is the source. SHRADDHA AUR SABURI.

Whatever you do – do it with FAITH (SHRADDHA) and PATIENCE (SABURI).

I always like those things that take time – because the one that takes time is bound to be far more beautiful – more stronger and more reliable than something that is happening faster!

There was a young man. His name was Rahim. And Rahim was one of the most faithful man of the town. But somehow he felt restless – something was missing from his life – everything was there – all the pleasures and riches were at his command but something was missing…and it was missing badly – very badly.

What was it? And Rahim realized that it was the absence of the master. And so Rahim decided to go in search of the master. He must be like our Mohan – he just wans’t ready to stay any longer in his palace – one dark night he slipped out in the jungles – never ever to be seen again.

The journey was difficult because Rahim had always been pampered with all the pleasures that a man can think of! But Rahim continued, his feet started bleeding – there were many thorns on the way – but a man who is fired up with a higher purpose never stops, his journey continues….

After many days -Rahim reached a village where a great Sufi Saint lived. But the Sufi was a very a strange man – he would never talk -never meet anybody – he remained in his own bliss – even if you have to talk to him – you have to stay a few feet away from him – else he may just pickup a stone and throw at you – it is a different story that if you get hurt -the very next moment by his miracle – you may also get healed! But this old man was something – and the whole village loved him – worshiped him – but nobody would dare to go near him – else they knew – the stone was always ready…..

Rahim reached and the villagers warned him – they said “ There is a Sufi saint in our village – but he is a very strange man – for us – he is our GOD – but we again warn you – HE is a very strange man .”

Rahim had lost all his body weight – had become fragile – but still he decided to meet the Sufi Saint and Rahim comes, Rahim comes and the Sufi shouts back “You idiot – why have you come – go back – go back to your Palace.”

Rahim says “ I have come not to disturb you – but just give me some message -give me some direction -that is all I need – that is all that I pray for – at your feet – I can find the answer – show me the way – show me the answer.”

The Sufi said “ Take the name of Allah – day and night take HIS name – and now never come back again – leave now.”

Rahim never came back again….but whenever his disciples would ask “Who is your master?” – his eyes would fill with tears…..he would start crying, and then he would go back to his abode. Forty years went by – but still the fond memory of the master (the Sufi Saint) remained within his heart – just one message the master had given – just one -”Take the name of Allah – the name of the lord – chant his name”

And Rahim from that moment – never ever had missed to chant the name of the Lord – he moves from that village – there is nothing that he could carry with him – there was no photo of the master, no piece of the master that he could keep with himself -NOTHING – absolutely NOTHING was given to him except one message – CHANT THE NAME OF ALLAH (HOLY LORD)! And that one message was EVERYTHING – EVERYTHING for RAHIM – He took it so deeply into his whole being – that for the next forty years – he would simply MEDITATE on the LORD’s holy name – by chanting HIS holy name!

In these forty years – Rahim became a master of many miracles – many disciples followed him. One day, a close disciple said “ Rahim Baba – there is one function happening in a nearby village – the whole village and nearby villagers are coming to that function – they all say that it is a function held in the remembrance of a great Sufi Saint – HE passed away last year.”

Rahim quickly realized who the Sufi Saint is. He started crying – like a child he burst out in tears – never had the disciples seen such a cry – they all were moved – they said “ Why are you crying….?”

Rahim said “ The Sufi Saint that you mentioned was my GURU – my MASTER – after 40 years -we have come so close to his village and now comes this news……let us go – I cannot wait here – let us go…..”

And Rahim and his followers rushed towards the same village where Rahim had met his master -the same tree, the same lingering fragrance……the same people….but the MASTER was no more – instead there was a small shrine build in HIS remembrance, near the same tree where we used to meditate.

Rahim rushed towards the Shrine – now there was nobody to say “ I will throw this stone if you come close – now there was nobody to shower love – those eyes – how deep were those eyes – how much love was in those eyes – Rahim fell down at the entrance of the Shrine…..he was about to get up and enter when a very old villager stepped ahead and said “ Rahim Baba….wait…..”

Rahim looked at the villager – his followers also were puzzled – who is this villager and why he is asking to wait….

The old villager brought a beautiful garland made of red roses – handing it to Rahim – he said “ Bade Baba (the Great Master) had said to me – that one day my Rahim will come – and when he comes – you provide him with a rose garland….here it is.”

The whole village went into silence. Rahim could not control himself – he hugged the old villager – how much the master loved me – even after forty years – he remembered me – he was certain that I will come back – Rahim’s tears could not stop – the followers could not control themselves – the whole gathering was moved – deeply moved.

When you REMEMBER and FOLLOW the word of the MASTER – the MASTER also REMEMBERS YOU and DIRECTS you every moment of your LIFE – then NO MATTER where you are.

Rahim followed the WORD OF THE MASTER – and the WORD was “Chant the holy name of your LORD” – Rahim never missed to chant – a time came in his life – when there was no need of chanting – he himself had become the chant! There was no need to meditate – he himself had become the meditation! He himself had become the dance! And that is how life should be – a dance, a poem, a beautiful painting! And this is possible only – and ONLY when you CHANT the name of the LORD with love, with devotion – with TOTAL SURRENDER.

No PUJAS – NO HAVANS – NO RITUALS can be of as much help as the CHANTING OF MANTRA – the name of the LORD!

How much does it take to chant? And the answer is ZERO RUPEES or ZERO DOLLARS.

If you need a Japa Mala – then only then – you may have to spend a few rupees to buy – that too not more than 100 Rupees or 10 Dollars.

In 10 Dollars – you can attain Enlightenment – you can improve the QUALITY of your life – you can OVERCOME the many difficulties of your life – you can bravely FACE the many miseries of your life and turn them around – you can transform your WEAKNESS into your STRENGTH – and you say ‘ WHAT MIRACLE CAN HAPPEN WITH CHANTING?”

If this is NOT THE MIRACLE than what is the MIRACLE? But people are shallow – they don’t want to do ANYTHING on their own – they just want to spend money and get something quickly – they miss to REALIZE that GOD IS NOT READY-MADE – HAPPINESS IS NOT READY-MADE.

Unless you ACT – unless you start turning inwards – unless you start meditating – unless you all start chanting – there is absolutely NO CHANCE for REAL GROWTH. It is only through MEDITATION – it is only through CHANTING – it is only through LOVE and DEVOTION that you can turn in – you can evolve to the higher realms of Consciousness.

To reborn – first you have to die. This death is of all your notions, and EGOs and learning – until you become an absolute ZERO – there is no possibility for you to experience the divine – the beyond. That is why whenever – I meet a man or a woman – who has lost everything – who has fallen to the absolute low – I say to them that this is the opportunity – this is the GOLDEN CHANCE – if you cannot EVOLVE through the PASSAGE OF THIS FIRE OF SUFFERING – then you have missed – you have simply missed!

Suffering is a ‘Blessing in Disguise’ – it brings out the best in you – it helps you to evolve to the next level – the higher consciousness.

Suffering is of the MIND – always remember this – this is significant in many ways.

If the MIND has some guidance – some direction, then this MIND starts turning inwards – it makes you more meditative – you start looking within – you start turning inwards and the more you do it – the more you start self-realizing many many aspects of your life that otherwise you would have never known!

Suffering is the start of a great Beginning! The Ending is the Beginning and the beginning is the first step, and the first step is the only step.

Life is ever changing. Everything changes except change! Change is constant. Always remember – NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. So when you are going through GOOD TIMES – don’t let the EGO penetrate into your HEAD and when you are going through the low phase of life – do not let the feeling of depression and frustration and humiliation slip into your being. The Earth is never still – it is rotating – moving – revolving – bringing many experiences to its tenants – happy, sad, crying, laughing – there are many many colors to human life – the colors keep changing – times keep changing – people keep changing – what remains STILL is your SELF – the CONSCIOUSNESS!

You can remain STILL – only when you have STILL the MIND.

Chanting the holy MANTRA helps you to STILL the MIND. CHANTING with love and devotion by focusing on your breathing – slowly helps you to STILL the MIND – it is a long process – but every human being is fortunate – who has begin on this wonderful journey – I must say – that to begin with this journey is the GREATEST BLESSING one could ever have in his or her life!

The nature of the MIND is being restless. A man or a woman who follows the MIND is always found to be restless – but a man who is meditating – chanting with devotion – slowly slowly starts getting control of the MIND – such a man – such a woman is truly the most fortunate person – they may have NOTHING but they are blessed with EVERYTHING!

A great FAKIR once had said “ I am not a beggar -but you all certainly are.”

And he is absolutely true. Because the YOGI is never seen standing in a QUEUE of DESIRES AND WANTS AND DEMANDS -but people are seen. So then the question arise – ‘WHO IS POOR IN REALITY?’ – the NAKED FAKIR – the NAKED YOGI or those who are standing with precious jewellery- gold and diamonds and pearls and all those attractive expensive robes around them?

The QUESTION REMAINS. And it remains for all of you and you have to answer it – your answer determines the course of your future.

WHO IS THE REAL KING? One who has realized his SELF or one who is living in PALACES?

The great FAKIR says – “ You fools -your whole life you have been chasing the FAKE GOLD – time is still there – before it gets too late.”

And he would say to everybody – the question is – who wants to listen?

One who wants to listen will find the REAL GOLD – HE will come back to the SOURCE – HE will come back HOME.

Many come – they all want to experience GOD – experience KRISHNA – but nobody is willing to be ARJUNA! It is only when you become ARJUNA that you can experience KRISHNA. It is only when you are READY to SURRENDER YOURSELF in TOTALITY – that you can experience KRISHNA. It is only when you CAN KEEP YOUR INTELLECT ASIDE – your MIND aside – your AGREEING and DISAGREEING aside that you can let the words of the MASTER penetrate into your being – and then those words will bring a light unto you – then the transformation begins – then the flowering begins – the question is are you willing to rest your whole life – your whole being at the feet of the Master?

CHANTING fructifies – CHANTING flowers – CHANTING manifests into a MIRACLE only when you don’t just CHANT -but CHANT by surrendering yourself in totality – at the feet of the Master.

Let there be more love, more affection, more dedication to your Chanting and then there will be a song to it – then no matter how much NOISE is on the outside – within you are always at peace, in bliss and in the ever flowing joy – and that is the state of Nityananda (Eternal Joy)!

Meditate on the Lord’s name. Chanting must happen from within – not without. The name of the Lord should penetrate into your HEART – the HEART is the place where GOD dwells – the whole journey of human evolution begins from MIND – but it has to end in the HEART!

“The heart is the hub of all sacred places. Go there and roam.” – says the divine master Bhagavan Nityananda – whole life he spend in helping millions and millions find the right direction.

A beautiful real meditative picture of the Bhagavan. I humbly prostrate before the divine master Bhagavan Nityananda Swami of Ganeshpuri.

The shortest way and the fastest means to get back home – to get back to the Source is the way of Chanting – but that chanting has to be real, from within.

So come you all and chant – meditate on the name of the Lord. Every morning – 1 hour – every night – 1 hour before sleeping – if you cannot find two hours for meditation – then the whole life of many million hours goes down the drain. Your 2 hours of meditation can change – can overcome many difficulties of your life – can help you to evolve into a matured person – always remember, MATURITY is NOT based on the AGE – MATURITY is based on how long you have been on the JOURNEY WITHIN.

When you chant, when you meditate – do it without any expectations – because expectations don’t let you flow freely – you are not 100% available to the WHOLE – the chanting then cannot flower – the meditation then cannot blossom.

Blossoming happens when there is absolute NO expectations – you do it just because you love to – and when there is love – there is a certain fragrance and there is a certain music – then the ‘Knock’ can be heard – then the ‘doors’ can open….

Love should be the way – and Love has no agenda, absolutely no agenda and therefore Love is beautiful – love can transform – it is love that leads you to Miracles – the answer never completes without Love – life never completes without love – our whole existence never complete without love.

Everything comes to a full circle – only when there is LOVE. Let there be Love to all that you do – and then get ready to experience the greatest Miracles of your life.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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